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07/09/2020. GlobalCryptox Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! GlobalCryptox has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all, I hope the first weekend of the autumn was a good one for you and your all looking forward to the new business week! There’s a few news stories to catch up on since my last post which I’ll be getting to in the second half of today’s update, after I take a closer look at a new program called GlobalCryptox which was introduced last week. You may be wondering why I was waiting so long between the initial addition of GlobalCryptox to the MNO monitor, introducing it to readers on my blog, and getting around to today’s eventual review. Well, it’s quite simple really. As most regular readers will know I don’t review listed programs on my blog until I can 100% personally confirm a definite Paying status on the monitor. In the case of GlobalCryptox, when first added to my monitor they only made one payment per week, hence the delay in publishing this more detailed examination of it. Not to worry, better be safe that sorry as they say, at least now I can tell you for a fact this is a paying program so I hope you agree and appreciate that it was worth the wait. Following this they later moved to daily payments as I shall explain. Let’s get started then with some of the finer points about GlobalCryptox and see if you think you have room for it in your own portfolios.

To begin with, and before we delve too deeply into the inner workings of GlobalCryptox, there’s a couple of points you need to consider before going any further. The main thing is that this is a program initially developed with the long view very much at the forefront of the admin’s mind. It’s not going to be an overnight success, and even when HYIP industry activity expands as I suspect it will throughout the coming autumn months and into 2021 GlobalCryptox will remain very much a slow burner. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the admin’s immediate aim was just to get investors familiar with the program’s name and accustomed to seeing it listed as a paying program for so long, week after week after week, that it could even be after Christmas and the next New Year holiday before we see any real mainstream popularity. The reason for that is as I shall explain a much lower than average interest rate coupled with a much longer than average investment term without the inclusion of an early withdrawal clause and the implementation of high withdrawal fees.

Don’t get me wrong here, that’s by no means a criticism of GlobalCryptox, in fact I know a lot of longer term industry observers are more sympathetic towards plans that offer something that’s more likely to be genuinely achievable and sustainable over time rather than impossible “get rich quick” scams that are impossible to maintain. The problem is however that programs like GlobalCryptox aren’t necessarily what a lot of investors are going to be looking for immediately after coming out of such a sustained period of low growth and low activity in the industry. It may well be something that gets shifted onto investors “maybe list” while they look at more urgent matters first and then come back once the name is more established on monitors and forums, and I think that’s pretty much exactly what happened with the recent changeover from long to medium term plans.

There are three investment plans available in GlobalCryptox, just one that’s affordable to the average investor and two more aimed at higher spending players. Although the initial cost of joining is a bit more than the industry average at $50, don’t be too alarmed as the admin sweetens the deal and offsets that amount with quite a generous bonus. It doesn’t make it any easier to come up with the first fifty dollars of course, but if you can afford it there are benefits. Unfortunately a lot of these benefits are going to be largely non-existent for most investors given that they plus a good chunk of your profits are going to be eaten up by exorbitantly high withdrawal fees.

I’ll go into that in a bit more detail in a moment, first I think it’s more important to sketch out the basic concept behind the investment plan itself. So as I just said GlobalCryptox require a minimum investment of $50 to join. Technically that’s not exactly true, they only work with cryptocurrencies though you will be asked to give a dollar amount when investing. This is then converted into the cryptocurrency you are using to join. Likewise when you are getting paid, the withdrawal is calculated at 3% per day of your original dollar amount, but converted into your chosen cryptocurrency when actually being paid. Once you have joined, the investment term for the first plan runs for 40 calendar days. By the end of the term that accumulates to 120% in total, and with GlobalCryptox including your principal with the payments that means your own money back plus 20% net profit. This applies to all deposits to a $499 maximum.

Just to give a simple monetary example of how that might work out for you in fiscal terms then, let’s suppose you join GlobalCryptox with a $100 deposit. Over the course of the next 40 calendar days they should pay you back $3 per day until you have a grand total of $120 back in your chosen cryptocurrency wallet. With your original hundred already included that’s your own money back plus $20 for yourself as a reward. You should reach the break-even point, that is to say re-coup your original investment therefore making it impossible to lose money, 34 days into the 40 day term.

The other two plans offer exactly the same return, i.e. 120% in total or 20% net profit. The difference is that on one hand they are more expensive to join, but GlobalCryptox reward you taking the risk by slashing the time it takes to break even and complete the term. So for an investment between a $500 minimum up to $4,999 you get a higher daily interest rate of 4% for a reduced investment term of 30 calendar days. It still comes to 120% like I said, but now only takes 25 payments to break-even and start earning a passive profit.

