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07/10/2014. 2FXLtd Updated Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! 2FXLtd has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Before we get to the news section I imagine some of you may be getting a feeling of Deja Vu reading the main headline of today’s post. Yes, you did read it correctly, I want to do an updated review of the current industry leader 2FXLtd. Before we go any further I suppose I should really explain exactly why I think this is necessary. Some of the older readers might know that I’ve actually done this a couple of times in the past by the way, writing updated reviews of popular programs if I felt enough had changed to significantly alter the basic essential facts there. So with 2FXLtd that’s pretty much the case in a nutshell. You see because on one hand the program has become so popular – in fact 2FXLtd has become the #1 program on the MNO Premium List – but then has been restructured completely, I thought it completely pointless to be directing readers to a review where the information had become obsolete. If anything this might even be damaging to the program (because it confuses investors) when the original plan described there no longer exists. Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a big deal if the program wasn’t as popular, but like I said it is the #1 performer on my monitor now and as the ratings there are based on popularity among readers I think I also owe it you that you get the most accurate information possible.

Incidentally, while my first and main obligation is always going to be to you, my readers, without whom any blog would be nothing more than a personal diary, I would like to take a moment to single out any HYIP admins that also read MNO. Autumn has traditionally been a pretty buoyant time in the HYIP industry as a whole, but unfortunately this last month has seen several major disappointments. Programs that showed huge potential and could have become massive money spinners in the hands of more talented admins became utter failures. If you were responsible for any of these disasters then I suggest you pay closer attention to 2FXLtd, because this is how you’re supposed to do it. This is how you run a successful HYI program!

So what’s new in 2FXLtd? Well I suppose the one major change that has the biggest impact on investors is the the actual investment plans. Whenever there’s a radical shift in direction for any online HYIP the more experienced members are very nervous. Unfortunately it happens all too often that they are right to be worried, because it’s from experience that they know trouble is brewing. 2FXLtd however is one of the few examples of a successful change. In the two months they’ve been online they scrapped the original plan after six weeks (though to the admin’s credit he did honor the terms agreed with the original members and paid what they were owed) and have been continuing since with something a little different. The clever thing here is that they haven’t made the investment plan more profitable in the long term, in terms of earnings that’s still the same, but they’ve made it vastly more attractive by giving the members back a greater deal of flexibility and control over their own accounts.

Here’s how it works (and I say “it” because 2FXLtd only have one plan, which makes it a pretty easy decision for you to join or not – you’re either going to like it or you’re not). You will need just a $5 minimum to join the program, making it one of the more affordable HYIPs out there at the moment, or alternatively if you’re feeling lucky can invest anything up to a maximum of $10,000. But no matter how much you spend, 2FXLtd have just one interest rate that applies to everyone. This is 4% per calendar day, and no expiry date. You can collect this payment for as many days as you wish to remain a member of 2FXLtd, and then withdraw your principal at anytime you like. For anyone who thinks the program “isn’t new enough” for them to bother joining, remember this means all you need is one single day to walk away with a profit.

There isn’t really much else I can add to that, is there? I mean usually with most of the programs I cover on MNO I like to give a practical example of how a theoretical investment might work out for you, but in the case of perpetual programs there’s literally as many strategies as there are investors. You simply need to consider what your own goals are in joining 2FXLtd in the first place, and measure that up against what you think the admin can realistically deliver. So if you join with let’s say $100, the idea is that the admin pays you back $4 per day for as long as he’s in control of your money, and stops when you ask for the original deposit to be returned. Whether that’s after a day, a week, a month, or never is entirely up to you.

Withdrawing your principal is a very simple matter, by the way. However you’re under no obligation to take it all back in one go if you don’t want to. I mean if the program has generally been a profitable experience for you and you’ve already managed to take out more than what you put in, you can just make a partial principal withdrawal if you want to and leave the rest in your 2FXLtd account and keep earning on it. But anyway, if/when you do want all or part of your principal back, just look for the button marked “your deposits” in your account area. This directs you to a page where you see the active investment held there, and next to the amount there’s another button marked “withdraw”. Clicking on that takes you to a new page where you fill in the amount you are requesting to have returned. The full amount of your principal is already filled in by default, so just change it to a smaller sum if you are looking to remain a member in 2FXLtd.

