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15/05/2017. Coinmee Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Coinmee has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! On a rainy Monday morning here in London I hope you’re all keeping well after the weekend and looking forward to a new business week in the HYIP industry. If you are hoping for some new opportunities then you’ve come to the right place on MNO where I’ll be introducing a couple of new programs to my monitor, so keep reading for more info on that. For the first post of the week though I want to look at another new listing called Coinmee. This is a mostly low interest medium term HYI program that launched recently, but has already underwent a complete overhaul of the investment plans. Other improvements have also been made by the Coinmee admin since the original introduction of the program on MNO late last week, so I’ll be covering those here too. So, let’s see what it’s all about.
We’ll start things off then with the investment plans. Basically Coinmee really only have one plan here, but it’s broken down into four subsections depending how much money you are prepared to part company with. As one would expect from the HYIP business Coinmee try to entice bigger and bigger deposits from their members with promises of higher interest payments, some of which are quite unfeasible but equally unaffordable. The good news though is that you only need a bargain basement $1 minimum to join the program, which is considerably below the industry average. This gets you into a plan running for 30 calendar days. Coinmee offer a daily interest payment of 1% and then return your principal on expiry. So that’s 130% in total back on your deposit, or 30% net profit.

Larger amounts starting from $500 start earning an improved rate of 1.5% per day, also for a 30 calendar day term. This adds up to 45% by the terms completion, nowhere even close to a profit obviously, this only happens once Coinmee return your principal as promised.

If you really have a lot of money to spare and an even bigger amount of faith in Coinmee, then the rate on offer goes up for those spending $1,000. For the duration of 30 calendar days, Coinmee pay a daily rate of 2%. This gives you back 60% of your principal on expiry, and becomes net profit when/if the admin gives you back your principal.

Finally, and I’m really just including this for information purposes, if you hand over a whopping $50,000 to Coinmee then they offer 10% every day for 30 calendar days. This becomes 300% net profit and your principal back on expiry.

The one other thing I need to add about this is that the figures I have given you above are not strictly speaking 100% accurate. This is because to cover his own expenses the Coinmee admin is passing them on to you in the form of withdrawal fees. Each withdrawal request you make is subject to a 0.5% fee. So say for example you are trying to withdraw $10 showing in your account, Coinmee will actually pay you $9.95.

If you like any of the plans enough to join, the next thing we need to look at is your choice of payment options. At the moment, I have to say this is very limited. Whether that detracts you from joining Coinmee or not is a personal matter for yourself, after all, maybe you don’t need much of a choice, but it’s still limited. Currently Coinmee work with PerfectMoney if you prefer the more traditional third party payment handler, and BitCoin if you prefer to take a more direct route and cut out the middleman so to speak. If that’s OK with you and you still want to proceed, then one of the improvements I mentioned at the top of the page is the introduction of instant payouts. Strictly speaking you are still required to allow 12 hours for a manual payment from the Coinmee admin after you log into your account area and request it. As of today however and unless the admin says otherwise for technical reasons, the money should be with you in under a minute.

Looking at some of the more technical aspects of the Coinmee website such as their design and site security, I’m sure a lot of regular investors will probably recognise the script. It’s from GoldCoders and is as you would expect from them user friendly and easy to navigate. I’ll just confirm that it’s under licence. For a hosting provider the admin has opted for OVH who are keeping Coinmee on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from DDoS attacks. For an extra layer of protection Coinmee has a secure SSL certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you still have any further questions for the Coinmee admin that you think weren’t addressed in this review or any account related issues then the only real point of contact at the moment is the online e-mail support form. As there are currently no chat or social media features you will need to fill in your details on the form and submit it through the Coinmee website’s contacts page. Needless to say you should of course pay close attention to the FAQ section before sending off any lengthy mails, because in a lot of cases your questions might already be addressed there.

Hard to judge how Coinmee will be taken by investors in the current industry climate, but with a 30 day wait to see any profit at all while your money sits in someone else’s pocket hints that it won’t be an overnight success. If the admin is serious about running a good program and not just out for a fast buck for himself then it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to inspire confidence in potential Coinmee investors, that’s for sure.