Likewise with the third GlobalCryptox plan intended for the very biggest investors prepared to risk from $5,000 up to a $50,000 maximum. For this, if you can afford it, you should expect GlobalCryptox to offer you 5% interest per day for 24 calendar days. This ultimately leads to the same percentage return of 120%, principal included, as the previous two plans albeit with the appearance of a reduced risk as you break-even after 20 payments in this case.

At this point it gets tricky, first of all because GlobalCryptox charge what in my opinion is an extortionate fixed withdrawal fee of 0.0004 BTC (around $15 at the current exchange rate), regardless of what you are owed. Fair enough, one could make the point that this can be absorbed by making less frequent payment requests. But my argument here would be in that case what was the point in joining a daily paying HYIP in the first place if you’re only going to lose money by actually trying to get paid on a daily basis which was the very reason you joined at all? Be sure to keep this at the forefront of your mind when considering whether or not GlobalCryptox is a suitable investment for you or not.

The next question you might have is how to make an investment. The thing about the GlobalCryptox website is that while it’s easy enough to navigate once you get used to it, it’s worded in an unnecessarily complicated manner to make it a bit confusing for first time users or some non native English speakers. So once you have signed up and created an account, from inside your members area look for the Finance tab across the top of the page. Click on that to be redirected to the investment page where you will see a button marked “Invest Now”. After that you simply fill in the form on the box that pops up to proceed.

The next part is perhaps the most critical aspect of GlobalCryptox so if you only take one thing from this review I urge you to take this – how to get paid. I must admit I myself had to ask the admin for instructions on this is it isn’t particularly well explained, so I hope he will address this on the GlobalCryptox website before long. Meanwhile if you are joining the program please pay very close attention to this, and maybe bookmark it so you can refer back to it later.

The first thing you do is again click the Finance tab in your members account area, then at the bottom of the page click “View week table” which is highlighted. This will open a pop-up window giving you your payment schedule and the amount you are owed, i.e. how much you can withdraw and on when you can request it over the remaining term. Future payments are all listed as “Pending”, with the status changed to “Completed” once your account has been credited with your weekly earnings. It’s not really essential to keep too close an eye on this however, GlobalCryptox will send you an automatic e-mail reminding you that your interest payment has been made and you are now invited to withdraw when ever you are ready.

So, now that you know the correct amount to request and when to request it, back in your members account area under the Wallets tab click the button marked “BTC-USD Conversion” on the left. That’s because while your earnings are calculated in dollars and will always be stable, you actually receive it in cryptocurrency form at whatever the current exchange rate happens to be. Enter the amount you are owed, this will tell you what to expect in BTC, and click the “Convert Now” button. Now click the “Wallets” tab at the top of the page where you will now see your dollars turned back into BitCoin at the exchange rate of the day. Click the “Withdraw” button next to your chosen wallet which will then open a new pop-up window. You then select your wallet and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

So what about this incentive bonus I mentioned to encourage more investors to sign up? Personally I would have thought it more cost effective to simply reduce the minimum cost of joining, $50 being a bit steep for many people in difficult times these days, but then again if the admin is only looking for slower more manageable growth for the time being then this way might also have its benefits. The idea here is that if you join GlobalCryptox and make an active deposit, the admin will supplement your investment from his own pocket to the tune of $25. You don’t get to withdraw this $25 at any point remember, it just gets added to your principal and you get to claim the extra interest on it. As an investment strategy this is far more beneficial to the smaller investor with a $50 deposit as opposed to the guy with lets say $1,000. 3% on $75 per day makes a bigger difference to the small investor than it does to the bigger one with $1,025 if you know what I mean. That’s not the only way to make a little extra cash to supplement your income from GlobalCryptox. You can also get yet another $25 bonus if you follow GlobalCryptox on their main social networks, in this case Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. But again, for the most part this is just theoretical as with the high withdrawal fees anything you earn on this just goes up in smoke anyway and back into the pockets of everyone else handling your money before it ever gets to you.

If all that makes sense then the next thing we should discuss are your payment options. The HYIP industry has a growing history of programs eschewing the older style dollar based payment handlers in favor of direct cryptocurrencies. In this case you can use BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, BitcoinCash and a couple of other less popular options. Withdrawal requests must be submitted manually by the members, with the GlobalCryptox admin saying everything should be processed within an eight hour maximum waiting time.

