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17/10/2014. GHash Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! GHash has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! Talk about a mixed day of fortunes in the industry! Four programs going to Problem Status which is never welcome no matter how inevitable, but two new promising programs replacing them, so the cycle continues and hopefully there will be some good opportunities with them. I’ll be introducing them to you in the news section, but remember that MNO leads the way when it comes to updating you about the scams and bringing you the best new online investment opportunities. The first thing I want to talk about today however is GHash, a brand new program and exclusive listing with MNO as its only official monitor for the time being. This will change later in the year but I have to say I welcome such admins who don’t squander investors money on other useless monitors. GHash is still very much a work in progress, but they’re getting there. So let’s see what they have to offer and whether you think it might be a good time to “get in on the ground floor” as the saying goes, and be the first ones to profit before GHash starts branching out.

There’s only one investment plan with GHash, but the funny thing about (ingenious thing about it really) is that it manages to give members such a high degree of flexibility that everyone who joins could do something completely different with it. And this is despite not being another perpetual style program which have been so popular this last year. GHash only have a fixed term plan, and to get the full value of it then it would have to be described as long term. But if that doesn’t quite suit you then OK, there are options.

Before we get to the numbers I should point out that while GHash is still being developed BitCoin will play a big role in their short term future. So while I’m going to describe all investments in terms of Dollars, for the moment you’ll need to convert everything to BitCoin.

So, for a $20 minimum (or its BitCoin equivalent) you can join a plan that runs for 70 calendar days. GHash pay their members a daily interest payment, though the exact rate will depend on how much you spend. For the smaller investors that will stay within $20 to $500, for which GHash offer 1.3% per day. GHash will also return your principal on expiry, so that brings a total return of 191%. Just 91% of that is net profit of course, the rest was always yours to begin with. Or to put that in more practical monetary terms, let’s say you invested $100 in GHash. That will be rewarded with a payback of $1.30 every day for the next 70 days. This adds up to $91 in profits, not quite enough to put you in profit by itself, which happens only when your principal is returned in a separate transaction made on expiry.

Larger investors prepared to spend from $501 to $1,500 are offered an improved rate of 1.4% interest per day. That eventually comes to 98%, and this subsequently becomes net profit once GHash return your principal.

Over and above that amount then the rates are as follows:
1.5% on amounts from $1,501 to $3,000 (105% profit for those staying the full term), 1.6% on $3,001 to $5,000 (112% profit), and 1.7% for anything from $5,001 upwards (119% profit).

But what if you don’t like long term programs? Or don’t like that the term has to end completely before you can be in profit? Well, that’s where GHash have a sort of exit clause. You can actually leave the program early, just take back your principal and abandon any claim to future payments, after a minimum lock-in of 12 calendar days. This gives a reduced profit, exactly to what extent depends on how soon you decide to leave, but just do your own calculations and see what you might be able to hope for.

If you like the plan and want to join, well, this is where things are going to get tricky. For now you see, and this is deliberate, the admin of GHash is only working with BitCoin. This isn’t going to be a long term hindrance to the growth and development of the program (indeed personally I see BitCoin as very much the future of the HYIP industry) but rather it’s a way to manage it. Other payment processors will, eventually, be added. I can only review the program as I find it on the day, just like everyone else, so I can’t say exactly when this is due to happen. But as far as I know the intention is for sometime around Christmas, possibly January. For the moment though I certainly don’t think of BitCoin as being any less useful than the usual processors, I mean they can’t be any less anonymous or any less reversible, so if you have an account with them and want to use it for GHash then you may as well get started now rather than waiting around. Because anything can happen in this industry between now and then.

BitCoin users will already know how this works of course, so you’ll need to convert the dollar amount you are investing at the exchange rate of the day. Your interest payment is then credited once every 24 hours and withdrawals will have to be requested from inside your GHash members account area. Payouts are instant and so should be back with you in BitCoin form in under a minute.

