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22/06/2020. QubitTech Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! QubitLife has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone, and welcome to what we hope will be another prosperous business week on the MNO blog! Despite the always predictable summer slowdown the HYIP industry almost always encounters around this time of year, we still see a steady though measured and somewhat plodding procession of often delightfully intriguing programs. Not enough to call it an industry recovery but certainly enough to pique the interest of experienced investors who remain active throughout the year. For the first post of the week then I’m going to take a closer look at one such program called QubitTech, a brand new project added to the Standard List on the MNO monitor just a few days ago, about a week or so after its initial launch. It’s a slightly more complex program than the average HYIP so if it interests you keep reading as I will try to explain everything in the most basic terms, something I know a lot of investors will find helpful. I’ll also be catching up with all the latest news stories from inside the HYIP industry in the second part of today’s post so keep reading for that too. But first we’ll get down to business with QubitTech, what’s it all about and is it suitable for your current needs? Let’s take a look.

At its most basic level QubitTech takes a step back from the usual run-of-the mill HYIPs that offer fixed length investment terms and static rates of interest. Instead in this case QubitTech is what I like to call a target-based program, i.e. one with a clearly stated final income goal and will make varying interest payments to investors for how ever long it takes to achieve. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so to speak being offered by QubitTech is a 250% return on your investment. What the program does not offer you is a fixed point in the calendar where they guarantee you will reach this goal, because interest payments, which are made on a daily basis, will fluctuate according to the programs fortunes on any given trading day. OK, there are other nuances and features to QubitTech that set it apart from other programs competing for your money right now, but in a nutshell that’s the most basic fundamental principal you need to understand about it before proceeding.
If you are comfortable with that set up then let’s look at the finer details of the investment plan QubitTech are selling investors. First of all deposits are measured in dollars, despite the program not dealing directly with dollar based payment handlers. Cryptocurrency, specifically in the name of BitCoin and Ethereum, is the only way to join. The minimum deposit is a hefty by HYIP standards $100, something that is going to rule out a lot of the smaller industry players. Actually that brings me to one of the first and most unusual features that struck about QubitTech, and something that definitely indicates this is a program strictly intended for big spending players only. You see, you don’t get to decide an exact figure to invest of your own choosing, you can only invest in “blocks” of certain amounts, something that I don’t remember being common in the HYIP industry for a long number of years now (more often even applying to the now almost extinct “surfing” investments). If for example you want to invest more than the minimum requirement you may only do so in further multiples of $100, such as $200, $300, $400, et cetera. Larger investors may invest with QubitTech in blocks of $500, $1,000, $5,000, and so on.

Once you are in there’s no going back – QubitTech do not offer any kind of early withdrawal clause so be absolutely sure you only spend money you can say with 100% certainty you are not going to need back at any point over the next several months before reaching the break even point. What to expect when you are in? Well, as I explained above, QubitTech will make daily interest payments with the exact rates changing from one day to the next. In the best possible scenario this could on occasion be as much as 2%, though by the admin’s own admission this is not something you should expect to see very often. In fact over the course of a full calendar month the goal is to try and pay back something around 25%, give or take a couple of points, in total. With that in mind and looking at the historical rates paid out over previous days on the QubitTech website then a fair guess at a typical day’s interest would be something like 0.8% to 0.85%. This continues then until payments eventually tally at 250% of your initial investment, something that will take around ten full calendar months to achieve.

Perhaps a more important milestone and in this case more realistic aim is the break even point. QubitTech needs to pay uninterrupted for around four full months on average for most investors to earn back their own deposit, at which point they can’t possibly lose any of their own money. Only money received after that can be considered net profit. Once, fingers crossed, this has been achieved there’s nothing much further I can add. Without any early withdrawal clause there really isn’t any strategy that can be applied as regards to say how you want to manage your investment – because you can’t. It’s a simple matter of taking whatever the administration team decide to pay and biding your time for how ever long it takes to reach the ultimate 250% target. Ten months is the best approximate guess at this, but there’s nothing you can do to influence this and even less you can do if it takes longer than you were hoping for. For the record you can view the so-called “profitability of margin trading” rates in your account to get an idea of historical payments before today.