The other aspect of GlobalCryptox where you can potentially win (or lose) money is how they prefer to identify themselves as a business, i.e. as a cryptocurrency trading platform where members can join in as opposed to just a regular HYIP. You have two options here known as Spot which you can trade instantly and Derivatives where you will need to transfer your funds to a separate Derivatives account. For instance, if you wish to trade 1 BTC with 150x leverage you will only need to have 0.01 BTC to start with. So if you’re into cryptocurrency trading you can check the Trade tab in your account. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make a lot of sense right now or seems complicated, the GlobalCryptox admin told me he expects to have an educational video on the subject online soon, and when that happens I’ll report it here on MNO plus embed it on the MNO monitor for the convenience of readers.

Moving on to some of the more technical details of the GlobalCryptox website such as design and security, looks to be well put together and a very professional job has been done on it. GlobalCryptox is powered off a custom-made script designed to meet the program’s own unique needs. Navigation of the site however isn’t always immediately obvious and could be explained better, so I suggest you again pay closer attention to the instructions outlined above for deposits and withdrawals. Hosting is on a dedicated server provided by CloudFlare with both protection from DDoS attacks and an SSL security certificate for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further need to get in contact with the admin of GlobalCryptox or any further questions or account related issues that need to be dealt with, then there are a couple of ways you can go about it. However as the FAQ section covers a lot of what you need to know you should definitely start with that. If that doesn’t work then next up is the ticketing where you just fill in your details on the customer support form on the website’s support page and submit it online, or else just write to the admin directly at the e-mail address listed alongside the form. Fans of social media will be able to connect with GlobalCryptox via their social media platforms which include Telegram where you can also avail of Live Chat if an operator is available, as well as Twitter and Facebook. Plus there’s a postal address to go with the program’s registration in Estonia, a country well known for taking a leading role in tech and IT based company start-ups (albeit most likely a serviced “virtual” workspace and not where anyone connected with GlobalCryptox is physically located). There’s a phone number to go with that so you might have more success there if you wish to speak with someone on a more personal one-to-one basis.

Overall it’s quite an original and well planned operation, and at first glance everything at this early stage would indicate a good long run for them but I think could be greatly enhanced by the removal of withdrawal fees. Sustainable plans that can be carefully managed plus the timing of the launch as summer gives way to autumn will help their chances, so as long as the marketing and organization of the project are handled well (which remains to be seen) it might be around for a while.

Just keep in mind that GlobalCryptox is still very much a HYIP. Granted it might be a little bit more financially sustainable than an average HYIP, but nevertheless a HYIP. That means all the usual rules still apply at all times here. If you join then be sensible with your spending limits, and be realistic with what you expect to earn. Don’t spend money that might leave you in trouble were you to lose it, or money you might need to get back in an unforeseen emergency. And of course try to keep GlobalCryptox as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Just before we move on to the news section I want to finish up with GlobalCryptox, at least for today anyway, by asking what readers think of it. You can weigh up the pros and cons of joining, and decide whether it’s a risk you think worth taking. I hope then that you won’t mind answering the following opinion poll question, which is as always 100% anonymous and only takes a second to complete. Thanks to everyone who votes, as it will make interesting reading maybe not today but several weeks from now when we look back on GlobalCryptox and see how it has developed by then:

Will you make an active deposit in GlobalCryptox?

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I’m pleased that VevoLedger is still doing well and pays on time to all the investors who picked one of many of their plans on offer, whether it’s those returning principal on expiry – 1.2% for 15 business days, 2% for 25 business days, 2.5% for 35 business days, 3% for 45 business days, 4% for 55 business days – or the 7% for 20 business days plan where the principal is already included in the daily payments. By tomorrow we should see the first investors in profit if they joined VevoLedger‘s shortest plan on the first day online promising a 130% once-off return after 15 calendar days. If you read my detailed review of VevoLedger posted here you’ll know that the minimum investment into the lowest paying 1.2% for 15 business days plan which promises 18% profit on expiry when the main investment gets returned is $25 while other plans require a much larger deposit ranging from $400 to $700. That’s why I fully anticipate that the majority of potential investors of VevoLedger will take pause and see it the program manages to fulfil its commitments on paying principal back before jumping in with such large sums. And indeed, VevoLedger still has a lot to prove to entice newbies, but with currently all the withdrawals being processed within the promised 24-hour time frame to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin and Ethereum accounts it’s only a matter of time until we see a surge of interest in the program. Besides, as the admin of VevoLedger has expressed his interest in answering some interview questions I’m going to send him tonight it will be interesting to dig up more on his background and see what future he forsees for his program and its development in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, as the interview might be published on the MNO blog within the next few days depending on when I receive the answers.

