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30/03/2017. FatFunds Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! FatFunds has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! What do Elvis, Oprah, John Goodman, CeeLo Green, Michael Moore, and Pavarotti all have in common? Apart from an obvious liking of a cheeseburger or three, maybe second helpings of dessert, and being famously “difficult to kidnap” as the expression about big people goes that is. They may also have found something of interest in the program I’m looking at today which is called FatFunds. This is a brand new long term HYIP which just started up this very week, coming to MNO for monitoring right from day one. I’m tempted to say it’s a really unusual program, but it isn’t. If anything FatFunds is quite simple as a program, it’s the website that acts as a vehicle for the investment plan that is so intriguing. It’s based around food, dieting, nutrition, and health. It used to be the case some years back that in certain societies and cultures carrying a little excess weight was seen as an attractive quality because it meant you were rich. A strange notion indeed, especially now that the opposite is true. Natural organic food is a lot more expensive than a takeaway KFC/McDonalds, etc, less people are in employment that requires any kind of physical activity with the office desk replacing the farmyard, and a decent gym is never cheap either. Nobody forces you to eat bad food, but when processed junk is cheaper than lettuce you have to wonder how people who don’t have a lot of money are coping. Anyway, that’s the basic premise behind FatFunds. You can read as much into the subject as you like, I’m just here to explain how it operates as a HYIP.
First of all you can be forgiven for getting the mistaken first impression (as I did) that FatFunds have something like dozens of different plans. They don’t, they’ve only got one. It’s just that the website is designed in such a way as to create that impression. Whether that’s deliberate or not (and I doubt it is) is irrelevant, all you need to know and all that’s important is that FatFunds definitely only have one plan. Before I get to the numbers I just want to say a few words on the process of joining, because FatFunds is quite unique and will probably be unlike anything a lot of you have seen before. But don’t worry, it’s all very simple, to such an extent you may even feel confused as to why there isn’t more complicated procedures involved. Basically when you are on the website there is no need to signup because there isn’t any members account area. You just click the “Make a deposit” button at the top of the page, choose your preferred currency and the amount you are looking to spend, specify your email address, and that’s it. You will get an email confirmation and on the following business day receive your first interest payment, simple as that. There’s a sliding calculator which, as you move across the scale, shows how the payments will accumulate on the particular amount of money you are looking to invest. The currency displayed on the calculator can easily be switched between dollars and BTC, and should be noted because FatFunds are not giving an exact “official” exchange rate.

You will need a minimum of just $5 (or 0.01 BTC) which is a bit less than the industry average to join FatFunds. The term then runs for 100 business days which is 20 calendar weeks, or close enough to five months. During that time FatFunds then offer members a daily interest payment of 2.1% every day from Monday to Friday. This eventually adds up to 210% by the end of the term. With FatFunds including your initial principal into the payments, that means you are getting your own money back plus 110% net profit, or better than double your money.

If we put that into simple monetary terms then to see how a typical investment might work out for you, let’s suppose you want to invest with $100. In return for that, FatFunds will pay you back $2.10 every day between Monday and Friday. With your initial hundred counted as part of those payments that means you reach the break-even point (earn back an amount equal to your investment therefore making it impossible to finish with a loss no matter what happens the program next) after 48 payments. This is just under half way through the full term, or around nine and a half weeks, at which point everything else you get is pure net profit. You should then complete the term with $210 back on your own $100, or your own money back plus another $110 on top of that as your reward for joining FatFunds in the first place. Nothing much else I can add to that except to say that the maximum amount you can make in one single deposit in FatFunds is capped at $25,000, and that all deposits big and small are paid the very same interest rate.

What may confuse you at first glance is all these icons of various foods and drinks. These are accompanied by what each item costs and the calorie content. You see, this looks a lot like these are actual individual investment plans. They aren’t. I think the idea here is to say how much money you could save by not spending it on this food, and how much you could earn by investing the price into FatFunds. For instance, we are told doughnuts cost $10. So instead of spending that $10 on doughnuts you could invest it with FatFunds and turn it into $21. There are dozens of examples like this, but no, they are not all separate plans, just examples of what you can earn. All I want to know now is where on Earth the admin found a beer for $2 but a coffee for $17!

