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Hello all! I didn’t really have any plans to post today and was actually enjoying wandering the ancient streets of Bologna where I’m currently stopping on my vacation with its lively atmosphere and absolutely gorgeous medieval architecture. Anyway, in a very unusual chain of events within just a few hours there were three new programs added to the MNO monitor yesterday – SixSpend, Coinexis, and BusinessAngels – and so I was distracted and immediately got myself back to work, as I know my readers would be pleased to see so many newcomers on MNO. And as my monitor is mostly designed to serve the interests of elite programs run by experienced admins I believe it was just time to see the HYIP industry getting back on its feet after the domino effect that caused such damage after the collapse of some big programs in the beginning of May. By the way, whether this trend and the amount of activity shown on the MNO monitor today proves to be continuous and marks a revival of the industry only time will tell, but my readers will be able already to speculate in the new opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page today. Of course, the final results of the current poll will also analyzed in today’s news section. I’ll also reveal the big secret announcement SolidTrustPay have been planning for us. I must say that it’s a pleasant surprise, so keep reading to find out more on that, as well as some updates on the ever active MacauCau. I’ll start though by introducing the three brand new additions on the MNO monitor today in order of appearance and will be working on more detailed reviews in due course over the next business week. Let’s start then shall we?


The first program that was added to the Standard List on MNO yesterday is called SixSpend. This is one program that many of you might have high hopes for, as it’s one of the very few programs that work with both anonymous payment processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney, and verifiable popular payment options like SolidTrustPay, Payza, and Neteller. Actually, I believe that the admin of SixSpend has been waiting until getting all payment processors on board before joining the MNO monitor to have the most appeal to my readers, as, according to the program’s updates SolidTrustPay has become the latest payment processor to be added to an already extensive list just a couple of days ago:

SolidTrustPay Accepted Here!
Great news for everyone who prefer to use SolidTrustPay as investment payment method. We are now accepting SolidTrustPay as a payment gateway. We have been approved to receive payments via SolidTrustPay after about two months of communication regarding our business model.
You can edit your profile within your member area and include your SolidTrustPay account ID in your payment details accordingly.
Take advantage of all the payment gateways we accept.
SixSpend, Winning Business Strategy

Anyway, let’s have a look first about the SixSpend‘s way to investors which is in itself like a detective story worthy of Colombo to investigate! Fortunately for my readers I have some investigation skills of my own and on further inspection I found out that someone from one of the investment forums had discovered the SixSpend website while still in development (with a totally different set of plans and payment processors). This individual then created a forum thread without the admin’s permission and without the program yet being open for business. After some people already spent money in the program the admin refunded them and disabled the deposit option until the official launch on the first day of June as announced on the site:

SixSpend Grand Launch
Hello world,
We are pleased to announced the Grand Launch of SixSpend.
Just like all the other companies, we wrote the history of our creation ourselves, but we would like to entrust our clients with writing the history of our success. It is with you that we would like to pass our business route and reach the highest point of skill, like in a game of chess: Become a GrandMaster in the field of investment business.
Feel free to contact our friendly customer support if you have any questions.
SixSpend, Winning Business Strategy

Over the first week or so after the official launch SixSpend worked on the extension of payment options, had some issues with Payza which have now been resolved, and added STP too. And finally, totally the right step and a smart business decision was to hire MNO as a promoter due to the nature of my blog and its appeal to European and American readers who favor using SolidTrustPay, Payza, and Neteller (the advantages of working with verifiable payment systems were discussed in the article on the MNO Info Center which you can find here).

I will be reviewing SixSpend on my blog on Monday, but for now I’ll just describe their investment plans and other main features very briefly. Apart from the widest choice of payment options SixSpend is working with, I can also say that all withdrawals (except to Neteller which can take 24 hours) are processed instantly, and only in rare cases might go to pending status until being processed manually within 24 hours. Minimum to invest in SixSpend starts from $10 and depending on the size of your investment you will get a fixed return on your investment that will be accrued on business days only (from Monday to Friday). The program promises to pay 5.6% to 6.6% over a term of 25 business days (five weeks) and the initial deposit is already included in the daily profits and not returned on expiry. At the end of your investment term you will therefore be in 40% to 65% net profits which is a very healthy return on and will hopefully make SixSpend sustainable over a long period of time to put more members in profits.

