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18/04/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone, and welcome once more to the MNO blog – the most experienced online source of information on the HYIP industry and everything related to it which has been online for nearly fifteen years, since 2007. If you’re just a newbie in the business and would like to find out more on what the admins usually try to hide from you why not check out the articles from the MNO highly acclaimed series of articles entitled HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets here? If you like this content written in an unbiased style then remember to join the over 2,500 subscribers who already get my weekly updates sent directly to their mailboxes (you can submit your own email address if you haven’t done so on this page). For those who wish to stay updated with the latest events as they happen and be the first to know about any new programs listed on the MNO monitor you can follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. And of course I will be pleased to hear all your thoughts and questions you may submit via this contact form, forward them directly at or ask me on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always available to chat and discuss anything important to you or the HYIP industry so don’t hesitate to ask me or your fellow investors on the MNO ShoutBox as well.

As the HYIP industry hit a 5-year low it would be wiser to pay closer attention to cryptocurrencies and the related news. It’s been the trendiest subject that has fully shifted the attention from the HYIPs and MNO has also getting on board too. Since the start of 2022 I have been posting a Weekly CryptoNews Digest. I’ve been doing this every Monday to cover the major and most significant for me personally news stories from the word of cryptocurrencies. In today’s issue you will find out what has happened over the last week – April, 11 to April, 17. Let’s get started!

The first big crypto related news story that caught my eye over the last week is that Germany is now considered to be the most “crypto friendly” nation in the world. That’s according to CoinCub, an online analysis and exchange aggregator who say the Germans have now surpassed Singapore in this field. This came as a surprise to me as I’m sure it did to many foreigners who have lived in Germany as I once did. I say foreigners as it’s perhaps more noticeable to us that to the local Germans themselves just how much more persistent the need and use of cash is day-to-day business than in almost any other western European country which are all becoming more and more cash free.

Anyway, some of the criteria used to determine this ranking included the number of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in each country, fraud case prevalence and the availability of crypto courses by leading institutions. Other interesting statistics being cited claimed that 16% of the German population between ages 18 and 60 own crypto or have traded it in the past six months. Forty-one percent of those investors intend to increase their allocations to the space in the coming six months. German magazine Capital first reported in December that the country’s savings banks, which hold more than 1 trillion euros, were looking to offer a wallet to trade cryptocurrency. To be honest it has been a few years since I lived there, but not exactly a lifetime ago by any means. Cryptocurrency was very much a fringe activity back then, so if all of this is true then it’s surprising just how fast things can change. Meanwhile, just in case you are interested, Singapore, which previously ranked number one, dropped to second due to government decisions to restrict crypto services advertising and a clampdown on bitcoin ATMs. China is bottom of the list following its widespread ban on trading and mining crypto.

In other news, as Russia slides further and further into the complete lunacy of the Ukrainian war it might be easy to forget that there’s still more than one pariah state in the world. It’s been alleged by the FBI in the United States that North Korea may well be behind one of the biggest hacking attacks to ever hit the crypto world. As you may remember last month, a cryptocurrency heist of around $615 million dollars was taken collectively from the users of the popular inline game Axie Infinity. Members there can earn crypto through game play or trading. US officials say they linked the breach to a group called “Lazarus“, believed to be controlled by North Korea’s primary intelligence bureau. You might remember this group gained notoriety in 2014 after they were accused of hacking into Sony Pictures and publicly leaking confidential data. The group demanded that Sony withdraw its then-upcoming film The Interview, a satirical comedy about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. To be fair, it isn’t difficult to understand why they may not have found the plot to be all that funny! If the allegations are true then this latest attack completely surpasses the $400 million dollars believed to have been stolen by North Korea through seven separate hacking incidents that took place during the entire duration of the year 2021.

Staying with stories from international news, cryptocurrency payments are frozen across India after CoinBase announced it would support Indian rupee deposits. Hours after CoinBase’s announcement of rupee support, the central bank backed entity that runs the payment system claimed it was “not aware” of any crypto exchange using its network. CoinBase along with several other companies that provide crypto related trading services in India have since halted rupee transfers. The abrupt reversal left CoinBase customers without any way of funding their accounts with rupees, dealing a blow to its expansion plans in India. CoinBase wasn’t the only one affected. Since its announcement, at least four other companies that provide crypto related trading services have either suspended rupee deposits or seen banks and payment gateways pull support for money transfers onto their platforms.

Something that I think we can all agree on, regardless of how you rate your level of supposed “expertise” in the field, is that the thing that might finally push cryptocurrency over the line into mainstream commerce is its acceptance by global retail giants such as Amazon and eBay. Unfortunately that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, or at least with Amazon anyway. They might however begin to consider allowing their platform be used for the sale of so-called “NFTs” or Non-Fungible Tokens” which have been making the news recently. Well, since eBay have already beaten them to the finish line there it only makes sense for Amazon to start thinking about it. Selling NFTs without allowing cryptocurrency transactions brings to mind the old cliché “walking before you can crawl” in my own opinion, but who am I to argue? It was actually an interview I saw on the CNBC business news TV station where the Amazon CEO said the company had no plans whatsoever at this point to add cryptocurrency as a customer payment option, but that he then expected NFTs to grow and grow.

