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Hello everyone! During these challenging times millions of people around the world are struggling to make ends meet with the coronavirus pandemic reaching new heights unseen since it all started back in March. That means 2020 has officially become the least active year in the HYIP industry, following the same trend listed by Time magazine recently when they named 2020 the worst year ever. “If 2020 were a dystopian movie, you’d probably turn it off after 20 minutes”, reads on their website. Well, let’s be honest, pretty much anything from 1929 to 1949 wasn’t exactly a picnic either from human history, but that’s something you can chat about with your history teachers. As far as the HYIP industry goes the harsh truth is it’s been a disaster. Those of you who try to tell you otherwise are either fundamentally wrong or simply selling us a false sense of normality. Seemingly well-made programs launched based on the time-proven concepts are destined to fall while so few others who chose to take a new direction might have been relatively successful. Their level of success however has been very far from what we usually determine by that word in any regular pre-pandemic year. Overall, the HYIP industry hasn’t been able to recover even on the wave of BTC growth which has reached a new all-time high just a week ago, on November 30 when it traded at $19,850.11 which was only marginally higher than the previous peak reached three years ago. And while that gives us a certain hope that the HYIP industry is going to improve in 2021 which is highly expected to set yet new higher records in cryptocurrencies history we cannot exclude the other factors affecting the general state of things, like economic collapse in many countries and possibly even larger socio-economic and political crises risen by the Covid19 pandemic.

In any case, we can only hope 2021 will be as good as the 2017 was for the HYIP industry (being the year following an older BitCoin halving event), but it will largely depend on further vaccination of the entire population and a slow recovery from the events of the most awful year in recent history. In any case, I believe this will be the right time to start a series of sometimes controversial articles I would like to share with readers outlining the worst secrets most HYIP admins don’t want you know about. It will all stem from my own 13+ years experience in the industry, so all the stories you will read in this series will be truthful and experienced by me personally first-hand.

In the first part I would like to start with such a basic yet fundamental and essential for every high-yield investment program thing as LIES.

HYIP admins lie constantly and without any shade of remorse. They lie when they tell you it’s safe to invest in their programs when even regular banks warn you about the inherent risks involved in buying any of their investment products. They lie about their income sources which is nothing but deposits from new members (the old “rob Peter to pay Paul” main ponzi principle). They lie about their own background, what kind of programs they ran in the past, how much money they make from their programs, and the list can go on and on and never ends. In fact, the more inventive and appealing their lies in the end means the higher level of trust they may gain from potential investors and the more money they can make from their programs as a direct result of those lies. If you think that I exaggerate my point of view on the state of things in the HYIP industry and you believe to find a decent person running any program you are in for a huge disappointment, so it’s better to see things real rather than be sorry later.

If that is not news for you and you (rightfully!) mistrust any person running a HYIP and have heard it all before, then let me ask you a simple question. Why are you investing in HYIPs knowing they are based on nothing but lies and deceit of people who might not fully understand the concept of gambling and lose money as a result? The income coming when a program eventually closes (which always happens, sooner or later) would be the one that’s redistributed among the HYIP admins, winning investors, and advertisers like MNO and other blogs and monitors. Of course, it’s up to the HYIP admin getting the larger chunk of profit as he’s the one person responsible for running a program and putting in the work associated with the site he’s promoting. Therefore it’s up to the admin to spread lies about the program he’s running and many has become masters and gurus of inventing new realities which they live in and spin the thick web of deceit on a daily basis.

The biggest challenge for HYIP admins though is defeating the average person’s common sense (the ones with the thickest wallets I mean) and bombard them with all those fake stats and false testimonials from happy users who try to recruit as many people as possible in return for some commissions or other cash incentives generously shared by the admin. Building a successful HYIP is no easy task and it requires quite careful planning in the dosage of lies getting poured on investors. If you have read the series of MNOFridays articles I started posting on my blog a few years ago you might have an idea what I’m talking about. However, it all goes much deeper than that and it takes a talented admin to become an expert in human psychology to direct general investment impulses in the way necessary for the HYIP admin at some point of his program’s development. Yet, it doesn’t excuse the desire of investors to see through the smoke and mirrors and guess the admin’s true intentions. As all HYIP admins are very different and apply a different set of strategies depending on their goals for a particular program then even a person with over a decade of experience might fall victim to his own confidence in “cracking the code” of the particular admin’s behaviour pattern and tempts such a person to put in more money or to promote a program to levels totally unsafe for him and his followers. That is the major mistake that could cost you dearly in the end and might have the admin in question celebrating his victory in terms of gaining more profits essentially based on outwitting others.

That’s the game of cat and mouse between HYIP admin and HYIP investor and promoters which can result in a variety of different outcomes for both sides in both the short and long term. And though I will not offer you a recipe for cracking the code of an admin’s strategy (there isn’t one, and too many patterns to discuss anyway) I will try my best to show a few tricks that some of them use. Some of which you might find sometimes unbelievable but it will all come from my personal experience and in every article I will try to show one particular thing I came across at some point of my career as a monitor.

As I have mentioned many times already, I’m not interested in hiding anything from the MNO readers, even though someone can think it’s too ugly to be even featured let alone discussed on my blog. I’ve earned quite a lot from running a monitor during the golden age of the HYIP industry and now being retired and running the MNO blog as my own hobby I can afford to be blunt and ruthless. And so I will. Please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter and be the first to know when the next article from the HYIP Admins’ Secrets is going to be published here. You may also subscribe to receive articles directly to the email address you can submit here. Stay tuned, as what MNO is going to reveal soon will be shocking for some!



