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Hello, guys, and welcome to another business week in the HYIP industry with MNO! I’m currently in the nice port city of Livorno in Italy, but managed to take out an hour from my holiday schedule to find a charming little Italian coffee shop by the harbor to write these lines. I hope your summer vacation is going as well as mine, as the weather is surely not encouraging people to play HYIPs much these days. But if you’re still stuck in the concrete jungle and thinking how to make some easy money then you’ve come to the right place. You see, MNO is currently dealing with a very small amount of cherry-picked programs with high advertising budgets run by experienced admins with therefore much better chances to succeed and make money for my readers. That’s why many people (even just my referrals) read MNO on a daily basis not to miss any important stories or programs. Now tell me what you think of MacauCau leading the HYIP industry with its sophisticated doubling game, or SixSpend being the dark horse despite accepting all major payment processors? Might either of them be the next leader of the HYIP industry? Well, it’s too early to say for sure, but the updates from them plus the latest news from the popular verifiable payment systems SolidTrustPay and Payza will be the subject of discussion in the today’s news. I’ll start with MacauCau which has become surprisingly popular with my readers.


It’s obvious that the promotional team behind MacauCau‘s unique concept on money-doubling where every one can earn 5% daily on a ticket/coupon (read more about the game’s rules in my review here) and get paid their profits with subsequent deposits of further participants know exactly how to aim for success. I’m pretty sure that it’s not their first program of such calibre. Mostly they rely not on HYIP monitors, but on building downlines and successful teams of people capable of leading others on the path to success and possibly huge earnings. The very thing that MacauCau is not relying solely on the HYIP market, but trying to build something big outside of the world of online investments make the game especially popular in Russian speaking and oriental countries, proving that they are quite experienced this field. Let the recent interview with Deni, one of MacauCau admins (click here to read it) be the drawback to you, as English seems to be a weak spot for him and he couldn’t really give the more elaborate answers I was hoping for. You should look at MacauCau form a wider angle and just imagine the possibilities and the scale of operations that potentially can be achieved with the help of tireless promoters around the world. Some of them can surely build huge teams and share the knowledge of earning with MacauCau with their followers and they in turn will be able to start building their own structure, and so on. That is actually more or less how all HYIPs are promoted and earn money for their members (at the expense of future participants and future deposits, never from the admin’s pocket!) – just a very tiny percentage of programs ever admit it. At the same time, if you warn people right from the very start that it’s a highly profitable game where you may earn up to 200% on your deposit over a 40-day term if new people buy your expired tickets or coupons, so let them know in advance it’s a game (but with lots of potential to grow into something huge) is it really a lie? I doubt it, especially if the participant is a grown adult and aware of the risks involved, and can also identify potential rewards. This is a healthy thing as it helps leaders to believe in themselves, and in what they are doing. And if you believe wholeheartedly in what you’re doing and know you’re right it’s a very easy thing to convince others to go down the same path – and I’m speaking as someone with ten years of marketing experience in the HYIP industry, guys. I believe that the administration of MacauCau knows this too and sending quite a lengthy newsletter with some questions from troubled players sddressed and outlining the very bright prospects of the game itself is necessary for building strong teams and an uninterrupted service. I notice myself that over the last few days my own ticket selling process is doing quite well and they are purchased by other members faster than originally, meaning there is a huge demand for those tickets as expressed in the following newsletter. Before that though I also re-posted a short message on the addition of Wechat that is apparently popular among Chinese speaking players in MacauCau. Well, as I already said, the program is growing well and I hope it might be possible to see MacauCau at the top of the MNO Premium List by the end of this very week (fingers crossed!) as people are really liking this unorthodox program over the more conventional HYIPs:

MacauCau Official Wechat
Hello dear friends!! We are growing and respectively, expanding communication capabilities. At the request of the Chinese participants, we set up MacauCau official WeChat messenger for everybody use!!! Wechat is a global messenger which you can join from anywhere in the world !! There will also be news timeline of our MacauCau site! Join now!

Say MACAUCAU no long-term project, and we will say that you’ve never participate in the global marketing projects from Asia…
Lets talk?