Just some practical information then before we move on, such as how to invest and how to withdraw. First of all just click the button marked “make a new investment”. That brings you to the page where you find what I think are misleadingly described as packages or contracts (because the only difference is the size of your deposit, even though all deposits earn the same return regardless). Anyway, the various contracts are based on the size of the block, for example Bronze if for investments of $100, $200, $300, and so on. Bronze plus is for $500, $1,000, $1,500, etc. Silver is for deposits in blocks of $1,000 so can also be for amounts of $2,000, $3,000, $4,000. You get the idea. When you wish to make a withdrawal then you simply click the “withdraw” button on the right hand side of the page, fill in the amount, click on the drop-down box to select the correct crypto wallet, and take it from there.

My major criticism of the QubitTech investment plan here from a business point of view is that it seems awfully counter productive to me, like let’s say an investor wants to spend $175 what do you do? Refusing $75 because the guy can’t quite afford to stretch to a full $200? I’ve run my own business for 13 years and in my opinion that doesn’t sound like a very solid foundation, especially in an area where cash flow is the number one priority determining success or failure. OK, on one hand I do agree that variable interest payments will at least allow the admin greater control over what cash flow there is there, allowing him to reward investors on the better days with a more generous rate and then reign it in a bit during the slower days, you don’t want to strangle the original cash input either by making it excessively expensive for the smaller amateur investors that make up the industry’s lifeblood. Because at the end of the day despite what the QubitTech website would have you believe, that’s the kind of people that are coming to the program, not Wall Street millionaires.

Incidentally, there are more ways to make money from QubitTech apart from the interest on an actual investment. For one thing there’s the referral commission scheme. Yes, I know all HYIPs offer ref comms to reward investors who successfully encourage others to join, that goes without saying, it’s just in this case it’s a bit more extensive. Most readers I’m aware usually don’t express much interest in such things, they wouldn’t be professional promoters and whatever reward they might occasionally pick up from bringing close friends/family into other programs wouldn’t involve “life changing” sums of money by any means. However if you are a bit more adept at either building a downline or at least getting just a couple of more serious promoters or big spending investors to join under you then the extra payments can make a difference. A regional representative scheme was announced in the QubitTech news section recently where bonus payments are offered, however it was also stated that you need to attract at least $100,000 into the program on a monthly basis to be eligible which is something I very much doubt even the best promoters would achieve at the best of times. QubitTech also claims to offer trading robots, made available within investors account areas where you can make money for yourself. You can either buy these robots, or more precisely a license to operate them, for a fee of $390, or else be granted a licence for free provided you have a pre-existing investment of $1,000.

If you’re happy enough with how the program operates and are prepared to take a chance with an investment, the next thing you need to know is what payment handlers are available. Currently QubitTech work with cryptocurrencies only, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum. Withdrawals can be requested at any time, and while there’s no definitive timetable we are told that all payouts will be processed at some point on the day after you ask for them (within 24 hours). Smaller investors please take note that QubitTech enforce a minimum withdrawal policy of $10, anything less than that is ignored so please make sure you are owed at least that amount before asking where your money is. On top of that the admin passes the operating costs onto the investor by charging a 2.5% fee on all withdrawals. So for every $100 you think you’ve earned, you will receive $97.50. Or to put it in more practical terms, if you are one of the many investors who need to wait for your earnings to accumulate to $10 before making the minimum withdrawal, QubitTech will give you $9.75.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of the QubitTech website now such as design and security, I think this is something a few readers have expressed mixed feelings about. Don’t get me wrong, on one hand the basic fundamentals are easily up to the same standards of the most popular HYIPs. The domain of QubitTech is registered for two years in advance, and the site is fully SSL-secured by CloudFlare which also provides the program with a DDoS protected dedicated server on which it’s being hosted at the moment. No argument with that, they are one of the most respected service providers out there for mainstream business. The script is unique and developed specifically for the individual needs of QubitTech, though is still easy to navigate and customer friendly throughout. If English isn’t your first language then the QubitTech website can be viewed in Chinese and Russian if that makes things more understandable for you. These were just recent additions as announced in the latest news updates issued by QubitTech, maybe I’m overstepping the mark here but I’d take a guess that more languages/translations might follow. There are some documents you can view relating to the business plan and future development of QubitTech should that be of any interest to you too.