Even during such hard times as the height of the Covid19 pandemic and the general lack of interest in online investing caused largely by it there are still few programs remaining that generate headlines. And one of them with an impressive lifespan of six months already has undoubtedly been QubitTech (reviewed here). With QubitTech many investors have already achieved nice profits as the program pays a variable up to 2% daily interest over an unspecified duration when you keep earning until you reach 250% ROI. There are some restrictions and limits you should know about before considering investing in QubitTech though. So, one of them is a relatively high investment minimum of $100 which can be done via one of the two major cryptocurrencies – BitCoin or Ethereum. The invested amount is then converted into the internal USDT currency and then on every withdrawal a client pays a fixed 2.5% fee to convert it back to BTC or ETH funds. The request is then manually processed within 72 hours maximum and so far everything has been done like clockwork. Investors are happy and those who chose QubitTech at the time it just appeared on MNO almost six months should be in nice profits, however still a few months away from reaching the ultimate 250% return on their investments.

The good thing about QubitTech is that unlike many others the administration doesn’t sit still waiting for the new funds to come naturally. Quite the opposite – the ongoing success of QubitTech has been largely determined by its promotional activities fuelled by the very lucrative multi-tier referral programs featuring various bonuses and extras for its best promoters. There are quite many events being held both online and offline to show the interested members of QubitTech the major money-making directions they can take and encourage them to promote the program further outside of the limits of the regular HYIP industry which (let’s face it, guys) hasn’t been feeling well as of late.

I guess one of the major achievements highlighted in the latest news updates from the QubitTech platform has been the presentations of its own application anyone can download and make use of on Android phones and other mobile devices. That would be the major milestone for the program that has been hailed as one of the HYIP industry leaders of 2020 and the app will certainly provide them with even higher interest among potential new members. You can download and install the QubitTech app from the link provided in one of the newsletters which are all reposted below for your convenience. Among the other newsworthy events would be the scheduled for February 2021 of yet another BaseCamp in Brazil aimed at local promoters from Latin American countries. As you might remember, the first two BaseCamps have been a popular meeting point for the biggest promoters and the currently held third BaseCamp event in Turkey also generated quite a positive buzz.

Among other less significant but also important for the understanding of the whole picture in QubitTech updates are: a new master distributor in Iraq has been presented, the company’s CMO Marc Swickle had a birthday celebration, and another conference has been held in the capital of Kenya Nairobi recently. Please check out all the latest news from QubitTech below:

New master distributor in Iraq: Aram Barzani
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re glad to present you our new master distributor – Aram Barzani. He will actively promote QubitTech and our products in Iraq.
Aram holds a BA in Business and Management from the University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH). He has been professionally engaged in cryptocurrencies and trading for 3 years. During one month at QubitTech, Aram reached rank 4.
We wish Aram continued success for the benefit of our platform and for attracting other leaders in Iraq.
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Happy birthday Marc Swickle
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to congratulate our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Marc Swickle on the birthday.
We wish Mark success in all his endeavours, endless optimism and excellent health!
QubitTech Team

Registration Available: BaseCamp in Brazil on 17 – 27 February
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the future BaseCamp in Brazil –
The event will take place from 17 to 27 February exclusively for local leaders (from Latin America).
Right now you have the opportunity to book your seat at BaseCamp in Brazil for only $ 250 –
Full payment of the ticket for the event will be available later through the personal account.
Recall that BaseCamp is a new training format from QubitTech. You will improve your sales skills, work on personal growth and get rid of your fears. All this with an excellent entertainment program and in the company of the Educational advisor of the QubitTech Academy, the renowned European business coach Andreas Tissen.
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QubitTech App is already in GooglePlay
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re pleased to present to you the QubitTech mobile app for Android devices, developed by our ‘QubitTech App Development’ department.
Download link –
The mobile app is currently in English. All languages integrated on the QubitTech platform will appear in the application in the near future.
For authorization via the mobile app, you will need to enter your personal data from the QubitTech platform.
You can with the QubitTech app:
– buy licenses;
– track the history of accrual of bonuses and rewards;
– track the dynamics of the development of the affiliate network;
– manage your wallet;
– buy robots, as well as monitor the results of their work;
– follow the news and major updates on the platform.
The functionality of the app will be refined and improved in the near future, which you will learn about from the official QubitTech news.
In addition, we draw your attention to the fact that GooglePlay contains several QubitTech applications of the same name, to the development of which we have nothing to do.
We strongly recommend to use the official QubitTech app for the safety of your funds.
You can ask a question about the app’s operation, or write a proposal to improve the functionality, via Telegram –
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QubitTech Conference in Kenya
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are glad to tell you that QubitTech successfully held the conference for local users and platform affiliates in Kenya.
The event took place in the capital of the country, Nairobi, the largest city in Kenya.
The guests listened to speeches by local leaders about QubitTech and also asked many questions.
We are happy for our African leaders and wish them to popularize QubitTech across the continent.
Besides, there was another conference in Uganda recently. Meanwhile, there are already two offices in Africa, in Uganda and Nigeria.
Always with you, QubitTech


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: QubitTech.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about all the news for today, guys. I hope you did enjoy the first article from the series which I hope to make a regular occurrence on my blog and if you have any suggestions regarding HYIP Admin’s Dirty Secrets you want to be revealed in subsequent articles please let me know. You can contact me here, email me directly at, chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog or simply post on the MNO ShoutBox. The best way not to miss any new interesting articles from the HYIP industry or any promising newcomers on the MNO monitor is to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, and to subscribe to the regular blog updates by submitting and confirming your email address on this page. I’ll talk to you again in a few days. Please stay safe and make good profits with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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