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Hi guys! I hope you’re keeping well today and looking forward to the weekend. As for the HYIP industry, I don’t think we have much to celebrate as five (!) programs listing were moved to Problem status on MNO and are on their way to closure if they haven’t already done so.

First off, it’s GlobalBankInv which was predictable after the admin of WinnerEarn flooded users with a series of fake emails spreading all types of lies about the program and causing panic which is very detrimental for a program with short-term plans. The admin of GlobalBankInv denied all the allegations made by WinnerEarn but had to admit in a personal email to me that his program was over. This didn’t stop him from trying to scam his members anyway and altering all monitoring images on his rating page with the intention to mislead investors. So, both admins really behaved poorly in this situation and showed that neither of them care about the investors. Both the WinnerEarn and GlobalBankInv admins remain in profit and the only victims are the members who could have continued earning were it not for the fact that the owners of both programs have behaved like a pair of selfish idiots. Please note that GlobalBankInv is on Problem status on MNO and has stopped paying already. Further investments are not recommended despite the admin doing everything in his power to scam investors by sending emails like this:
GlobalBankInv – VIP PLAN
Russian and Indonesian languages will be added in Monday.
We added new plan 200% after 1 day. It’s more profitable than the other plans. This plan pays you 200% after 24 hours. For example if you invest 100$ we will pay you $200 after 24 hours.
Don’t miss your chance.
Top Investors. http://globalbank-inv.com/?a=top10
Out Top Payout globalbank-inv.com/?a=cust&page=payments

Unlike GlobalBankInv, AuruMoney finished in a very low key and I didn’t get any complaints from my readers yet, although I know that the withdrawals are not being paid since yesterday already. The silence from the admin speaks volumes as well as the fact that the rating page has been removed. Please do not invest in AuruMoney as it has collapsed after less than three weeks online, which was still enough for many investors to make a good profit from them.

The third program to stop paying today is BruyetteInvestment. I already warned readers about an unpaid LR withdrawal which I verified after a complaint from one MNO reader. After a brief email exchange with the admin I realized that he’s not going to pay the guy and was only trying to stall. Well, this will not happen with MNO as I’m pretty strict about payouts and in my opinion even if a program doesn’t pay to one member and I can verify the complaint, it cannot be considered safe and should be avoided at all costs. So, please do not invest in BruyetteInvestment which by the way already displays a fake image for the MNO monitoring banner. Please note that the real status of BruyetteInvestment on MNO is Problem as you can see for yourself on my monitoring page.

Another program widely expected to collapse was RegularBee. Apparently, the program failed to effectively deal with its AlertPay issues and many investors rightly suspected the program would not get back to normal. I was hoping that RegularBee might pull through because it was not a short-term program, but I suspect that at least half the investments were made via that processor which made it impossible to continue. Hopefully, it will be a good lesson for those admins trying to use AlertPay accounts verified under fake identities and make them more aware of AP’s attitude in such cases.

Finally, another huge disappointment for me was the collapse of FirstCoasts. The program stopped paying shortly after the removal of AlertPay last night without any warning and today I didn’t receive any payments at all. There were also complaints submitted by MNO readers about non-payments from FirstCoasts which prompted me to move the program to Problem status on MNO after 11 days online. I can only speculate that AlertPay again made it impossible to run the program anymore. But the collapse of FirstsCoasts also made me reconsider the listing categories on MNO so I permanently removed Exclusive listing. It didn’t really work out how I’d hoped but to be honest it was only an experiment anyway. I will think about a replacement for Exclusive listing over the weekend, possibly introducing a Sticky feature which any Premium listed program can buy to stay on top of my HYIP list and show the investors that they are in good financial shape and can pay to stand out from the crowd. If/when I implement it you will see the rules on my Advertising page. Sorry, that the Exclusive listing didn’t work out the way it was intended, but my approach is to try everything until you actually find the right path and to never stop evolving.

