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Hello, guys, and welcome back to the MNO blog. My Italian month-long holidays are coming to an end and I’m flying back to London today. I have spent a great time there, but sometimes I had to put my priorities right and being very tight on schedule might just get behind some stuff happening on MNO and in the HYIP industry as a whole lately. Anyway, those days are over and I’m ready now to dedicate more time to writing the articles and answering your emails in a timely manner hoping at the same time that the HYIP industry is at its growing point and on the path to revival. The recent poll conducted on the MNO TalkBack over the last two weeks signalled some mixed results from my readers showing that the vast majority of you think it’s too early to tell if the stagnation period is ended and the upcoming revival and upward trend is just around the corner. I will declare the final results of the poll and will add a new question for your consideration at the end of this post, so keep reading. Before that though allow me to give you some latest updates from such popular paying programs as MacauCau and BusinessAngels and analyze the possible reasons that might have led to the premature collapse of SixSpend – once a very promising program – while the latest winners of the cash bonanza from SolidTrustPay will be also named.


For such open and genuine money games and doublers like MacauCau (reviewed here) where one can double their money in just 40 days, it’s essential to constantly promote and reach the new markets. The program works by paying 5% interest per day on coupons priced at $25 each which allows you to break even. The profit then comes when your coupons are re-sold (which is compulsory) to your fellow gamblers once you have the $25 threshold on each individual coupon you own. The double growth must be reached within that period to ensure an uninterrupted cycle of buying and selling between members and the most important role in the process is taken by the program’s promoters. They are usually treated by the administration with special care and can earn more with lucrative incentives to attract more members and thus ensure every’s participants chances to make totally passive income. Do you think it’s not possible? Well, as MacauCau target mostly Asian and Russian markets usually more open to embracing these types of games the potential for growth is surely there. MNO in turn was chosen as the only English language blog to explain the program’s main ideas which the admin Deni also expressed in my interview which can be read here. In the latest update, members who purchased tickets valued at $1,500 and more via PerfectMoney and BitCoin – the only payment gateways MacauCau is currently working with – are encouraged to get either of two new statuses called Golden Phoenix and Jade Phoenix which will enable them to earn more on their referral structure. If you think you’re ready for this challenge and are capable of delivering good promotional results to MacauCau you can read more in the newsletter below. By the way, the administration also asks of members to share any good ideas they think will help MacauCau grow further and they will try their best to implement the best of them. The script the program runs off is totally unique and custom-made, so is flexible when it comes to implementing changes. I just want to add to that that MNO is making a sizeable contribution to the growth of MacauCau too and with dozens of members already joining under my link and earning in this exciting game so it won’t take the program long to claim the number one spot on the MNO Premium List. I’ll let you know when that happens and meanwhile, check out the MacauCau website and read the latest update on your opportunities to earn more income in addition to doubling your own deposited money:

New status – never-ending referral system already in MacauCau !!
MacauCau – game for the brave spirit people! – Says to us the leaders of different countries. We specify – not only for the brave, but also for the ambitious, strong-willed and communicative. Most of MacauCau people are like this..!
Dear friends, today as always we have excellent news for you and a business proposal. Let’s start with the great news. In MacauCau more and more join the group of people from different countries, they are coming after the great network leaders, who able to create structures with incredible depth. Also, many MacauCau leaders already long time asked us to increase “the limit of interest” and raise the target which they and other leaders of different levels can reach.
We did hear you and took a step forward you. From 21.06.2016 in MacauCau will be added two new status for network leaders. At the same time, we are sure that everyone will be able to reach this status if you put a goal and will have a strong desire to reach it. Both new status inspiring not only because of its symbolism, but also because of the special referral plan, which allows you to be rewarded with all the structure depth !!!
Welcome two new status for the strong network leaders –
“Golden Phoenix”:
Conditions: tickets for $ 1,500
Conditions: 10 referrals in the first line / 100 referrals in the general tree
Referral program rewards:
1 line – 20%, 2 line – 10%, 3 line – 3%, 4 line – 2%, > 4 line – 1%
“Jade Phoenix”:
Conditions: tickets for $ 1,500
Conditions: 10 referrals in the first line / 1000 referrals in the general tree Referral program rewards:
1 line – 20%, 2 line – 15%, 3 line – 3%, > 3 line – 2%
“Gold and Jade Phoenix” are already available for gains in your personal cabinet. Learn, put a new higher aim, act and win!!!
And second, our business proposal – we offer even more closely cooperation in the developing MacauCau game. In various chat rooms and forums, we see your individual wishes to improve the site, to add even more tips, which are not yet in any other project, and that could make our game even more unique. We can implement almost all, the main thing all implements has to have a point and be useful for the participants and for the entire game. Discuss ideas and suggestions and don’t hesitate to contact us for implementation.
With respect, MacauCau project administration


As BusinessAngels is now on its second week on MNO, me and some of my readers are already enjoying the stable 4% return credited to their accounts on every business day (Monday to Friday) for the program’s lifetime. In order to reach the ultimate 4% though you will have to start with 1% and then daily accruals that increase by 0.5% increments until you reach the 4% maximum rate. This is what you then earn on every subsequent business day for an unlimited term. Note that your original deposit which can start from a $10 minimum is not returned, so it will take you some time before you break even and start earning profits. This is important to know before joining the program, and this and everything else about BusinessAngels can be found in the detailed review posted here.

