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22/05/2023. Weekly CryptoNews Digest


Hello everyone! Welcome back to the MNO blog which strives to update you on what’s going on in the world of cryptocurrencies and HYIPs on a regular basis. I have been doing this for nearly seventeen years now and can assure you I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

The HYIP industry has not been in very good shape lately and we haven’t had many shining stars to speak of in recent times with the exception of ShuttleRent (you can click here to join it). The program has been a welcome distraction from the never ending saga of fast scams that inundated the HYIP industry over the last couple of years. On the contrary, ShuttleRent has been a great performer for the first three years as a quiet “sleeper” only relatively recently having transformed into its current perfect shape while redesigning its website and offering better investment rates.

Currently ShuttleRent offers a fixed interest rate which will give you 3% interest paid on every weekday (Monday to Friday) and 1.25% on Saturdays and Sundays. That will give you a 152% return after a period of 60 calendar days which is the duration of the investment term. The above-mentioned rates apply for investments below £500 (the price of the cheapest “car” you can “rent” is $50) but with higher investments will get you potentially up to 4.7% daily on weekdays and 1.8% on weekends, thus resulting in much bigger overall returns. Of course, the risks will be higher as well, but as they say, “fortune favours the brave”, so as long as you treat ShuttleRent just like a regular HYIP taking every possible precaution your chances to profit will be quite high.

You should know that different withdrawal minimums apply to different cryptocurrencies accepted by ShuttleRent (the current list includes BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BinanceCoin, Tether USDT, Tron, Solana, Cardano, DogeCoin and Ripple). However, on the bright side once you reach the withdrawable minimum and request your payment it should be processed instantly (in rare cases you might have to wait up to 72 hours in order to get paid manually). Overall, ShuttleRent has been paying instantly though, and many investors have been enjoying their earnings so far. I do hope it will continue for some time, and we will keep our fingers crossed for that!

Before getting to the main subject of today’s article – Weekly CryptoNews Digest – covering the last seven days, May, 15-21, 2023, let me remind you that you are more than welcome to contact me using this online form, email me directly at or just chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog

I’m aware that timely communication with readers and HYIP admins alike has greatly contributed to MNO’s success over years, so I do pay close attention to your welcome feedback and try my best to assist you with any issue you as my downline may face with any program listed on my monitor. So don’t be shy to stay in touch!

If you appreciate my work and would like to get the full blog articles sent directly to your email address why not join the list of subscribers by submitting your email address here? Alternatively, for more up-to-date notifications and new program announcements and status changes please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Now it’s time to get back to cryptocurrencies and see what defined the last week and what people might be talking about. As usual, we will start with the latest crypto market rates’ trends.


The cryptocurrency market has been volatile in the last seven days, with prices for many cryptocurrencies falling. BitCoin, the largest cryptocurrency, has fallen by over 10% in the last week, while Ethereum has fallen by over 15%. Other cryptocurrencies, such as Solana and Cardano, have also fallen significantly.

As you might be aware already, there have been a number of factors that have contributed to the decline in cryptocurrency prices, including the ongoing war in Ukraine, rising inflation, and concerns about the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies. The war in Ukraine has caused uncertainty in the global markets, which has led to investors selling off riskier assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Rising inflation has also made investors less willing to take on risk, as they are looking for assets that can protect their wealth from inflation. Finally, concerns about the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies have led some investors to sell off their holdings.


Tether (USDT) has announced that it will be buying BitCoin (BTC) with 15% of its net realized operating profits on a monthly basis. This announcement was made on May 17, 2023.

Tether is the largest stablecoin in the world, with a market capitalization of over $80 billion. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are designed to be pegged to a fiat currency, such as the US dollar. This means that they are supposed to be worth exactly one dollar.

I remind you that Tether has been criticized in the past for its lack of transparency. In 2017, it was revealed that Tether was not fully backed by US dollars. However, the company has since said that it has taken steps to improve its transparency.

The purchase of BitCoin by Tether is a significant development. It suggests that Tether is confident in the future of BitCoin and that it believes that BitCoin can help to stabilize the value of Tether.