Dear participants, networkers, MLM game lovers. We wish that this message would reach deep into your heads, and you would made sense of it all to the last word.
To begin with, MacauCau game was created by the same players as you are, but who had many years of experience of participation and building of global projects.
Before you give life to MacauCau game and start it’s positioning as the most successful, most profitable project with an absolutely adequate marketing calculated mathematically, we have been thoroughly studied all the successful projects that existed in Eurasia, the African continent, as well as in Latin America.
That’s the harsh reality…
The overall picture is, most of the leaders of the old MLM projects still continue to participate in the old projects, even though with a long-playing marketing, but very low profit, justifying themselves, or rather comforting themselves that low-interest projects possibility to loose are lower. They set an example of “successful” decade-old project, showing hundreds of dollars of profit in their accounts, in fact, this experience they are trying to impose to young active leaders, thereby killing on the spot not only their motivation to act, but also the pursuit of success in this area as a whole.
And yet, there are those who use every opportunity…
And here’s another picture with which we face the last several years in new projects. These are the projects that live up to date, the creators of which make the most of what is trending, ranging from ways of communication between the participants -it is a groups in a variety of mobile instant messengers, allowing to connect beginners “on the go”. As well very important the usage of new payment systems, providing unobstructed circulation of funds around the world. This is a new level, there fundamentally new teams are created, fresh, active participants build thousands and even million in it’s structure. They are working years of absolute success, with referral checks in excess of hundreds thousands of dollars. I repeat here: … hundreds thousands of dollars …
This is a completely different amount of money and different level of the game. You can immediately argue – that in other countries, other levels of life .. we will answer yes, you are right, there are also many poor people, who are very eager to succeed.
My neighbor friend also believed to one almost at the peak…
Remember how the traditional pseudo stable network projects work? They are gaining momentum slowly gaining the trust of an increasing mass of people, and when people start to trust, projects tend to get a critical mass of funds from the participants. So in this case organizers make desired amount of money (will not take into account those who initially had no good intentions), they just reach the threshold of their earnings and next step project stop it’s being. Thus, it seems that the project runs for several years, he had a long positive reputation, but in reality, the project lives a few months, all the rest of the time the project matures as a pumpkin long and boring. And then, it is taken and finished in one sitting.
What creators of MacauCau is up to – we do not wait to be ripen year long and then to be eaten in one day. We have created an energetic project with far-reaching plans. In MacauCau money is stored not on admin accounts, we do not have trust accounts, all the funds are transferred to the chain in the order queue, from person to person, providing all participants already now huge dividends, and those who have big team with him do get unreal high interest rates.
In our team gathered ambitious people which are able to pick up any country. On the very first day of the project, we opened in three countries at once – this is China, Indonesia and Russia, and already at 5-th day geography of our participants multiplied by 10 times, further even more. We are often asked:
– “What country was the first in which MacauCau started to work?”
And we can not answer this question unambiguously. We grew up immediately and everywhere, in all countries of three continents at once. It’s great, it’s fascinating, and it is breath taking.. but there comes a time when everyone asks the main question, where am I at the very moment, how much I invested and how many people are invited by me? And result depends on this value.
There is another myth, misconception, that we just hear from you. Low percentage projects with fictional legend become extensive and invite people in such projects much easier, since they offer people an idea of scale. So, ask yourself this question – where is easier to invite people ,to the project where you have profit of 100$ in 6 month or fast moving project where there are huge cash flows which in one word is money. Where is easier?
Sadness and despondency – not our helpers.
The low-interest network projects leaders invite traffic formulated by years of work, there are people who have been in more than one project, which has repeatedly disappointed and which are with great caution following new project of their leader, they participate passively, sometimes ridiculously – by leaders order. No one runs the risk, none of them are “lighting” those projects in where they participate, because in other projects they failed with same team members. Each of us gains experience, but trail of failures remains in the minds of the people, the people who stopped.
MacauCau marketing allows to invite absolutely anybody, conditions of participation are interesting to anyone, which is why the MacauCau development is leaps and bounds, people share their experiences, call in their friends. Only in this way, with great passion, referral tree is built mega fast. And it is this active way of bringing a lot of money. Not when all sit passively waiting and predicting in their videos funny period of two months of existence. In such projects, with referral rewards, even ordinary players share the joy of their profit with close family and friends and almost every participant builds a team without any special skills.
Bottom line
Time is money – as long as you push the financial projects with fictional ideas years by now, hoping to achieve success, you’re just wasting the most precious – Your time.
Modern leaders create the flow of incoming people every day, from the first day of participation, providing great reward for themselves, passing their experience and helping their newbies to repeat their success of leadership.
When you invite people into the project, which promises you huge earnings on the ideas which have no sense, you are cheating your team and lose ranking and respect.
Game MacauCau does not carry any promises, conditions are transparent and clean
Buy – Invite – Sale.
The increase is in geometrical progression.
When thousands of participants share their results of the game, it generates a healthy interest in the environment, even if just on the Internet social networks. If you receive without sharing your successes – no one will join you.
To participate in the global project is much cooler rather than within a single country. Global project is not depends on local traditions, disasters or simply national characteristics of the people of one country. Global project can work stably for a long time, alternating or combining active members worldwide.
It is not trite it sounds, but each one of us has only two ways, the first is – take the usual 100, okay $ 1,000 and hide in a hole and waiting for project to stop.
And the second – the way the leader cares for his project, coming with us in a powerful strong cohesive team, the goal of which to raise the whole system to the maximum, and all together to provide to each one of them the realization of life plans and needs.
Add up all the pros and cons! Our doors are open to all, each participant will receive support from MacauCau. Build a career, all conditions are created and only play in your favor.
Ps: Read this advice as well, it a little bit more personal, consider a friendly advice .. Remember, time is running out, and as long as you think, the participants that followed you by years already now are registering in the MacauCau under someone else, more active , cheerful, successful leader, who was able to explain the obvious advantages of our project, thus they are – your participants will become former to you and actual referral money will, unfortunately, pass by you.
MacauCau is an unique project in its kind as well as phenomenal for this time! Doubt something else like that will appear in the near future. MacauCau will join everybody and it is obvious already now!!! So use your chance, wake up and make every effort to get the maximum and more than maximum… Good luck to you, dear friend.