Over the last week the program’s implemented some new language versions, making the site is now available in Vietnamese and Portuguese to go with the existing English, Russian, Spanish, German, and French. You can easily switch between languages to select the one you prefer from the home page. Adding new properly translated website versions usually indicates a desire to reach different markets and expand. So as the first members are about to start earning profits on their investments with BusinessAngels it’s vital to maintain the growth needed to pay more and more members.

Another popular feature of BusinessAngels is instant payouts and the abundance of payment processors they work with, albeit only anonymous ones like PerfectMoney, Payeer, OkPay, BitCoin, NixMoney, AdvCash. It’s not just US dollars by the way, other currencies can also be used to join BusinessAngels in certain payment processors so check your account area to see your options. And just recently they started accepting deposits via Qiwi which seems to have a certain degree of popularity in a couple of Russian speaking countries. I’m not sure if any of my own readers use Qiwi at all, but if you’re in the program anyway then you might be pleased that more payment options mean more deposits, and ultimately a longer life expectancy for the program. Well, at least that’s how HYIPs are supposed to work in theory, but the practice can be totally different. In any case, it’s good to see BusinessAngels developing further and implementing new features, and hopefully the MNO readers will see a profit from them at some point:

Vietnamese language
BusinessAngels Inc Limited ?ompany comes to Asia. For our investors and partners from Vietnam we translated website into Vietnamese.
You can change the language bar at home page near the icons of social networks.

QIWI added
According to numerous requests of our users we accept QIWI payment system.
Transfer of funds at the opening of the deposit will not take more than an hour, the withdrawal of funds to your wallet instant.

Portuguese language
Portuguese and Spanish are among the most widespread in the world and have a high degree of similarity between themselves. Although these languages are very similar, each of them has its own specific features.
We try to follow the wishes of our investors so for the convenience of our investors and partners from Portugal we translate our site into Portuguese.
You can change the language bar at home page near the icons of social networks.


SixSpend became one of the most bitter disappointments of this summer when it stopped paying a couple of days ago. Really, with such an attractive layout, lucrative investment plans, instant payouts and especially an abundance of payment systems including STP and Payza it would seem logical to expect better. Unfortunately SixSpend provided a measly 18 days of payments which was not enough to put anyone in profit. It seems the admin totally gave up when his program failed spectacularly to become a popular choice among the MNO readers who either ignored the program completely, or joined with very small amounts. At the end though it saved them from bigger losses, and from this angle some sixth sense possibly protected many people from joining SixSpend with more money they could afford to lose. As the admin failed to reply to my email about why instant payouts have stopped and the program folded prematurely (payouts to Payza are still processed instantly, as far as I know) I can only speculate that after the initial influx of money there were very few people showing any interest in re-depositing, so the admin took the easiest option and ran off with what ever he could steal. That’s exactly the opposite I would have expected from an admin who managed to get his program prepared to the highest standard and even verified accounts in STP and Payza to accommodate more investors, but apparently this summer has and still is a very quiet period with the majority investors taking a break from HYIPs. I just therefore hope that the MNO readers didn’t suffer too much of a loss because even though a lot expected better things it seems they didn’t really go for it in exactly record numbers. SixSpend is done now and will shortly be forgotten over the next few weeks, but I would still expect that a program of this calibre, just under better administration, to join the MNO listing when time is right. Please do not invest in SixSpend anymore, as it’s been on Scam status on MNO since today!


You might know from earlier posts that SolidTrustPay is celebrating ten years online (how time flies!). MNO was first starting around the same on a free domain and after becoming so popular had to be moved to a paid one. But that’s another story! Sticking with STP, having gotten so many fans in the HYIP industry over the years (thanks to its multiple banking and card deposit and withdrawal options and reasonable fees) it’s nevertheless extremely hard for HYIP admins to satisfy the strict criteria in STP to get approved. The programs that do get them onboard from the very beginning however usually thrive (SixSpend being a very rare exception). Anyway, over the last three days three hundred more members of STP were named in their updates posted on the official blog, so check it out and maybe you will find your own username among the lucky winners (click here to open a new free SolidTrustPay account if you haven’t got one yet):

