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08/08/2012. MutualAssets Review and Daily News from the Industry


 Beware! MutualAssets has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi all! I’ve just come back from a near full day watching the four quarter finals of the Olympic Volleyball this evening, and must say it really was a tremendously exciting event. Especially the evening game that saw Russia beat Poland, so if there’s any fans out there that were watching it on TV then I’m sure you know what I mean. Anyway, it also means I’m starting work kinda late tonight but it was worth it. So if you’ve been keeping an eye on the MNO monitor in the last couple of days you’ll have noticed a couple of existing programs have upgraded their listing from Basic to Premium and so will therefore also have their news updates featured on the MNO blog. I’m going to be looking at them in a bit more detail over the coming days, and want to start this evening with one called MutualAssets which has been listed on my monitoring page for about a week or so now. MutualAssets is a medium term HYIP with two individual investment plans for you to look at, though I’ll also try to describe the other features to it below.

So starting as always with the plans you can join MutualAssets for a $10 deposit, though this only applies to one of the plans (the other one being considerably more expensive. It’s called simply Plan One and runs for 25 business days, which is five weeks. During that time you can earn 6% interest on you deposit paid every day from Monday to Friday. That adds up to 150% in total by the time it expires, and MutualAssets are counting your principal as part of those payments so it won’t be returned. That basically means you are left with your own money plus 50% net profit for yourself, though you should reach the break even point after 17 payments (just over three weeks into the five week term). Maximum spend is $30,000.

For the bigger gamblers among you MutualAssets have Plan Two, which also runs for the same 25 business day term. It works more or less like the previous plan, making daily interest payments from Monday to Friday and not returning your principal on expiry. The two main differences however are that the minimum amount to invest jumps to $1,000 so this is really one for the serious players, and the interest rate which MutualAssets are offering which goes to 8% per business day. That would allow you to earn back an amount equal to your original investment after 13 payments (or just short of three weeks) and complete the cycle with 200% in payments. Like I said MutualAssets are counting your principal as part of this so it’s double your money back. The maximum spend remains at $30,000.

Just one thing you will need to be extremely careful with here, is that you may notice how the two plans overlap. They both accept up to $30,000 though if you’re serious about spending $1,000 or more then clearly it’s a complete waste of time putting it in Plan One. The thing you need to watch for of course is that it’s very very easy to slip and make that mistake, so do watch out for it. Mistakes can’t really be rectified later you see.

Payment options are a little disappointing at the moment to be honest, although the MutualAssets admin assures me he is working on improving this. At the moment you can only join through LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney, while the admin says he is adding SolidTrustPay soon. If you like MutualAssets but would rather wait for STP to be added then OK, keep an eye on MNO and I will be reporting on that when or if it eventually happens. Meanwhile payouts are made manually and will need to be requested from inside your members account area. Once done you may ned to allow up to 48 hours for the transaction to be completed. Keeping in mind that Saturdays and Sundays are not counted as part of that 48 hours you could be in for a lengthy wait if trying to withdraw later in the week, so a little patience is required.

I’d have some fairly mixed feelings on the design and security features of MutualAssets. On one hand the website does have SSL encryption which is always an advantage, I’m just not convinced about the script. It’s running off a script by ProBizScript though is not licensed. The MutualAssets admin told me this is because it’s been heavily customized, but honestly when I log in to my own member’s area I simply can’t see any sign of any changes whatsoever having been made. Call me suspicious but that would lead me to think it might be pirated, but one way or another I doubt very much that ProBizScript technicians would be particularly interested in providing any support should the need arise. Hosting is by a company called SFWebHosting on a dedicated server. I can’t say that’s a name I’ve come across before in the HYIP industry so can’t really say much on the quality of their services, though I’m sure we’ll find that out in the coming weeks. If you have any further questions about this or anything else connected to MutualAssets then you can reach them by filling in the online ticketing form and submitting it via the support page. There is a built in Live Chat feature but despite the home page proudly telling us that Live Support is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, I have yet to see it turned on even once.

Texts are mostly a straight copy/paste job taken from older HYIP related websites. They don’t really give that much information anyway about anyone, regardless of who was the first to use it, so I would suggest you dismiss any claims made there and treat MutualAssets pretty much the same as you would any other online HYIP – with caution. Set yourself a spending limit that you will not break under any circumstances and if joining MutualAssets remember it’s best to do so as part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



It looks like Finvance will have a lot of new investors within the next few days as finally the admin officially announced the addition of SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. While for the moment the deposits via EgoPay can only be done manually, the deposit process via SolidTrustPay is fully automated and all you need to do is to add your STP account to your profile on Finvance and make your deposit into the 8% for 20 business days plan. Along with EgoPay and SolidTrustPay as usual you can still invest in the program via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $20. More info on Finvance is in my review published here or in the upcoming interview with the admin on MNO soon (I’m sending some interview questions tomorrow). Although Finvance is yet to complete its first investment cycle the first investors are already in profit and I believe that STP and EgoPay will do the program a lot of good in the long run and help take it to the next level of its development and future growth.