I would like also to send a message to some admins who probably think I don’t always recognize their new programs. I remember my enemies pretty well and when they come to me to advertise their new scams they will be exposed if I find out about it. This happened with PreMoney who is/was run by the same racist thug from OscarFunds/Divatri. It happened again with a guy who tried to argue with my attitude towards selective payouts – the repeat admin of several scams including JPDaily and the even more spectacular failure InvestProker. Any MNO readers who listened to what I told them and stayed away from those programs saved money and now know whom they can trust – me, or some ponzi admin. Well, in my recent interview with BaseBucks (click here to read it) I exposed him as the same person who ran JPDaily/InvestProker with the clear evidence of his involvement in both courtesy of one of my vigilant readers. He later tried to hide this by editing his old Facebook profile (oops, talk about making it obvious!) and then made a complaint to Filesonic on the grounds of copyright infringement (lol!) because of the video record. But this didn’t stop me from exposing him as fortunately I kept my own recording of his involvement in JPDaily/InvestProker which I can upload again and again despite his attempts remove it from public view. Obviously it causes him great embarrassment now, but don’t worry “Jo/Rich”, you can just take it up with your lawyers when taking me to court like you promised (I’m still waiting, lol!). Please note that since the old file was deleted I uploaded the same .avi video file on DepositFiles and you can still download it here http://depositfiles.com/files/4mx75dyk6, but hurry up before he deletes it again. With this I don’t want to say that BaseBucks stopped paying, quite the opposite – the program is paying fine. The purpose is to show you the class of admin you’re dealing with, so you can make a more informed decision based on all the available information and not just what the admin wants you to know. Here is last night’s update from BaseBucks (reviewed here) containing a warning addressed to the members of the program:
BaseBucks – Warning Message!
Hello, I just noticed someone posting on our forum as username “admin”. And he appears to have sent PM’s to at least a few users promoting some Liberty Reserve phishing scam investment thing.
Please ignore this. It is not sent from me. (My forum username is carlosjo). And it’s guaranteed to be a scam.
I have deleted this user, and all his “content”, so hopefully that’ll remove any unread PM’s he might have sent also.
And BaseBucks’ next result will be tomorrow! 1% global result + 1% of fast track payments.
Jo. BaseBucks”.

The admin of SuperHotPay has impressed me with stable payments to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney for over a month now. It looks like the recent attempts of some scammer to impersonate them failed. Apparently, just to be on the safe side the administration of SuperHotPay sent another newsletter addressing this:
Dear investors.
Many users get e-mails purporting to be from our project, and not only our investors and users of other programs – We have received a lot of new deposits today. It’s great.
Please, do not believe any mails from our e-mail.
Thank you all for your attention.
SuperHotPay offers you multiple investment plans starting from $10 – 105%-130% after 1 day, 116.5%-245% after 3 days, 142%-645% after 7 days, 197.5%-1100% after 15 days, 317%-2650% after 31 days, 8920% after 60 days. The full review of the program can be read on MNO here.

BetForInvest (reviewed here) is also performing better than expected, paying for two full months already. They accept LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay which you can invest in one of their plans with principal back on expiry – 1.5%-1.8% for 20 business days, 1.6%-1.9% for 30 business days and 1.7%-1-9% for business 60 days. The minimum to invest in BetForInvest is $1 but the new 5% bonus which will apply to every new deposit made over the weekend to celebrate its first two months online will only be valid for those depositing at least $10. Here is their latest update:
2 months already / 5% Bonus to every new deposit
We are pleased to announce that to celebrate the 2nd month of BetForInvest, we offer for every investors a 5% Bonus (can be withdrawal directly).
This bonus is only valid for a minimum 10$ of deposit.
This offer is valid until the end of the week-end. (09 October 2011 – 23h59).
Reminder :
* Withdrawal Fee (1%).
Earnings only on Monday to Friday
Funds are usually available within 48 business hours.
Best Regards. BetForInvest Team”.