As for any alleged business interests, we are told Coinmee are involved with the mining of BitCoins. Not the first time we’ve heard that one in the HYIP industry, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. There’s very little back up information on how exactly this is supposed to guarantee profits and nothing you can really research and verify for yourself, not that experienced industry players will take it all that seriously anyway. But for the benefit of newbies I’ll finish as always with the usual warning. When it comes to all online HYIPs including Coinmee you need to replace the word “investing” with “gambling” and you’ll get a better sense of how things really work. Nothing is guaranteed, the risk is always there, so set yourself a sensible spending limit you are committed to staying within and can comfortably afford to lose and earn back from other income sources. And if you do join Coinmee, try and make more effective use of them by making them a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, what do you think of all that? If you have given any thought to joining Coinmee I hope you won’t mind sharing your first opinions with your fellow MNO readers. Good, bad, or indifferent, what do you think of them right now? Prepared to join or prefer to forget them, please let us know. It will as always make for interesting reading, not now, but in the coming weeks and months from now as we see how many people had the right first impression (good or bad). Please take just a couple of seconds to vote in the following opinion poll, remembering that it remains 100% anonymous and untraceable at all times. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Coinmee?

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The first program I want to introduce on MNO today is a brand new one called TrafficHeap that launched only a couple of days ago and has already made its way to the Premium List on MNO. I must say that first I was quite excited at seeing Payza among the program’s accepted payment processors, although later realized this was not the case. The admin explained to me that it was not exactly ready, but he was working on it. So hopefully we’ll see Payza accepted by TrafficHeap soon, but meanwhile you can invest via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. By the way, as TrafficHeap claims its main income stream is from advertising you are welcome to purchase so-called “tokens” costing $50 each and can be purchased in quantities of up to 100 units at a time. After you purchase the required amount of tokens you may start your advertising campaign by exchanging them for any of three plans including “Rotator Spot”, “Banner Exposures” or “New Affiliates”. I must emphasize that regardless of the plan you opt for, you don’t need to surf any websites or do anything at all in order to be paid. Your account with TrafficHeap which will be credited on a daily basis, and as a bonus you can advertise the website of your choice. As TrafficHeap is brand-new I cannot really say what the usual daily percentage will be, but in my conversation with the admin he estimates daily profits will be in the region of 1% to 4% to ensure a long run. Note though that you may earn literally any amount daily as it will depend on just how much “tokens” are sold on the day, as 40% of every sold token will be accumulated in the so-called “Payback Pool” which is then re-distributed among the members. If that sounds way too complicated for now and you would like to know more on the investment process in TrafficHeap and how it will work then wait for a more detailed review on the MNO blog by Wednesday. You may also watch an instructional video on the TrafficHeap website explaining how things work, which is also embedded on the MNOVision page here.

In any case, the most important thing you need to know is that you keep earning until you reach $65 on each $50 token you buy. You can then withdraw this to any payment processor but a $25 balance must be reinvested. That means you will keep earning until you reach a 180% return in total from which you may withdraw only 130% and reinvest the remaining 50% by purchasing another token/s. Every day at midnight server time the script will count the exact amount each member with active tokens in TrafficHeap will be credited with and will re-distribute profits which can then be requested for withdrawal (or reinvested and spent on more tokens) with the processing time not exceeding 24 hours. Needless to say that to operate such a complicated program the admin has opted for a totally custom made script. The domain’s name has been registered for five years in advance and judging as its dated by the previous year I imagine it took quite some time to develop and present the website in its current form. The site is hosted on a dedicated server by OVH and is protected against possible DDoS attacks by CloudFlare which also issued the website with the SSL-certificate for safe and secure transactions. Overall, the site should leave quite a positive first impression on the average investor as it’s constructed the same way advertising programs operate and yet offers quite lucrative interest backed up by quite viable profit-share models. I wish Payza was accepted though, and I hope that the admin will eventually fix this, as it will certainly bring TrafficHeap more clients in the longer term. As of the now I cannot really confirm the time it requires to be paid, but I believe that by Wednesday when I plan to publish the full review TrafficHeap will be on Paying Status I’ll be able to talk about its main features. So stay tuned for more info on TrafficHeap on my blog in a couple of days!


