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Beware! SixSpend has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I hope you had a good weekend, especially if you’ve been enjoying the European football championships which just started off again in earnest. Tomorrow sees the start of a brand new business week, so time to switch our attentions elsewhere, for a while at least anyway. And what better way to get it underway than by discussing some of the latest brand new additions to the MNO monitor over the last couple of days. One of the better opportunities in the HYIP industry to come our way in the last week definitely has to be SixSpend, a brand new mid term program which looks very promising and is fast catching the attention of a lot of readers here if the initial feedback I’m getting is anything to go by.

There’s just one point I would like to clear up about SixSpend before we continue. This isn’t usually something I’d bother with but as it could easily be misleading then I think it worth mentioning. Despite what you might read on some forums, at the time of writing SixSpend has been operating for about a week and a half. However while the website was still in development some HYIP forum poster discovered it online and decided to start a forum thread on the program last April. Yes, technically speaking SixSpend was “online” I suppose, but was still being tested and not open to the public. This didn’t stop some people from misreading the situation completely and joining anyway. The admin promptly refunded them, disabled all further deposits, and asked that they wait until the program was properly ready to launch. SixSpend is now open and can be considered new, however some forums still have the premature threads open which might give some of you the false impression that they started back in April (they didn’t!) and is older than you think. Obviously this was down to one over eager poster with too much time on his hands trying to get as many of his ref links out there as possible. So just ignore anything older than June that you might hear about the program online.
So, with that out of the way let’s get on with seeing what SixSpend are really all about and whether you want to join the readers already taking the plunge by adding them to your portfolios. As I said this is a mid term program and they offer three individual investment plans. The first of these is called The Steady Six, and because of its affordability will I’m sure prove the most popular. You can join for a minimum spend of $10, and the maximum limit is capped at $2,999 so that bracket probably contains the vast majority of HYIP players. If this is the one you find yourself looking to join, then the term runs for 25 business days (five full calendar weeks) during which SixSpend are offering you a daily interest payment. Payments are made Monday to Friday only, and are paid at a rate of 5.6%. By the time the plan comes to expiry you should hopefully have withdrawn 140% in total. With SixSpend counting your principal as part of the payments, it won’t be returned in a single separate payment and means you are left with 40% net profit on your investment.

Not bad for five weeks by any standards, though most importantly I think in the hands of the right admin can easily be achieved and sustained for a good number of cycles. Here’s how a simple example might look in practical terms. Let’s say you joined this plan with a $100 investment. SixSpend offer to pay you back $5.60 every business day, Monday to Friday, for the following five weeks. This allows you to reach the break-even point, that is to say earn back an amount equivalent to your principal after receiving 18 of the scheduled 25 payments, and after that you can’t possibly lose any of your own money as it’s pure net profit from that point on. You should complete the term with $140 in total, $100 of which was yours to begin with and $40 from SixSpend as profit.

If you are willing to spend a bit more on your investment and can afford to risk a $3,000 minimum then SixSpend‘s next plan might be for you. It’s called The Solid Six and again runs for 25 business days. It’s a bit more expensive but not ridiculously so for some of the bigger players, so I guess there will be significant if somewhat reduced interest from some readers here. Interest payments to members are again offered from Monday to Friday only, except this time the rate improves to a slightly more generous 6% per business day. Add that up over the course of the term and it should bring you back 150% of your investment. Just remember that SixSpend are already counting your principal as part of the payments allowing you to break-even after 17 payments and finish with 50% net profit. SixSpend‘s maximum investment limit for this plan is capped at $9,999.

And finally with a minimum requirement of $10,000 to join, SixSpend‘s third offering is called The Strike Six. Most of you are unlikely to have that sort of cash to spare for HYIPs, I know, but just for your information I’ll run through the numbers for you anyway. The term stays at 25 business days, with SixSpend offering a daily interest payment of 6.6% on any amount up to a $99,999 maximum. This comes to 165% in total by the final payment, or 65% net profit once you consider that SixSpend are counting your principal as part of the payments.

While there’s a lot I like about SixSpend as a HYIP, for example the twin pillars of achievability and sustainability that you can see in their main investment plan, the one thing that might endear it to most investors is the choice of payment options. To put it bluntly, they are just head and shoulders above the competition, and it’s a regrettably rare sight these days to see an admin prepared to make the same effort as this one. With SolidTrustPay, Neteller, and Payza all in use we can see a professionally minded and business like approach and will go a long way towards attracting the bigger spending more serious investors. On the other hand if for whatever reason you favor more anonymous and untraceable options then SixSpend also work with PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and NixMoney as more traditional style processors, and BitCoin for those preferring a more modern e-currency.

