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Hello everyone! It’s nice to talk to you all again on MNO where as you might have noticed by now the once daily news articles gradually turned into weekly ones due to the slowing pace of news coming our way lately. It’s not necessarily a bad thing in itself, as the HYIP industry seems to look more steady than ever and it inspires confidence we could see a spike in activity later in the year when more seasoned investors along with newbies are going to be attracted by the prospect of making money from the relatively stable environment. Unfortunately in the short term things didn’t look especially great last week when two big programs collapsed shortly one after the other. Of course I’m talking about CoinWallet and Bynamic here which I will discuss later in today’s news.

At the moment though the MNO monitor is left with only one program featured (with the exception of an upcoming entry on the Basic List whose admin has already prepaid for it but yet to officially launch it), but what a program it is! Titan7 (reviewed here) has never showed any sign of slowing down while the program has been doing extremely well and is now in its eighth successful week. For that a lot of credit is due to the talented and ambitious admin who wasn’t afraid to show where his money is by securing the top banner spots on all the MNO portal pages for four (!) months in advance and paying for the privilege no less than $10,000 – such is his confidence he will be able to boost Titan7 into the stratosphere over the coming weeks and months. Despite a lot of naysayers Titan7 had initially when it first launched they all had to eat their words now and watch in astonishment this amazing journey which will possibly give the way to more such success stories in the future from other inspired admins.

MNO will meanwhile maintain its own stance of listing only the very best and brightest programs from experienced admins with huge advertising budgets. I have been following this strict advertising policy by limiting the amount of deliberate fast scams to a bare minimum for most of my 12+ years as an online monitor and it worked very well to convince me it was the right approach to follow. Even with fewer programs than other monitors have you can be sure that MNO will not succumb to the greed some other bloggers might be contaminated with and will continue listing only programs ready to pay $2,000 for Premium listing, $1,400 for Standard listing and $800 for Basic listing. Just show me another monitor that charges higher prices – I’m sure you will fail to find it! If you like my way of working with HYIPs and would like to learn more on promising programs to come soon please follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook – it’s where the information is posted first and as they say “the early bird catches the worm”. You may also join the 3,000+ subscribers of the regular blog articles and get them delivered straight to your email address you may submit on this page. And of course I’m more than pleased to hear from you via email at abramsonp@gmail.com, via this contact form or just by chatting with me online at Telegram @mnoblog. You may also vote for your favorite program on the MNO monitor and share your opinions with me and your fellow investors on the MNO ShoutBox. And of course, there is the MNO TalkBack regular polls where everyone is welcome to participate here. The new question as well as the result of the last week’s poll will be the main focus of attention which I will start with today’s news article.


In a break from the usual way of doing things, the first item I want to discuss on today’s opening post for the new business week is the result of the most recent poll from the MNO TalkBack page. Reason being the other events I’m reporting on might not exactly be “breaking news” to a lot of you as I’m sure you’ll be aware. I’ll also be adding a new question for you think about in the next opinion poll, but more on that in a moment.

Now, I don’t want to take any kind of personal credit for this, I have no involvement with running the programs listed on the MNO monitor after all, just a selective approach to what gets included. It’s you the investor that takes the real risk here, but still, it’s with no small degree of satisfaction that I can say that every single HYIP listed on MNO so far in 2020 has been profitable. And there isn’t a lot of monitors out there that can make that claim let me tell you. When I say every program was profitable by the way, obviously I mean if you joined at the right time. It’s simply impossible that everyone profits, that’s the nature of the game, but the programs that were included were fair and open with everyone getting an equal opportunity to earn some money. Whether you were lucky enough to take advantage is of course another story entirely, but I imagine the main reason any of you even reads MNO in the first place is to find such opportunities so I hope most of you have been doing well.

Anyway, the question I asked in the last poll was on that very subject – just how profitable were the programs on my monitor for you since the beginning of the year. I’m not asking about the HYIP industry in general and I’m not looking for dollar amounts, just MNO listed programs as anything else is of no interest to me here. The exact question therefore was: How much have you earned from investing in MNO listed programs in 2020?

In first place we have a tie. And I must say even I was taken completely by surprise here, but a stunning 36% of readers who voted made the statement that there are “More that 200% net profit”. Honestly, there’s no other word for it, that is a simply magnificent result, and remember it’s something I have no interest in manipulating as it’s something I was genuinely curious to see an accurate figure for. In joint first place with another 36% of the vote was the more modest reply of “I’m in profit up to 50%”. Not as much, but let’s put things into perspective here, remember the year is barely six weeks old so in any other line of business that would be considered phenomenal, so no reason to be disappointed exactly. Making up the numbers then, 19% of readers said they are in “50% to 100% net profit” from the programs listed on the MNO monitor, while the remaining 9% of you said you’ve so far gotten “100% to 200% net profit”.