Payment processors then should you wish to continue and make an active deposit in FatFunds are the next thing you need to know about. It’s a fairly standard list for the HYIP industry at the moment, with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash all included if you prefer the more conventional third party payment handlers, and BitCoin for those favoring the more direct route of moving their own money in and out of FatFunds with a more modern digital e-currency.

What probably makes FatFunds most unique in the HYIP industry at the moment is the payment schedule. Payments are fully automated, made every day, Monday to Friday, without you ever needing to ask for them or having any real waiting time. I suppose you should probably still check your payment processor account of course, obviously you will need confirmation that FatFunds have actually made the payment and that it’s still safe to add more money if you or your downline still want to, but that’s about it. Technically you don’t really need to bother even visiting the FatFunds website again after you’ve made the initial investment, everything should be taken care of for you from that point on.

Of course if you do wish to visit the FatFunds website again, there isn’t really a member’s account area as such. This might sound a bit strange to some of you, but was actually not that that rare in the industry a few years back. With no account area there’s nothing that can get hacked or stolen, so in some ways a lot of people liked this at the time. But what if you want to keep track of your investment, see the statistics relating to FatFunds, and so on? Isn’t an account area still important for this even if you don’t actually need one just for payment requests? Well, yes but FatFunds have got around this quite easily. You just enter your e-mail address on the statistics page and you’ll be sent a unique link where you can see what would otherwise be a members area, i.e. information on your deposit, your payments, and any referrals who joined using your link. The link can be sent to you anytime on request, and as it’s automatic can be asked for as often as you need it. If you are not actually a member of FatFunds then obviously your e-mail will not be on the database so you won’t be sent anything were you to request it.

In other technical aspects of the FatFunds website, hosting is by GeniusGuard who are keeping the program on a dedicated server with their support and protection from malicious attacks. The site is also powered of a unique and custom made script developed specially to meet the program’s requirements. At this point I would normally comment on whether having a unique script did anything to adversely affect the navigability of the program, but with no members area and no passwords to save this isn’t really an issue. You only need to make direct transactions one time, and for that FatFunds is boosted by the inclusion of a secure connection SSL certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and enhanced security when spending your money.

If you still have any unanswered questions about FatFunds that you think weren’t explained in this review or have any other issues you need the admin to look at for you, there’s a couple of ways to get in touch. You may be able to avoid that situation completely of course by checking the website’s FAQ section. Also if this makes things easier for anyone to understand, FatFunds is bilingual and available in both English and Russian which will make it more appealing to an international audience. If you definitely need to get in touch then you can start by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the website’s contacts page. Alternatively you can just write directly to the FatFunds admin at the listed e-mail address. Fans of social media will be able connect with FatFunds on their Facebook page. What’s a real rarity in the HYIP industry these days however is that FatFunds have their own dedicated members forum. Payment posts, questions related to the program, just regular chit-chat about FatFunds in general, plus a separate Russian language section for anyone not speaking English are all included. FatFunds also have a blog which is perhaps a bit less to do with the actual investments but is just loaded with information and videos about exercise, nutrition, and health & well-being. Whatever your views on the program, this is actually well worth a visit and has some good solid advice that anyone can use to their benefit.

As for any business related activities, namely how FatFunds are supposed to be generating the profits that are paid to investors, we are told the admin is an expert in weight loss and health management. The funniest man to say this since Frasier Crane, he is described as a Harvard educated psychiatrist. Shrinks running HYIPs may not be the most believable story of the year in the industry, but it’s gotta be up there with the most original! I think it was Rodney Dangerfield who said “the easiest way to look thin is hang out with fat people”. Anyway, it’s entirely up to you guys what to make of the back story, I know most experienced players won’t even bother reading most of it, but just to anyone who’s tempted to believe it I ask that you remember even if it’s true there is still no guarantee of profitability in any business. All I can say is that in HYIP terms the FatFunds investment plan is workable up to a point and can be sustained long enough for a good number of people to profit from it, but that also hinges on a lot of other factors that I can’t answer. The admin’s competence to run an online HYIP for example, or if the wider investing public will show any interest in supporting the project. So if you join, there’s always a risk. Make sure it’s one you are comfortable living with. Establish a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose as well as recoup from other sources without any problems if things don’t work out for you, and if joining FatFunds at all then do so as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. While undeniably a very good website, and certainly a totally different approach to marketing, it’s unlikely FatFunds will grow quickly. I would say the admin is looking at the longer term picture and aiming at gradual development. FatFunds is a high quality site that certainly took a lot of time, money, and effort to create in the first place so let’s hope it all works out well brings some good profits to everyone who gets involved.

