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Beware! TrustInvest has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all keeping well this Friday and looking forward to the weekend. My own vacation is coming to an end as I spend my final evening in Florence before catching the train to Pisa in the morning for a couple of days before home, though it’s not going to stop me from keeping my readers up to date on what’s been going on in the HYIP world. I have a couple of news stories to catch up on that you might find useful, but first I want to talk about TrustInvest. That’s the name of the last program to be added to the MNO monitor’s Premium List just a couple of days ago and introduced in an earlier post. TrustInvest is very different to the majority of programs as we shall see, offering perpetual payments for an investment term of the members own choosing. There’s a huge degree of flexibility in the TrustInvest and the possibilities are literally endless regarding what you can do with your account there.

I don’t really know where to begin with TrustInvest, as it’s a somewhat unusual case to be honest. Technically I suppose we can’t say it’s a brand new program in the strictest sense, as it has been online since April, but the thing is that it’s been deliberately kept away from an international audience until now. The TrustInvest website was exclusively available in the Russian language only when they started, and that was the case right up until the admin came to MNO. I suppose one could always look at the initial period of the program as being what business people call a “soft launch”, with the TrustInvest admin keeping his program to a restricted audience until he knows everything is OK, working smoothly, and the time is right to start expanding. That comes now, with TrustInvest reaching out to the rest of the world with their translation into English and joining the MNO monitor for improved coverage.
So, what about the investment plan? There’s just one so from a reviewer’s point of view it’s all very easy to explain, even though there are a lot of interesting and unconventional aspects to it. But let’s just stick with the basics for the moment. You can join TrustInvest for a minimum deposit of $25, a bit above the industry average but within the budget of most readers I think. In return for joining, TrustInvest are offering you a daily interest payment of 1% on all deposits regardless of size, with no upper limit.

After that, well, it’s pretty much up to yourself what you do with your account. In what looks to be a throwback to some of the very biggest programs from a couple of years back, TrustInvest have revived the concept of returning control of your investments to the individual account holder. You can use your TrustInvest account in a similar manner to how you might use a regular bank account. There are no term limits so you will earn your 1% per day for how ever long you decide to remain a member, be it a single day, a week, a month, or a year. I myself, speaking as a monitor, am committed to keeping an active deposit in TrustInvest for how ever long the program survives so you could also take that option if you prefer. It really just depends on what the individual investor’s short and long term goals are.

The other unique thing about TrustInvest is how much control they allow you over your principal. You can add to it or withdraw from it as often as you please. You’ll continue earning your daily interest on what ever amount of money you choose to hold in your account, and please pay close attention to that as it’s a very crucial point. If you do not withdraw your 1% on any given day then that money is simply added to your principal much the same as it would in a bank. The following day then you will still earn another 1%, except this time it’s going to be on a slightly bigger principal.

Here’s a simple example. Let’s say there’s $100 in your TrustInvest account. Today you earn 1% in interest, or $1. OK, that much is easy, in the majority of HYIPs you just withdraw your dollar and wait until tomorrow for another one. Well, you can do that here too if you want, but if you leave it then the $1 you are owed goes to your principal. So tomorrow you are again owed 1% interest, except this time it’s going to be 1% of $101 instead of $100.

It’s very like compounding in regular programs and can be useful for helping smaller investors otherwise not able to afford to spend too much money on HYIPs to slowly build a better principal. TrustInvest will also allow you to make full and partial withdrawals of your principal when ever you need to, so just like a bank account if things are going well with the program and you are enjoying the experience you can add a little extra from time to time and improve your earnings. Likewise if you need some of that cash back then you can withdraw some from your principal. Just remember that if you’re going to leave less than $25 in your account then there’s no point in being with TrustInvest at all because they won’t be paying any interest if your principal drops below that amount.

If you like the sound of that and think such an unprecedented level of account flexibility is just what you are looking for, then you need to know what your payment options are. TrustInvest are currently working with four payment handlers, all of them anonymous and untraceable. Namely these are PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer the more traditional style processors, and BitCoin if you prefer a more modern digital e-currency. In theory withdrawal requests are made manually by the admin and therefore need to be submitted from within your TrustInvest account area. He then requires a 48 hour maximum to complete the transaction. In practice however I’ve noticed a lot of payouts tend to be instant, and you can be paid in under a minute. I asked the admin about this and he confirmed that a lot of “smaller” withdrawals will be instant, however there was no clear definition of exactly what the cut off point is and how big the amount needs to be before being done manually. I guess it’s up to the discretion of the admin and the TrustInvest support staff so the best thing is to allow the full amount of time and take anything faster as a bonus.