So what’s not to like? Well, no point in denying what’s already been made known as an established fact on other HYIP related forums by now, the QubitTech design is an almost identical copy/paste job lifted from another longer running website. To such an extent that even some of the names and bio photos of the “team” running the show weren’t even changed. Now, this isn’t necessarily done by the admin himself, most likely in fact there’s a third party designer involved who simply took the lazy option and didn’t deliver the original content he was paid for, but the buck still stops with the admin who is ultimately responsible for approving the website content before going live. Granted some people won’t notice, other people won’t even care, but a lot of experienced players will have expected better from a program asking a $100 minimum just to join. If nothing else however at least it will demonstrate unequivocally to newbies to never trust the content you see on any HYIP website in the future, not just this one.

There seems on one hand to be a lot more work and emphasis placed on the business activities behind QubitTech, but then almost everything is undermined by the fact that the website contains so much copied content. Normally of course experienced HYIP industry players would never have given any of this a second look to begin with, not under any circumstances, but in this case it also raises a lot of scepticism among newbies or anyone who thinks they may have stumbled across something genuine. For the record we are told the main source of income financing the payments to QubitTech come from “management of trading cryptocurrency assets” which to be honest doesn’t seem all that difficult for an individual investor to do for himself provided you have the time and patience to watch and analyse the ever fluctuating exchange rates.

If you have any further questions for the QubitTech admin or any support related issues concerning your account, you have a couple of available options. As usual members need to get familiar with the website’s FAQ section before pursuing the admin or support team, if that doesn’t shed any light on your queries then get in touch directly by writing to the listed e-mail address. QubitTech have profiles on a number of social networking sites, the only ones being of any real importance for communication being Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. There’s a built-in Live Chat widget on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, though I can’t really comment on how helpful this is. A postal address is listed in Estonia where QubitTech claims to be domiciled as a business, but as is normally the case with HYIP related websites I wouldn’t look too closely into this unless you want to find virtual serviced work spaces hired for registration purposes and not where anyone connected with running the program is physically located. The program also makes use of YouTube with a stronger than usual presence there, including interviews with the admin and planned live interactive webinars.

In closing I have to say the final word on QubitTech is that this is not going to be an overnight hit, nor do I think it was ever intended or designed to be. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done here before any substantial growth will be detected, especially considering it’s going to take at least four months (maybe more) before the very first investors begin to so much as break-even, let along declare even a modest profit. I can’t speak for those who might make up whatever the target audience QubitTech is aiming for here, all I can say is that HYIP investors will be questioning what else they could be doing with their money in the time they’ll just be sitting there doing nothing waiting to start earning from this program. Come back in let’s say October and sure, we might be looking at a very different picture by then, only time will tell. But for anyone else new to the industry and tempted to believe the story, remember that even if it was true there’s still no guarantee it always has to be profitable. So take account of the risks that go with investing, set yourself a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose and recoup easily from other sources, and if joining QubitTech then use them as a part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but just briefly before we move on to the news I hope readers won’t mind sharing their own thoughts on the program. Is it a hit or miss do you think? Please vote in the following poll about QubitTech which as always is completely anonymous. I think in the weeks and months to come it will give a more interesting picture about how many people made the correct judgement call about the program and its chances of success right from the start. So:

Will you make an active deposit in QubitTech?