Looking then at the more technical aspects of GHash such as their design and security features, the program is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DDoSGuard. The website also displays the extended Green Bar SSL encryption bar from Comodo, a strongly superior product than what you usually see in other HYIPs and allowing GHash to carry out more secure transactions and safer browsing. So far this is all fairly standard for the industry, but the most unusual thing about GHash is probably the script. Actually it’s based very closely on GoldCoders which isn’t unusual at all, but it’s been modified almost beyond recognition. It’s not actually from GoldCoders at all you have to understand, but despite the modifications it’s still very easy to navigate and user friendly. Most bizarrely though is the domain name. It was purchased in 2001 (so no one’s going to convince me this isn’t an experienced admin, lol!) and doesn’t expire until 2022. Maybe that won’t mean much in practical terms to usual HYIP investors but it looks good and some folks will find it encouraging.

If you have any further questions for the GHash admin or any account related issues that have to be dealt with then you can get in touch through a number of channels. For starters there’s a really nice looking customer support form (it resembles a traditional envelope and hand written letter) that you can fill in and submit via the contacts page. Alternatively you can e-mail the admin directly by writing to the address listed on the site. GHash have a postal address listed in the UK which is more likely a serviced office commonly used for correspondence and not where you could expect to find anyone physically located that’s involved with running the program. More useful might be the phone number which goes with it, so if you’d prefer to speak to someone personally and think someone might actually pick up, then feel free to give it a go. There are a couple of other channels which remain dormant for the moment. It’s difficult to say exactly how active the admin wants to get in the promotion of his program in these early stages. We already know that GHash is intended to be a bit more low-key for the rest of the year before he starts making some serious changes, and who knows, maybe I’ll be completely re-writing this review by then, but for now the other communication channels like the program’s own news blog and social media profiles are sort of kept on the long finger until further notice. GHash does have a built-in Live Chat feature, but at the moment none of thees feature. None of the other support means are kept actually active, maybe they will in the future, it’s just a case of watching out for how things develop.

As for any genuine business activities behind the program supporting the payments to GHash investors, as we might expect from a HYIP related website there isn’t really anything you can check out and verify for yourself, and some of it even contradicts itself. Experienced readers will know I only add this bit on for those new to online HYIPs anyway, but you can’t take anything for granted on the internet. But I just want to say that if you think at the moment that GHash is incomplete then that’s because the admin is really looking towards 2015 for the bigger picture here. It doesn’t alter the fact though that HYIP investments remain high risk, no matter what the admins hopes for the program are. He may very well like to run a long term successful program that runs for a year, but it doesn’t mean he can. And just like anyone who runs their own business will tell you, there’s no guarantee of profitability. So spend what you can afford to lose, use common sense when setting those limits, and if you join GHash then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. I’d have to question why the admin launched the program in quite so unfinished a form, but I’m still optimistic that perhaps the policy of slow advertising and development will bear fruits later.



The first and brand new program added to the Premium List on MNO during the first couple of hours of being launched is called CryptoIncome. Due to the program’s similarities to other crypto themed programs there was straight away some controversy in the main forums today. I wouldn’t be jumping to any hasty conclusions regarding that and will judge the program on its own merits in the upcoming review. So what can we say for a fact about CryptoIncome? It’s a simple investment plan paying you a daily interest rate of 5% (for deposits less than $1,500) and 6% (for everything above it). You can invest starting from a $25 minimum via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, or BitCoin. Because the program is running off a licensed ShadowScript you have to fund your e-Wallet first and then make the actual investment. You can stay with CryptoIncome for as long as you wish with the main investment allowed to be withdrawn after 24 hours. Although please note that the admin reserves the right to pay back principals and profits within 48 hours of the request being submitted, so don’t join if you don’t like that rule. CryptoIncome has quite a simple layout to the website and claims to earn money from BitCoin arbitrage trading. It features an extended Green Bar SSL-security from Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection of SecuredServers. Whether you like CryptoIncome or not is up to you to decide, I’ll just mention that it will only be featured exclusively on MNO and one other monitor, which proves the point of the utmost experience of the admin in the industry (and good taste in monitors!). He went for the best in everything, but whether it’s enough to run a successful and long running project is something we’ll be finding out very soon.


