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01/07/2020. MNO is 13 Years Online and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone! Welcome to the MNO blog celebrating thirteen years online today. It was back on July 1, 2007 that I first posted on a separate paid website where I moved to after several months practising on a free blogspot platform and the decision which established a website still here today. The financial goal was not the main priority for me when I first started but it filled a niche of quality blogging content which at that point was severely lacking of talented writers. It did help tremendously however when I managed to successfully invest the proceeds of my online business into other ventures and become totally self-sufficient and independent from online activities which MNO had remained for the last decade. Some years ago I finally reached my financial goal which was retirement from regular employment. But I decided that I like what I’m doing and backed by the tremendous support of my readers I have successfully turned MNO from a very profitable business which earned millions of dollars over its first decade online into a leisurely hobby which I enjoy on a less consistent basis than before when I used to post daily (sometimes twice daily). Of course, no one would deny that the HYIP industry is only a shadow of what it used to be in the LibertyReserve years and later in 2017 fuelled by the cryptocurrency craze. Everything changes and evolves and the HYIP industry is not what it used to be, dominated by a handful of great programs when it was relatively easy to find the programs which could literally make you a millionaire in a relatively short space of time. At this particular moment there were quite a few attempts to establish something that would eventually become an industry leader and will push everything to the next level, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. With summer being traditionally a slow enough period for investments it’s now the autumn months what many experienced investors are eagerly looking to for the next leader and make a fortune. When it actually happens and we see an industry revival is impossible to say but you can be sure that MNO will be here to tell you all about the latest trends and most promising newcomers for your diversified portfolios.

So as not to miss anything important be sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter, or submit your email address on this page to join the 3,000+ newsfeed subscribers who receive the regular blog updates sent to them by mail. And of course, I am always ready to answer any questions regarding the HYIP industry in general or any of the monitored programs (as well as discuss advertising requests) which you can forward to my email address, submit your query via this online contact form, or simply chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog for a faster response. Plus make sure to vote in the latest polls on the MNO TalkBack page.

Getting back to today’s important date in the MNO history it’s important to mention that despite having multiple foes in the industry which consisted of dedicated haters of all sorts or simply online trolls taking every opportunity to hurt my name MNO still stands strong as a resource where you can find quality investment programs run by the best admins capable of better results. Of course, this year might be a bit of a letdown but there is still hope for the second half of the year with the HYIP industry still going in cycles as usual. As of now not many programs are listed on the MNO monitor but rest assured that in just a few short weeks the situation could change dramatically as so often happens and we will see a lot of new promising newcomers and potential flagships moving the HYIP industry to new heights. At the moment MNO maintains policies of high listing prices aimed at weeding out potential fast scams while ensuring the quality of monitored projects maintained and at the same time giving a chance to lower-budget “sleepers” to be added to the Startup listing totally free of charge, provided they are here to build an online presence on a budget and prepare for better things when the time comes. Although my main focus will be to cover the most promising high-budget investment programs. With that in mind let’s see what’s going on today in the HYIP industry’s most prominent programs you can always find on the MNO monitor.



Despite being largely ignored by readers (mostly due to its high minimum deposit of $100 in BTC or ETH required to join its variable daily plan paying up to 2% daily until you reach 250% on your investment) QubitTech maintains a steady development and grows smoothly under the talented management that works on making the site’s environment better and more convenient to use by current and potential investors who might join the program in the near future. There was clearly a lot of time and effort put into the creation of the website and its extensive affiliate program which is still nevertheless hugely let down by a long four month stalling time one should wait before an investment reaches the break-even point. As we are well aware, in the HYIP industry everything can change in a much shorter lifespan and during the summer slowdown there are just not as many investors around prepared to risk their money for so long for these possible returns. Nevertheless, QubitTech seem to be doing quite well as it regularly holds online webinars with the participation of their CEO, the last one being broadcast on YouTube on Monday. That brings me to one of the other news updates from QubitTech, something touched on in the last post on the MNO blog. You might remember that a real time online webinar was held on YouTube on Friday of last week, which was a bilingual event held in both English and Italian (the previous event taking place in English and Russian). Well, I don’t know if it was down to the success of this webinar or the inexplicable popularity of QubitTech in Italy, but the website is now fully available in the Italian language as outlined in one of the news updates posted below.

