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09/05/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest and News From the HYIP Industry


Hello all! MNO is back with the latest news from the HYIP industry and its brightest examples. Very few good ones out there but hopefully the situation will improve in the autumn. Meanwhile we saw another wave of scams last week followed by the significant price fall for BTC and other major cryptocurrencies which have perhaps resulted in some admins deciding it’s better to pull the plug now. That’s why, guys, you should be extremely careful now and avoid investing in older programs until the situation stabilizes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and meanwhile you can educate yourself on all the pitfalls newbies often fall into by checking out a few articles from the acclaimed MNO series entitled HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets. You can find the articles on this page and if you like what you see then please join the 2,500+ subscribers to the MNO blog articles. For that simply submit and confirm your email address on this page.

For more timely notifications on the new programs added to the MNO monitor you’re always welcome to follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook. You may also contact me anytime with any questions, suggestions or advertising requests using one of the three communication channels most convenient to you – email me directly at, send your message using this contact form or simply chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog I’m always pleased to take your feedback on anything that concerns you and if you have anything to share with your fellow investors please do so on the MNO ShoutBox.

You may know that the HYIP industry lately has been clearly outshone by the cryptocurrency market which many of us started using as a safer alternative source of keeping and growing funds. Of course, you should only buy cryptocurrencies to profit in a much longer term than what HYIPs offer, otherwise there is a chance you might lose money due to the very high volatility of exchange rates. Therefore, the best investment strategy when it comes to cryptocurrencies is to keep it long term, and never sell cheaper than what you bought it at, regardless of what the experts say.

On the latest news from cryptocurrencies you might remember that recently I started a regular series of articles published on my blog every Monday called Weekly CryptoNews Digest. And as comes from its name I’m trying to highlight the most important and significant events that have happened over the past week that I found most interesting. Today we will have a closer look at the cryptonews that happened last week, May 2 to May 8, 2022.

For various reasons that are beyond the control of individual governments, the stories grabbing the headlines in domestic news in most countries across the world these days concern inflation and the rising cost of living. Unlike previous economic crises where central banks and government policy could, with good economic planning, work their own way out of the problem, this time the issues are different. With a massive percentage of the world’s grain, gas, and oil supplies coming from two neighboring countries embroiled in conflict, i.e. Russia’s war of attrition against Ukraine, there isn’t much that import dependent nations can do about the consequences.

Nevertheless we are seeing a global rise in interest rates as central banks try to take more cash out of the economy and therefore limit inflation. Nowhere does this have a wider global impact than the actions of the US Federal Reserve and of course the world’s biggest economy. Rising interest rates in the US have resulted in many crypto investors, and really by “investors” I mean just regular people trying to protect their savings against inflation by holing it in crypto instead of dollars, cashing-in and liquefying their assets. The skyrocketing cost of rents/mortgages, energy, fuel, and very shortly no doubt food as well means that the “rainy day” people were planning for has now arrived. Basic financial necessity means that small and medium cryptocurrency holders are selling off their assets for much needed cash in order to survive the global cost of living increase.

Which is fine, as obviously that’s the core reason a lot of people started getting into cryptocurrency in the first place. But as the market gets flooded, the value of crypto goes down and is now at a three month low. Some might argue that’s only fair as it was vastly inflated to begin with, though that’s a whole other story. Just last week the largest cryptocurrency by market value (by some considerable distance that’s BitCoin of course) saw just over 9% knocked off its value in a single 24 hour period. The second most important currency which is Ethereum fared little better, losing almost 8.5% in the same 24 hours, with the crypto market as a whole down 8%.

Things will balance themselves out in time as they always do, and who knows, maybe the old saying of to “always buy during a crisis” may result in a new generation of crypto millionaires getting rich from buying low to sell high. Meanwhile just to prove my point, in the offline world the stock market also saw a nosedive with the Dow Jones Industrial average seeing its own worst day in two years, though that’s not really what I’m here to cover.