The second program added to MNO Premium Listing today is StarDubai which is very similar in so far as it offers any time principal return and a fixed interest rate from 4% to 5.5% per day depending on the size of your deposit. The minimum starts from $10 and the maximum investment is capped at $2,000, probably to discourage large hit-n-runners. There are four popular payment options in use in StarDubai including PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin (with BitCoin fixed at a rate of $500 to 1 BTC). Payouts are promised to be instant, and only in emergency may take up to 24 hours. The initial deposit can be withdrawn (partially or fully) after 24 hours too, and compounding is allowed. StarDubai is running off a licensed H-Script which is popular with Russian based admins, evident by the far superior Russian version of the website. The English version is quite passable too, mind. StarDubai is SSL-secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server supported and protected by DdoS-Guard company which is well-known in the HYIP industry for hosting some quality projects. And I believe that by taking Premium Listing on MNO after two days online the admin i serious about bringing it to a higher level. Hopefully it will bring him more investors with time, especially after the more detailed review of StarDubai is published on the MNO blog in a few days. Meanwhile you can check it out yourself and see if it’s good enough for your investment portfolio.


The undoubted #1 on the MNO Premium List at the moment is 2FXLtd. And it seems set to occupy that high position for quite some time as the admin felt quite serious about continuing the proper run and put his money where his mouth as today by purchasing another tower banner spot on the MNO blog for one month. Clearly, that after the renewed review of 2FXLtd was published on MNO last week (click here to read) the program found many new followers who were attracted by its new flexible 4% daily with the principal back anytime plan with the deposits accepted starting from $5 minimum only via PerfectMoney, Payeer, EgoPay, and BitCoin. The recent decision to allow a 15% compulsory fee on premature withdrawals or less than three days actually made 2FXLtd more sustainable and less prone to damage from possible hit-n-runners. I’m sure that the admin is doing everything possible to ensure 2FXLtd is going to run for an even longer period of time as the program has become one of the true and rare gems in the HYIP industry this autumn and certainly it deserves the top position on the MNO monitor. Here is the latest newsletter from 2FXLtd‘s admin Alfred who shared some latest stats over the first 70 days and also warned against some fraudsters who can impersonate the administration in order to steal sensitive information. Well, such things always happen with extremely popular programs in the industry like 2FXLtd and hope you won’t get into the trap described below:

2FXLtd News – 70 days online and security rules
Dear members,
Today we have some news for you.
1. First of all we are pleased to announce that our investment program has successfully overcome the threshold of 70 days. Nearly 10,000 people have become our customers during this time. Traditionally, we are grateful to all our existing investors, and welcome the new members to our profitable project.
2. We want to warn all our registered users that fraudsters often pose themselves as representatives of the administration of 2FXLtd. They are engaged in mass mailing demanding to undergo the procedure of verification of your account. If you get suspicious letter with similar requirements, we urge you to ignore it. Please do not use any links in such letters, and do not respond to fraudsters, when they ask you to provide them with your personal information. This will allow your funds to be safe.
You should follow next safety rules, and your account will be fully protected:
1) Please note that we never ask you to confirm or activate your account.
2) We as well never ask you to provide us with your personal data (such as the security question and answer).
3) We also want to remind you that for communication with members we use only the following email –
Sincerely yours, Alfred Cope (CEO of 2FXLtd).


For members of ValueSpecificsLtd who somehow missed their review posted on MNO here the admin reminded about that in the last newsletter where he also shared a link to it. The program has been running for two weeks now, still not enough for the very first investors to profit on their 6.5% for 20 business days. You can invest starting from a $20 minimum and the payment processors accepted include PerfectMoney. EgoPay, and Payeer. More on ValueSpecificsLtd will be in the review here, below is latest newsletter the admin of the program issues at the end of each business week:

Today is the end of the second business week and it’s been great for all our investors as we have been making payments when requested and we are generally growing steadily.
Our Customer Support has also been praised as we try as much as possible to attend to the needs of our members, whether active or prospective, when they reach us.
This week, we were reviewed by Paul Abramson of Money News Online (MNO) and you can read the review at .
Please be reminded that interest earnings are only accrued on business days however, payment requests will be paid even through the weekend.
If you have registered with us and have not made any deposit, we implore you to join the band wagon of members who are enjoying earnings from our business plan.
Do have a great weekend and look forward to an even greater business week ahead.