Contest Winners: Day 6
It’s Day 6 of our 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway! We gave away prizes to 100 more of our lucky users today and we’re excited to keep doing it.
Congratulations to all of our Day 6 winners! Check your accounts, your prizes should already be deposited.
Keithrichards 999STPMAN ianjames flashcnvodk Suldaan68 Orchid Ali Hameed lilijapaula salahmerwane Lazbillions joyce100 Mannie77 violakasner28 SUCCESSENABLE Darcydavidson Wilbert1976 sibychavara10 austin93 yassineben greta50 ageless69 hanpaule bajjour syphaks Romana73 click4crystals Hanafi2013 carolmomberg baljitsingh mikesown ro33ka frefro09 Luixote kessirlyazid zsozso67 just11590 KHALIDRH psiva64 spitvenom1984 maynor Freaker1984 bewiro Shivassilver Mr_Sam kokakeriana Mariam34 Clickmaus irais25 omarios cramtek ildirucaj ayla18 moon0610 maksi007 teetmees ringkurahman Chastaturf Phitraphibun Faisals1 jidros Hesty Keci Didoukak asicicek pipat2501 dvdcozart cgradea Stefancic sanger86 worcottjrr Kataro82 nortopman clugo94 GutyChile aminkajtih jbeals zerafakurt001 drc2002 michionline64 asifbashir6229 sixer1988 timketpawel782 danielgetachew 5fragrant Monty64 Papijosh66 irfani_raza s.adolf nxumza bradley5879 sujitabhatta Madokoffi5 rvintegzes JihadKronz Javierdario76 normlangloismrboogie foxox Gerlin123 spring36Ali HameedHanafi2013
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate. We’ll be back tomorrow with another round of winners!

Contest Winners: Day 7
It’s Day 7 of our 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway! 100 more of our lucky users just won from SolidTrust Pay in celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary.
Congratulations to all of our Day 7 winners! Check your accounts, your prizes should already be deposited.
Lillan55 hanktheteacher olisajesse Kathleeng1 Dimirchan falmagrab Deafrobby CornelisVers013C kashala ms118 DEMOWALEX haethm2002 Hisham1996 normandd pweggery Cherian PA Stefan1962 mohd95 magicos deependradas thehorsman talhot dimkesop skylarknetwork ibizgin Richeamine ganemosenlinea paul2006 Ashammat Nijimbere fileload binmardoof wane100100 moremoney178 rossella0474 georgianmsa Isaidavidfj 15step baksitis44 rafwings waleedmehjan bac53 Virginia mccurtis8877InThe34Wee reece69 blaqcharming933 allyoucanaskme binyampaulos tealnz oussamaa maypen fastsuccess4u sammymanley90907 Miel30 Antoinette77 zuzu12 annamatthew7 goldor michaelbuhagiar westman8st madbaz zerafaalan hamdi83 johana53 manlikeabz19 Vaevictis90 rnsoloman Guilou77 Vonydepony nugget1384 ledi7777 tross101 kaloki96 kevincaly AlvaroIgnacio Christophbe Shana1980 Hyson76 traoer2017 dongyu imkoku kittajackson AndrePinto1990 rosella2 Ella220691 cassylove971 Obinna1 mattemagnet sebemi70 barnfiller amycotton23 whank Saqlain naqvi wedwards PeterSchneider thierry one4me2 bit4ever rahulpayza
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate. We’ll be back tomorrow with another round of winners!

Contest Winners: Day 8
It’s Day 8 of our 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway! We have 100 more winners today who have each won $10!
Congratulations to all of our Day 8 winners! Check your accounts, your prizes should already be deposited.
ashweenpatel NZPeng IR3N3 SoomaishShah11 Esco83 verify.now.35 Cheoroots couldbfreeADKNETADS Theophiles farooqomar fatmaaburass tokoscsirke80 Ferhat66111 marzena6612 jaystudio clgray322 dianaychen abm76 nounours sribathi AnouarmMB Ddiamond1966 suhail141070 supermarj gunther33 Apple888 Chevymanuk jessicaa jerrygoff99 BenFouad92 ruski76 bobby59278 shadowak47 justinzammit trevdrain jameel balasim davideaquilino90 noname198927 p.woozy elijahadewale eilajarvinen comarek jmcutie86 nashara 76Roman521 francisca438 rhemandzhel yeat36 Alexcho Investment-Fox Ayems doirce Deeclayson sunilbhavan1967 tubu BlackHybrid23 BrentEB naim1966 euvinedem158 Moremogoloo1971 abuasya2013 rayito63 marshallgoren blondielolaa2 komalh1 agz1 fbonaoufal stefan 195 Ikaspari spporter9 Nimz_isn evertse clayTON67 Aziz chettouh matrix24 sebdu65 Konti dasky Taneroth sifurick cynlu2041 lina991 andrzej27 yash0945 Mzeli tawiittipat jemu82 farhan700 casher69 andrzej27 Bart2 cmarek markog ponsho maxout123 WEBDynastyTrustingasand PforexTrader ernestdexter27
Thank you so much for helping us celebrate. We’ll be back tomorrow with another round of winners!