So, what do you guys think? Like it or leave it? If you have given any thought to FatFunds and whether or not you would like to join it or not then I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following opinion poll. As always it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take literally a second of your time. The results are never exactly final as such, but will give an interesting picture of what investors do and don’t like about HYIPs and how many of you make a good decision as we learn more about how the program performs. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in FatFunds?

View Results

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The latest addition to the Premium List on MNO yesterday which I want to start the news section by introducing tonight is a program called 9Returns. The admin of the program has taken advantage of listing the program in the first few hours after its launch which qualified him for a $200 discount from the recently increased price of $1,800. Despite my attempts to somehow limit the amount of programs coming to MNO due to the lack of time to accommodate everyone properly I’m pleased to see that it doesn’t prevent experienced and talented admins from coming here to present their latest creations for my readers judgment. And in case with 9Returns the program is definitely worthy of Premium status. The beautifully made website of 9Returns is available in three languages – English, Russian, and Japanese – and I’m sure more will be added with time. It’s been running off a rarely used nowadays script from 2GoSoft company usually more associated with a type of profit-share and matrix programs, and I don’t remember seeing any programs running off it for quite a while, although the script has been pretty much customised for the program’s needs and really looks original. Anyway, the admin of 9Returns knows well how to manage the script, as I have made a couple of suggestions to him which he had immediately implemented. It’s good to have such a responsive admin anyway, and he has already issued the very first newsletter today in which he has invited to join the 9Returns‘ own representative scheme and promised to post complete stats every Monday. By the way, coincidence or not, but it’s exactly on Monday I plan to publish the full review of the program, today I’m just taking a brief look at the plans and other main features, but will do it after the welcome newsletter from the admin of 9Returns who seems to have been quite overwhelmed with the program’s successful launch yesterday and the overall positive reaction from the first investors:

Hell of an Opening!!!!
Greetings from 9Returns,
We have had an exciting and fantastic opening. Surely we never thought we would get this kind of huge response on our opening day. On this occasion we would like to thank those who trusted and supported us. We are looking forward to continue this in future.
Complete statistics will be posted on Monday of every week. As for this email, it is aimed at those who want to join the Representative program. Since the returns seem lucrative, we are getting huge traffic towards this program. So we decided to make some changes to accommodate everyone.
We are working on our Dashboard design currently, trying to put a status (symbol/tag) for the members who qualified this program. We are also trying to automate the payment of representative commission, which is manual currently.
We want to create a separate group in telegram for the members of this program, so that further discussions can be made. We request to those who are interested to take part in this program, please contact us at
—-9Returns Team

