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30/11/2021. HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets (Part 19 – Accepting New Deposits While On the Verge of Demise) and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello guys! Thanks for tuning in for yet another article on the MNO blog following the latest news from the biggest and hottest programs the HYIP industry has to offer. My website has been online for over fourteen years so I do know a thing or two when it comes to the best programs to choose from which I list on the MNO monitor. My site is appreciated by industry experts and regular investors alike who take my investment advice seriously enough and win more than lose in the HYIP world as a direct result of that. If you don’t miss a hit program and join during the first stages to maximize your possible profits from it then you must follow MNO closely on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. On either of these three social networks I post quick notifications about programs newly added to the MNO monitor, as well as any timely status changes for the currently listed programs. Otherwise, if you like the articles posted on the MNO blog you may want to join the extended list of subscribers by submitting your email address here (it has a one-click unsubscription option and is managed by the third-party service, so totally spam-free).

By the way, did you know why there are so few programs are listed on MNO compared to some other monitors where you can see literally dozens of programs of low quality where no normal person would even touch, let alone invest in. The answer is simple! Over more than a decade online I have come to a realization that the vast majority of HYIP admins simply care about making fast moneynothing else will be of interest beyond that. That’s why 99% of the programs you might encounter in the HYIP industry are run by people not interested in the program’s development and overall long-term results of their operations. They simply try to make a quick buck by robbing their investors of their hard earned cash, simply switching to a new fast scam once they finish with their last one or even by running several projects of questionable quality simultaneously in hope that they would bring them an undeserved fortune.

So, at some point of MNO development I had enough of such fast scammers and decided to move into a different direction. And what can be a better way of turning off scammers from even attempting to come here and bring their questionable programs just to scam everyone after the first large deposit? Of course, by keeping the advertising prices high and out of reach for penniless admins without prior experience and knowledge on how to create a successful project that will last long and be profitable for at least a good number of investors. And surely as a result of that policy my listings remain much higher than on other monitors leading to much lower amount of projects. Honestly though, I wouldn’t miss fast scammers even though it means less advertising revenues for MNO, so I don’t intend to change that policy anytime. Only serious admins with the best intentions in mind are welcome to be listed on my monitor and I am always pleased to hear their requests for advertising collaboration. I can be contacted by submitting this online form, emailing me directly at or chatting with me on Telegram @mnoblog. It goes without question that my readers have been the backbone of MNO since its very beginning and are also welcome to submit their questions or suggestions via the same channels, or just sign up on the MNO ShoutBox and share their opinions on the monitored programs with others. Please also remember to continue voting in the regular polls that you may find on the MNO TalkBack and which are aimed at HYIP market research and changing attitudes of my readers towards some important subjects. I would really like to hear your feedback, so keep your votes coming.

Regular readers might know that there have been nearly twenty articles already from the highly acclaimed series called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets. I have started these posts to shed more light at some unscrupulous practices and sophisticated tricks the admins use (frequently or not) to help you part with your money. The previous parts of the series can be found here and I strongly advise you to keep educating yourself and discover more on what are sometimes not so much talked about ways the admins have armed themselves with. After all, knowledge is the best weapon against some common mistakes that will save you lots of time, peace of mind, and money in the long term.

In today’s article I would like to touch on the subject of still accepting new deposits while being on the verge of collapse – a common enough practice met in the HYIP industry both nowadays and indeed throughout its history.

As you might know, some HYIP admins deliberately try to extend the program’s lifecycle by paying selectively to members even though the program itself cannot fulfil its obligations towards the majority of investors. In order for that to happen they have to pretend that there are no cashflow issues in the program whatsoever. That is done with the clear purpose of you putting your guard down and allow unsuspecting investors to plough more money into an already dying program.

In order for that to happen an admin simply freezes payments for one or several of the larger investors while using their money to pay to the majority of smaller ones. That has been done in the past many times and could result to delayed scam, i.e. the vast majority of investors getting paid while larger deposits are held and their owners’ withdrawal requests being mostly ignored. That practice is usually done not for the benefit of smaller investors but rather for the admin to get a chance to grab more money before the inevitable collapse.

