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Hello all! Due to the approaching Christmas festivities there hasn’t been much going on in the HYIP industry of late, so MNO keeps its work useful for HYIP investors and began a series of cryptocurrency-related articles. You may read the first few articles on why it’s so important to get a BTC account nowadays if you’re involved with HYIPs, get introduced to BTC wallets or to the whole idea of BlockChain. I do intend to group the published articles together at a later point, not so much like an online e-book but rather just to have everything together, so all the MNO readers have a more convenient way of using the information. The same goes with my series of HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets articles the first of which you can read here and with the next instalment sometime next week. So, stay tuned for more interesting content and follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook if you are not doing it yet or subscribe here to get all the articles directly to your email address!

So, now I assume that we all know what the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain are and if you’re only taking the very first steps I believe it would be the right time to open your first ever cryptocurrency wallet. And what might be the better starting point than to open a wallet and use a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash and some others?

Let’s start with a quick history lesson which tells us that was established over nine years ago, back in 2011, when BitCoin and the whole concept of cryptocurrencies and its use in real life was still in its infancy. Over the years of gradual development has become not only just wallet with a few options of storing various cryptocurrencies, but as of late you may actually buy BTC and other cryptocurrencies by verifying your ID and do so from your bank account and your card. Of course, the point of doing this completely anonymously would be obsolete, which actually gives your details to governments and other financial institutions you might not be willing to deal with, especially when you are involved with HYIP investing. However, that verification can be easily avoided if you use one of the MNO approved exchangers (click here to find some of them) and then the highest level of anonymity will still exist for you and your funds. With a verified account you will though have much more available options and will be able to buy BTC with four currencies (USD, EUR, GBP and TRY), swap your cryptocurrencies inside of your wallet, earn some interest on your stored funds, borrow your BTC funds and trade cryptocurrencies yourself. That might sound exciting enough to give it all a try, but this won’t be the subject discussed today, as I will only try to guide you through the basics of creating a account without any ID verification. I’m pretty sure that we will be able to get through all the important stuff in other articles if you’re going to be interested to find out more, that is.

So, you’ve made up your mind to create a wallet, then what’s next? First of all, you will have to think very carefully about securing it with a very strong password you will be asked for when creating it in the first place. Remember that hackers will always try to get hold of irreversible BTC funds and making your wallet’s password weak will ease their task of stealing your hard-earned cryptocurrencies. So don’t give them any advantage and be smart by starting the creation of your account with a very strong password.

After submitting your email and password a confirmation email from will be sent to you. After it’s done your account has been created and you will be free to start your first steps into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

So, what should be done to make your cryptocurrency experience relatively safe and secure? It’s very important to write down or memorize any other way your 12-word backup phrase as it can be used to restore your funds in case you ever lose access to your wallet. For extra account access security set up your 2FA via SMS or the Google authenticator so you will be able to enter a one-time code which will change every 30 seconds. Then you may also set your secondary password, so when sending BTC funds to someone this password will be asked and funds will fail to be sent without entering it first.

Of course, it’s very important that you keep using the most recent version of the latest anti-virus system on your PC or mobile devices, so it will be made difficult for hackers to get ahold of your BTC funds. Don’t react if you get invited into chatting with fake representatives via any social media and beware of phishing attempts which you may face from someone sending any suspicious links to your email address. Always be on alert and remember that after somehow giving away vital information that will help hackers to get into your account it will be very hard (if not impossible) to get the access to your funds again. That is actually one of the major advantages of using cryptocurrencies – total anonymity and fast transactions – which may be a blessing for smart account holders and a disaster for others.

Overall, please treat your BitCoins stored in wallet exactly as you would guard your physical wallet in your pocket. And certainly treat it as not less important than you treat your USD-based funds in PerfectMoney or Payeer accounts. Stay safe and have a wonderful experience with your new wallet at, guys!

To conclude I would like to ask you a simple question regarding your ownership and attitudes towards the BlockChain wallet. So please feel free to vote for the most suitable answer in the poll below:

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If you’ve been active in the HYIP industry lately you couldn’t have missed QubitTech which seems to dominate the market now with their flashy BaseCamps the leaders are invited to participate in from across the globe. That’s only the tip of the iceberg though, as QubitTech is much more than your average HYIP and it’s been rapidly expanding worldwide ever since it first arrived at the scene six months ago. Over this period of time the first QubitTech investors have managed to gain good profits on their investments on which they could acquire so-called Digital Licenses and get paid up to a 2% variable daily return for the unknown duration until they reach the 250% ROI. Judging by the average returns which total about 25% monthly the first investors could have theoretically received up to 50% profit which is not so bad in the current slow season in the HYIP industry largely affected by coronavirus pandemic. Although QubitTech seems to have been a cryptocurrency oriented investment platform they do accept only funds in BTC and ETH which the system then converts into USDT and back to your preferred cryptocurrency on every withdrawal request, subject to a 2.5% fee and up to 72 hours processing time. More on the ways QubitTech works you may read in the more detailed review posted here or simply go to the multi-language website and refer to their FAQ and friendly online support always ready to explain the specifics of the investment process.

Of course, my main idea for posting this update about QubitTech is to keep my readers informed on the latest developments in the program. So, here is what happened over the last five days.

