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30/05/2022. Weekly CryptoNews Digest


Hello everyone! It’s Monday again which means it’s time for another article on the MNO blog which has been informing you of the biggest HYIPs in the industry since 2007. As summer is just around the corner the traditional slowdown aggravated by the recent crypto market valuation fall will lead to less programs dominating the market and possibly HYIPs of lower quality than usual. I will make sure though that you will be able to find any programs that might require your attention on the MNO monitor, so keep following me on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter to be among the first to know about the new promising HYIPs.

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As the subject of cryptocurrencies has been playing a much more significant role than before with many HYIPs only accepting them from members it’s important to stay on top of things and the latest recent trends when it comes to crypto markets. After all, it’s been widely discussed as the future of international transactions and best tool for long-term investments, leaving HYIPs behind in most cases. Perhaps that’s why the investors’ interest in high-yield and high-risk investments is at the lowest point in the last few years now.

So, every Monday MNO takes a closer look at the news and events from the world of cryptocurrencies that I myself find interesting or deserving of your attention. The article is called the Weekly CryptoNews Digest and it puts you right in the heart of the most talked about events surrounding BitCoin and other major crypto. Today I would like to show you what I found interesting going on over the last week, May, 23 to May, 29 2022.

It’s hard to know what to believe about what you hear in the cryptocurrency world these days, with so many experts and “experts” giving you conflicting opinions. It’s quite plain to see that the price of almost everything has come crashing down to Earth recently after some stellar highs, spectacularly so in the case of the TerraUSD and Luna collapse which saw a near complete erasure of its value. But then on the other hand one of the world’s biggest investment banks, JP Morgan, have made a statement expressing their collective view is that there is a “positive upside” to BitCoin. In fact due to almost chilling rises in the cost of mortgages going on in most developed nations now JP Morgan went so far as to say they view BitCoin as a preferred alternative asset to real estate.

The JPMorgan note followed a massive sell-off in the crypto market amid the aforementioned implosion of cryptocurrency Terra (LUNA) and algorithmic StableCoin TerraUSD (UST). The strategists noted that while the dramatic collapse of the two cryptocurrencies has weakened the sentiment of many crypto investors, there was little sign so far that venture capital funding into the crypto sector is slowing down. While the investment bank’s price target for bitcoin is $38,000 or about 30% where it is at the time of writing, its strategists have said that their long-term theoretical target price for the cryptocurrency is $150,000. I guess you don’t need to be an investment banker to understand that every mammoth fall in prices such as we’ve already seen is always followed with the ever optimistic “plenty of room for recovery” mantra.

Holding a diametrically opposing point of view is the European Central Bank, or ECB. But then again, this is exactly what I’d expect to hear from them. After all, who better to look after the vested interests of a bunch of fat cat bankers than, well, a bunch of fat cat bankers! They say that the crypto industry’s deepening ties to banks and asset managers will pose a risk to financial stability, however I myself would say that should be the other way around, i.e. the banks who depend on crypto is where the problem lies because crypto should certainly be dependent on the banking system. In fact if anything crypto should, if used properly, be a way for independently minded entrepreneurs to avoid that entire world. Anyway, the ECB has said they found evidence that such activities were becoming more risky, complex and interconnected with traditional institutions. The first such warning from the ECB, published as part of its twice-yearly financial stability review, followed similar messages from US and UK authorities, which have been unnerved by a series of recent failures in the crypto market. It rings a bit of the old cliché expression about locking the stable door after the horse has already run away, though I always thought it was a stunningly bad idea for institutions that manage things like pension funds to start getting mixed up in crypto trading.

Meanwhile on the subject of stablecoins, i.e. cryptocurrencies with fixed values pegged to government issued fiat currencies and therefore not subject to the extremities seen by the likes of let’s say BitCoin, stablecoin issuer Tether Operations Limited has announced the company has launched a new fiat-pegged token tied to the value of the Mexican peso. According to the team the newly launched MXNT tokens will be initially hosted on Ethereum, Polygon, and Tron, and joins such other tokens as those pegged to the dollar, the euro, an offshore token pegged to the Chinese yuan, and one pegged to the price of an ounce of gold. The reason for this new Mexican peso based token are a combination of the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies across the wider Latin American area plus a multi billion dollar remittance industry where Mexican employees earning higher salaries in wealthier countries are financing their families still at home. Tether said it believes a digital peso will be quite beneficial to all those involved on both sides, citing how the flow of remittances into Mexico and the difficulties involved with money transfers have created a unique opportunity for stablecoin usage and adoption. Tether pointed out how the creation of MXNT puts Mexican Peso on the BlockChains and provides a faster, less costly option for asset transfers.

Tether USDT of course is the largest stablecoin in existence today, as it currently has a market valuation of over $73 billion. The token’s market capitalization represents 5.77% of the $1.27 trillion crypto economy. Out of the $86.43 billion in digital currency trade volume on Thursday, tether’s volume is around $45.42 billion, or 52.55% of today’s global trade volume. In terms of Bitcoin (BTC) trading pairs, USDT is the top pair with bitcoin, capturing 55% of today’s BTC trade volumes. Tether says the launch of MXNT will be a “testing ground” for encouraging new users in the Latin American market to start getting more involved.

After the disaster of the TerraUSD and Luna collapse, the Terra BlockChain team has announced plans to launch a new genesis version – this time without an algorithmic stablecoin. The governance proposal called “Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2” has been passed and a new code base released to prepare for the new network. I don’t think it’s going to be quite so easy for them just to pick up where they left off, given how toxic the brand name must surely be in the eyes of those who lost money there, which is basically everyone who was holding it.

It rarely happens in the world of cryptocurrencies that a week passes by without the name Elon Musk appearing for one reason or another. And what do you know, this week isn’t and different. More to the point though, it’s really one of his primary business concerns that’s making the headlines. SpaceX launched the world’s first crypto satellite. The Crypto1 is a crypto satellite module hitching a ride aboard a Falcon 9 rocket for SpaceX’s Transporter 5 mission. The coffee mug-sized module was created using over-the-counter parts and in space, it will provide a physically unreachable and tamper-proof platform from which BlockChain and ledger applications can be launched.

Finally for this week’s news digest, on a less serious note did anyone such a thing as an international “BitCoin Pizza Day”? Me neither, though it’s an annual event that’s been going on for some twelve years now. Apparently it marks the day when the first ever transaction where a BitCoin miner successfully purchased two pizzas from a well known international franchise. The price paid was quite literally valueless right up until the very moment the offer was accepted, however much has been made of the fact that had the miner in question kept his money – it was 10,000 BTC at the time of the purchase – it eventually went to $675 million at BitCoin’s historical high point in November of last year. What I’m actually more curious about is what the recipient of that first ever 10,000 BTC did with it, whether he saw the future or thought the whole thing was a joke. Anyway, to celebrate this “event” the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange service provider, Binance, opened a temporary pop-up pizza shop in France and started handing them out to hungry customers. Even the Binance founder and CEO himself donned an apron and got to work manning the stoves and serving up food to the public where queues stretched out the door and around the corner. I’m sure Hallmark and co will eventually wake up and start selling greeting cards for the celebrations, I just can never remember if it’s Merry BitCoin Pizza Day or just Happy BitCoin Pizza day!

That’s all for today’s Weekly CryptoNews Digest. You can come back for more information on the subject next Monday. Thanks for staying tuned, guys!


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