Moving on now, it occurs to me that over the last couple of months since I’ve started doing these weekly crypto news digests that the name Elon Musk seems to pop up almost as often as that of Ethereum. Love him or loath him, his successful move to spend $44 billion dollars worth of largely other people’s money on acquiring social media platform Twitter for himself means he’s staying in the news for the time being. Initially of course a lot of people just made the assumption that, given the size of his personal fortune, he would just spend his own money on this new expensive toy. Not so, as it seems one of the major cryptocurrency exchange firms are financing him to the tune of $500 million. Binance committed that amount while venture capital firm Sequoia Capital offered a further $800 million to help finance Musk’s total $44 billion takeover of Twitter. In fact around $7.1 billion has been committed by nineteen different parties with Fidelity putting aside $316 million for the takeover. This resulted, in Binance’s case anyway, of their own share value going from $399 to $414 in light of the news. The Binance founder referred to the commitment as “a small contribution to the cause” after previously stating that Musk should “privatize it, issue a token, decentralize it,” adding that a priority should be to reduce spam and scams on the platform.

At the other end of the scale, one of the world’s oldest billionaires is known to be less enthusiastic about BitCoin. Warren Buffet has bizarrely stated that he wouldn’t buy the entire worldwide reserve of BTC for $25 were it to be offered to him. Perhaps his 91 years on this Earth are finally starting to catch up with him! Of course I do agree he raises a very valid point when asking “what would I do with it? I’ll have to sell it back to you one way or another. It isn’t going to do anything” while going on to explain that BTC by itself doesn’t produce anything and is entirely dependent upon the owner finding another person to pay more than what he bought it for without any income being generated in the meantime (such as property yielding rent or farmland producing food for example).

That much is certainly true but only I think if looking at a longer term picture. You may say the same thing about the ownership of gold for example. In the short term there are a million things that by themselves don’t generate an income but might (and I do stress the word might) be hugely profitable. Sports and arbitrage betting comes to mind for example. Not something to plan your retirement on obviously, I’m just talking in terms of short term day-to-day income here. Then again, Buffet is the billionaire not me.

I’m sure all the gaming and tech nerds among you will know the name Nvidia, the computer software company which is a leading producer of GPUs (graphics processing units). Unfortunately they are the latest industry giants to fall foul of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when it emerged they had acted in a deliberately misleading manner regarding the use of cryptocurrency in their business dealings. Nvidia will pay a $5.5 million penalty for failing to disclose that cryptomining was a significant source of revenue growth from the sale of graphics processing units that were produced and marketed for gaming. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and the SEC take a dim view of companies taking either a secretive or just plain cavalier approach to their use when it comes to how you deal with your shareholders money. The penalty itself is a drop in the ocean to a company like Nvidia in financial terms, I just suspect it’s intended to be taken a lot more seriously as an initial warning against future conduct.

That’s all I have to report for today’s Weekly CryptoNews Digest on MNO. Tune in next Monday to find out what happens over the course of this coming week. Now let’s see what’s going on in the HYIP industry.



The admin of RoboticsOnline has recently notified me that the withdrawal minimum via BTC has been increased from the usual $50 to $200. That was done allegedly to discourage some scammers from one of the most infamous African hubs from creating multiple accounts in order to take advantage of the $300 free deposit offer. According to the admin, lately it was obvious that the offer that allows new investors to try RoboticsOnline for two investment cycles while taking the chance to earn and keep profit from it has been clearly misused. Apparently, some unscrupulous investors tried to keep profits for multiple accounts with BTC while just investing a small portion of their own money and then immediately withdrawing the gained profits from the free deposits. That only required them to invest about $20 worth of BTC funds as the remaining $30 would be provided to them by the system which they clearly used to their benefit, as the minimum BTC withdrawal was set to $50. Now that the admin has commenced a crackdown on such accounts demanding to verify them by submitting owner IDs (something I have always clearly stated against doing if you take part in HYIPs) the withdrawal minimum to BTC has been set to $200. That’s a bit unfair towards regular investors – those who had smaller investments made via BTC – but the admin would allow them to switch to LiteCoin or Ethereum – two other payment options available for investors of RoboticsOnline. That’s what I got from my brief conversation with the admin from which I could also take that the $25 minimum for withdrawals to LTC and ETH remain intact, as the $300 bonus was only available via BTC for new accounts open in the program – something that was clearly taken advantage of by multiple scammers.