If you look at the technicalities then SixSpend is quite well prepared and secured with hosting and DDoS protection provided by DDoSGuard on a dedicated server, a licensed script by GoldCoders, and a superior EV SSL certificate from Comodo. Needless to say that the company is properly incorporated in the UK which is a necessity for approval by processors with strict guidelines like STP and Payza. The website itself is superbly designed and all the questions you might have are answered in the FAQ section, so there is no need to wait for my review of SixSpend to try it out already. Whatever your opinion the program, I wish you the best of luck if you decide to try your luck with SixSpend.


The second new program on my list – Coinexis – only launched a couple of days ago and straight away purchased Premium listing on my monitor. The program has high standard security with hosting and DDoS protection by DDoSGuard, a familiar GoldCoders licensed script, and an SSL connection secured by Comodo. As for investment plans, they can be divided into two categories – paying on every calendar day and paying once on expiry. Of those paying daily an investor can get from 50% to 54% net profit by the end of the term by earning 5% for 30 days, 6% for 25 days, or 7% for 22 days respectively. The minimum deposit starts from $15 and higher deposits allow you to reach the break-even point faster. There is one more investment plan in Coinexis paying 115% once on expiry of a 10 day term and suitable for anyone satisfied with lower but faster profits. Coinexis works exclusively with anonymous payment processors, so you can invest via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. When it comes to withdrawal requests, they are processed within 5 minutes to 24 hours. I’m not sure how long they actually take, as Coinexis is still on Waiting status on my monitor while I’m waiting for my own first payment. I’ll have a closer look at Coinexis next week, but meanwhile you can read the earlier updates detailing the program’s development over the first three days online:

Officially Launched !
Hello Everyone!!
After weeks of planning and deliberations, We are now officially open for signup for all people around the globe. Thank You

Latest News (06/10/2016)
Hello Everyone!!
We have successfully launch our company without any issues or downtime during the grand opening. We are still improving our website to create a good platform for our customers. As of today we now have 157 members and We are just rolling out our advertising campaigns. we do have a lot plans to further boost our company standing. More monitors will be added especially the RCB monitors that will help you earn additional income from your investment.
Dont forget that we are paying 3 level referral commissions and you need to have at least 1 active investment in any plans in order to earn referral commissions.
Our live support system are open Monday to Sunday up to 15 hours / day to provide additional account related support for all our customers.
Always stay tuned for our daily updates and we have a lot of surprises stored for you.
At your service, Coinexis Admin Team


And finally, the latest added program to the Premium List on MNO is called BusinessAngels. The program is by no means new and has been running for about four weeks now, so I have kinda mixed feeling regarding why the admin listed it on my monitor after such a long period of time. Anyway, let’s assume he has the best intentions to further develop his program and will keep paying for enough time for the MNO readers who choose to join BusinessAngels to reach the profit zone. The website seems up to a high standard and is currently available in five languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian which is the strongest. It’s interesting to note that along with the addition of other languages BusinessAngels were also gradually adding other payment processors (probably to ensure the slow and stable growth). Currently you can join with $10 using PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, OkPay, and NixMoney. The investment model offered by BusinessAngels is pretty original and offers accruals on business days only (Monday to Friday). You can actually see your balance growing in real time every second in your account area, though you cannot actually withdraw until the clock counting down to the next accrual goes to zero thus giving you the graphic display of your investment returns. Another peculiarity of BusinessAngels is that you make an investment for an unlimited period and therefore do not have the option to withdraw your initial deposit. You will start earning from 1% which will accrue on the day following your investment. This increases by 0.5% daily until you reach the 4% daily maximum return and from this point on and until the program eventually collapses it will be your daily interest. You will therefore break-even with BusinessAngels after 28 business days and will start earning profit from day 29. So even the first investors have not reached the break-even point yet. If the description doesn’t sound particularly clear to you please expect everything to be explained in more detail with examples will in the upcoming review of BusinessAngels on MNO next week. Meanwhile, if you have any questions you can take advantage of the Live Chat shown on BusinessAngels website, otherwise use Skype chat, phone numbers, various social networks links which can be found there too, among other points of contact. In technical terms BusinessAngels has nothing to be shy about, powered by the superior licensed and highly customizable version of H-Script with DDoSGuard responsible for providing quality protection on a dedicated server while the Green Bar EV SSL from Comodo helps to secure members’ transactions. And yes, most of the payments should be processed instantly, however in some cases they could be manually processed within 24 hours. I’ll be able to tell you more on the withdrawal schedule when I receive the first payment from BusinessAngels and move them to Paying status on the MNO monitor. Once done I’ll start working on the full review of the program to be delivered on my blog within the next few days. So, check all the program’s features if you’re interested and watch out for the detailed review of BusinessAngels on MNO soon!