View Results

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Staying on the subject of the above reviewed QubitTech, I can clearly see that the admin and team are tirelessly working to make the website a better environment for investors. Over the last few days Chinese and Russian language versions have been added to the default English one as mentioned in the review, and I would not rule out more to be announced soon. There were some minor improvements made to the QubitTech website with some promotional banners made available for use and also added detailed instructions on how to use the trading robots. Moreover, today there was another webinar held on YouTube and I’m sure more will be scheduled during the program’s lifecycle which will hopefully be long enough to profit. Below you will find all the latest news from the QubitTech over the last few days:

QubitTech‘s Next Website Update
Dear clients and partners,
We have prepared the next update of our website and personal account, so that it would be even more convenient for you to use it.
First of all, 4 types of banners appeared in your account in the structure section. You are free to use them to promote QubitTech.
There are also detailed instructions on how to use our trading robots, connect them to your account on exchanges.
Binance –
Bitfinex –
In addition, it became possible to choose the direction of referral links.
In general, navigation in the personal account has been improved.

QubitTech is now in Chinese
Dear clients and partners,
We are pleased to announce that our website and personal account is now available in the Chinese language.
We hope that it will enhance the user experience of both our Chinese-speaking investors and partners.
We also hope that we made it easier for you to get acquainted with our investment product and technologies. We shall be updating our news section in the Chinese language as well, to provide you with updates on the latest changes and our plans for the future.
Join our community!

Online webinar on June, 22
Dear clients and partners,
We are inviting you to the webinar on Monday (June 22) hosted by Greg Limon, CEO of Qubit Tech, along with Marc Swickle, our marketing director.
The webinar will be devoted to Qubit Tech, our technologies and new developments, especially the company’s promotion in different world markets.
The webinar broadcast will begin at 16:00 (UTC) by the link –
Do not miss the opportunity to ask speakers questions!

QubitTech is now in Russian
Dear clients and partners,
We are pleased to announce that our website and personal account is now available in the Russian language.
We hope that it will enhance the user experience of both our Russian-speaking investors and partners.
We also hope that we made it easier for you to get acquainted with our investment product and technologies. We shall be updating our news section in the Russian language as well, to provide you with updates on the latest changes and our plans for the future.
Join our community!


As usual, Winza has been showing great results when it comes to the stability of its online casino business and the profits from this so generously shared with investors on every calendar day depending on its performance. Unlike other HYIPs in Winza you can actually see what your money is funding as well as gamble yourself in the Casino section by betting on five different games. Moreover, you don’t have to invest a penny of your own funds if you just wish to try your luck as the minimum bet allowed is usually a fraction of a cent which you may earn from free funds on an hourly basis by clicking the Free Faucet and get free gambling money there. If you wish to invest though you can do so by funding your account with at least $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin or DogeCoin and choosing between two investment plans – Bankroll or Hodl (read more on the plan’s description in more detail in my review of Winza posted here). It will take you about three to four months on average to break-even, but judging by the program’s impeccable performance for months so far we can conclude that the admin knows what he’s doing and is inclined to build something truly big and stunning by maintaining slow and sustainable growth for many months to come. And you can be part of that process if you try Winza with a reasonable investment and even you might be tempted to try out one of those casino games, because I can tell you they are quite addictive (might be the reason why it’s going to last). In the last updates posted on the Winza Telegram channel the admin shared some positive news about two thirds of the program’s members being in profit, gave a sneak peak on the latest stats and shared a few codes which gave lucky claimants up to $1 free funds they could use for gambling on the Winza website. Check out the latest updates and make sure to closely follow them on Telegram for more freebie giveaways in the future:

Facts: did you know that more than 65% of our investors already broke even? Many of them got their investments completed as well!
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Are you or your friends looking forward to test out our services? Feel free to claim now your Winza voucher in your main account page and get up to 1 USD in free cryptos or FIAT funds to spend on casino or whatever else you wish to!
50DB60B67E3-LV78278, 3718D6EFA1D-UX74407, 04BBDCA10FC-ST81508, 9D5FE589114-BC12329, 5CDC72DE9CD-GZ82567, 43FB40135FD-OK10903, 9D618B96349-LX38975, 8F20CA88541-MI37122, 99FC8F3C3B1-TI62843, 91E5C963A2E-RM94227
Have fun and play responsibly

+1,680,000 games
+8,000 registered users
+900 USD faucet claims
Open a free account right away > (


To finish with today’s news article I want to take a closer look at the final results of the MNO TalkBack poll as well as introduce a new question you’re all welcome to vote in here. Today is no exception and I will start by analysing your voting patterns in the last poll.