Payment options themselves have not changed since the original review. 2FXLtd continue to work with PerfectMoney, EgoPay and Payeer for the more traditional style processors, and BitCoin for anyone favoring digital e-currencies. Your profit payments are credited to your account once every 24 hours at whatever time of the day you originally made your deposit, and can be requested for withdrawal anytime after that. The 2FXLtd admin handles all transactions manually and asks that you allow him anything up to 24 hours for all pending transactions to be completed. Compounding is not allowed.

If we look at the more technical, design, and security side of things, 2FXLtd is still of course up to the same high standard it always was, but it has been redesigned somewhat and in my opinion actually looks a lot better for it. Not that there was anything wrong with the older version, I just think this one looks better and is more customer friendly. The program is still powered off a script under license from GoldCoders which makes them instantly familiar to most members. For an extra layer of security 2FXLtd also has an SSL secured connection by Comodo in both the public and the private members account areas for safer browsing and more secure transactions. This is the Green Bar version by the way, and vastly superior to the basic model utilized by most HYIPs. Hosting is on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks by DDoSGuard, and I think their record speaks for itself when you look at the almost total lack of any serious downtime issues since 2FXLtd first came online.

If you have any further questions about the program you don’t think were addressed here or any account related issues you need to have the admin deal with for you, then there’s a couple of different methods you can reach either him or another support operator. You can fill in your details online support form and submit it through the contacts page. 2FXLtd also have a Live Chat feature built-in to the website, so you might want to give a quick check and see if there’s any operators online and if they are capable of helping you before sending any mails off. You can also try their telephone support if you would like to speak with someone directly. Working hours for both Live Chat and phone support can be found on the program’s website, however one other thing you might wish to look into with 2FXLtd is their regional representatives group. Since the program first introduced this scheme it’s grown into quite an extensive list. You can find their contact details including Skype and social media profiles on the 2FXLtd website, and if there happens to be one located in your vicinity you’re free to get in touch with them. More recently added to the website was a short promotional video, however unlike most other programs who use these things as little more than television style advertising, 2FXLtd actually have some useful information in their video that first time investors may find comes in handy.

On the business side of things I don’t really know if I should repeat anything from the original review. The thing is that as outstanding a program that 2FXLtd has undeniably been, nothing has really changed in my own opinion of the background stories created around HYIP websites by their admins. For the record 2FXLtd will tell you they’re involved with ForEx trading, but as I’ve said so many times before even if this is genuine there’s no 100% guarantee that any business has to be profitable. Millions of dollars are lost every day in ForEx deals just as surely as they are earned, so don’t ever take these things so seriously. In the case of 2FXLtd I can see the admin has taken the step of registering the program as a company in the UK which is always a nice touch if you want things to look a bit more professional, but really it’s only going to be those new to the online HYIP industry that would be in any way impressed by this. One thing that is now in the program is ForEx trading reports which is something that also adds a certain air of professionalism, particularly to those coming to the industry for the first time or just sort of stumbling across 2FXLtd by accident. So another thing that’s changed since 2FXLtd first came online is that they now have a firmly established and well earned reputation that’s built on dependable service and a flawless payments record. What hasn’t changed is that it’s still an online HYIP and as such in my opinion a form of gambling. It may well be a shining example to other admins of how a truly successful program should really be run, but members themselves still need to use some common sense. Don’t ever get involved with anything with sums of money you can’t afford to lose, and if you do decide to invest with 2FXLtd then try and use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