There are three investment plans in 9Returns and the first of them will probably be skipped by investors looking for a faster profit. It pays 2.5% on every calendar day with no expiry date. You will be in profit from day forty-one and from then on cannot lose money. I don’t think it will be the very first choice for the majority of 9Returns potential investors who might favor one of the other two plans. Although the daily “forever” plan pays on calendar days (it’s also the most affordable one available from a $10 minimum deposit), the second plan totally changes course and will pay you on business days only (Monday to Friday) for a fixed length term investment term. The participation minimum raises here to $50 and the admin will credit your account with 6% for 25 business days. With the principal already included in the daily payouts you should expect 50% profit by the end of the five-week term. If you are ready to invest $1K or more then the last 9Returns‘ plan will give you even more – 8% per day, Monday to Friday, for the duration of a 20 business day term, leaving you with 60% profit by the end of the 4 week cycle. 9Returns accept investments deposited via five payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and NixMoney. Withdrawals have to be requested from the member’s panel and are then made to your e-currency account within 48 business hours. There will be no payouts processed on weekends as far as I can see. Expectedly though the first payouts from 9Returns have been processed really fast so I believe the very first investors will also enjoy speedy payouts while the program is still in its early stages of development. From a technical point of view, the website has been prepared well – there’s a DDoS protected and dedicated server from CloudFlare, SSL certificate and Green Bar from GeoTrust, and a domain name registered until 2026. Everything indicates we’re dealing with professional here and hopefully many MNO readers who have already invested in 9Returns will not be disappointed. More details will be in the upcoming review on Monday!


Although I’ll only get the chance to write a more detailed review of JewelsCash in a couple of days, I must say that by tomorrow I’m hopefully going to finish the first investment cycle which only lasted 3 days and will potentially bring my principal back with 3% profit on top of that. After that I will have an opportunity to invest in any of the second-level investment plans from its three-tier system where the next group of plans becomes available if you have completed the first. The first level of plans offered by JewelsCash include 1% for 3 days, 1.25% for 12 days, and 1.5% for 18 days with the original deposit returned on expiry. The second level includes three other plans also paying the principal back on expiry – 1.3% for 9 days, 1.42% for 21 days, and 1.7% for 30 days. On completion of any plan from the second level you will unlock the third level plans that will already count your initial investment as part of profits and therefore will not return it on expiry but give higher daily returns – 4.83% or 5% for 30 days, or 4.22% for 45 days. You see, JewelsCash is working off the original concept rewarding members for loyalty by increasing their potential profits at each stage. Don’t worry if that sounds too complicated right now, as I’ll do my best to explain everything in the upcoming review of JewelsCash by Saturday. I must say that the admin is working pretty hard on more improvements at the moment and the latest will include the option to leave before expiry by paying a penalty fee. You can read more of in the latest newsletter posted below:

New feature: Deposit cancellation. Some improvement. New FAQ
1. ?ancellation of deposit.
Today a new option was added – “Deposit cancellation”. This function is available on the page of your deposit and allows you after a certain amount of time to cancel your deposit by deducting a commission. The commission includes payments by the referral program, your accruals and a penalty of 10% for early withdrawal of the deposit. On the deposit page, you will see the amount that you can receive if you cancel the deposit. For today, the cancellation of the deposit works on such investment plans:
– Mineral (Available after 2 days)
– Ore (available after 7 days)
– Adamant (available after 7 days)
– Silver (Available after 5 days)
– Gold (Available after 7 days)
– Diamond (Available after 7 days)
2. Improvements
2.1 Page Promo Materials
– now available banner 125×125
2.2 Activity History Page
– now in the name of the operation “Referral Commission” – you can see your partner’s login
2.3. My Deposits Page
– now the deposit is displayed in the correct currency
2.4. The Deposit page
– Now there is a new possibility of cancellation of the deposit
3. FAQ
Frequently asked questions are supplemented with the following questions:
– Is there a fee for transferring funds between users?
– Why such a high commission for cancellation of the deposit?
– I can not refill the balance with Bitcoin, what should I do?
– How can I increase the deposit?
– How can I cancel a deposit?
Sincerely, Administration JewelsCash.