I must say that I’m impressed with all the promotional efforts undertaken by the admin and team behind MacauCau. The perpetual development is absolutely vital to ensure the program’s growth over time and enable members to double their money. Acknowledging this fact, the latest update from MacauCau posted yesterday encourages future leaders of the program to explain the program’s benefits to others and build teams to ensure referral income and constant inflow to the game. You can read the update below, but before that let me just share with you a couple of things that happened to me as a member of MacauCau yesterday. First, I won for the first time ever in its “Presents” category where you’re choose one of five boxes. My prize was to $10, so I can confirm that it is possible to win in their “presents” section and would encourage everyone to participate once every 24 hours. And second, due to one of my $25 tickets reaching maturity it was put up for sale and a buyer already found. I can now display now on Paying status on the MNO monitor fairly and squarely now. I believe it was worth waiting for, and now that I have tested the program thoroughly and can say everything works just like it was originally described in the review of the program you can read here. If after reading the detailed review of MacauCau you you wish to participate I wish you the best of luck, especially if taking the admin’s advice and become a leader for MacauCau as encouraged in the following newsletter:

Hello MacauCau! We are watching your videos and it certainly pleases, but this is just the beginning in the project on 1 billion!!
We get a lot of questions about how to earn a maximum in MacauCau? The answer is simple – become a leader. But how to become a leader, is it easy or difficult? Today, most people play “blindly” they are not really paying attention to the rules and game tips. This is not entirely correct, it is far better to have experienced members in your team and for this it is important to train your team consistently. As they should feel the leader’s support 24/7.
There is another trend that people more likely to believe those leaders who are the most open-hearted. They more believe in those those who puts their heart in work and the project which they are recommended to participants. Today masses of people follow those leaders who are not just popular as a person – posting in all social networks it is matter for 10 minutes, however people follow those who “lights” their projects with enthusiasm and spends a lot of time with his team .
Game MacauCau excellent foundation for your leadership start. Every day, thanks to the advertising companies we have thousands of new people, geography visits simply stunning. Very Important whose faces they see on our home page and in the news, imagine if it’s your movie about what successes have in MacauCau you and your team, your video review, which you do not just read the text from the site and expressed your opinion may explain the intricacies of using all functionality of our site, your post with a remarkable history and a creative approach to the development and promotion of our game.
The more often you publish your posts on our site, the more likely you will be contacted by your potential team members who came to our game by advertisement without sponsor of their own. Among the new people there are many successful and independent leaders who can easily get to top and help you to raise your level of income is a thousand times. All you need is to be always in sight. And once you will get real status of “Gold Leader” in MacauCau, which will make you long waited million.


A special word of congratulations has to go out today to Stella Hiemstra and her staff at SolidTrustPay. They are celebrating a truly remarkable achievement next week as they mark ten years in business. The exact date is next Wednesday, June 15, but the announcement was made last night because to mark the occasion there’s going to be some cash giveaways to some lucky winners. In fact I remember the beginning very well, as MNO started around the same time in that very same year (though the archive of the current website only goes back to 2007 as I had been using a free provider before that. Innocent times!) I opened one of the first accounts there back in 2006 and I suppose it must by now be one of the oldest active accounts still in regular use. In the ten years that followed it’s been an excellent business relationship I have to say. With so many other payment processors closing down in the intervening years, (LibertyReserve, e-Gold, StrictPay, EgoPay, to name just a few of the more famous ones) SolidTrustPay has always been the most consistent, reliable, transparent, and professionally run service provider. So yes, it’s a great achievement but to me personally it comes as no surprise that they have lasted as long as this. I have no reason to doubt MNO and STP will both celebrate 20 years in business come the year 2026, God willing!

To mark this special occasion the SolidTrustPay management team are feeling particularly generous. They are giving away a cash bonanza worth at least $9,000 that they are telling us about, and with further prizes still undisclosed to come at the end of that. Starting from next Wednesday then a ten day with $1,000 given away in $10 prizes to 100 random account holders. This continues for nine days, so that’s $9,000 split between 900 STP users. On the final day of the ten day celebration something even bigger is planned, so stay tuned for that and I’ll let you know when it’s formally announced.

