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Beware! MacauCau has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I hadn’t been expecting to publish again this weekend, until receiving the following interview I sent to the admin of MacauCau earlier in the week. Being Sunday there isn’t much news to add on at the end of it (hence my expectation to only be posting on Monday), but I hope your weekend has been going well anyway.

MacauCau is a Premium List program on the MNO monitor, though it could hardly be any more different from the other HYIPs included there than this. It really is that unique, but that may also be the one single thing about MacauCau that may have put some of the first investors to discover it before it was reviewed on MNO. You can read that review here, and see for your self that any fears that the program may be too complicated are really unfounded. It is very different, OK, but by reading the review I think most readers saw immediately that it only takes a few minutes to go through the MacauCau website to see how it all works.

To put it in the simplest possible terms, you could describe MacauCau as a doubler. The amount of money you earn is double what ever amount you spend, so it’s your own money back plus 100% net profit. This differs from regular HYIPs however in the manner in which it’s organized. This involves the investor buying virtual coupons from MacauCau priced at $25 each. They then pay you 5% interest per day until you have earned back the value of the the coupon, which has then expired. At that point (you’ve already just reached the break-even point) you are obliged to sell your coupon at full price to a new investor which MacauCau arrange for you. So a 200% return is paid back to you with half coming from the program and half coming from the next investors who are in a queue for expired coupons to become available for re-sale. As I already said, you can check out the review of MacauCau yourself for a more detailed explanation with examples, but for now let’s hear what the admin has to say about it all.
1. Hello Deni, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and tell us please about your own involvement in MacauCau. What is your role in the day to day running of the program? How long have you been online?

Hi everyone, my name is Deni. I’m the admin of MacauCau, and my team and I are working in Internet businesses for over 10 years.

2. Can you give us some background information on MacauCau? How many others are involved with the business and what are the roles they provide?

MacauCau is not a legal entity or any other recognized person or business. MacauCau does not participate in any financial or other business activities. MacauCau is basically just a website, a place on the Internet where people interact and exchange their valuables. In projects like this one the statistical information is private. One thing I can say 100% MacauCau employees are active participants in the development of this project.

3. Explain the concept behind MacauCau to us, what it’s all about, and the process of joining the website to us. Can you give us a step-by-step guide for someone who’s never heard of you before on how to join, buy tickets/coupons, earn money from them, and then sell them again on maturity?

The concept of our site is very simple and it is described in detail on the page: https://macaucau.com/rule/

This is a game where people exchange coins of BitCoin or PerfectMoney by buying or selling tickets to each other.

You can sign up to our website on the main page. In the field for registration enter your email and create a password. After that on the screen will appear the page where you will need to fill up the fields of participant data: name, country, city, addresses of BitCoin and PerfectMoney, and also if you want to receive notification about events in the personal cabinet it is necessary to verify either or both of contact: email and mobile phone number.

To start buying tickets in MacauCau we implemented a small test, where each participant should fill up his referral account with 5$. Thus we protect our participants from random visitors, from accidental pressing of buttons to buy tickets by them, and exclude the possibility of children participation in our system.

After test which about I said above, the participant can buy tickets. To do this, he should select value of the ticket he want to purchase and send request in the personal cabinet of MacauCau. Within 72 hours the system will select the participant who wishes to sell their tickets, and will appoint transfer order from the buyer to the seller.

Coupon sale time variates from 5 to 20 days and it is completely depends on the value of purchased ticket. The more ticket value the less time for vouchers to be ready for sale. Further I will explain that each ticket includes coupons in denominations of $ 25 each. After purchasing a ticket, coupon will double on its nominal value.

At a time when coupons is ready for sale, the participant applies for the sale and his turn to become a seller. The system finds the buyer, and the party gradually over time sell all their tickets with the result of + 100% to their invested nominal value.

4. What kind of earnings can members expect from this? What are the minimum and maximum amounts to invest, and what are the minimum amounts for withdrawals? Are there any fees involved that members should be aware of?

Members can buy tickets for amounts between $25 to $1500 in units of BitCoin or PerfectMoney. There are no limits placed on withdrawals. About the $5 verification fee, I mentioned it above.

5. What payment options are you currently accepting? Considering that you probably don’t want to be associated with the regular HYIP industry, higher end processors such as SolidTrustPay and Neteller are usually a lot more willing to provide their services, so what is preventing you from adding more payment options?

We constantly analyze the audience that comes to our project. All use BitCoin and PerfectMoney and all parties are satisfied. Only these systems are in use. SolidTrustPay and Neteller are not in demand by our members.

6. I’m curious about how MacauCau themselves aim to make any money from this. If a member makes a 200% return, with 100% paid by the program and 100% paid by the person buying the expired tickets, where does your own share come from?

In MacauCau there is a great referral program. I have already said above that all employees are participants as well and also inviting new members, thereby obtaining excellent referral fees.

7. How secure is the MacauCau website? What are you doing to protect it from hackers? Are you on a dedicated server? Who is your host? What kind of anti-DDoS protection do you have?

Our website is 100% safe. Other questions – no comments.

8. Can we see any statistics regarding MacauCau? How many members have joined since the beginning and how many are active ticket holders the moment? Are you pleased with the support from the members so far? How important a role do they play in bringing in new members?

We do not publish statistical data on the project. If you are interested you may surf Google on MacauCau and you will see how many reviews there are about our game. Yes, we are very pleased with the participation which we already have, and we are in advance satisfied with who we believe will join in the future. The influx is certainly important.

9. How can members contact you if they have any questions or support related issues? What’s the fastest and most efficient way for members to get any problems dealt with? If Live Chat is not working for some reason then what other options are available?

There are several options for supporting members. There is an online consultant and support in the cabinet menu. Therefore questions from the participants come to us these two ways 24/7 and a wide variety of questions are solved very quickly.

10. Specifically what can you tell us about Live Chat? For example, I know your site is available in several languages, but is customer support only available in English or do you have multi-lingual operators? Also, how much power do support operators have to actually fix any problems members might have with their accounts? In other words are they only there to answer questions or can they get involved with more serious issues?

If we speak about the Live Chat operators, there are English, Chinese, Russian and Indonesian speaking people available. Chat settings are made so that the operator knows in advance which country requests a chat and we are ready to answer the questions of the participants in the appropriate language. Operators can communicate through a chat with the administrator, and can deal with any questions of the participants. By the way, we always consider the candidates among the leaders of our game to the position of online consultant, especially anyone who speaks a language which is not covered by our operators.

11. What have been the most common questions and problems you’ve had to deal with so far? Is there anything you wish to say here so that members can avoid having to contact you later?

We have no problems. In our project we put together a perfect team of good skilled leaders who took part in such projects before.

12. How have you been promoting MacauCau so far? What advertising strategy have you been using? How are you encouraging new members to join? Explain also how you are helping existing members to build a downline. What about your referral program?

MacauCau has a very good marketing plan, which in itself attracts and motivates new members. The main task of all leaders is to just promote the game to more and more new people.

13. And finally is there anything else you wish to say not covered in this interview? Also please feel free to comment on the review of your program published on MNO. 

For now that’s all I wanted to share with you. Please, do write us again.
Thank you!

That’s about it for today guys, except to say thanks for reading and thanks to Deni for taking time to answer some questions. And of course good luck to everyone involved with MacauCau with making a profit there, just remember that member promotion is essential for your own successful investments so get involved and spread the word. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I’ll see you all tomorrow with the latest news stories from the HYIP industry. Bye for now and you all then!

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