Coinbase introduced a zero-fee trading plan called Coinbase One last week on May 18, 2023. Coinbase One is a subscription service that costs $29.99 per month and offers a variety of benefits, including: zero trading fees on all supported assets, higher staking rewards, 24/7 customer support and pre-filled tax forms.

Coinbase One is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. Coinbase said it plans to expand the availability of Coinbase One to other countries in the coming months.

The introduction of Coinbase One is a significant development in the cryptocurrency market. It is the first time that a major cryptocurrency exchange has offered a zero-fee trading plan. This move is likely to be met with competition from other cryptocurrency exchanges, which may be forced to offer their own zero-fee trading plans in order to remain competitive.

Overall, the introduction of Coinbase One is a positive development for the cryptocurrency market. It is likely to make cryptocurrency trading more accessible and affordable for a wider range of users.


Ledger, a well-known hardware crypto wallet, recently came under fire for its new recovery feature because it allows them to store the seed phrases of its users with a third party. This is a controversial move because it undermines the purpose of a hardware wallet, which is to store your seed phrase offline and in a secure location.

We should remember that hardware wallets are designed to be a secure way to store your cryptocurrency. They do this by keeping your seed phrase offline, which is the only way to access your cryptocurrency. So, if someone were to get your seed phrase, they would be able to access your cryptocurrency.

Ledger’s new recovery feature undermines this security by allowing Ledger to store your seed phrase. This means that if Ledger were to be hacked, your seed phrase could be compromised. This would give hackers access to your cryptocurrency.

In addition, Ledger’s new recovery feature is not free. Users will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the feature. This has led to accusations that Ledger is trying to profit from its users’ security.

Ledger has defended its new recovery feature, arguing that it is a valuable service for users who have lost their seed phrase. However, many users remain skeptical of the feature and believe that it is a security risk.


Marathon Digital Holdings and Brink announced a collaboration on May 18, 2023, to raise up to $1 million to support BitCoin Core developers. Marathon will match all donations up to $500,000 through 2023.

BitCoin Core is the open-source software that powers the BitCoin network. It is developed and maintained by a team of volunteer developers. These developers are essential to the security and stability of the BitCoin network.

Marathon Digital Holdings is a publicly traded BitCoin mining company. The company operates one of the largest BitCoin mining operations in the world.

Brink is a nonprofit organization that supports open-source BitCoin development. The organization provides grants to BitCoin Core developers and other projects that help to improve the BitCoin network.

The collaboration between Marathon Digital Holdings and Brink is a significant step in supporting the development of BitCoin Core. The partnership will help to ensure that the BitCoin network remains secure and stable for years to come. It is also expected to help to attract and retain talented BitCoin Core developers, to fund the development of new features and improvements to the BitCoin network and to raise awareness of the importance of BitCoin Core development.

This collaboration is surely a win-win for both Marathon Digital Holdings and Brink and a positive step for the BitCoin ecosystem as a whole.


And I’d like to finish today’s Weekly CryptoNews Digest on a more entertaining note.

A wife in New York found out that her husband was hiding a BitCoin stash worth 12 BitCoin (over $300K at current market exchange rates) during their divorce proceedings. The wife, who has been identified simply as Sarita, said that she had suspected her husband was not being entirely honest about his assets, so she hired a forensic accountant to investigate. The accountant was able to track down the BitCoin stash, which was stored in an undisclosed crypto wallet.

The husband, who has not been named, has admitted to hiding the BitCoin stash. He said that he did it because he was afraid that his wife would take it away from him during the divorce. However, the judge in the case has ruled that the BitCoin stash is marital property and must be divided equally between the feuding couple.

This case is a reminder that cryptocurrency can be a valuable asset, and it is important to disclose all cryptocurrency holdings during divorce proceedings. If you are going through a divorce, it is important to speak with an attorney who is familiar with cryptocurrency law.

That’ it for this latest Weekly CryptoNews Digest highlighting the main news and events from the crypto markets and the surrounding areas. I will be back next Monday with anything I might find to be worthy your attention, so stay tuned for that, guys!


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And that’s also about all for today’s article on the MNO blog, guys. I will be back next week with more of the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and best HYIPs still running in the industry. Thanks a lot for reading and stay tuned for more on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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