Have you ever wondered whether a program using the same tried and tested model from the past and even sharing the same name could repeat former success and outperform past glories? If you have then there is a chance you have already come across a much discussed program called Carbon7Reborn. I can tell you with reasonable certainty that the program is run by the same admin behind the huge hit of 2015 called Carbon7 that ran for nearly five months becoming one of the most successful programs in the HYIP industry in the post-LR era. Now the same old admin in charge of Carbon7Reborn which joined the Standard List on MNO earlier today promised to take on a challenge to outlive the outrageously popular predecessor. That was apparently his main idea when deliberately launching his program four weeks ago with next to no advertising and when the HYIP industry was at its bottom. Now that investment activity in the industry is slowly recovering the admin of Carbon7Reborn has decided it was finally the right time to add his program to MNO.

Those of you that participated in the original Carbon7 will be hit by the sense of deja-vu when they open the website. The program maintains the same design and investment plans. One of them offers 7% for 30 calendar days with payments made on business days (Monday to Friday) only. This gives you an opportunity to earn from 140% to 154% on your deposit depending on the day of the week you join. The second plan gives you a 110% fixed return after 7 calendar days. The minimum to invest in both plans is $20 and payment options are limited to just PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin (the admin promised to add Payza soon, but I wouldn’t bet on it). As with the original program, one may have up to seven simultaneously running deposits, but the withdrawal fees for Carbon7Reborn are much higher at 7% which is charged on every withdrawal. That actually slashes your potential profit (especially from the 110% after 7 days plan), but also encourages reinvestments from balance, which can be essential for increasing the program’s lifetime. The minimum to withdraw is $2 and cashout processing time is officially 48 hours, with withdrawals scheduled to be processed during business hours from Monday to Friday only. You may request withdrawals on weekends, but will have to wait until Monday morning for payments to resume. As I already mentioned Carbon7Reborn uses exactly the same design as the previous version and is running off the same custom-made script which contributed greatly to the success of the original Carbon7 in 2015. Technically, it’s the same high quality DDoS protection by BlockDos further strengthened by CloudFlare, multiple dedicated servers, a superior EV SSL (Green Bar) from Comodo, and the domain name registered for five years in advance. The only drawback I’ve noticed so far is the absence of Payza and quite a misleading statement about accepting Bank wires on the website with banking details all missing and saying that the option is coming soon for investments higher than $500. Of course, no one knows how the new Carbon7Reborn can perform in the current HYIP climate, but at least we know in this case we’re dealing with an admin with lots of experience which will hopefully help him to succeed where others might fail. I’ll have more on Carbon7Reborn in the upcoming review next Friday, as the first payment has been received already and the program has been moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor. Meanwhile as the first 30-day investment cycle is almost over let’s have a brief look at the very first announcement of Carbon7Reborn‘s launch that happened exactly four weeks ago:

Carbon7 has been Reborn!
With great honor and respect, today on the 17/4/17 we are pleased to announce the anticipated launch of worldwide accessible Carbon7Reborn digital funds platform.
Please feel free to explore our site, read about our history and the lucrative plans we have to offer, we hope you’d find our unique carbon theme to your liking.
We are here to make a change for the better, as we wish you will achieve financial success together with us, and find our services to your full satisfaction.