Apart from having almost the widest possible range of payment methods, SixSpend further enhance their chances of success with instant payouts. I know this particular option isn’t always seen as a “deal breaker” before people are willing to join a program, nobody would exactly say they dislike the idea of instant payouts either, would they? Just log in to your members account area as usual, request your payment, and SixSpend should have it with you in under a minute. Only in the most rare cases does the admin reserve the right to make manual payments if necessary. For example there can be certain factors beyond his control, such as difficulties with payment processor websites which are rare but you know do still happen. If anything like this pops up then your payment will go to pending and the admin says he should be able to complete it within 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal request is $1, so smaller investors please remember to keep this in mind what asking for a payment.

On a side note, I should just point out that the only exception to the above comes for Neteller users. Actually I would have to say that after STP, Neteller would probably be my own second favorite, however as the main focus of their business lies elsewhere you don’t see them as often as I’d like in the HYIP industry. Pity, because they offer a vastly superior service to most others. Anyway, if you do have a Neteller account then you should already be aware of what I’m going to say here. But just in case, the minimum withdrawal from SixSpend to Neteller is $5, and all transactions will be made manually within 24 hours. This is of course obviously Neteller rules and not those of the SixSpend admin.

Moving on now to the more technical side of the SixSpend website such as design, security, and so on, it’s all up to a suitably high standard one should expect and demand from the more high-end programs. Hosting is by the ever reliable DDoSGuard who are keeping SixSpend on a dedicated server with their support and protection. Many of you may already recognize the script as being from GoldCoders, so I’ll just confirm for you that it’s under license. Naturally it has all the hallmark features that will make using the SixSpend website such an easy experience, being user friendly and easy to navigate throughout. Adding an extra layer of security is the superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL connection certificate by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

The website itself is superbly designed and most of the questions you might have are answered in a good FAQ section. They’ve also got a pretty good “guidelines” page which talks you through the entire process of getting involved with SixSpend in very clear, concise, and readable English which will be good for less experienced investors. However if there’s anything else or any account related issues you may need to have dealt with then there’s a couple of ways to get in touch with the SixSpend support team. You can either e-mail them directly at the listed address, or else fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit via the support page. One thing you should probably ignore is the postal address, which even if it does add to good appearances is unlikely to be where you will find anyone connected with the program physically located. More practical use for online investors anyway is the SixSpend Facebook profile where fans of social media networks will be able to check them out.

I think, or at least I hope that covers all the main areas of SixSpend that you need to know about in order to make an informed decision about whether to join them or not. In closing however I would only ask readers to remember that even the best HYIP is still just a HYIP, SixSpend being no exception. In the right hands it can go a long way and the admin has certainly put enough work in to the initial stages to prove his intentions and aspirations for SixSpend are huge, that much is clear. But at the end of the day the real risk ultimately falls to you, the investor. So make sure you are aware and comfortable with the consequences of what you are doing, stay within a sensible and responsible spending limit you can afford to live without, and if joining SixSpend at all then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



As you’ll have seen in the above review of SixSpend, the program has been working with lots of various payment methods to accommodate every single investor and appeal to various interest groups in the wide ranging HYIP world market. Many of you know as well that every payment processor has its own peculiarities in terms of minimum withdrawals and the naming of its wallets. So in the latest newsletter from SixSpend issued earlier today, the program’s admin emphasized the importance of having the AdvCash account listed in your account correctly, i.e. the email address associated with the account. Those who mistakenly listed a number for their AdvCash wallet instead of an email are encouraged to correct the info in the settings of the SixSpend account. Also, as mentioned in the review, Neteller is the only payment processor that cannot accommodate payments less than $5 in value, and while payments to all the other payment processors SixSpend is using – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Payza, SolidTrustPay, NixMoney, and AdvCash – can be requested once you reach $1 in your account, Neteller will require $5. The same goes with instant withdrawals which apply to all payment processors except Neteller, where they are to be processed manually within 24 hours. Please read more on that in the admin’s email to find out more:

AdvCash Wallet ID and Our Withdrawal Policy Reminder
There are some members who were confused as to what their AdvCash wallet ID should be. We have returned back some AdvCash pending withdrawals to those accounts who have set incorrect AdvCash wallet ID. Your AdvCash wallet ID should be your AdvCash Login Email.
From now on, we will return back the pending withdrawals of those who have set incorrect wallet ID and will keep doing so. If you have this experience, please check whether you have set your correct wallet ID within your member area. Once your correct wallet ID has been set, you can request your funds withdrawal and the payment should be processed instantly.
The minimum amount to withdraw is equal to 1 USD for all payment processors, except Neteller which the minimum amount to withdraw is equal to 5 USD due to Neteller minimum transfer policy.
Please note that all Withdrawals will be processed instantly, except Neteller which will be processed manually within 24 hours upon request. In case of any issue, we reserve 24 hours to complete all withdrawal requests. So, please remain patient.
SixSpend, Winning Business Strategy


