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Hello all, and welcome once more to the MNO blog where information comes first and experienced admins running high-budget programs are the top priority. But then most of you will already know this is the main selling point of my website which has been running for over 12 years now. Recently getting back into the top 100K most visited websites in the world according to Alexa MNO is indebted for this wonderful moment to some extent to the outstanding performance of the program of the year (as many investors have already deemed it) – Titan7. You can read a full review here and inspect more details about its stable run with timely payouts as it enters its eighth week online already. Despite the initial scepticism expressed by some potential investors just as the program launched at the very beginning of 2020 I guess by now all doubts regarding the good intentions of the admin should have been dispersed, especially after he purchased the most expensive banner spot on top of all MNO website pages for four months in advance. That alone should certainly have boosted investors’ confidence to new levels and help Titan7 secure a leading position in the HYIP industry for both the new season and year.

Titan7 which was first reviewed on MNO here pays investors 7% for 22 business days or 110% after 7 calendar days and accepts all major currencies (the list includes PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Ethereum, and Ripple) is currently the only listed program on my monitor. However, I already mentioned many times that I do prefer to deal with fewer programs of a higher quality. These days after making more than enough money from monitoring over the years I’m much more interested in stepping back these days and perhaps just blogging a bit more instead of wasting my precious time on the deliberate fast scams which inundate so many other monitors these days. I will rather wait for the right program to come my way and the majority of readers have expressed their agreement that MNO should maintain the status of an elite monitor with the highest listing fees to eliminate potential fast scams and offer my readers something truly unique, just like the currently listed Titan7 which definitely ticks all the boxes required by even the most discriminating investors.

Having said that and considering the overall satisfaction among MNO readers with the high quality of programs listed on my monitor it’s essential that you won’t miss anything worthy of your attention in future. That’s why I would strongly suggest you bookmark the MNO blog and check it out often or subscribe to the regular updates to be delivered straight to your email address you can submit on this page. It’s very easy to unsubscribe as well which can be done with one click on the link also posted at the end of every mail from MNO, so why not join 3,000+ smart subscribers who already take advantage of this offer? In case you’re more active online there is an opportunity to be the first to find out about new programs coming to MNO by following me on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook. You can also support your favourite performing HYIPs by commenting on the MNO ShoutBox and voting on the MNO monitor. And of course I’m always pleased to stay in touch and answer any questions you may have to me via e-mail. You may either submit your query via this contact form, email me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com or simply chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I will be looking forward to your emails and messages which I always treat very seriously and aim to respond to within a reasonable time frame, so don’t hesitate to give me a call, guys.


Wrapping things up for this Monday in the new business week, let’s see what’s been going on in the opinion poll that was running on the MNO TalkBack page opinion poll and chat about what people make of it all. So with a variety of investment plans and programs around since the start of the year, I was wondering what readers minimum expectations were in terms of interest payments before getting on board.

Like I said in the introduction to the last question, investors are obviously motivated to get the best possible return for their money, but then the key word here is “possible”. The thing is that there are always some programs, usually cheap rubbish of course but they’re out there targeting industry newbies all the time, making completely unrealistic offers that can never be met. On the other hand, some programs offer more sustainable rates but then take an awfully long time to put you into any meaningful profit. So how then to strike a meaningful balance between the two extremes? Too high an interest rate only serves as a warning sign for experienced players, but then too low and you lose enthusiasm.

So, the exact question put to readers in the last poll was worded as follows: What’s the minimum interest you need to see in a HYIP before you consider joining?

Options were kept within what I think serious and experienced industry players would describe as realistic, at least to the extent that these are what programs that usually succeed in putting investors in profit tend to start out by offering. The number one response with a 40% lead in the poll was the conservative but sensible response that a program needs to have at least “1% to 3% daily” on the table for MNO readers to take it seriously. Following that in a close second spot with 33% of the vote was a somewhat more bullish and ambitious expectation of “5% daily and above” as a minimum daily expectation from an online HYIP before joining. A bit further down the list with 20% of the vote, MNO readers say they would like to see a return of at least “3% to 5% daily” before they show any interest in getting involved with any new program, while the remaining 7% of you say they are happy with an opening offer of “1% daily and lower” before taking on the risk.

Some interesting answers in there I guess, as always no right or wrong answers per se, just people’s thoughts on what suits them better. Ant that is more or less the theme to the next question I would like to post for you to think about.

So, we seem to have established what readers want to see in HYIP interest rates, what admins make with their opening offers anyway, but what of your returns? Now we all know that so many investors insist on “X” per cent as a pay back, how often do you demand a payment in order to remain comfortable remaining a member of any particular program? I mean it can really say a lot about your level of trust in a program depending on just how long you are prepared to wait for an admin regarding how often he makes payments to your account. In this short attention span world of social media where everyone wants everything now, now, now, what’s your preference? If you have a number of options revolving around your payment options in the programs you join, what would be the expectation you have on the admin in order for you to feel comfortable? In other words, the exact question for readers will be worded as follows:

What is your preference in terms of frequency of paid interest in HYIPs?

Please select your answers from the following options, basing your choice on the one that comes closest to your own first choice:

– I need hourly payments to feel comfortable
– Daily payments are enough for me
– On expiry of the term is fine
– I have no preference, just trust the admin

Thanks as always in advance to everyone who participates, remember that all votes remain strictly confidential and are 100% anonymous and untraceable. The poll will stay open for at least the remainder of this business week, which will give everyone interested in voting plenty of time to do so. The voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Titan7.
From MNO Basic list: –

No news is sometimes good news, as they say. And it’s especially true when it comes to the ever-changing HYIP industry. Talk to you again in a few days from now when I hope we will have enough votes to assess the final results of the new TalkBack poll as posted above which you are all are invited to vote in here. Enjoy your profits for this new business week, guys, and thank you for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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