As for the more technical side of the TrustInvest website such as design and security features, everything looks up to a high enough standard. It’s powered off a licensed version of the highly customizable H-Script. Uniquely in my experience they even give you a printable receipt that looks similar to what you’d be given for an over the counter purchase in a grocery store after every deposit and withdrawal. For a hosting provider the admin has gone to a very well known and respected “mainstream” company with CloudFlare keeping TrustInvest on a dedicated server with their support and protection against malicious DDoS attacks. There is also an SSL encryption certificate provided by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The only real criticism I have of the program for now is in the English/Russian translation. Switching between one and the other isn’t as obvious as you think it might be, and some things are still appearing in Russian by default even when the previous page was already in English. It’s by no means a major problem, certainly nothing that can’t be fixed by their programmer, I just hope it doesn’t result in people joining but failing to make a deposit because they start feeling a bit lost. One other unusual feature apart from the supermarket style receipts is a written contract between TrustInvest and its members. Seasoned HYIP industry player as most MNO readers are of course know precisely what the value of such a contract is and exactly how useful it will be if the program gets into trouble (not much!). I just mention it anyway as it might at least help the program appear more attractive or interesting to those new to the industry and less experienced than the rest of us. At the end of the day money is money after all, and no matter where it comes from it’s still the only thing that’s ever going to keep TrustInvest ticking over.

If you have any further questions for the TrustInvest admin or any account related issues you would like dealt with then the first point of contact is Live Chat support. You’ll be able to get a lot of your questions answered there, but for anything more substantial you can either fill in your details on the customer support form and submit it online through the TrustInvest website’s contacts page, or else just write directly to the listed e-mail address. There’s a postal address in Moscow which as usual I’m going to suggest you ignore as unlikely to be any more than a virtual serviced workspace and not where you would find anyone connected with TrustInvest physically located. On the other hand (and this is probably I’m guessing more useful to Russian speakers) the address comes with a phone number so you can try that if you expect an answer. There’s a couple of video reviews posted on the TrustInvest website as well, all in Russian as far as I can make out for the moment though nothing to stop you from making your own if that’s the type of thing you like to do. Fans of social media sites will be pleased to see they can connect with TrustInvest via the program’s online profiles on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

To finish then as I think I’ve covered just about everything else you might need to make an informed decision about whether TrustInvest is suitable for you are not, you just need to remember you are still in the HYIP industry with all the possible risks and rewards that go with it. Officially TrustInvest claim to be involved with investing in real estate, which you can choose to believe if you want, as long as you remember that even if it was true it still gives no guarantee of success or profitability. As with everything else that in the HYIP industry, TrustInvest is deserving of the same level of caution as every other program. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose if things go wrong, and if joining TrustInvest at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



As you might know from my recent review of BusinessAngels posted here, one of the strongest features of the program has always been its points of contact with a wide selection to help members with any issues or doubts. Other things potential investors of BusinessAngels might find attractive about the program include instant payouts to a wide choice of payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, and OkPay – and an original investment plan locking your deposit for the lifetime of the program. After you invest anything from $10 in BusinessAngels you will then be paid interest of 4% every business day (Monday to Friday). To get to the maximum 4% you will however deal with much smaller rates for the first few days, starting from 1% on day one and grows in 0.5% increments every business day until it reaches the 4% maximum on day seven which then remains in place from that point on. BusinessAngels has been online for over a month now and hopefully the advertising on MNO will help the admin achieve even more daring goals and bring profits to investors With the improvements the administration makes on a regular basis it should certainly help:

BusinessAngels Inc Limited company announces the opening of two new official chats.
You can always see Skype-chat link at the “Contacts” section or at the top of the home page.
Feedback for all of our customers is our priority to improve the quality of service. We are always happy to hear all your suggestions.


Coinexis has become another link in the chain of this summer’s totally illogical and therefore more dangerous than ever fast scams. Really, can anyone explain it to me why an admin pays for the most expensive Premium listing on MNO while getting a tiny fraction in return for his advertising costs? That makes absolutely no economic or business sense to even launch a program with all the other sizeable expenses and then scam after just a week with no opportunity for anyone to even remotely break-even from paying 5% daily at most. I believe my own referrals were still receiving money when others were not, so it took me a day or so to realize that Coinexis was in trouble. I moved the program to Problem status on MNO immediately after I had gotten and verified a complaint by one reader who was not my direct referral there. Judge for yourself – if Coinexis had continued to pay for longer perhaps it may have gotten much better attention and managed to scoop much higher profit margins for the admin. Alas, such an outcome was too difficult to comprehend for that admin and he just decided to process payments selectively for some time hoping MNO would not notice. Well, better late than never and in case with Coinexis I can say that it’s one of the few programs on MNO that spoil an overall more positive picture of longer-running programs this summer than before. I truly hope that we won’t see that admin again on MNO and I believe he learned his lesson that he won’t get from my readers much until he learns how to work hard to run a successful program. Coinexis is on Scam status on my monitor now, so please do not invest there!