SoaretInvestment was reviewed on MNO last night (read it here) and the admin announced it in today’s newsletter. I remind you that SoaretInvestment accepts SolidTrustPay, AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $50 made into a 5% daily forever plan with optional principal withdrawal after a 15 week lock-in period. Here’s the update:
SoaretInvestment Weekend Update
Hello Everyone, Today marks the beginning of a weekend and we hope you are going to take out time for your family and friends and enjoy together, to those in India who just concluded their festival we hope you had nice time. We care beyond your investment with us, we want to build a good rapport with all our partners.
 For today update, I am pleased to inform you that the Admin of Money-News-Online one of our monitoring blog has reviewed SoaretInvestment and here is what he said: http://money-news-online.com/blog/2011/10/06/06102011-soaretinvestment-review-and-daily-news-from-the-industry/ read on people. Well we are the major team and we continue to stress that we are sticking to our plan, it’s going to be profitable to our members we can assure you that with at least 90% confidence.
For now, withdrawal request has been processed and we hope every one of you have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks, Josh”.

Apparently, the administration of SafeDepositary (reviewed here) announced their return from the imaginative International Trades Conference which took place in their fantasy world recently. Well, one thing is for sure – this “conference” inspired them to improve SafeDepositary because they announced work on an upcoming mobile version of the site and the creation of a a new department. Payments also resumed and my account was credited on both Thursday and Friday which I successfully withdrew. Obviously three days off gave them some much needed time to get some more deposits and process the pendings as usual. Such flexibility is probably one factor responsible for the successful work of SafeDepositary for a such a long time, paying for over a year to LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. In most cases the payouts from the 1.6%-2.3% for 150 business days plan are delivered instantly, but never takes more than 24 hours. The minimum deposit in SafeDepositary starts from $10 and the original principal is returned on expiry. SafeDepositary put a lot of investors in profit and is a very good example on how a long term program should be managed. Here is the latest update from the program:
The conference is over. Results.
Dear clients! The conference is over and we got back to work. The main target of visiting this conference was forming of new department for High-Frequency Trading (HFT). In current economical situation HFT is the leading way of making money on stock trading so SafeDepositary has to follow its leadership. We will keep making updates month by month starting from mobile version and iPhone/iPad App to manage accounts.

Do you want to find out how to make money as a super-affiliate and promote good HYI programs to your friends and neighbors and earn up to 10% in lucrative ref commissions? Then you might want to look at a video showing the benefits of promoting one of most popular long term programs online for almost 500 days now – ReProFinance (reviewed here). They offer two investment plans with principal returned on expiry – 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days and 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days – and also recently added a Bond scheme which you can buy and sell anytime you like and get 1% daily. I guess the admin of ReProFinance already showed some potential for the program’s promoters in the recent interview published on MNO here. For anyone looking for more information on this profitable business watch this video uploaded to YouTube. The importance of hard promotion is vital for the survival of every HYIP and especially older and more established programs like ReProFinance, so I’m glad that the administration turn their attention to that important issue:
Look at video of our representatives business
Every day thousands of investors worldwide are seeking for opportunities to invest money with a good profit. Each investor chooses his/her own way to wealth and prosperity by measuring risks and profit budgeting.
Hundreds of regional representatives and partners of ReProFinance company have already discovered a lucrative investment business on the Internet and now help us to make ReProFinance more popular to create a global investment project well- known not only on the Internet but worldwide as well.
The regional representatives who participate in the Regional Representatives Program also have an opportunity to earn good profit just like the investors. More details are available here:
In this video one can see that the affiliate program of ReProFinance allows its participants to earn 8% of all deposits made by the referrals and 2% of the deposits made by the sub-referrals. In other words, the program provides a great chance to earn money to those people who have previously invited new partners to the project.
ReProFinance company provides its representatives with all ad materials required to help new investors learn more and better about ReProFinance and attract interest to our company. Each representative is provided with banners, presentation video mentioned above, and branded PDF presentation which can be printed out or sent to friends and relatives.
Participation in the Regional representative program enables you not only to earn more with ReProFinance but to provide an opportunity to get an extra income to you relatives and friends.