Besides, the internal system has been modified with minor changes discussed in one of the latest updates as usual posted on the QubitTech website news section. Moreover, just today it was announced that the launch of the contest whose winner/s will win a free vacation to Dubai with the full terms and conditions posted tomorrow. I will of course cover them in the next blog post and meanwhile will just repost all the latest updates from QubitTech from the last few days while the full review is available to read here if you’re interested in joining:

Online webinar on June 29
Dear clients and partners,
We invite you to a webinar on Monday (June 29th) that will be hosted by Greg Limon, CEO of QubitTech, along with Mark (QubitTech trader-analyst).
The webinar will be devoted to the first results of the company, and trader Mark will show the company account on the exchange and share his thoughts on the cryptocurrency market.
The webinar broadcast will begin at 16:00 UTC at the link –

Internal system update
Dear clients and partners!
We continue to develop, providing our customers with more and more opportunities to earn money. So we updated the personal account, making it even more functional.
In particular, the ability to create several packages at the same time was added. Also, users can see whether the binary bonus is activated or not thanks to the display widget.
Besides, you can change the name in the profile, which was not previously available.
In addition to changing the name, information about which leg a particular user belongs to in the binary program is added to the table of the linear structure of the first line. You can also see how much time he has left before the binary points are burned.

QubitTech‘s first meeting in Dubai
Dear clients and partners,
On July 1, first promo-campaign for partners and leaders of QubitTech will starts.
The main prize is a vacation in Dubai, which combine with the official opening of our company, in which you will take an active part.
In addition to discussing the development and promotion plans of QubitTech, all partners will have an unforgettable vacation, getting to know our team, free flight and accommodation in a cool hotel.
All this will be for partners, who will show excellent results and fulfil the conditions of the promo-campaign from July 1 to August 15, 2020.
All the details – tomorrow!

QubitTech website is now available in Italian
Dear clients and partners,
The QubitTech team is pleased to announce that website are now available in Italian.
This will facilitate the use of the site by our Italian partners and investors.
We also hope that we have made it easier for you to become familiar with our investment products and technologies. We will constantly update our website in Italian to provide you with the latest news and share with you our plans for the future.
Join QubitTech!


Winza seems to be doing quite well after after more than five weeks listed on MNO and keeps delivering on its promise to share online-based casino business earnings with members on a daily basis. Recently the minimum to join its Bankroll investment plan has been increased to $50 in PerfectMoney and Payeer with similarly priced amounts applied to other cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin, LiteCoin or DogeCoin. That all probably indicates that the program has started the most recent development stage as the maximum bets for their online casino games have been increased which will hopefully help to better finance its main investment platform, which includes the Bankroll plan with variable daily returns until you reach 150% on your investment and the so-called Hodl plan where you keep your money in the program for the duration of its online lifecycle. And while Winza claims to be backed up by a sustainable and sufficient business model which should allow it to last much longer than regular HYIPs we should all remember that there are no guarantees in this risky business where everything should be taken with a pinch of salt to say the least. If you’re interested in finding out more about Winza and its investment plan please have a closer look at my detailed review here where the most prominent features of the program are covered. Belowis the latest news posted on the Winza Telegram channel over the last few days:

Largest Winza Wagerers
Start playing from as low as $0.0001 > (

+1,950,000 games
+8,500 registered users
+960 USD faucet claims
Open a free account right away > (

100% Provably Fair Casino Games
Bankroll Investments +150% ROI
Staking Wallet Up To +1% Daily
Free Faucet For Unlimited Spins
Built-in Crypto/USD and vice versa exchange
No KYC, No AML, Fast Signup & Instant Deposit Approval
Join our network and invite your friends right away > (“.