I really hate predicting anything in the HYIP industry, but the latest very pushy approach from TradeexPro makes me fear for the program’s future. You see, the program has recently made a suspiciously high deposit bonus available to new investors who will make a deposit by noon GMT tomorrow. The limited offer is available for 24 hours only and will top-up any new deposit with a hefty 30% bonus on which the further interest will then be accumulated on. The thing is only over the first twelve hours of this limited in time offer from TradeexPro I have received no less than two reminders of the upcoming expiry and my last chance to make an investment. To me it just smells of desperation from the admin to squeeze some new funds from investors, hopefully to keep paying to the existing members that are still enjoying almost instant payouts, but possibly also to close up shop which frequently happens after such offers expire. I don’t really want to predict anything bad, as I want to believe that TradeexPro will be using the money to support the payouts for its original investment plan. This pays 1% to 5% variable daily returns on business days and 1% fixed return on Saturdays and Sundays over its 365-days investment term. Before that TradeexPro has already introduced a type of Microcredits investment plans where one could get a much higher fixed daily rate of 1.25% to 5% for the duration of 10 to 120 calendar days with the principal and profits locked for the whole duration of the investment term. I believe now it’s the time to return the principals to the first investors who joined the Microcredits offer, and the following few days will show us whether TradeexPro is going to keep its promise on paying to the members or will use the special offer re-posted below as the last attempt to scam. Time will tell anyway, but in the latest news from TradeexPro is also the translation of the website into Italian and French which become its eight and ninth versions respectively and celebrating its first six months online. While such celebrations in honor of which the 30% deposit bonus is promised seems like a good timeline, you should remember that TradeexPro used to pay very small daily returns and out of its six months online it has been featured on MNO only during the last two, which certainly not enough to reach the profit zone. That is why I believe that we shouldn’t invest in TradeexPro just because you see this 30% deposit bonus offer, but if you think the program will keep paying after that and it’s not a warning sign. Below are the two latest newsletters posted on the website of TradeexPro over the last few days (find the full review of the program here):

Italian & French
Dear users, TradeexPro company is successfully moving forward and attracting more attention to its activities.
For the convenience of using the investment platform, specially for our European colleagues, the company’s website has been translated into Italian and French. This step will facilitate the work with the platform and help expand the company’s activities in a new direction. Switching language panels is located on the site in the upper right corner of the menu.
P.S. Tomorrow we have a festive event, 6 months of the TradeexPro investment program. Follow the news.
Best Regards, team TradeexPro.

6 months of work! More than $ 3.000.000 investment
Hello, dear users
We are happy to announce to you that the investment company TradeexPro LLC is developing steadily and is bringing its profit to its investors for 180 days already! Some of our investors have already earned more than 150% of net profit on their deposits and this profit continues to grow daily!
On behalf of our entire team, we want to thank all our investors and partners.
Thank you so much for being with us!
We appreciate you and are working daily to improve our service!
And in honor of this significant event, the company’s management gives its investors a 30% bonus on all deposits in any investment program. This promotion will be effective from March 30, 12:00 until March 31, 12:00 London Time (GMT +1).
Have time to make your deposit on favorable terms right now!
Invest now!
Best Regards, TradeexPro team


If you’re a member of RichmondBerks then you’ve been probably enjoying your 1.5% or 1.6% daily profit for quite some time now. The program which was first reviewed here appeared on MNO almost two months ago, therefore the first investors should have been on the verge of reaching the break-even point and seeing real profits soon. That is, of course, unless they choose to withdraw their initial principal which is allowed by RichmondBerks for a 50% fee. Unlike principal withdrawal requests that are processed manually, the daily interest in the main investment “no expiry” plan is paid instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, AdvCash, or BitCoin. RichmondBerks only requires a $10 minimum to invest and you are paid “forever”. RichmondBerks is very popular around the world as the admin is putting special emphasis on holding offline conferences in different countries and encouraging regional leaders to spread the word about the earning possibilities. Contests have never been the program’s main feature, but it looks like it’s going to change soon. A huge prize fund totalling of $20,000 is to be allocated to fifty lucky winners who will be chosen by the 5th of April and have to sign up on the website and like the program on Facebook. The winners will be chosen at random and the full terms and conditions can be found in the latest newsletter below. Good luck to all the participants!:

7 days till the end of the competition. Be in time to participate!
Good day!
RichmondBerks Company reminds you that before the end of the competition, with a prize fund of $ 20,000, there are only 7 days! Already on April 5, on the air, winners will be announced, and everyone will receive prizes.
We want to remind the rules of participation:
Super prize – $ 10 000, 1st place – $ 2500, 2nd place – $ 1500, 3rd place – $ 1200, 4th place – $ 1000, 5th place – $ 800, 6-20 place – $ 100, 20-50 place – $ 50
All you need to do to participate in the competition:
– Put on this entry Like on Facebook –
– Like on RichmondBerks Facebook page –
– Sign up on our website
April 5 in a live, the winner will be chosen via!
Be in time to participate!
Follow the updates on the blog and look for yourself in the winners lists!
Good luck!
RichmondBerks Company.