The path to success of a good program where the admin cares about members lies in the tiny details like the attention to the scheduled interruption and warning members well in advance. Even in the event of the slightest panic there is always a chance of a negative vibe which, like gasoline, can spread the fire and collapse of a program. That’s why it’s always important to warn about scheduled maintenance in advance as done by the admin of SixSpend in the email sent to members a couple of days ago:

Our Hosting Provider Technical Maintenance
Please be informed that on 22 June 2016 starting from 12:01 AM through 01:00 AM (GMT +3) our Hosting Provider (DDoS-Guard.net) will be carrying out a core routers upgrade. It might affect your connection, resulting in short-time network outages during the time period mentioned.
We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause by the event.
SixSpend, Winning Business Strategy

So keep this in mind if you try to access the SixSpend website during the hours specified in the email and make any withdrawal requests if you have them before this. By the way, those who read the full review of SixSpend on MNO posted here might be aware of the instantly processed withdrawals and the abundance of payment processor choices in the program, including not only the anonymous payment options like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney, but more respectable verifable options like SolidTrustPay, Payza, and Neteller. Except for Neteller where payments start from $5, every other payment processor accepted by SixSpend require you only $1 in your account to request an instant withdrawal. The investment plans offered are quite lucrative as well and members can decide between 5.6% to 6.6% daily paying options for a fixed 25 business day term. As SixSpend is only on its third week online we will be able to judge on how serious the admin is when the first investors get into the profit zone and complete the first investment cycle, of which MNO readers will surely know first.