Personally I would say the opposite, NFTs are shrinking as people realize in times of crisis “virtual anything” won’t put food on your table or pay your energy bills. It’s all well and good in times of plenty, but in times of war, inflation, massive increases in energy and fuel costs, etc, there’s very little practical use you can make out of what basically comes down to a screenshot of something on your smart phone. I know I’ve said the same thing many times before about cryptocurrencies, that they were essentially a form of gambling and speculation without gaining a physical asset, but cryptocurrencies are slowing getting more and more accepted as a legit payment method whereas buying NFTs begins to sound like buying “the weather” or “the time of day”.

Lastly for this week, the colorfully named “Crypto Fear and Greed Index” of investor sentiment, has slipped into the “extreme fear” range this week. A massive presumption as to what people’s motives are when it comes to rising and falling crypto exchange rates, I imagine fear is about falling prices while greed is about rampant increases. Just three weeks ago the index was indicating “greed” but since then Bitcoin has lost more than $7,500 in value and has struggled to hold the $40,000 mark. Personally I can’t take this so-called “index” seriously, or at least not with a name like that. Call it an inflation index maybe, it charts the rise and fall of crypto exchange rates, but remember all it takes is the barest whim of one single player such as Elon Musk to say on Twitter something like “I changed my mind about what I just said yesterday” to add or subtract billions of dollars to the value of anything. With so many conflicting opinions it’s a simple process of elimination that one of them has to be right eventually, it just sounds like more of a lottery than a science. For example, just last week on the MNO CryptoNews digest it was mentioned that Cathie Wood, the CEO and founder of ARK Invest told a packed audience at the Bitcoin 2022 Miami conference that she sees the world’s most popular cryptocurrency topping $1 million sometime between 2026 and 2030 as institutional investors rush into the crypto market. Whereas at the other extreme the co-founder of crypto trading platform BitMEX Arthur Hayes argued more trouble could be ahead, saying BitCoin may drop 25% to just $30,000 per coin by June, and Ether is likely to follow suit, falling over 16% to $2,500. His forecast comes as cryptocurrencies are increasingly linked to the movements of tech stocks, which have taken a hit as a result of the US government plan to aggressively raise interest rates this year to combat inflation. Anything that hits tech stocks will in turn hit crypto being the argument. They well, all I know is they can’t both be right, I just wonder if rather than trying to genuinely predict anything the big financial hitters are just blowing smoke in order to advance their own personal agendas and manipulate others into doing what suits them best and not you.

That’s all for this latest Weekly CryptoNews Digest. Check back next week to find more information about that on the MNO blog. Meanwhile, keep reading if you wish to know what happened with the widely recognized leader of the HYIP industry at the moment – RoboticsOnline.



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RoboticsOnline has posted the profit report recently, along with some events that happened in the crypto world over the last seven days. For more information on all of that please check out below, as I’m reposting it for your convenience:

Profit of the last 12 business days: 4.6%
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Uber ready to integrate cryptocurrency payments
Uber has a plan to integrate cryptocurrency a payment method in the services of the company. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says it is inevitable for the company to integrate crypto payments, as it is a future for all tech companies.
The only problem is a high fee for transactions. Once tech giants will find a way to reduce the high value of each operation, clients will be able to use digital coins to pay for Uber.
When Uber will accept cryptocurrencies as a payment mode, it will stand in line with such technological giants, such as Microsoft, Tesla, AT&T.

The war in Ukraine hit the crypto market and the ruble.
The crypto market has changed dramatically over the last couple of weeks due to the war in Ukraine. Due to the number of sanctions, people in Russia have felt a hit to the crypto market and the ruble.
Many investors have started to buy different cryptocurrencies in order to keep their savings in the safe place. Nobody knows what is going to happen next.
Binance announced a block of Russia users who are targeted by sanctions. The CEO of the company will not allow the use of cryptocurrencies to escape EU limitations.

Social robot
Social robots have become common for modern entrepreneurs. They make relationships between humans and robots common, at least sort of.
The life is much easier, when clients are able to ask a question to a chatbot and receive a fast answer to most frequent questions. Robots are available 24/7, while humans need to rest.
Who knows what the future hold for the artificial intelligence? Will social robots rise up against humans? Definitely not, they are friendly and handy for regular clients.

Trezor leaked user data
Trezor officials have reported a major database leak. The reason for that is the MailChimp service. It was a classic phishing attack. The most secure crypto wallet is not that secured after all?
Phishing domain is offline and Trezor company has taken into account this situation. Trezor is not sending marketing emails to clients anymore, until the situation will be resolved completely.
Is it a begging of the end for the Trezor as a leading crypto hardware company? Definitely not, it is just a friendly reminder for users to stay cautious.

Looks like real humans no longer needed! GreyOrangeRobotics presented a unique warehouse system that will help with the automation process.
The good thing about GreyOrangeRobotics – it makes software and hardware to work simultaneously. Thanks to the solution of this company, it becomes much easier to organize the work of a warehouse, even without real people in the team.
The best thing about GreyOrangeRobotics – operators are able to track the work of the system straight from the smartphone or PC.

Binance Becomes an Official Partner of the 64th Grammy Awards
Historical event for the crypto community – Binance has become an official partner of the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony. It is a major acknowledgement of a popular cryptocurrency brand!
People behind the Grammy Awards ceremony are doing everything they can to make sure the music industry will be ready for the world of the future. NFT can change how copyright works.
Binance will benefit from this deal, as it launches Binance Academy. It will work as a learn and earn platform.

That’s just about all the news I have for you today, guys. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the warm spring days, just as I am. Thanks for staying with my blog and hope to see you again in a few days here on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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