I have noticed that over the last few days all my withdrawals from LegendInvestments have been processed instantly. Although I couldn’t see this information featured anywhere I believe it’s a good sign that the administration is working hard on making the website more appealing to its investors. That also includes the translation of the LegendInvestments website into various different languages. Now available from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the website are English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Turkish, and the latest as mentioned in the following update Czech:

Website Translation in Czech.
We are glad to inform you that we have ended our website localization in another language! LegendInvestments is expanding its boundaries.

Inactive icons feature more languages that LegendInvestments will be available soon. These are German and Polish. That should be announced in due course, but the level at which LegendInvestments work on adding of new language versions of the website deserves your appreciation as it opens new horizons for the program. Having been listed on MNO for three weeks out of its now five-week long run no one yet reached the profit zone with the program, as it offers very conservative daily paying returns that start from 1% from day one and gradually reach 3% on day three-hundred and one. That makes the very first investors to reach the break-even point at 45 days, and LegendInvestments has yet to reach this threshold. More on the program that accepts deposits from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash can be found in the detailed review posted here. However I totally agree that LegendInvestments has a couple of more weeks to prove the first members have made the right choice, the admin was already interested in answering interview questions for my blog and I have sent a list to him earlier tonight. I hope sometime next week I’ll be able to publish his answers. So stay tuned for that, guys!


Still not quite there, but the admin of MerchantInvest has given members a sneak peak at his new website design that is currently in the works and is supposed to be implemented within the next couple of weeks. A screenshot of the new MerchantInvest‘s site layout has been posted in the news section so if you’re curious you can see it in the following update:

New design
Our site need more professional design, we are working on new design. 1 week and all subpages will be done, then 1-2 weeks and site will be in new design – new design and better dashboard. Preview (homepage and redesigned logo): Nice day, Logan Howe

I remind you all that the full review of MerchantInvest that has stopped charging the 1% withdrawal fee lately can be found here. The program has been added to MNO two weeks ago with the only one investment plan starting from a $10 minimum and paying 3% for 60 calendar days with the principal included. Potentially that’s 80% profit on your investment. Many investors certainly enjoy receiving instant payouts which are made to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash. Hopefully, in two to three weeks time we should see the first investors in profit, which will probably coincide with the program’s redesign.


Do you believe in miracles, guys? Well, I don’t usually when it comes to the HYIP industry, but the admin of NordeBank surprised me by resurrecting his program earlier today. Like a phoenix risen from the flames, he managed to fix multiple issues that plagued his website a couple of days ago. Over more than 36 hours the site was up and down and withdrawals processed sporadically at best, or went to pending status instead of going instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. Plans by the way include 2% for 15 days, 2.5% for 30 days, 3% for 60 days, or 3.5% for 100 days. Despite the widespread fear that NordeBank had too many technical issues to recover from, it happened. Just earlier this morning, only a couple of hours after NordeBank went to Problem status on the MNO monitor readers started sending me reports of completed payouts. Anyone whose previous withdrawals were stuck will have a cancellation withdrawal button enabled and were given instructions to cancel the request and make another one to have their request processed instantly, as usual. First that info was available for those who contacted Live Chat who then shared it on public forums and the MNO ShoutBox. Later on when everything was completely fixed, an email was sent to every member of NordeBank containing a graphic guide on how to cancel a withdrawal request in both the online version of the site and its mobile app. Of course, even now many investors of NordeBank would be waiting for a while before deciding whether or not they would like to reinvest in the program that managed to process even bigger withdrawals today, and perhaps it would be wise at this point to see how the slowly gaining confidence process would go ahead over the next few days. A good indication of the admin’s intentions to keep going forward would be his decision to extend his Sticky Listing and banner purchases on the MNO site and with preliminary agreement on the issue I will hopefully be able to update you tomorrow or the day after. In any case the miracle of resurrection has happened for NordeBank, so I cannot see any reason why it can’t continue as usual in the future. The next few days will show a clearer picture of where NordeBank (reviewed here) is heading now, so keep reading MNO for all the latest updates and see the latest newsletter in its entirety posted below:

We was moved to new powerful servers
Dear Investors
We finished the server migration and returned to stable operation. For instant withdrawal, please cancel your withdrawal requests and order them again. In the future, payments will be made instantly, as always.
Instructions how to cancel a withdrawal request:
Instructions how to cancel a withdrawal request in a mobile application:
We apologize for the inconvenience!
Open NordeBank site


I must say that I’m extremely frustrated by the fact that one of the most popular programs among my readers 50EX had to be moved to Problem and subsequently to Scam status on the MNO monitor. Over the two weeks the program has been on MNO it was only possible for the very first investors to profit, while overall 50EX has managed to run for slightly longer than one full 20-day long cycle. The program stopped paying last night and the admin cited some issues with AdvCash first which he apparently could not resolve. To put it into comparison, when we talk about NordeBank it only required the admin a couple of hours to resume fully instant withdrawals via AdvCash a couple of days ago when he had issues with them. If it’s true what the admin of 50EX was saying on the main reason for the program’s closure he shouldn’t really accept AdvCash in the first place if he wasn’t prepared to do the necessary additional actions they require once the turnover reaches a particularly high level. Obviously, 50EX has been a very popular program not only on MNO. The admin gave up too easily though and didn’t (or didn’t want to bother to!) make enough effort to resolve the issue and just scammed everyone on its peak. That was certainly not the kind of result anyone expected from 50EX so I’m very disappointed with the collapse. Please make sure you don’t invest there and spread the word online that automatic payouts has been switched off as of last night!


It’s time now to look at the results of the latest MNO TalkBack poll and see what readers make of the recent wave of scams when so many good paying programs collapsed within a few days. It started first with industry’s giants like Zinc7 and RightRise before seeping into other programs like a domino effect. I asked how confident they felt after the whole thing seemed to settle down. I’m glad to see the negative attitude has only affected 20% of readers who said that they would stop investing completely and would only collect profits from the programs they still had an active investment in. The majority of 51% are still pretty robust about their chances to profit from new programs, however they would be more selective and would only invest in the best programs they could find. The remaining 29% say they would not change their investment strategy and keep investing as usual.

Well, I believe that this week on MNO has already clearly showed that there is still demand for new quality made investment programs and the HYIP admins keep coming and paying even the increased price to list their programs on MNO. The cycle always repeats itself, as has been seen for over ten years I’m in the HYIP industry, and I believe those HYIP admins and investors that would start during the lowest activities period would gain most from the gradual spring awakening we will observe over the next few weeks time. So, the next question for the poll to be posted on the MNO TalkBack will be about your spring expectations from the HYIP industry and the remaining two months before summer takes over.

What do you expect from the HYIP industry for the next couple of months?
1) It will keep growing and expanding
2) It will stay more or less on the same level
3) It will shrink and decline

You have a full week to answer, so please do so by clicking here to share your thoughts and see what your fellow investors think likely to happen. I’ll draw the results of the TalkBack poll on the MNO blog sometime next week.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: NordeBank.
From MNO Premium listSportArbitrage, BandeiraCorpOnePunchLtdRichmondBerks,
RubiLtd, TradeBTC, SoftMiningMerchantInvestTradeexPro, SunCoinz, LegendInvestments, FatFunds, JewelsCash (the first payments received), 9Returns (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: BetCruisez.

That’s it for tonight everyone. I hope you have enjoyed reading and will follow me on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter for all the latest updates or subscribe to the Daily FeedBurner managed Newsletters that will be sent directly to your mailbox from here. I’ll be back with the next update on Saturday including a closer look at one of the latest additions to the MNO Premium List JewelsCash. See you then, guys!

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