Some nasty monitors can be even in collaboration with such admins by deliberately ignoring the scamming signs of selective payouts, and thus contributing to more newbies believing they’re taking advantage of an allegedly well-paying program just to learn their lesson the hard way by losing money in the upcoming scam. MNO has always been against such practices and I even angered some admins in the past by refusing to play by the rules set by them and their puppet monitor buddies. Going against the flow is not new to me and is actually why MNO is so hated by some admins who encountered a totally hostile but still unbiased approach when it comes to determining the scamming direction a program is clearly taking. They do prefer to keep things hush-hush, so very few people would know about their cashflow issues and invest unknowingly into the dead duck ready to sink anytime along with their money.

How long such programs can keep paying after the first signs of cashflow issues? Well, very few admins are capable of rectifying the issue and turn things back to normal. In fact, it’s much more likely that once the first signs of selective payouts emerge the program at best has only days or sometimes even hours to live. That is why it’s very important to always check the status of a program on a reliable monitor like MNO before deciding whether it’s worth investing, especially if the program in question is relatively old.

If you like this article please click here to subscribe and get more articles from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series that are regularly posted on this page. Take care and be wise with your investments! Don’t let any admin fool you and take advantage of your lack of knowledge of their nasty actions! Stay informed with MNO!



RoboticsOnline (reviewed here) continues its triumphant march through its third year online. Payments have been flowing as usual and by being on MNO for 620+ days already RoboticsOnline has surely set a record, at least among the recent programs listed over the last few years.

It’s easy to see the main reason why RoboticsOnline has managed to survive for so long. The investment returns are super low and wouldn’t be suited to the regular HYIP audience looking for a chance to earn a quick buck. It appears RoboticsOnline tends to appeal to a much wider audience that appreciate longevity over high returns, as you may only get 4%-5% return on average on expiry of the 12-business day term. The variable returns will be credited to your RoboticsOnline account daily from Monday through Friday and you can invest via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin or Ethereum starting from the $50 mark. Withdrawals are fully automated and are done usually after 24 hours since the time the request was made and so far they have been working like clockwork.

Running well off the radar over the first year online, the program only recently has come to prominent exposure and is highly acclaimed by investors looking to enjoy low returns on a consistent basis. Of course, like with any other HYIP even for such a long-term program there are considerable risks involved, which can be mitigated to some extent by the fact the admin is committed to running it for such a long time and has certainly been on the market not for a quick buck. The whole concept looks like work well for both RoboticsOnline and its investors whose numbers have clearly increased as of late.

And that happened due to constant improvements the admin has put in the program lately to make it more appealing to current and potential investors. Among the relatively recent developments we can name the weekly lottery where each $25 investment gets you a lottery ticket whose results might bring you a million dollar cash prize if you guess all the numbers right. Well, it will certainly not going to happen for RoboticsOnline investors, but the whole thing about the lottery and the chance of winning prizes on a weekly basis is quite fresh and might appeal to investors who would stay with the program for longer as a direct result of that.

Another thing worth mentioning is that by ticking the box and allowing an automatic reinvestment at the end of each investment term (the so-called “autopilot” option) your investment will get some extra bonuses which will help you build higher returns from RoboticsOnline overall. We can compare that feature with loyalty programs some online and offline retailers offer to encourage customers to shop with them more often. And investor loyalty among HYIP investors is worth much more than in the real business world, I can tell you.

The admin of RoboticsOnline also keeps some busy social network profiles, and all the latest updates from its official Telegram channel posted over the last eight days can be found below. Perhaps, that will tell you something else about this amazing program and encourage you to try it out as a part of a well-balanced HYIP investment portfolio:

Jackpot 1 million dollars
The RoboticsOnline team provides you with a unique opportunity to increase your deposit and get a prize. You can win up to $1 million every week by investing and saving your money.
That’s right, just invest through our platform, and, in addition to profit, you will have a chance to win up to $1 million every week by participating in the lottery from RoboticsOnline.
To take part in the lottery you need to make a deposit and invest. After that, your active investments will be calculated and for every $25 active investment, you get 1 lottery ticket per week.
You need to choose your lucky numbers and create as many lucky tickets as you like. The contests are held weekly, with one number drawn every day.
The more numbers you guess, the more money you win. Match all 7 numbers and you will win the $1 million jackpot.
Try it and, maybe, the jackpot will be yours