The last two days saw a downfall of scams as four programs from MNO were moved to Problem and then to Scam status. Let’s have a brief look at them and highlight the possible reasons for the collapse of each.

MajesticCoins turned out a great disappointment as it lasted for only about 5 days or so. I had my own suspicions due to increasingly delayed withdrawals which then turned to total non-payments yesterday. Some investors were really angry at the admin as MajesticCoins seemed to be growing with the admin purchasing different monitors and more advertising. It looks though that MajesticCoins was intended as a quick scam from the beginning and the rapid development was simply a ruse to get more gullible investors into the program – a trap set and prepared by an experienced scammer. I’m sure that the admin of MajesticCoins has a history of fast scams, but obviously we can’t really say what he ran before.

FreeCombination is another scam that stopped paying yesterday with the admin disabling instant payouts. He even stopped answering my emails. The program managed less than two weeks online, but still enough for some investors to profit as the admin allowed principal withdrawal after a three day lock-in period. But even two weeks online is not very good and we cannot possibly consider FreeCombination a success. Fortunately the program was not at all popular and I guess the damage, if it was any, to my readers’ deposits was negligible. FreeCombination proved that even a program with a custom-made script can be launched with a fast scam in mind. With so many cleverly disguised quick scams launched this autumn many investors are disillusioned, and according to the preliminary results of the current MNO TalkBack poll, two thirds said that they lost money due to investing in awful programs like FreeCombination and MajesticCoins.

TradingAllianceLimited was by far the most successful of this batch of closures. The program has become one of the most significant and memorable programs of this type in recent times and the longest running short-term program this autumn. For more than two months on MNO TradingAllianceLimited was paying 102.4%-120% after one day and similar style plans with payouts on expiry. About a week ago some forums saw complaints from investors who foolishly put $4K into the VIP plan and almost innocently expected to be paid $44K on their investment. That was simply impossible, of course, but the admin promised to return their initial investment and for the time being the issue was forgotten. Unfortunately the damage was done already and TradingAllianceLimited started its slow decline, although still paying my readers until tonight when I received and managed to confirm the first verified complaint. Before that point all my referrals were paid in full which didn’t give me any reason to move TradingAllianceLimited to Problem status on my monitor and spoil the game for everyone. Such uncertainty couldn’t last forever and on the first sign the admin was about to close I moved TradingAllianceLimited to Problem Status, so do not invest there, guys. Nevertheless, as I said, TradingAllianceLimited was a very welcome distraction from the fast scams this autumn and several hundred investors profited.

Finally, the last scam to be reported tonight is BringGmbH. Their website disappeared earlier which prompted me to move it to Problem status on the MNO monitor immediately, as I had an unpaid withdrawal from BrinoGmbH earlier in the day. Seven weeks would have been enough to consider this program a success unless we take the unique anti-HAR measures into account, such as the principal release over ten days and the very moderate returns which were supposed to make the program last much longer than it managed to run. Although with this unique approach I don’t believe the admin managed to capture the attention of high-profile players and in less than two months online many people lost interest in it. The admin did so too, decided to close up shop. Well, at least he did it with some dignity and took down the website so as to prevent others from making any further deposits. Still, BrinoGmbH is more of a disappointment in my opinion.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list2FXLtd, RemiTrade, AssuredAssets, LaxoTradeCryptoFarm, EastOilGrandAgroFinance, OneStability, MikroCredit, GHash (the first payments received),CryptoIncome (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: ValueSpecificsLtd.
From MNO Basic list: ForexShareZeusInvest, OgdenOrganization, SuccessRoadToWealth (the first payment received).

That’s all for tonight, guys. Have a good weekend and remember to always check MNO for the biggest investment programs. Listing on MNO is a matter of prestige and experienced admins should know that by now. Today sees MNO returning to the 20,000 Alexa rated most viewed websites in the world (been hovering around it for a while now) so thanks to all my loyal readers – I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Tomorrow sees another review of one of the new programs from my Premium List and, of course, will update you on the daily news from the HYIP industry. Thanks for staying with MNO and see you all tomorrow!

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