To be perfectly blunt about it, the criticism that’s been thrown against the quality and competency of the customer support offered by Payza in recent times has been entirely justified. In one single word, it’s been appalling. But on a positive note it’s good to see the administration finally acknowledge what the long suffering account holders have known for a long time – something simply has to change if Payza are to keep a hold of their customer base and stay competitive. You may remember then it was reported that Live Chat support was completely suspended for a time while an internal examination and overhaul was planned as to exactly what needed to be done to get Payza back on track. It seems as if Live Chat operators are now going to be working reduced hours in that particular area in order for Payza to concentrate more manpower on catching up with support tickets. Starting from today Live Chat is now available during business hours, which for the sake of Payza customers are deemed to be 10:30am to 18:30pm Eastern Standard Time. This should then allow for a lot more work hours to be spent on other support channels, specifically support tickets. A guide to using the support system to your best advantage, that is to say ensuring the problem you are facing is identified and sent to the department best equipped to deal with it, is included in the newsletter below. Perhaps more useful for some however is the reminder that the first place you should really be looking before contacting Payza at all is of course the website’s FAQ page which contains, according to themselves anyway, “a wealth of information”. I’ll let you read what’s going on with Payza for yourself below and wish them the best of luck in providing a more competitive and professional service:

Changes to Customer Support: new Live Chat hours, faster Support Tickets
Live Chat Customer Support returns following a week of maintenance and is available from Monday to Friday during business hours of 10:30 am to 6:30 pm EST.
Our Customer Support team is making changes to our operations so that we can respond to your customer support requests faster. Here we provide an overview of how we are optimizing our customer support services.
Less Live Chat means faster responses to your Support Tickets
The majority of our Payza members receive solutions to their customer support questions by submitting a support ticket. In order to respond to your support ticket as soon as possible, we will reduce our time on Live Chat so that our customer support team can focus on answering support tickets.
Starting June 20th, Live Chat Support will no longer be available 24 hours a day; instead, Live Chat will be open during business hours, Monday to Friday, from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm EST. This change will enable us to respond to customer Support Tickets within two to five business days.
How to get the fastest customer support: check our FAQs first
Payza’s website provides a wealth of information on our services. Sometimes the best way to obtain an answer to your customer support question is to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.
Here you will find guidance for common questions, such as:
– How to sign up for a Payza account
– What to do if you forget your password
– How to add to add funds to account using your credit card
– What to do if there is something wrong with purchase you made online
– How to verify your account
– How to withdraw funds from your account
If you cannot find the answer you are looking for on our FAQs page, we will be happy to help you through our Ticket Support service.
Great tickets enable us to help you faster
Please be sure to submit a detailed ticket so that we can provide a solution to your needs as soon as possible.
Here are a few tips to submitting the best Ticket Support request:
Submit only ONE ticket for your question or problem – Your request reaches the front of the line faster
Select the best department related to your question or problem; for example, if you have a problem with your online business, choose the “Business Support department” – We can match the best customer service advisor to your problem
Use the same name, email address and date of birth listed in your Payza account – We can find your account and transaction history faster
Provide detailed information: a descriptive title for your problem, names of documents you need help with, and any transaction numbers – Detailed information enables us to respond to your questions with fewer “back-and-forth” messages
Keep your personal financial information safe: please do NOT submit your credit card or bank account numbers – We can help you without this information, so it is best to keep them private.
Optimizing our customer support services is a top priority at Payza and we will continue to strengthen our Customer Support. We look forward to informing you of our progress.
If you contacted our Customer Support team, you likely received a survey asking you to evaluate your experience. Please send us your feedback because we love to hear from you and we will use your comments to guide us in ameliorating our services.


Anyone who is an active user of SolidTrustPay will surely be aware by now of the most impressive milestone in the company’s history as they celebrate ten full years in business. I actually remember it well myself, as MNO was just getting started (in a different format to what you see today) around the same time, so I guess I have one of the first and oldest still active accounts there. And speaking as a regular account holder, I’d have to rate my experience with them as far superior to any of their competitors, none of whom have been around as long as STP in any case. To celebrate this great achievement then the owners of STP have decided for a ten day cash prize giveaway to randomly selected winners. The first nine days will see 100 lucky STP account holders every day rewarded with a $10 cash prize. That’s 9,000 people in total so your chances can’t be too bad. The final day which marks the actual anniversary itself remains a mystery for the moment, with STP promising a bigger surprise in store for then. We wait and see! So, congratulations once again to STP on spending ten years on top of an otherwise cut-throat business while keeping their ethics and transparent business practices in tact. You can read about the many advantages of using STP to invest in the HYIP industry in an earlier article published on MNO here. Congratulations are also in order of course for the latest group of prize winners, with the usernames announced in the newsletters republished below:

Day 4 Winners!
It’s Day 4 of our 10 Day SolidTrustPay Anniversary Giveaway and we have 100 more lucky users!
Congratulations to all of our Day 4 winners!
Virgo1980 Mtimandze7 iamadat240 myhichamkama MAHINA gaetong0 harald01 mvanston robertw1956 StaceyJ13 manor86 smartynote mikemost everglo GlendaM CSBennett80kzone chadashhh Catnip88 pleda mmuflehi Cathyw27 Carben29 debtfree1 lionrose MOULAYREY007 sunilpl69 Bertrance mounette974 Pluginprofit kag10 khawar57 Rkake miro08041961 mamoun0527 juliclem rvmbum ludein13 Macmanus64 biggie81 yaro70 mureed786 mnucomms myabi blifri hashi112 Gatto netveolution Desidereo vanesch cashcarstar84 yakupziya Anatolian_2016 jakobvanghent REGALLLL rambus81 choosehope miricok mrstacy76 miracle2724 mihiratima16 David1exosusia 50l1dman1vu5 amanplaha2008 zajebisty pirulo91 jbutt83305 christ1977 dozmont junabel Hunar oumar rafaelty muaikem sinlor09 mario984 rowba MAMBO35 56Kirill454 momoboboteddy RizamieTalam DOODGEE46 hugoliino abdallahnai 77Andrey450 madziennka Lydie2000 Smajuba puborino yalosesimo EAGLERISE jnk05 Fleshman III anthonidas alnems blackrose81 Mon55 eringlade FahimReza komalahmed241 scottlane
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate. We’ll be back tomorrow with another round of winners!

Contest Winners: Day 5
It’s Day 5 of our 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway! We have 100 more lucky users who have won and we know you want to know if you’re one of them!
Congratulations to all of our Day 5 winners! Check your accounts, your prizes should already be deposited.
Ellinas71 bestgirl akeiak1 abundantfx firekidhunt Ruth_Olaniyan robbnel Candice218 annie1024 ayouz3 smiley005 tkfkd4dudgh gianpy1994 Asha Thomas Adedaved arniejmt Pikeno Bev2Win bloemen36 ROBERTB100 lummerkrog4 Locksy erkety mjvanston ghelgejo Pikeno ruinersss taityl tobi11 RickyAdt1976 webcollegue mazsat1963 Deeablo77 Nicolekat420 driazz Champion26072121 bourassim piokeh2229 Hafizan89 kroll Legend1947 tclstp MateuszKraw2 Liliana29 jeffounet Hossen91 gnbshk rosirossz Mousie123maroc ansmith044 matiyah Bojanagr1975 gtaireyu SabineDebes Orhan1982 cash4God Stark25 Nomek crash77 Riyser1 WINGMAR reinoutTM t2nv1 fullmestad stock22 KANGD3G3 freewell Kathleen1945 wealthbiz77 larryrshepard degi050471 mercyog1 Guggi1608 leekahweng87 davinci touilfouad1980 Declerck kounta527 EyeCHereswiftmedia22 CharlesRowan israel1993 Bluebird saad aro dzonnnijs smartrobert dannyjjofer0001 dianneball1950 pastiu96 battlemode0329 Mazzy91 camelanet sunnycoast169f.gosto victoriosdu54000 cellularcash1 GustavoELM95 eamijangos Kentucky man73
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate. We’ll be back tomorrow with another round of winners!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpArdexFundsMacauCauTrustInvest, BusinessAngels.
From MNO Standard list: SixSpend.
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat, SpecialProfit.

As I had too much news to report tonight, guys, I think I’ll leave the final results of the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page for next time and allow you a couple of extra days to vote. So, if you haven’t done so yet, please click here and say what you think in regards to the possible recovery of the HYIP industry now. Thanks again for reading MNO and stopping by on this hot summer day. Keep checking my site for more investment opportunities that will come our way pretty soon. Plus, why not subscribe to the daily news delivered straight to your email address by clicking here and checking the new page on MNO that is still in the works with the final finishing touches being applied by my programmer Andrew? I will see you again later this week for more news from the HYIP industry with perhaps an updated article on the MNO monitor Top Five Popular Programs. Let sunshine into your hearts, guys, and see you soon!

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