We all know from the official stance taken by the admin of HitNRunMasters NB (interviewed here) that the worse things get in the HYIP industry the better his own program gets. Allegedly, HitNRunMasters have access to insider information providing them with a lot of money piggybacking on other programs while using an extensive network of monitors, exchangers, and so on. There’s hardly any need to repeat my own attitude at this stage which is that I trust only hard verifiable evidence. Anyway, that being said I can’t deny that HitNRunMasters is slowly turning into a successful long term program running for nearly 3 months already (though in the newsletter it’s erroneously stated as four months) and paying 1.5%-2.8% daily for 365 days with principal returned on expiry. Deposits start from $10 via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney (read more about the plan in my review here). In his latest newsletter the silver tongued HitNRunMasters admin was at his literary best once again saying that the only safe program to invest with now is his because he has some well kept secrets on how to always be in profit with HYIPs and obviously is responsible for the collapse of the recent short-lived scams (and I thought that AlertPay and the admin’s greed were to blame. Silly me, lol!). Anyway, there are a couple of other issues addressed in the newsletter so keep reading to find out more:
New Milestones
HitNRunMasters is reaching new milestones with new members joining daily in ever increasing numbers. This increase in member numbers can be partly attributed to our new design which has been very favorably received. However, we have now been around for nearly 4 months with no late payments which of course is a true indication of our merit as a solid investment choice. Of course this means our investment team has to work harder to place those funds for all of us.
Because of our due diligence and an intimate knowledge of the HYIP scene we have been able to tell the quick scams from the ones that are pre-funded with enough of the admin’s (or previous investors) money to allow us to profit and get out before they know what hits them. When we leave the admins have very little left and have usually folded quickly, hopefully never to return. So if you are or know a victim of scams over the past few months, the chances are you will be able to recover those losses through us.
As Christmas approaches there are more programs set to scam. In the HYIP world December is known as “Black December” for good reason. Many HYIPs have been set to close at or around Christmas time. This is a well known yearly trend. We use this to our advantage in selecting targets. September, October and November are the months that investors decide to take a chance and there is a noticable increase in investor participation.
One bit of advice we received from our support staff who have had a couple of queries about our affiliate program. We do have a problem with some email providers regarding our emails as spam. This is due to our use of an IP address assigned by Dragonara that has been used by a long list of scam admins before us, who have used it to spam non-members. We have tried to have this fixed but so far have come up blank. Our support recommends members look in their spam folder to find the welcome email. The problem is some email providers automatically delete email flagged as spam. Our support recommends opening a new account using a fresh Gmail address (good advice when joining any HYIP). The problem then arises for sponsors because their link has already been used for one signup. Sponsors need to take their affiliates through the signup process to ensure they receive their commissions. We cannot change sponsors for those already signed up because our database is fully encrypted and we do not have any way to change it.
Another question was asked about what happens when plans expires after 365 days. We have decided to allow investors to keep earning from their principal at the top rate of 2.8% for a further 180 days. Our accountants have costed it and it will be applied to those who want it.
Those who join with us can be confident that they are with the most solid HYIP opportunity available, with funds working to maximize profits for us all in the LONG term.
Join Us or Perish! HitNRunMasters”.

Here are the list of the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours and remain on Paying status with MNO:
PowerfulStrategy, PerfectLottery, BrandDaily, iForexGain, UnitrustDirect, NeoProgress, HyperCompound, SapaInv, BIA, HitNRunMasters, BaseBucks, AdvantagesCapital, GeniusIncome, PaidJack, MirexGroup, BrantonsGroup, FelminaAlliance, KistFunds, OnlineInvestmentBank, StableProfit, ViscoCorp, ReProFinance, SoaretInvestment, EurexTrade, SafeDepositary, BetForInvest, CosmosInvest, GlobalFxTrades, PokerProfits, SuperHotPay, LargeProfit, TopsFund and OneInv.

Please note that I might not update MNO blog tomorrow if there is no important events are going on, but I promise to do it at least on Sunday. I wish you the very best and the happy weekend ahead. See you on MNO blog soon, guys!

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