To say that HashPrime was a huge disappointment is probably an understatement in itself. The program has been one of the most dreadful failures with some big expectations taking just 11 days to be left shattered by the admin. Clearly he was just some talentless hack with no idea how to run a successful program. However I also believe he was pretty experienced in other ways and it was his intention from the beginning to run a fast scam. He made an effort to prolong the agony by changing the lock-in period from the original 10 to a 15 day period and claimed the falling exchange rate for BitCoin was the cause. Utter nonsense of course, and the strategy was fully exposed in the article I posted on the MNO blog two days ago (click here to refresh your memory) where I strongly advised the current members of HashPrime to not to make any further deposits until the principal withdrawals resumed. I’m proud to say that the MNO monitor was the first as usual to post this warning and I even had to conduct the poll on the TalkBack page with the results, I must say, quite shocking and not to my liking. Apparently the previous lessons to NEVER trust HYIP admins weren’t learnt by some and 47% actually answered that they approved of the HashPrime admin’s actions and thought that he did the right thing to save the program. Only 37% of the voters saw through the trick and predicted the imminent demise of HashPrime, which eventually did happen yesterday when the admin (instead of paying regular withdrawals of 1.5% that were still processed on the daily profits) issued a scam newsletter announcing a typical 103% after one day plan which is so very typical for the programs trying for one last payday before running away with everything they can steal. That email was the last straw for me and I immediately acted by moving HashPrime to Problem status on the MNO monitor where this shameful scam currently resides. The farewell newsletter was so obvious that I wonder if the tactic still work for anyone. However since the admins like this are still feeding off the investors misguided trust and my recent poll showed that once again that overall over 67% of the readers believed in a positive outcome for HashPrime. Note that the program is officially a scam now and no further investments are recommended (and weren’t for a number of days now). Those who invested in HashPrime via SolidTrustPay have a chance to complain and at least have the funds in his STP account frozen and possibly even hope for a small refund depending on how much they can recover. At least, I know that many MNO readers were smart enough to invest via STP, so they won’t see their hard-earned money sitting in the admin’s pockets. Just wanted to tell you all that scams like HashPrime and their admins are not welcome on MNO and their true intentions will be exposed and the status changed fast to prevent readers losing money if possible. Unfortunately you can never weed them out completely, but I will keep trying and will do my best to put a stop to such attempts. For now I will leave you to ponder on the matter of trust in HYIP admins and will present you with a newsletter that might have been funny were it not so tragically true:

HASHPRIME – Now you can earn even more. Invest or Trade with the best
Due to really successful trades yesterday when price was $288 we bought 3000 Bitcoins and sold them when price was $340. For 5-10 days we are adding new investment plan – 103% After 1 day, which will give you 3% profit – 24 hours after investment. Principal is included in profit. ( Principal is initial Investment ).
You can manually Invest funds in this Wallet – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx After making a spend manually you have to send us email with your wallet address from which you made Investment.
If you want to make investment trough website, you have to Login and go to Investment page and select “Make Investment” HashPrime Choose VIP plan and then choose amount you want to invest.
For example – Invest $1000 in new VIP plan and get $1030 after 24 hours, 30$ profit in just 24 hours. You can repeat this every day and add as many investments as you like.
This is a limited offer and will be sold out soon or 5-10 days after. We are accepting 200 Investors in this plan.
Minimum is $150 USD for this plan
Have a good day.


As HashPrime is officially a scam now with the results clearly visible for everyone in the above news, it’s time now to add another question to the MNO TalkBack page for you to think about. This time I want to talk about the reasons why programs like Sparbs (reviewed here) and paying 120% after 15 days, 170% after 30 days, and 210% after 45 days are not that popular anymore. I mean just a year or two ago such programs, also featuring an original script and well-made design, would be extremely popular and successful while now they seem to be very much off most people’s radar. So that got wondering as to exactly why Sparbs (who themselves to be fair have been an excellent performer by the way, and deserving of a lot more popularity than they’ve got) have fallen so out of fashion among HYIP players. At the moment I think everyone knows the programs dominating the industry are those paying a fixed interest with the option to withdraw the principal at any time. The next question therefore for the MNO TalkBack poll will be this –
Would you invest your money in a program paying 120% after 15 days?
Possible answers to that are the following:
Never, it’s way too risky for me and not worth my time.
Possible, if a program is of good quality and attractive design.
Yes, as I feel lucky and can profit in such programs.
The poll will stay open for the next few days so thanks a lot in advance to anyone who takes the time and answers. The results will be drawn on the MNO blog soon, so stay tuned for that!