While I am of course pleased with the success of STP and wish them all the best for this landmark tenth year online, I also need to be practical. It’s no secret that I’ve always favored STP over other processors when it comes to running my own business, that much is on public record many many times on the MNO blog. But looking at the percentage of ref commissions that have passed through MNO over the years from investors using my monitor I can say for a fact that it’s also the first choice of a lot of HYIP players, specifically the bigger spending professional ones. With that in mind I wrote an article on the MNO Info Center page outlining the benefits to investors of selecting STP when possible. You can read it here when you are ready, after you check out the following update I’m re-posting from the official STP news blog marking their tenth anniversary:

10 Year Anniversary and Giveaway
We’re excited to finally announce that Wednesday, June 15th will mark SolidTrustPay’s tenth year of being online! In order to celebrate our anniversary, we’re having 10 days of prizes and giveaways. Starting June 15, we will be giving away $10 to 100 lucky users every day for 9 days. Then on the 10th day we have another big surprise in the works, but we’re keeping that one a secret for now. The winners will be chosen randomly and we’ll announce them daily so stay tuned, you might just be one. This is our way of saying thank you to all our amazing users across the world who have supported us over the past 10 years and we look forward to 10 more! Twitter uses, tweet at us with the hashtag #STPay10years for an extra chance to win.


Finally for today as it’s the start of the weekend I want to finish up with the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with a new question. As you may have seen, the last question asked about what readers thoughts were on when they think they’ve done as well as they can from a particular program and decide the time is probably right to leave and move on to something else. Specifically the exact question was:
At what point are you are most likely to leave a program and not re-deposit?

There was a fairly good split between the votes, though there was still a very clear and definitive winner with 40% of readers saying they are most likely to leave “with 50% profit on my investment”. 25% of readers seem to have somewhat loftier ambitions, giving the reply “I will never be satisfied and will play until the very end”. That can be an OK strategy too, though it depends on the nature of the exact program you are using it on (e.g. short term versus long term) and the amount of money you are pouring back in. I guess as long as you have your original “seed money” back out in tact then the rest is just a game you play with money you never really had in the first place and sure, it can work well under the right circumstances. I don’t vote in my own opinion polls of course, that would be a waste of time as I already know what I think when the point of the exercise is to find out what readers thoughts are. But speaking as a monitor that’s the option I would be taking as obviously the monitor’s position is different to that of the investor.
In third place with 20% of the vote, readers took the option “when doubling my initial investment”. That does sound like a dream lifestyle anyone would love to have, almost like being entirely self-sufficient and going about your daily life living entirely off your winnings while your bank balance never diminishes. Doesn’t always quite work that way unfortunately, but getting 100% profit back on everything has always been a popular goal at least.
10% of readers arrived at a different figure, voting “with 75% profit on my investment”.
The remaining 5% of readers are either slightly less ambitious or a lot more realistic depending on how you want to view things. They took the option of “with 25% profit on my investment” as perhaps being a good time to think about leaving a HYIP. Well, I know most of you are hoping for a lot more than that (the poll results say as much) but who can blame them? With the industry so fragile over the last six to eight weeks it’s only natural that some folks are happy to get anything they can and get out with their principals still in tact.

While I’m on the subject of people’s perceptions of the HYIP industry at the moment and what they are expecting to get from it in the coming weeks and months, this brings me to the next MNO TalkBack question. As you will have read in the news section above, just yesterday no less than three new programs joined the MNO monitor within about two hours of each other. Even when I think back to the boom times a couple of years back when the HYIP industry was internationally so strong I don’t recall this happening. Exciting times ahead? Well, that’s what we are all hoping for, and it doesn’t really take much in the way of good, solid performing programs to restore the confidence of investors in the wider HYIP industry and repair the damage done by deliberate fast scams where no one sees a profit. So, this week’s MNO TalkBack opinion poll will ask you the following:
Is the HYIP industry getting any closer to recovery or improvement?

The possible answers are:
a) Yes, the industry is definitely turning a corner.
b) No, I think it’s getting worse.
c) Maybe, there are positive signs but not enough to be sure yet.

As usual let me just say thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to vote. It’s much appreciated. For everyone else, please remember that voting only takes a second to click on your preferred answer, and is 100% anonymous unless of course you wish to discuss it on the MNO ShoutBox as you are also welcome to do.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CryptoStabilityArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, MacauCau (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: Royal8, SixSpend (the first instant payment received).
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat.

I’ll wrap it up there, guys. I’m off to explore the northern Italian city of Modena myself today, hometown of Luciano Pavarotti and Enzo Ferrari no less, so it should be interesting. I hope your own weekends are going just as good, thanks a lot for taking some time to read, and I’ll see you next time with a detailed look at SixSpend, the first of the three brand new additions to my monitor plus what ever other important news stories are worth hearing about. Meanwhile don’t forget to cast your votes in the brand new MNO TalkBack opinion poll now running here. See you all soon!

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