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Hello everybody! It’s time for another daily update but this time apart from just the news I also want to introduce two new programs to my listing. I’ll get to that in a few moments but first I want to discuss the latest updates from the the HYIP industry over the last 24 hours.

I’ll start with ReProFinance (reviewed here) as the program which remains one of the most popular online has issued two more updates lately. First let me remind you that ReProFinance has been paying for over 500 days now which is in itself a remarkable result which other programs cannot even dream of. The investment plans are quite modest compared to other HYIPs but still enough to make some money if you’re brave enough to join such a long-runner as ReProFinance. The program accepts AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney payment processors starting from $10 as well as direct Bank wires and even Credit card payments which is something unheard of in the HYIP industry. The current investment plans offered by ReProFinance include 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days, and 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days with principal returned on expiry as well as a 1% daily bond which you can purchase and later sell. ReProFinance offers instant payouts and rightfully occupies the second position on MNO’s Premium list. An interview with the admin can be read here.

Being so profitable and well-paying, investors must realize that ReProFinance is no more than a ponzi-game, so in no case you should invest more money than you can afford to lose. However, to encourage the participation of investors with $100 or more a few months ago the admin decided to reward some lucky winners with a monthly cash prize which can be either withdrawn or reinvested in one of the plans the program offers. The winner is usually announced on the 25th of each month and the following was announced in a recent update:
Investor of the Month WINNER announced (October 2011)
Investor of the Month (October 2011) is announced. Our software randomly chosen Mr. Charlsvit Mordekai Osvald from Monaco (Login ID: A13824), and he has become the winner this month. He has directly received the 1000 USD to his account, our congratulations and Investor of the Month Certificate mailed to his mailing address. Thank you for participating in our program.
We remind you that any investor can participate in Investor of the Month program by having active deposit of 100 or more in any available currency (USD or EURO). The Investor of the Month is randomly chosen by our software every 25th of each month and gets the $1000 prize.

Successful HYIPs often try to expand by establishing a network of regional representatives to promote the program in local areas and assist the members and potential members with any possible support and advice. ReProFinance has successfully introduced such a system and already have regional reps from about 50 countries (!) which is truly amazing. According to the latest update there was some conference among a few regional reps held recently in which some important topics were discussed including: the extension of ReProFinance’s site to national markets and translation of the website into several languages that might attract more attention non English speakers. So far six language versions of ReProFinance‘s website are in the pipeline and MNO will report on that as it develops. Here is the latest update:
ReProFinance’s global vision of website
ReProFinance Company held a round table meeting with the leading regional representatives titled “ReProFinance’s global vision of the future.” The business event was attended by those regional representatives who head the largest regional structures from such countries as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Indonesia, China and others.
The meeting focused on the general strategies of promoting ReProFinance in the regions as well as national peculiarities of making the investment business. As a result of the round table meeting a decision was taken to globalize the service of ReProFinance, expand the geography of the service promotion and translate the website of ReProFinance in several foreign languages. All language versions will be submitted by the regional representatives in a short term and they will take into account national peculiarities of the investment business. In the first place the company is preparing to launch the German, Indonesian and French versions of the website. Somewhat later the website of ReProFinance will also be available in native languages of Spanish and Italian speaking people. Further the Chinese version of the website may be launched as well.
With new language versions the website of ReProFinance will become more understandable and user-friendly for investors from around the world.

Another popular website also employing regional representatives and recently even opened an office in Nigeria is NeoProgress (reviewed here). The first interview with the program’s admin was published on MNO last week which you can read here. After paying for almost eight months already and been monitored on MNO for three, NeoProgress currently occupies #5 in my ratings. What brought such popularity in my opinion is the acceptance of all the popular payment processors (LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and AlertPay) along with Bank wires and instantly processed payouts on three plans – 1.5% for 30 business days, 1.8% for 60 business days, and 2% for 90 business days with principal returned on expiry. Today NeoProgress is a well-established program with a lot of potential and taking care of every aspect of their development. They treat security matters especially seriously and since the program operates with instant payouts it’s important to protect accounts from unauthorized access. In order to eliminate this danger from now on changing payment processors accounts will be done manually, definitely improving the security which has been already quite high. Here is the latest from NeoProgress:
New security option for all NeoProgress customers
Our company is seriously thinking about security of our customers accounts and to prevent attempted theft of clients funds, we have developed a new option.
Now if fraudster gains access to your account – he can not withdraw any money, since in order to change the account number he will have to pass the verification of one of our operators. On the 26/10/2011 change account numbers in an account carried in the manual mode, to change your account number should indicate the reason for the change, send a request and wait for 12 to 24 hours.
Having a large number of major client accounts, we will continue to work on security systems to rule out any attempt at theft. Thank you for cooperating with us.

Experienced HYIP players and the majority of MNO readers are all too aware of the level of dishonesty, if not downright incompetency, shown by some of the so-called monitors (most of them are run by the same breed of low-life scammers as the worst HYIP admins, by the way) who will do everything possible in order to destroy any good program’s name unless the admin gives in to their blackmail tactics. They have absolutely no interest in maintaining the real status of a program, sometimes malicious and sometimes plain stupid and obviously are not to be trusted by the investors. From time to time I had to name and shame such monitors on MNO, but sometimes HYIP admins also do so and expose them to the general HYIP audience. The recent newsletter from EliteGain aimed at exposing one particular monitor that moved the program to Problem status whilst never even monitoring it officially. Such practices are not unusual for cheap monitors and I would advise you not to believe in them. According to my information, EliteGain (reviewed here) keeps paying (often instantly) to AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on all plans including 3%-5% for 40 business days and 7%-14% weekly forever:
Beware of deceiving monitors
This is just a quick email to warn our members about deceiving monitors with spirits of evil, that are attempting to put disgrace on our program for nothing, but with your regular support we will make such attempts unsuccessful. One of the latest example of such a monitor is “HYIPNAMES.COM”, and let me assure that we never contacted them for monitoring nor we received any justifiable response from them.
As one of the most rapidly growing program, we receive several black-mailing messages and as we try to disregard them as much as possible. Since, I received quite of emails from members, regarding why one of monitor is showing “problem” status on mass-monitoring services like “allhyipmonitors.com”, that is the only reason I am sending this clarification email.
Right way, to Rate Us:
To avoid such confusions caused by pathetic and deceiving monitoring services, please visit our rate us page, where we have listed badges of all well known and well trusted monitors like MNO and others. If any of our members would like to make a recommendation, that is also possible.
You can read our detailed reviews as well, from:
Regards, Jessica Parker.