If you read my full review of RoboticsOnline posted here, you should know that the program has been online and paying for about three years now which is obviously an amazing achievement by itself. Although paying a very small profit after the fixed 12-business day term that usually hovers at about 5% on expiry (the minimum investment accepted by the program is $50 worth of BTC, ETH or LTC) RoboticsOnline has clearly established itself as one of the leaders of the HYIP industry. Just for how long it will keep going is a totally different matter, but so far the admin hasn’t given me any reason to believe he hasn’t been working based on his best intentions.

Actually the temporary increase of BTC withdrawal limits has been announced in one of the latest updates posted on the official Telegram channel of RoboticsOnline I suggest everyone to follow. Apart from that, the messages from the last seven days also included the 4.45% profit rate paid to investors over the last 12 business day cycle and some other important news from the world of robotics and cryptocurrencies – something RoboticsOnline claims to be proudly involved in to make profits for investors. For your convenience I have re-posted the latest updates from RoboticsOnline below:

If you have not already noticed, we changed our minimum withdrawal limits.
The new limits are: BTC $200, LTC $25, ETH $25
We are aware that the BTC withdrawal limit of $200 is higher than average, therefore we may lower this limit in a few months.
In addition, we restricted the free $300 offer for specific regions. Once you register an account, you will either see that you received the $300 investment or not.

Profit of the last 12 business days: 4.45%
Have some spare money and want to find a good way to invest them? RoboticsOnline is the best choice for you.
Our professionals have analyzed the official statistics of the profit for the last 12 days of the investment period and it was more than 5%.
Start earning money now at

Why robotics?
Every aspect of manufacturing industries should be reworked from the core. In the last couple of years, robotics have shifted from being exclusive to big companies, to becoming more common for smaller startups.
At current state, Europe has the strongest position in robotics with a 32% of the current world markets. 63% of the non-military robots are produced by European manufacturers.
Robotics markets are evolving very fast. It creates opportunities for people who want to not only make their own companies much more efficient, but also to build new ones that are centered over robotics hardware and software.

Billionaire David Rubenstein questioned the disappearance of cryptocurrencies
What if cryptocurrency disappears one day? This is the question David Rubenstein asked himself and people from around the world. But the billionaire is confident about digital coins and thinks there are no reasons to worry about cryptocurrencies in the near future.
David Rubenstein have not invested in cryptocurrencies directly, but he did invested in companies that operate digital coins.
It is shocking to hear something like this, considering how sceptical he was about BTC or ETH in the past. According to the billionaire, in times of crisis, it is good to have at least some amount of cryptocurrency, instead of holding assets in fiat.

Service with routes for travellers AllTrails
Community based applications are the most efficient ones. To find information on hiking trails and track outdoor activities – AllTrails is the best software.
Being alone in the wilderness is not an easy task. AllTrails gives enough data with routes for travelers.
Despite many similar apps, AllTrails has a number of advantages. Staying safe while being in the wild – is the main reason to use this service.

DeFi protocol Beanstalk Farms lost $182M in a hack
One of the biggest outflows of money in the crypto industry happened this month. The DeFi protocol Beanstalk lost $182 million as a result of an exploit in the system.
The main reason on why the hack happened was due to the fact protocol was seeded by suspicious governance proposals BIP-18 and BIP-19. Smart contract auditor BlockSec is confident to say it happened when the protocol was used for donations to Ukraine.
What about future operations with Beanstalk? The loan will be executed and repaid. The security exploit will be resolved.

What are stablecoins, what types are there and why are they needed
Many crypto enthusiasts have heard about the volatility of digital coins. Stablecoins on the other hand are here to help prevent the fast change in the price of any digital asset.
Question that many people have over stablecoins is if these assets are backed up by something or they exist on their own? They are backed up by some kind of asset that holds the value, it all depends on the type of a stablecoin.
Stablecoins are classified by the type of asset that is used to back them up. It can be american dollar, gold or other cryptocurrencies with higher prices.


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From MNO Basic list: Revelates (the first instant payment received).

That seems to be just about everything worth reporting on for today, guys. Thanks for reading and thanks for following MNO to find out about the next big investment opportunities. See you again in a few days time on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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