I guess no one would be too hard on an admin trying his best to promote his program and push it harder, as we all know the only way to maintain further growth is by attracting new people. Take the admin of AxisCrude as a fine example of this approach. Only a couple of days ago he announced a 5% cashback bonus offer for all new deposits made in either of his plans – 3% for 50 days or 4% for 45 days. And today there was another reminder sent to members telling them that the 5% cashback bonus will be valid on all new deposits made into the program over the next couple of weeks until the end of May. Generally, as I already explained in the review of AxisCrude posted here, investments are accepted from $10 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash and withdrawals are always processed instantly, which is certainly a good thing. Already this week the first investors of AxisCrude are supposed to break even and start receiving the first profits on their investments, so the bonus offer outlined below might be just the thing AxisCrude needs to boost membership. Here’s the newsletter in full:

Greetings to all our investors around the world.
As we announced some days ago, today being the 15th day of May 2017, we are starting the 5% Cash Back offer. This offer goes to all investors who deposit from $100 and above. You will surely get your 5% cash back within 0-6 hours after depositing your funds.
If you invest $100, we shall return $5 to you
If you invest $500, we shall return $25 to you
If you invest $1000, we shall return $50 to you
If you invest $10000, we shall return $500 to you
This is it, still hot and new, DON’T MISS IT!
This offer will run from today 15th till 31st May, 2017.
Grab this offer now and tell others too.
Please, continue to spread the good news about AxisCrude Investment, we are the best.
Do not forget to join our Official Facebook Group.
Once again, we appreciate every single investor, you are the reason we are still in business.
Team AxisCrude Investment
Need Assistance? We’re happy to help:
WhatsApp Support:- +44 744 719 1725
Protect your account: -Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.


From my original review of FatFunds posted here you might remember that the program offers to pay 2.1% for 100 business days (Monday to Friday) principal included. That gives you an opportunity to more than double your money by the expiry date. And the best thing about FatFunds, in the opinion of many, is that you can make a deposit starting from $5 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash and get paid without the need to request any payouts completely in automated mode to the same account you joined with. Although successfully running and paying everyone for a full seven weeks now, even the first investors of FatFunds have not reached the break-even point yet, so I believe that the program is yet to show its best. Today, however, the admin decided that some of the brave (some might say, greedy and gullible) investors would like to have a 100% compounding option for their deposit and would invest in a variation of the same investment plan. It pays the same 2.1% Monday to Friday for the the same 100-business day term, but the difference is you will not be paid daily, but rather a lump sum of 799% on your deposit on expiry. I guess experienced investors already know these things should be avoided like the plague, but for the newbies I would really warn against investing in such an option, as your chances to profit by the end of the term is close to zero, especially considering that the minimum for the compounding plan is $250. I believe though that the newly added offer might as well make a positive impact on the FatFunds‘ overall lifetime, as the admin will be able to use the deposits made into the 799% after 100 business days plan to pay to investors on the daily plans for much longer. Time will tell what’s going to happen with FatFunds soon enough anyway, but for now I will just let you read the latest news update on the extremely lucrative, but also extremely risky new investment offer:

Compounding or 799% after 100 days!
Dear friends!
Compounding is the process of earning interest not only on your original deposit, but also on the interest added daily to your initial principal (snowball effect).
Minimum deposit is $250.
It pay AFTER 100 working days!
Make deposit now!
Thank you very much for your participation and trust!
Take care of yourself and all the best to you!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Biksbit, FexFund.
From MNO Premium list: BitCTradeBandeiraCorpFatFundsAxisCrude, UnityReserveCoinmee.
From MNO Standard list: AnoAds, Carbon7Reborn (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for today, guys. I appreciate you staying loyal to MNO and I will be pleased to review the latest investment opportunities featured on the monitor since today. Wednesday will see a detailed review of TrafficHeap, and on Friday will be the turn of Carbon7Reborn when you can assess your chances of profiting from the new project of that admin. From the preliminary results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page here I can see the vast majority of readers are very confident that the price of BitCoin is going to increase by the end of the year compared to the current price. That just means we will have a thriving HYIP industry for many years ahead, and MNO will stay your guide to the most elite programs with the highest advertising budgets. To stay informed please make sure you follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook or subscribe to have the Daily News and reviews delivered directly to your email address by entering it here. See you all on Wednesday, so keep an eye on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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