Despite Payza remaining one of the most popular payment processors in the HYIP industry (among the programs listed on MNO you can invest via Payza with CryptoStability, BandeiraCorp, and SixSpend) the weakest link in the whole system which many investors have been suffering tremendously over the last few months is their support. Payza has a Live Chat which is supposed to be open 24/7 during business days (Monday through Friday), but it’s pretty much useless since it cannot address your query directly and just gives repeated copy/paste template answers. In most cases they don’t even answer the question you asked. You may prefer to receive a prompt reply to a support ticket, but alas! That option is also out of the question if you don’t want to wait for seven (!) business days (and in some cases it can even stretch to the whole two weeks) to get a support ticket answered. We could, of course, understand that Payza has recently become quite popular in developing markets with possibly thousands of new customers joining. However this is not an acceptable excuse for current Payza members who expect a much better attitude if they are not going to move to alternatives like SolidTrustPay who treat their customers a lot better. Anyway, the upcoming maintenance of Payza‘s Live Chat which is going to be unavailable for an entire week starting today will hopefully serve as a way to re-evaluate and drastically improve it. That’s according to Payza‘s latest official blog post anyway. I will, of course, update you all if things improve somehow next Monday when Live support is due to resume. Meanwhile, please read about the alternatives of using support tickets that Payza is promising to reply to faster this week, due to higher availability of the support staff usually involved in Live Chat. Please refer to their guidelines posted in the following update:

Payza Live Chat will be Unavailable the week of June 13, 2016
As part of Payza’s continuing efforts to improve our Customer Support services, we will be performing maintenance on our Live Chat support during the week of June 13, 2016, with service resuming on Monday, June 20. During this period, Live Chat will be unavailable.
Along with conducting maintenance to help improve the Live Chat feature, we will also evaluate our current Customer Support offerings and assess ways to improve our Customer Support options.
If you require Customer Support while Live Chat is unavailable, simply submit a Support Ticket to our team by completing this form. Because all of our Customer Support advisors will be focused solely on responding to Support Tickets during the maintenance period, you can expect quicker responses to your tickets.
How to best get the help you need when submitting a Support Ticket
In order to get the help you need when sending a Support Ticket to Payza, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
Send your ticket to the proper department: On the first page of the Payza Support Ticket form, you’ll notice a list of departments such as My Account Support, My Money Support, Business Support, Account Security, and Sales / Business Development. These departments may offer additional options to help get your ticket to the right Customer Support advisor. Be sure you choose the right Customer Support department when submitting your ticket, this helps to make sure the right team gets your ticket right away and helps to avoid delays when answering your ticket.
Enter the personal details that match your account information: When submitting a Support Ticket, you will be asked to provide your first and last name, your email address, and your date of birth. The information you submit here should match the information listed in the Payza account you need help with. You should not submit support tickets on behalf of other Payza members. If you have a friend or relative who needs help submitting a ticket, it is best to guide them so that they submit the ticket using their own information.
Choose a descriptive subject when submitting your ticket: Use a descriptive subject line when submitting your ticket and provide as many details as possible about your issue in the Support Ticket message. Your subject line should indicate the issue you are facing. For example, if you need help resetting your password, choose a subject such as: Help reset my password. If you have a problem with a withdrawal, use a subject line like: Problem with Withdrawal. If you think your account may have been hacked, a good subject line would be: Account Compromised. Always try to describe your problem in the subject line, a subject like “Help me!!!” isn’t very clear and will make it more difficult for our team to actually help you.
Provide as much information as possible when submitting a Support Ticket: If your Support Ticket is about a transaction, be sure to include the Payza Transaction Reference Number in the message so that we can quickly locate the transaction you need help with. If it is about a problem with your verification documents, let our team know which document specifically you are having problems with. By providing as much information as possible right away, our team will be able to help you much faster than if they need to ask you questions to get more information from you about your issue.
Do not include sensitive information in your Support Ticket: While we do ask you to provide as much detail as possible about your issue, there can be such a thing as too much information. Do not include details like your Bank Account and Credit Card numbers or other sensitive information in your ticket.
Do not submit multiple tickets for the same issue: Once you have submitted a Support Ticket, you should wait for the response from our team and avoid sending multiple tickets or multiple replies to the same ticket. Sending multiple tickets for the same issue could further delay the response from our Customer Support Team, so for the quickest response, only send one ticket per issue.
Also, don’t forget, if you’re having trouble using one of Payza’s features, you can usually find the solution in our FAQs! Be sure to check our FAQ section first for the solution to your problem before submitting a ticket.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CryptoStabilityArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, MacauCau, Coinexis (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: Royal8, SixSpend.
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat.

That’s all for today. With a clear shift in the HYIP industry towards something better and more stable (a view currently held by over 80% of my readers according to the first preliminary results of the poll running on the MNO TalkBack page here) we should hope that a revival is just around the corner. I’ll be back on Tuesday with a detailed look at Coinexis. I received the first payments from them over the weekend so moved it to Paying status on the MNO monitor. You can also expect all the latest updates and analysis of events in the most elite investment programs run by highly experienced admins – the only kind welcome on MNO. My blog and monitor are hopefully the most useful tools to determine good and bad programs and sharing my experience to increase your chance of winning. See you all soon!

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