Having been involved in the HYIP industry for many many years now I’m fully aware of the activities of spammers and blackmailers always out to leech off successful programs. Some admins actually do succumb to such criminal demands, while others prefer to fight and not give blackmailers the hard-earned funds of the investors. Of course it’s a harder way to do things, but such admins certainly deserve all my respect. Today I noticed some unjustified comments regarding payments from CryptoAssets being not paid or taking longer than usual. That in turn led to panic spread on the program’s thread on some forums and monitors. Apparently, somebody demanded two and a half thousand dollars in an extortion attempt from the admin of CryptoAssets, and when denied he went on forums and monitors to spread all type of garbage rumors about the program. Even on the MNO ShoutBox there were some members who took the bait and tried to make us believe that CryptoAssets was about to scam. Well, that didn’t last for too long and users have been warned of the possible damage such actions can cause. This was alleviated by the prompt payouts from CryptoAssets that didn’t in fact take long to be processed and left no grounds for genuine complaint. The admin of CryptoAssets then came to the MNO ShoutBox to explain the situation and has now issued a newsletter explaining the situation. Most likely it was all started by some individuals who were probably hired by the program’s competitors. And that might well be true as CryptoAssets is certainly growing daily and is now entering the Top Five on the MNO Premium listing after only five days online. CryptoAssets accepts deposits starting from a $15 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, BitCoin, and SolidTrustPay (the only program from my Premium listing now that is able to take STP in automated mode). Paying 2% to 3% daily and allowing members to withdraw their original principals at any time after a 48 hour lock-in period CryptoAssets gets bigger everyday. Very possibly that annoys the blackmailers and competitors that would like to see the program destroyed which I hope won’t happen for a long time. I would also hope investors will enjoy their profits in CryptoAssets for longer and will check out the status on the MNO monitor before believing rumors and hearsay. More on CryptoAssets can be read in the detailed review posted on the MNO blog here and for the latest news on today’s incident please read below:

CryptoAssets Blackmailers
We received a threat yesterday from an anonymous person that said they would spread false gossip on blogs and forums if we did not pay them $2500. It is either a lackluster competitor or a desperate individual. It is more than likely a lackluster competitor who just cannot compete with us. Needless to say, we are a top of the field company processing payouts two to three times per day to over a thousand active members as of today. This is the one and only time we give any attention apart from the important day to day business of CryptoAssets, but we deemed it necessary this time to notify you our members about this.
We are here to answer any questions you may have. Just open up a support ticket and we will update you as quickly as possible.


A short and sweet update was given by the admin of BrinoGmbH. In order to increase their presence online and availability to current and future investors, they opened accounts in the social networks likewise Facebook, Twitter, and the largest Russian-speaking Facebook alternative VK:

We’re on Social Networks
Follow us:

Now with the recent adjustments to their investment plan you can get to your aim of the maximum of 2.4% daily faster than ever before. If you haven’t read my recent review of BrinoGmbH I’ll just remind you that your interest there starts from 0.7% daily which can be increased with time depending on the the size of your principal and the number of referred members you bring in. Although shown as credited daily you can actually see your account growing in front of your eyes every second and you can then ask for a withdrawal and get paid instantly or at least within a 12 hour maximum to PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. With its $10 minimum BrinoGmbH is a program affordable for everyone and the most unique feature of gradual return of the deposit to your account over ten days is what made it famous among many savvy investors and promoters. Such a trademark feature simply couldn’t go unnoticed and BrinoGmbH is clearly enjoying some success. Taking into consideration a very moderate and perhaps even conservative return and the gradual principal return at any time can appeal to a major audience while at the same time keep the hit-n-runners at bay and helps the program survive longer. And remember that you can always read more info about BrinoGmbH in my detailed review published here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 24 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list2FXLtd, AssuredAssets, TradingAllianceLimitedCryptoAssets, SparbsLaxoTrade,  BrinoGmbH, GepardAlliance, CryptoFarmEastOil.
From MNO Standard list: FreeCombination.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShareOgdenOrganization.

That’s all I have to report for tonight, guys. Thanks for reading and see you all again soon with the latest news from the HYIP industry and everything that might be of interest to you regarding the most elite investment opportunities online. Please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page and if you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me!

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