Although GamingArb managed to last 38 days in total me and many of other investors would have expected better results from a program that paid variable low-ROI daily returns. Only investors who put up to $500 into its first 30-day long investment plan are in profit, if they GamingArb on the first week since it went online. I believe though that there were quite a few of people who couldn’t afford to invest more than that and were forced into the first and ultimately profitable for them plan. That makes GamingArb not such a bad performer after all which nevertheless didn’t achieve its full potential despite the slow addition of the new e-currency over the course of its run. I believe a significant slowdown of investment activities in the first month of summer impeded the potential growth of the program which seemed to be set up and organized to last for a much longer period of time than it actually lasted. I guess there is nothing else to add to that except please make sure that you avoid investing in GamingArb, as the admin has left the website and its Telegram channel and is not responding to queries any longer. Stay away and stay tuned for other profitable investment opportunities that will definitely emerge soon!


Since last week I guess it’s about time to close the most recent running question on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with something a bit more current and topical. For the last question though I was thinking, generally speaking anyway, about programs like Winza that try and distance themselves from most of what happens in the HYIP industry. For instance, it seems like almost all of them give postal addresses and claim to be involved with some sort of investment scheme. Of course once you actually turn up at any of those addresses and knock on the door asking to speak with someone running the program, it happens that no one there has any idea who you’re talking about and has never heard of the alleged company in question.

But what happens then when you see something like Winza (for example), a program that does more to demonstrate practical examples of proven income streams you can actually put to the test and participate in? Do you believe the claim now, or just think it’s a somewhat more elaborate version of the lie everyone else is spinning? It seems in this case that MNO readers remain largely sceptical about such claims, with the overwhelming majority of you knowing not to be taken in by these stories. Then again, you all choose to participate in the HYIP industry anyway and spend your money gambling here, so I guess most admins aren’t that bothered about what you really think of them. So, the last question asked of readers in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll was this: Do you believe HYIPs can be backed up by legitimate sources of income?

A healthy 70% of readers stated a clear “No, all HYIPs will always depend solely on incoming funds in order to survive”. At the end of the day this hardly makes a great deal of difference to the business at hand, I mean people still participate in online HYIPs anyway regardless of what they do or don’t believe of the admin’s claims, but I suppose it does at least make your expectations more realistic. On the other hand the remaining 30% of readers voted “Yes, some programs will have an additional income stream to sustain payments”. I guess this can be at least partially true when you look at programs like Winza, maybe even more so if you believe certain “good” admins run deliberate fast scams in order to better finance more reputable programs, but ultimately makes little difference to the eventual outcome of most HYI programs anyway.

For the next question I want to return to the main subject that I personally am celebrating today – 13 unbroken years of the MNO blog and HYIP monitor being online. I know what I’m doing and why I am doing it, but what about the readers? There are plenty of other resources out there, so why are you paying attention to mine right now? What do you get from it, and as you are reading it I assume you value the service it delivers, why? My question to readers for the next opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack poll therefore will be as follows:

After 13 years online why are you still reading MNO?

You can take from the following possible answers, remembering that if your exact personal choice isn’t listed you can just take the one that comes closest.

– To find all the latest promising programs which might become future leaders
– To analyse the latest HYIP industry trends to help me decide where to invest
– To watch from the fence where people invest and what should be avoided
– I don’t have a specific reason but it’s become a part of my investment routine

As always I just want to say thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to participate, and indeed in this case thank you to everyone who is still reading after all this time. I’ve said many times before that a blog, any blog on any subject, is nothing without its readers so I’m in no doubt whatsoever about what exactly I owe to all of you guys! The voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here and will stay open for around the next week or so, long enough for everyone who wants to participate to have plenty of time to think it over and do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list:
From MNO Standard list: Winza, QubitTech.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about all I have to report to you on this very special day for MNO. I would once again like to thank all my readers for reading the blog and considering the programs listed on my monitor. Please vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack and be more active and engaged in the chats on the MNO ShoutBox. I will be back next time once I have something important to tell you all about and meanwhile enjoy your summer and talk to you all again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers and now officially starting its fourteenth year online!

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