Below you can find the two newsletters from Finvance I have received over the last 24 hours:

SolidTrustPay added To Finvance
Finvance has enabled SolidTrustPay as a new e-currency for deposit. Please see your account panel to make a new deposit using SolidTrustPay.

Egopay now accepted at Finvance
Yesterday we began accepting SolidTrustPay ahead of schedule. Today, we are now announcing the accepting of Egopay deposits. You will see a column for all Egopay deposits in your account panels. Temporarily, we will be manually crediting Egopay deposits. To deposit via Egopay, login to your account and send your deposit to this email address:
As the note to the transaction, include your Finvance username and we will credit your account.


Many readers and investors of 711Finance (reviewed here) know its admin Amanda as a very hard-working person and an utmost professional when it comes to communicating with the members and processing fast payouts on the only available 12% for 12 days through LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. So today during the couple of hours of downtime due to the site’s maintenance all the members were properly informed about this via all the important means of communication including MNO ShoutBox which has recently become the place to go for many HYIP admin which is really encouraging thing for me personally. Anyway, it looks like the maintenance has been successfully performed and the site of 711Finance is back online at the moment. I can also confirm that I promptly received all the pending payouts from the program as of tonight, so this scheduled downtime didn’t affect the payouts at all. Just for your information I’m re-posting the latest email I received from Amanda regarding this:

711Finance will be back at 11:55 am GMT. … performing server work …
Hi, this email is to let you know, we are performing some server work, I have included improved routines to automatically detect multiple account and referral fraud.
I just want to run it on the original server without anyone being online to get some first results
I informed members at all major forums and at MNO shoutbox.
I expect the site to be back online in just 90 minuted from now on.
Amanda Russel -Admin-


InflexCapital (reviewed here) also had loading difficulties this morning and the site was not accessible for a few hours. Fortunately there was nothing to worry about as the website of the site’s hosting GeniusGuard was offline for some technical reason but was back within a couple of hours bringing back all the sites hosted on their servers. In other news from InflexCapital – recently another newsletter was issued which highlighted the interview posted on MNO (click here to read the full version). I guess the interview contains some detailed information about the program and the admin’s personality. Deposits are taken via SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney into one of the plans on offer from InflexCapital starting from $10 and all offering principal return on expiry – 2%-4% for 22 business days. Other important info regarding the payouts schedule and different timezones specified in the interview is in the latest newsletter from InflexCapital below:

Interview on MNO
Hello dear members of InflexCapital,
Paul from Money-News-Online has published an interview for us yesterday. The questions are really good, and we tried to answer with as much detail as possible. That resulted in an interview that goes longer than usual, and we would suggest getting a cup of coffee with some cookies before you start. We feel that a lot of the questions hit the nail on the head; Paul asked various things ranging from the server and script we use to the nitty gritty of our humble beginnings. We took the opportunity to also explain as much as possible with as few words as possible. That didn’t quite happen the way we envisaged, but it is still truly detailed. You can read the interview here: Link
Some of the things we’d like to mention today are:
*Our server time is now available on our home page
*Payouts on weekends
First off, the server time on our home page determines when your interests are credited. The official timezone our server uses is GMT + 1. So say you invest at 7am GMT +1, your first earning will be credited the next business day at 7am GMT +1. If you invest on a Friday, your first earning will be posted on Monday. The server time is NOT the time schedule we use to process payouts. We process payouts twice a day at 7am GMT +6 (instead of GMT +1) and 7pm GMT +6. So if you request a payout right either of those times, your payout will be processed the next cycle. We hope that clarifies whatever concerns that you had with regards to payouts.
Moving on, your payouts on weekends will be processed on Monday at 7am GMT +6. We tried to explain the situation in previous newsletters but a few members had their concerns when their payouts were not processed over the weekend. That’s absolutely normal and to be expected, because our working staff take their breaks on weekends. We will resume payout on Monday at 7am GMT+6, so if you requested your payout on a Friday night at 10pm GMT +6, it is unlikely to get processed until Monday. Again, hopefully that helps answer some of the questions you may have.
For the sake of informing you with our latest statistics, we have been receiving quite a few deposits after our first cycle ended. And we have also been very positively rated on numerous platforms, especially at Money-News-Online’s Shoutbox. We are absolutely grateful for their reception, and we hope that they will continue to support us. Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!
Like us on Facebook: Facebook
Follow us on Twitter: Twitter.


Regular readers might remember that MNO already published an interview with the admin of BensonUnion Ragnar a few months ago (click here to read it). However it looks like now any current or future investor of BensonUnion will have a unique opportunity to get the answers to their questions first-hand from Ragnar in the upcoming webinar which is scheduled for next Monday. So stay tuned for that two-hour conference and have your questions ready:

BensonUnion official newsletter
Dear investors! BensonUnion informs about upcoming webinar on Monday, 10.00 EST. Everyone will be able to ask questions to Ragnar Wellington, the CEO of Benson Union. Any participant of the webinar will be able to see Mr. Wellington face to face. Mr. Wellington will answer all your questions in real-time mode. The conference will last 2 hours till 12.00. Stay tuned! We will e-mail the link to conference room in next newsletter on Friday.