Profit for the last 12-day investment period
The main feature of RoboticsOnline is that you no longer have to wait for years to make a profit. The investment period is only 12 working days.
Conventional investments are often calculated over long periods, sometimes even years. Therefore, they may not be entirely attractive to private investors.
Our strategy is simple – we focus on diversifying our investment portfolio in various areas of a future-oriented economy. We work with the most promising areas of the current time: cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
All investment plans presented on our platform have a term of only 12 working days.
After you make your first investment, the income will be displayed on your page so you can keep a close eye on your progress.
After the 12-day period, all refunds are credited to you and you are free to dispose of your loan.
Try investing with RoboticsOnline and you will appreciate all our advantages.
Our website

RoboticsOnline commissions
We developed RoboticsOnline with one goal in mind – creating good conditions for investments. Our team has created a unique investment platform and developed a reward system for our users.
Any user of RoboticsOnline has the opportunity to invite friends and other investors to join the platform and receive commissions of up to 8% on investments.
Using our three-tier affiliate program, you can receive commissions from the partners of your referred investors, as well as from their partners.
Thanks to the affiliate program, you will make a profit simply by the fact that the users you invite will make deposits. The maximum commission is 8%.
You can also select whether people who register using your link will receive a bonus on their deposits.
With RoboticsOnline you will multiply your savings and come closer to your dreams.
Join the program

Investment for 12 days
Have you been wanting to start investing for a long time? Try RoboticsOnline, because it is a truly great solution for those who want to get the most out of their investment. With the help of our platform, you can get the maximum profit in the shortest possible time.
The uniqueness of our platform is that the term of all investments is only 12 working days. Usually, investments are calculated for long periods, sometimes even for years, and therefore cannot bring profit in a short time.
However, according to our statistics, the profit for the last 12-day investment period was 4.43%.
As soon as your 12-day period expires, all refunds are credited to you and you can freely dispose of your assets. It’s easy to start earning – register and make a deposit. We’ll do the rest.
Investing should be transparent and accessible to everyone. Become a part of RoboticsOnline and make your investment dreams come true.
Join us on our website


Unfortunately, I’ll have to end today’s post on a sour note. Yesterday the admin of CoinConnect contacted me and admitted he had to close his website for good. He said that despite his best efforts and good intentions CoinConnect couldn’t go on as it was and he had to close the site down. And indeed, after checking it out I have discovered the site had gone offline meaning no new deposits or withdrawals were possible to make. That was actually a refreshingly new approach I fully expected from an honest admin – the site was unavailable instead of continuing to accept new deposits from unsuspecting members of CoinConnect – something that 99% of other admins would do without batting an eyelid.

So it was all clear that the game was over and I have moved CoinConnect to Scam status on the MNO monitor pretty much right after I heard from the admin. An official announcement about the closure was never posted anywhere, but at least I was notified about it personally, and I truly appreciate how the admin handled the whole situation. Of course, even though many of the first investors of CoinConnect have managed to reap rewards on its 0.15% hourly forever plan, largely because it was possible to withdraw your principal at any time for a 5% fee. Many of you have taken full advantage of that flexibility and withdraw your principal fully or partially, but even without touching the main deposit you could still get up 75% profits from CoinConnect. Some have made more and some less, and everyone in profit will have appreciated the relatively long for such type of programs lifecycle of exactly seven weeks online. Surely there will be some investors who came in too late or invested more than they could afford to lose, but that was a minority, as most readers here know perfectly well how to play this game and were cautious enough even knowing the level of professionalism this admin can boast of.

Having said all that, of course many investors (including myself) expected a longer running time for CoinConnect. Yet despite the possibly unrealistic expectations and taken into the account the highly profitable plan with a chance to develop your own investment strategy the nearly 50 days online was a great achievement. Of course, CoinConnect will go down in memory as one of the best programs of this autumn, considering the choice is limited anyway. And I do hope we will see more similarly amazing programs from the admin who will take a break from the HYIP industry now and will come back with something new and original at a later date. Stay tuned and check out MNO often to find out more promising new leaders of the HYIP industry you won’t want to miss!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 192 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: –
From MNO Standard list: RoboticsOnline.
From MNO Basic list: BNBYields, MyOakFinance (the first instant payments received).

That’s about all I have for you on the MNO blog today, guys. I have decided to give you some extra time to vote in the TalkBack poll and draw the results next week, so keep voting in that here if you haven’t done so yet. I hope you will have a successful business week ahead and will talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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