To finish up for today I want finally draw the results of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll. This one ran a bit longer than usual due to me being otherwise occupied with my vacation, but as I’m back home now I think it’s time to finish with this one and replace it with a new question. It’s been a bumpy couple of weeks in the HYIP industry to put it mildly, which started back in May with the closure of a couple of the biggest programs in the industry at that time. Experienced players already know of course that all programs no matter how good will eventually run their course and collapse, it’s just that the problem this time was that several big names all went together within a very short space of time. This in turn led to a domino effect, with smaller programs also being hit by the reality of less and less investors then having less surplus cash to play with anymore. It wasn’t the first time we witnessed such an event in the HYIP industry, I doubt very much it will be the last, but things always recover eventually. The question I was asking readers opinion on was if they think this recovery is already underway, or specifically:
Is the HYIP industry getting any closer to recovery or improvement?

There was a very mixed response to this, though a certain guarded optimism seems to be the prevailing mood so I can only describe that as positive. Many of you were prepared to nail their colors to the mast as the old saying goes, with exactly 20% of readers saying “yes, the industry is definitely turning a corner” and 20% taking the opposing view “no, I think it’s getting worse”. The clear majority winner however with 60% of the readers votes was the option “maybe, there are positive signs but not enough to be sure yet.” Overall then I think most people’s feelings towards the current state of the HYIP industry is swaying between good and cautious, which is probably the safest and healthiest attitude.

For the next question on the MNO TalkBack page I want to move away from direct involvement with the HYIP industry as such and focus on something a bit more personal. To be exact, I want to ask you something about the MNO website and how you prefer to access the information there. As most of you will know, or at least you should know because I’ve mentioned it often enough, MNO does have an e-mail subscription service. This was launched not too long after the current version of the MNO website was launched, replacing the old one, and is managed by Google FeedBurner. The service then allows MNO readers to have the main articles on my blog sent directly to their e-mail address within a couple of hours of them being published. In line with the MNO Twitter and Facebook accounts this is a great way of staying informed about all important news events in the HYIP industry as they happen. Readers no longer have to wonder whether or not anything is happening and then go searching for other perhaps less reliable sources, because they are simply told directly everything they might need to know at exactly the right time they need to know it.

The process itself is extremely simple. You just fill in your e-mail address in the form provided on the subscription page and submit it. You are then sent an activation link to the e-mail address that was given. This is to protect everyone involved from bots and the rightful owners of the addresses from spam. If you are happy that yes, you are the one definitely looking to subscribe to the MNO news service then you need only click the link and you’re done. The service will start as soon as the next article is published on my blog. If you ever change your mind and no longer wish to receive any e-mail updates then OK, the process of unsubscribing is even easier. At the end of every mail you receive there is another link. Just click on that and your e-mail address is automatically removed from the list. You won’t receive any further updates unless of course you choose to sign up again.

At the time of writing, e-mail subscriptions is how almost three and a half thousand of you prefer to access MNO, bypassing the need to access my blog at all but still getting the info you need in a timely manner. Just to be very clear about something to all subscribers by the way, I would still strongly urge you to continue visiting the MNO monitoring page as long as you are a member of any of the programs listed there. The exact question in this new poll then asks the following:
Do you subscribe to the MNO e-mail news service?

The possible answers are as follows:
a) Yes, I like to be kept informed via mail
b) No, I only check the MNO website directly
c) I wasn’t aware the service existed but may consider it.

Thanks in advance to everyone who votes, and remember that as a reader it’s always up to you to make any suggestions about how you think the website and the services it provides can be improved to suit your own needs. The MNO website is after all there primarily to benefit its readers, because speaking as the author I am already aware of the news and information contained therein. The poll will remain open for around the next week to ten days or so, though most likely I’ll draw the results in the weekend coming after this one. I think that will allow everyone interested in voting ample opportunity to do so, so thanks again to everyone who take the time. Voting is completely anonymous and only takes quite literally a second to do, so click on the MNO TalkBack page anytime to cast your own vote and see how the preliminary results are building up.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpArdexFundsMacauCau, CryptonusTrustInvest, BusinessAngels.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat, SpecialProfit, FxDividend.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you enjoy your summer holidays, but don’t forget to check out MNO from time to time to find the best money-making opportunities and not to miss any future industry leader that will certainly be found on my monitor. Please take your time to subscribe to the daily news on this page and click here to vote in the latest poll asking about your own MNO subscription preferences. Thanks for reading, and see you next time there’s anything important to report on!

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