Obviously, after the warning issued on MNO for the last few days the admin of SoaretInvestment Josh (interviewed here) tried to persuade investors that the program is out of danger and pays fine. I would like to ask him not to misinterpret my words as the warning was issued because of an obvious red flag when the only investment plan changed from 5% to 2.5% daily forever, severely curtailing potential earnings. I didn’t say that SoaretInvestment has stopped paying but just that I don’t believe that those joining the program under the adjusted terms can get any profits as it’ll take you 40 days simply to break-even which I can’t believe is possible without a clear vision of how the program should be run. The admin failed to change investors’ minds by opening another poll where I can see only 51 investors voted “Paid” while 15 votes were given to “Not Paid” option which is quite disturbing. I myself have to say that I have one unresolved complaint about SoaretInvestment submitted by one of my referrals not paid to her account yesterday while the withdrawal request was marked as Processed in her member’s area. At the time of writing I’m still waiting for an explanation from the admin. Hopefully SoaretInvestment (reviewed here) will stay on Paying status on MNO, but if I get a satisfactory explanation by tomorrow. Here is the latest newsletter issued late last night exposing monitors showing Not Paying status of the program allegedly on grounds other than non-payments:
SoaretInvestment Update
Hello Members,
Hope you are having a nice time, we have very little update for you at the moment and we hope this reaches you well. We are regaining a strong strength in the industry after the slash and change in plans but the most important thing is we are still a running a great program which offers prompt payment.
Well some monitors have decided to mislead you hance we want you to take a look for yourself out payout record: http://www.soaret.com/?a=paidout make your personal judgment.
Withdrawal request for the day has been process and we wish you all have a wonderful rest tonight.
Thanks, Josh.

The admin of KistFunds issued a short update today mentioning the upcoming re-installation of instant withdrawals to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Such withdrawals are currently processed manually within 72 business hours on request though withdrawals to AlertPay are processed instantly. Plans offered include1.3%-2.2% returns for 120 business days with principal back on expiry. Here is the latest update from KistFunds (reviewed here):
All payment has been sent please check your e-currency to confirm payment.
Signed Management. KistFunds”.

Here are the programs that paid me for the last 24 hours and keeps on Paying status on my monitoring page:
KistFunds, BrantonsGroup, ReProFinance, UnitrustDirect, NeoProgress, ProfitsRaise, EliteGain, GeniusIncome, HyperCompound, RapyWealth, SapaInv, FelminaAlliance, GlobalFxTrades, EurexTrade, TopsFund, OneInv, StableProfit, PokerProfits, OnlineInvestmentBank, MirexGroup, WorldwideCapital, SuperHotPay, TopInvesting, LargeProfit and SingInvest (the first instant payment received).

Before I finish for today I would like to introduce two new programs that were added to MNO and that will be reviewed in the coming days.

The first program was added to the Standard list last night and is called BonusPayMe. It’s a program running off a licensed GoldCoders script, is SSL-secured and is hosted on a dedicated server by Koddos. They only launched last night and as the admin assured me it will be monitored exclusively on MNO. Possibly the best feature about the program is the limited offer of a $50 bonus which will be paying 0.01% daily as a promotional tool. Remember that it’s only half-cent daily, so don’t expect to get rich! This $50 will only be available if you invest $1,000 into the 1%-1.58% plan (the minimum investment is $10) paid on every business day for the duration of two years after which you can withdraw your principal. Alternatively you can leave early for a 15% fee. The admin says he has a clear vision of how BonusPayMe is going to develop for the next few weeks with more payment options (currently only LibertyReserve is accepted). After making a withdrawal request the funds should be transferred to your LR account within 72 hours so the program will be reviewed on MNO after this. Here is the first update on the website of BonusPayMe:
Welcome to BonusPayMe
 This is the opportunity you expected, BonusPayMe. is the investment program providing services for a long time.
Today begins a new era with BonusPayMe and we would like you to become part of our team.
This is the right place, this is a new opportunity”.

The second program was added to my Premium list today and is called SingInvest. After paying for over a month already the program earned a reputation by paying instantly and accepting a lot of payment processors including LibertyReserve, c-Gold, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, AlertPay and bank wires. The minimum to deposit in SingInvest starts from $20 and plans include 1% for 50 days and 1.5%-2% for 120 days. The principal is returned on expiry and compounding is allowed. SingInvest is running off the same HYIP script that TradeQ (reviewed here) is currently using which might draw some parallels to them. Other similarities between the two include SSL-encryption, the same menu structure on the site and hosting on a dedicated server provided by Dragonara. Hopefully SingInvest will become a profitable program for HYIP investors and I’ll have more information in the upcoming review tomorrow along with the regular daily news from the industry. Stay tuned for that, guys, and see you all tomorrow!

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