I must say it’s good to see a poll with such widely varying results on one hand, but none of them considered in any way shape or form to be bad. Anyway, let’s move on now to something new, shall we? I suppose still loosely connected to the subject of profit, I was wondering what exactly does an online HYIP need to offer in order to catch your attention. Specifically here I’m referring to interest rates. Everyone has a different opinion I’m sure, but at some point everyone must have certain minimum and maximum limits outside of which they are simply not going to participate. For example, if a programs pays a low interest rate how many of you think it just isn’t worth your while taking the risk? At the other end of the scale, if a program offers higher rates leading to faster profits, there has to be a number where you say to yourself “there’s no way the admin can deliver this, he’s taking advantage of people’s greed”.

Just to give a little background here, as a monitor naturally I do come across more programs than actually get listed. I get contacted by admins all the time, except too many of them are amateurs, first timers, or just clearly out for a fast buck at someone else’s expense (hence the strict advertising rules on MNO to keep these ones away). I’m not going to mention any specific names here, but here’s an example. A program that wasn’t listed on MNO and which has recently scammed by the way, was offering investors 0.3% interest per day. At that rate it would take you the better part of a year just to reach the break even point, never mind see a profit. And while I have no doubt that a talented professional admin could make that happen, I seriously doubt any of them could be bothered. Anyway, this particular program was very clearly not run by an industry professional, the website was in a word, dreadful. To top it off the admin decided he wanted me, a monitor, to explain to him why his program was such a failure (not a service I provide, incidentally!)

And that’s what got me thinking about the new MNO TalkBack opinion poll question. At what point do you shall we say sit up and take notice of a HYIP? What is the minimum offer that needs to be on the table in order for you to take a closer look and think if it can deliver a profit that justifies the risk? So, the exact question will be worded as follows:

What’s the minimum interest you need to see in a HYIP before you consider joining?

You can choose from the following options:

– 1% daily and lower
– 1% to 3% daily
– 3% to 5% daily
– 5% daily and above

OK, I know there are other factors which will influence your decision to play or pass on one program or another, I just want to concentrate on this aspect for the moment. Just pick the option that comes closest to your regular choice. Thanks as always in advance to everyone who participates, remember that all votes remain strictly confidential and are 100% anonymous and untraceable. The poll will stay open for at least the remainder of this business week, which will give everyone interested in voting plenty of time to do so. The voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here.


Early last week two programs CoinWallet and Bynamic finally went scam after a successful run. Both programs were very similarly designed and used to pay the same 0.15% hourly with the principal release option anytime after 24 hours for a 5% fee. CoinWallet has managed to last longer but collapsed first on Tuesday after almost five weeks since it was first listed on MNO. That was more than enough time to double your money as many investors did by taking advantage of the early release clause, so overall we may assume the program has been a successful venture for many investors who set a reasonable profit target for themselves and followed a clever strategy. Unfortunately, CoinWallet was only the first victim of the downward spiral when the sheer amount of withdrawals slowly exceeded deposits over the last few days before its demise. Next in line was Bynamic when most of the withdrawals stopped being processed on Wednesday. Bynamic was in its fourth week online so the luckiest investors managed to earn up to 75% profit on their deposit provided of course they applied the right strategy and got out. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of Bynamic‘s investors switched to the panic mode once they heard of the issues with CoinWallet and giving the striking similarities between those two wrongly assumed they were both run by the same admin and tried to withdraw their principals at once. We all know that such programs as Bynamic may be very fragile in a situation when the majority of investors try to withdraw their seed money and tend to collapse quickly even if the admin’s intentions were totally the opposite. In this case we can clearly see the negative influence CoinWallet‘s collapse had on Bynamic‘s lifecycle and while 25 days online was not a bad final outcome many of us might have fairly expected more. In the HYIP industry though it’s important to remember that no one (even the admin himself) can tell you for how long his program will last, so investors should always act with caution when making decisions. For instance, surely the admin of CoinWallet didn’t have any idea his program’s life was slowly coming to an end when he was considering the extension of the banner spot on the MNO blog for another month which he has eventually done only to realize it was still not enough to keep his program afloat. I do sincerely hope though that the majority of readers have earned enough profits from either CoinWaller, or Bynamic, or even both and will look forward to seeing other programs run by these talented admins who take the time and effort to bring something truly incredible to HYIP investors, even if not every time everything works according to plan. Let’s keep our fingers crossed their next programs will run for longer periods of time, and do keep an eye on MNO as you will surely see many more great entries later in the year as the industry progresses!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Titan7.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about it for today, guys. Not all good news as you might have noticed, but hopefully the new business week will bring us more joy and profits. I’ll be back with you for more news stories as they happen so be sure to stay tuned with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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