BensonUnion (reviewed here) has been online for nearly seven months paying flawlessly and instantly to members’ LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts on an investment plan paying 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days and returning the principal on expiry. Although nobody got the principal from BensonUnion back yet many members who saw the potential of this wonderful program from the start are already enjoying their well-deserved profits. Over the months BensonUnion has been propelled to #6 on MNO Premium list and for a program offering such conservative returns and only accepting two e-currencies and bank wires it’s a pretty decent achievement. I hope that BensonUnion will not stop there and will continue to please investors with the instantly paid profits for the long time to come.

And just a couple of hours before publishing the news I received another newsletter from BensonUnion providing the link to the online webinar which anyone can attend. Here it is:

Dear investors! BensonUnion webinar with Ragnar Wellington will take place on Monday, August 13 10.00AM Eastern Time (EST). Here is URL of the meeting: The log-in form to conference room will be opened at 10.00AM on Monday. Mr. Wellington will answer all your questions in realtime videoconference and will provide some more information about BensonUnion structure, future plans and many other… Don’t miss this event! We hope that you had a good vacation and you are satisfied with return that Benson Union brings you even in vacation season!


The admin of Absolutiva once again emphasized in his recent newsletter to investors that there is no need to make another deposit while you can just top-up your existing one. This top-up feature is actually quite rare among HYIPs and due to Absolutiva running off a unique and customized script the admin was able to tweak it and allow this to work. From now on after making a deposit via PayPal, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney or EgoPay into one of the following plans – 1.4%-2% for 120 business days and 7.5%-10.5% for 30 weeks with the principal returned on expiry – you’re able to just add more money without the need to make another deposit. That will surely be a popular feature that will benefit investors of Absolutiva (reviewed here) in the long run and I’m glad that the admin advertised it in his newsletter once again:

How to top-up your investment
This email is to inform you that you can top-up your existing active deposit. This feature was introduced in our last newsletter. We would like to remind you all that rather than opening a new deposit each and every time, you can simply top-up your existing deposit in order to earn the high interest rate available. It is highly recommended that you read the following article located here:
If you have any further questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us at any given time.


One of the newcomers to the payment processing market PexPay was just recently got its first major client in the HYIP industry – NewGNi (reviewed here) – and it looks like it’s going to give them some credit in terms of investors’ and admins’ trust and will make them more more widely accepted elsewhere. PexPay account holders must verify their accounts in order to benefit from its deposit and withdrawal options which include bank wires, ACH transfers and check deposits and withdrawals. Note that unlike STP the verification procedures for the new PexPay customers will not take longer than two business days and I guess these times will be adjusted once PexPay grows bigger, which I believe is just a matter of time. So verify your account in PexPay and use it for depositing and withdrawing money from NewGNi and other HYIPs that will follow the leader soon. Just to remind you about the current processing times for your transactions in PexPay the administration has issued a newsletter tonight which you can read below:

Transaction Processing Times
Hello Customer,
We have been receiving a large number of questions from our customers about how long it takes for each account funding and withdraw option. We have clarified on each of the respective pages the time frames and wanted to update you here as well.
Funding your account –
Bank Wires: 2-3 business days from the time we receive the wire
ACH Transfer: 4-5 business days from the time you make the request
Check: 7 business days from the time we receive the check
Withdrawing from your account –
Bank Wires: 3-5 business days from the time you make the request
ACH Transfer: 4-5 business days from the time you make the request
Check: Mailed within 5 business days from the time you make the request
As always, account to account transfers are instant.
We hope this clarifies the questions that many of you have. We also wanted to let you know that our verification processing time is currently at less than 2 business days, so if you haven’t verified your account yet now is the perfect time to do so.
Thank you for choosing Pexpay to fulfill your online payment processing needs.


Unfortunately we can name and shame another quick summer scam today. It is called StockFunds and the admin decided to pull the plug on it less than two weeks after its launch. The project was seemingly aimed to attract the investors of the recently closed hit SilverStructure offering similar investment plans and even borrowing some aspects from its design. By paying 2% for 150 calendar days it only lasted for twelve which was only enough for the admin to make money but not for the investors. There were no payments processed to me personally for more than two days already and so I tried to contact StockFunds this morning and ask why. After more than 12 hours there was neither reply nor pending payments received. So I imagine StockFunds is done! The program has been moved to Problem status on MNO with the pending Scam status and any further investments are strictly not recommended. You have been warned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listAProfit, 711Finance.
From MNO Premium list: NewGNi, KISnP, OneInv, ProfitableSunrise, EurexTradeBensonUnion, DividendService, FelminaAlliance, PlexCapital, EzyProfitHome, Finvance, Ivecon, SafeRisk, GeniusCapital, InflexCapital, WealthFreedomFund, DonaldsGroup, MutualAssets, WestFinanceGroup,  MegaProfitAds (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: UFOWin, InternationalForexLLC, Absolutiva.
From MNO Basic list: CheeseCash, GoldTradeFunds.

That’s all for tonight, guys. See you all tomorrow with a detailed review of WealthFreedomFund and all the daily news from the industry. Stay informed about your favorite programs with MNO!

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