Traditionally already last Friday there was a Zoom conference in four languages – English, Russian, Thai and Spanish. I believe that reflects the particular importance that QubitTech assigns to its platform’s development on certain markets. And to the already lots of perks for the program’s most talented affiliates there was another one added – the QubitTech‘s top thirty promoters will get on a trip to Tanzania in January 2021. That’s certainly a cool way to say thanks to those who put so much effort in making QubitTech an ongoing success and one of the most exciting programs of 2020 already. And as if there was not enough exciting news for the QubitTech leaders – there will be the first BaseCamp for African leaders to be held in South Africa at the end of January 2021 and the upcoming 2021 Brazil-located BaseCamp will be held for Latin American leaders of the program as well. By the way, the first Brazil office for QubitTech is now open in Sao Paolo which I believe will mark the further expansion on yet another market. The future certainly looks bright for the QubitTech‘s investors, especially for those of you who were able to recognize the program’s potential right from the start, when it first joined the MNO monitor exactly six months ago. All the latest news from QubitTech can be found below:

BaseCamp in the first half of 2021
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re pleased to announce that BaseCamp’s training program has already reached a wide audience and continues to generate huge interest. Since the beginning of November, three events have already taken place (BaseCamp is still ongoing in Turkey), which were attended by over 350 people.
However, this is just the beginning of the BaseCamp era. Already at the beginning of 2021, we will hold the first training for African leaders in South Africa – from 21 to 27 January. You will learn more about this in the upcoming platform news.
Right after that, BaseCamp will take place in Brazil (near Sao Paulo) in February for Latin American leaders. The event will take place in both Portuguese and Spanish. Registration is already open –
In addition, if the pandemic situation in Europe improves, we will host the first BaseCamp in the EU in February. The event will take place in Italy and we are looking forward to it!
We are also planning to host the Big QubitTech Forum for several thousand people in Rio de Janeiro in March. You’ll know later how to get to it.
BaseCamp will also take place in Peru this spring – and it will be unforgettable.
These are not all plans for the first half of 2021. So stay tuned for our news – Good to great!
Always with you, QubitTech Team

Leadership meetings in ZOOM
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We invite you to take part in the next QubitTech Leadership Zoom Meeting that will take place this Friday (December 11).
Leaders from rank 3 can attend closed leadership meetings in English and Russian. In leadership meetings in Spanish and Thai languages – leaders from rank 2.
You will get the invitation link on your email.
Leadership meeting in Thai language – 13:00 UTC / 20:00 (BKK)
Leadership meeting in English language – 14:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Spanish language – 15:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Russian language – 19:00 (MSK)
Follow the news!

BaseCamp in Africa from 20 to 27 January: Registration is Available
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re pleased to announce the opening of registration for the upcoming BaseCamp in Africa –
The event will take place from 20 to 27 January 2021 in South Africa exclusively for local leaders (from Africa / from Rank 1 and high) in English.
Now you have the opportunity to book your place at African BaseCamp for only $ 100 –
Full event participation payment will be available later through the QubitTech personal account.
Recall that BaseCamp is an exclusive training program developed by QubitTech. You’ll improve your sales skills, work on personal growth and get rid of your fears. All this with an excellent entertainment program and in the company of Educational Advisor of QubitTech Academy, renowned European business coach Andreas Tissen.
Follow our news!

First QubitTech office in Brazil
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are glad to share with you great news – the first QubitTech office has opened in Brazil, in the city of João Pessoa.
João Pessoa is a port city in northeastern Brazil and is the capital of the state of Paraíba.
We congratulate the Latin American speakers on the excellent promotion on the continent. And we urge them to make further efforts to develop in the region.
Besides, in February QubitTech will hold BaseCamp in Brazil for local leaders.
As a reminder, QubitTech has already more than 30 offices are operating all over the world where local leaders promote QubitTech in their regions.
Follow us!

Travel to Tanzania for TOP 30 Leaders
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re pleased to announce that TOP 30 QubitTech leaders will set off on an unforgettable journey to Tanzania, known all over the world with the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro, the stunning savannah and all kinds of African tribes.
This amazing trip will start on January 10th and will last 10 days. All the fun at the expense of QubitTech is a gift to our top leaders and recognition of their merits in promoting our brand around the world.
What’s in store for you in Tanzania:
– great rest;
– amazing entertainment with an African touch;
– personal meetings with the top management of QubitTech;
– a discussion of insider information and plans for the platform for 2021-2022;
– unforgettable trainings;
– as well as other pleasant surprises that will give you a storm of emotions.
The list of those who will embark on our amazing journey will be determined directly on December 31, 2020. The information will be available thanks to the TOP-30 rating, which you can find in your personal account.
More information about the rating –
The best for the best!
See you in Tanzania!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: QubitTech, GlobalCryptox.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about all the news for today, guys. I hope you have been enjoying reading MNO and thank you for all the kind words you’ve been expressing in support of my work. Remember that I’m always here for you and if you have any questions or suggestions please do not be shy and write a couple of lines via this online form, or directly at my email address If you prefer live chat I will be please to talk to you on Telegram @mnoblog or on the MNO ShoutBox. You may also follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter or click here to subscribe for the regular updates to be sent to your confirmed email address so as not to miss anything important the HYIP industry will have for you within the first weeks of 2021. Meanwhile I will be back in a couple of days time with more updates from the biggest investment programs and the next article from the “HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets” they don’t want you to know about. Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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