Do you know that SolidTrustPay has been online for full ten years now? Who would have thought that one of the small ventures launched by Stella Hiemstra and her husband Mark in mid-2006 would become one of main payment processors serving the very best programs in the HYIP industry. They are currently onboard by such great programs like BandeiraCorp (reviewed here) and SixSpend (reviewed here)? Over the last years SolidTrustPay had to adapt to face the new and changing conditions to stay one of the best properly licensed electronic payment processors in the world and currently along with Payza remain one of the quality features people seek when choosing what makes it to their portfolio. Very few HYIPs can now pass the very strict rules and regulations SolidTrustPay makes on the potential candidates to be working with them reflecting the much stricter laws regulating verifiable payment processors now. And yet, despite all this STP still looks better than ever, it seems. Their giveaway bonanza to celebrate ten years online with 100 lucky members per day named on their official blog as winners of $10 each to their SolidTrustPay accounts. You will find out more about that below, but for now why would not open and verify a totally free account for SolidTrustPay and enjoy all the advantages of using them for HYIPs as outlined in this article from the MNO Info Center page? And you can open an STP account by clicking here and possibly join the hordes of lucky winners too when more results are published on the STP official blog and on MNO as well over the next week or so:

Contest Winners: Day 2
It’s day two of our anniversary celebration and we have even more prizes for 100 lucky SolidTrustPay users! There are so many more days of giveaways to go, so we’re just getting started.
Congratulations to all of our Day 2 Winners! Check your accounts, your prizes should already be deposited!
alina58 Ace181 bahgat mohamed maxstoj71 jorgetalaya KRZYSZTOF1 joyunlimited jbchancey todd5894c vinnyukrani elmeyito osmaniye8000 1 Invierte bueno starvoyager2 Klouri franguanipa juniorstoker1 keeimi mahermimo vregalad apillolo pauldemarsh pawelsochacki LUNEDEKAZIRI2 stefanet Dasoso eunhee35 Cinbez261 habdullah JessTrevFritts Stickyfingers98 kapiljain lkjglobal janethawkins ronaldne yungfeaky moneycabin jameeljameel219 King13 Zioomek Romush Hotel168 MHChoudhury Gelhardt69 gurjitbrar123 coachsambrero August16Farm mpatel01 twiztedthug saintdeb Celeste1970 bartosz.matuszew flodel TejT1998 KAWSAR1982 kim740 sarvesh96 12345678910abcde pijita0013 kiptoo1967 gojuryu yungfeaky 1saint2016 ikoko5 eduncan Ericah09 Cill01 By_Buyan vv225044 taib78 Magu1975 Qamar1234 PwrolleR62012 sami22sz CristianoAnjos rukabebe chipshowbur Dahhouhassan Jiya143 rghdesigns adeadegbite lsiiii ViveMejor WarPrisoner MantaNar Phom24 Zajac1984 bergweide01 kampholk arythma Heretic AOLRev k3vinm0rhen norton100 fero34 Irsalan786 lindaarriz69m TeOraiti touchdown Martinlo42
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate. We’ll be back tomorrow with another round of winners!

Contest Winners: Day3!
Welcome to Day 3 of our 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway! We have 100 more lucky users who have won!
Congratulations to all of our Day 3 winners! Check your accounts, your prizes should already be deposited.
stash7 maverick19800 Majustek gulfreshare mactawo2014 aps01 DanielMarks Mato1986 EleazarE oparemib paintballgr Omonzokpia arammajid Muneguboy yidilorincz EOBwithHAQ leocw proudestmouse agyingo_that wesleygun tcoughl1 levas macdaniel Apkaxa minkers1 sekeles fahribilge21 gilster mushi123 dnapay andreluzzi webbwilder Benal4ultra jibmeerah1 gdowhan emoffitt46 Mhunter2016 bongerne voha1961 AlainB ikerez slawek1070 stpalfred perkin19 Krystian1ag Sonofmountain shehab0000 kosara2053 Troyforever99 endotronix rodani57 tsimsolidtrust DVincent123 jairom30 baba973 commy123 maruszko ali1221 Aftab Malik pratapraju2 Georgia88 magnificence yeowsz Nikomente rclass77 skvara99 TOLA25 krzysieks83 jegesur farinasm titalanger hannahlsamson plus8 manureva98 tahirchow1 Yorman95 cynthia971 SoAHB alexadros_87 nkaware2 autonomousboy xmanford Nezabudka69 Ymargaretten14 AFK munchiilous76 gohawkswilson3 Gamevortex veskox success2me kanzo11 TineTin herbert norlin66nlk accuvoice gbetthel riggers69 cvele011 gloria moonbind
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate. We’ll be back tomorrow with another round of winners!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFundsBandeiraCorpMacauCauTrustInvest, BusinessAngels.
From MNO Standard list: SixSpend.
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat, SpecialProfit, FxDividend.

That’s all for today, guys. Since it’s Friday and I probably won’t be posting until Monday I would like to wish you the best of weekend. I myself will leave the beautiful Florence for Pisa where my Italian vacation will conclude before returning home next week. I hope your summer vacations are doing great too, where ever you spend them. Don’t forget to check out the latest news and see the biggest programs on MNO, as perhaps we can already see the next leader that could go on to dominate the HYIP industry by the autumn. And there are just a couple of days left before the results for the latest poll running this week on the MNO TalkBack are to be announced and analyzed, so you still have a chance to vote hereif you haven’t done so yet. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, thanks as always for reading MNO, and see you soon!

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