The question I was asking readers was this – “What do you like most about the HYIP investment industry?” As I am fully aware, MNO has lots of regular readers with some of them being with me for the best part of a 13+ year long journey in this fascinating world of online investments. There were four possible answers to the question, but only two of them got any votes. The leader by far was the answer “Analysing all the latest trends and picking the right option” with 63% of all the submitted votes, and 37% of readers preferring the option “A chance to make a lot of money in a short space of time”. Well, I believe there is a certain truth in both categories of people with MNO having been known for quite some time for delivering the most talked about programs in the HYIP industry with the best designs, expensive budgets and high-profile experienced admins. With fewer but better programs than other monitors might have on display MNO concentrates on promoting only the ones I think stand the most potential to become industry leaders in the long term. Of course, not all the time this thing works perfectly well but I do know that MNO has become a staple for some investors (regardless of whether they love or hate my monitor) to check on a regular basis to find some true gems they can add to their well-balanced investment portfolios. And I know that the success of many investors will depend exactly on analysing the latest trends and picking the right option from the hundreds of programs running at the same time. I’m pleased that MNO is offering this to nearly two thirds of my readers for whom the HYIP industry represents exactly this.

For the new TalkBack question I would like to ask your opinion on possible income streams for HYIPs apart from investors money financing payments. Is that even possible in some programs or are they all dependent solely on incoming funds? Well, from my own experience I know that the vast majority of admins would go to great lengths to persuade a certain category of investors that are completely or partially independent of the funds they try to attract, i.e. creating all manner of legends explaining how well they are at earning money and the only thing they lack was the start-up capital to finance their enterprises. At the same time 99% of HYIPs usually offer a profit no real legally operated investment company can even dream of offering without insulting people’s intelligence with ridiculously high interest rates. Well, that’s how it would work in the real world, however we are all perfectly aware that the HYIP industry largely lives by its own rules and standards far from reality. And while many investors would simply close their eyes to unsubstantiated and sometimes simply ridiculous earning claims many admins would spread to get to the owners of bigger wallets, some people still doubt whether it’s actually possible to run a HYIP which would offer some other income streams in addition to the funds of new investors. In other words, we wonder if all HYIPs are simply ponzi based games where everyone still has a fair chance to earn if joining the right program at the right time, or it’s just wishful thinking and some sort of self-deception to face our fears of losing money by handing it over to a total stranger. So, the question for the next TalkBack poll I will try to address these doubts and views on HYIPs possibly having some legitimate income streams to back up their profit claims. So the question with two possible answers is:

Do you believe HYIPs can be backed up by legitimate sources of income?

– Yes, some programs will have an additional income stream to sustain payments
– No, all HYIPs will always depend solely on incoming funds in order to survive

As you can see, the question is quite simple but it will hopefully help us to get more insight into whether there are still people left in the HYIP industry who thinking they could have a legitimate income, or whether experienced investors gave up on looking for such things and simply treat every program as a simple ponzi where profits are solely dependent on luck and the admin’s skills to last long enough for first investors to profit. I for once would be curious to see how you respond and I’m sure many of my readers will be too. So don’t hesitate to cast your vote in the poll which will run on the MNO TalkBack page for at least another week and make your opinion count here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Azentus, GamingArb.
From MNO Standard list: Winza, QubitTech (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for reading MNO and staying loyal for nearly thirteen years already. Don’t forget to vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page and share your opinion in the heated debates on the MNO ShoutBox as I would certainly appreciate your input on the HYIP industry. I can be contacted for questions directly at, or via this online form, plus you can always chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. In order to stay updated on the latest news and biggest investment programs please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to regularly read the latest articles from the source delivered straight to your email address submitted on this page. I’ll be back with more news and updates and possibly introducing new additions on the list of the best investment programs you can find on the MNO monitor in a few days. See you then on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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