So, what’s new in VevoLedger? Well, really nothing much. As I said already, the program does perform as required and the only newsletters the admin seems to be posting in the News section of his website now relate mostly to cryptocurrency related business matters and the general minimum deposit and superb security level VevoLedger can boast of. Over the last few days there were three articles posted by the VevoLedger team and you can read all of them below to find out for yourself what they’re all about:

Is COTI a good investment?
We commonly come up with questions like,”Should I invest in COTI cryptocurrency?” or “Should I buy COTI today?” Here is when we come in picture for you. The predictions for Coti establish it as a long-term (1-year) investment. At Vevo Ledger, we predict future values with technical and financial analysis for wise selection of digital coins like COTI, Bitcoin etc. If you are looking for virtual currencies with fruitful return, COTI can be one of the most profitable investment options. COTI price equals to 0.0845 USD on 2020-09-01. If you buy COTI for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 1182.400 COTI. Based on our team’s forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2025-08-30 is 0.371 US Dollars. It could Yield +250% in 3 months, + 280% in 6 months and +300% in a year! With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +500.6%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $438.6 in 2025. A step taken today could be helpful in transforming your life in upcoming years!
Coti is a strongly growing online currency with huge scope of profits in near future, do not forget to notice it!

The entry level plans with VevoLedger
Vevo Ledger has been added shortly to the premium list just after its launch.It has been acclaimed as a short to mid term style HYIP. It offers a series of plans which are in the length of two to eleven weeks. A minimum amount of $25 is required for entering into the business. Let us discuss a few advantageous basic plans which VevoLedger offers to us. The two most popular basic plans are Beginner and Standard. These are really easy to manage and understand. Let us know more about them:
The Beginner Plan is the most popular among them,with a minimum of $25 and maximum of $300. A full three week plan, which helps you in earning 18% total net profit once Vevo returns your principal on expiry. It is a very easy investment.
The Standard Plan requires a minimum of $400 with a term of 25 days. It helps you earn around 50% on your investment. The maximum amount of investment could be $10000.
These plans could be the best deals for you, if you’re a beginner.

How we assure security and no threat business!
With online platforms, the issues of scam and hacking are emerging with days. We,at Vevo Ledger, have adopted technologies which are advanced enough to handle such mishaps and let the funds float smoothly. Here are a few of them:
1. Microsoft technology
2. Model View Architecture
3. DDOs cloudflare protection
4. Dedicated servers
We encompass 100% security proofed systems with DDOs protection. This makes us as one of the most reliable sources of investment and HYIP systems. These high level platforms help us to maintain transparency and protect the funds which are in process.


As usual, the administration of QubitTech has been busy over the last few days running various meetings, webinars, promo events and a new contest all of which you can read in the news section below. Meanwhile, if you don’t know much about QubitTech or haven’t read my detailed review of it posted here let me remind you that the only plan (unless you want to purchase one of their trading robots with extremely low monthly returns) promises to pay you a variable daily return (25% monthly on average) until you reach 250% back on your investment. A simple calculation can show that it may take up to four months just to break-even and about ten months to finish your investment cycle. With only BTC and ETH accepted starting from $100 and a 2.5% fee applied on every withdrawal request promised to be paid within 72 hours (usually much faster than that) it’s obvious that many people are still sitting on the fence watching whether QubitTech manages to live up to their promise and deliver profits to the very first investors. That might happen only in a few weeks time as the program is still relatively new and has been online for only three months. So in the case of QubitTech we can state that the future will tell whether those joining right after its official launch have made a wise investment decision or not. Watch this space as the MNO blog will be the first to report if it happens.

So, in the latest news reposted below there were announcements on new webinars and online leadership meetings that were held last week, plus the final results of the contest and a new contest announced with some exciting prizes on offer. So if you are any way good in the promotional field and are capable of building an extensive chain of downlines you might be interested in what extra incentives apart from the already generous multi-tier referral commissions are on the table for you if you are among QubitTech‘s lucky winners. Below everything you need to know about that and much more:

Webinar: Important Platform News
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are happy to invite you to the webinars of QubitTech CEO Greg Limon, which will be held this Saturday.
The webinars will focus on the latest news on the QubitTech platform. Mainly, the CEO will tell about the achieved results of the project, as well as, the upcoming events.
The webinar in English will take place at 07:00 UTC (September 5) –
The webinar in Russian will take place at 12:00 Moscow time (September 5) –
We will be waiting for you!

Leadership meeting this Friday
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to announce that a new online meeting with QubitTech leaders from different regions of the world will take place on September 4.
The main speaker of the event is Greg Limon, CEO of QubitTech – he will discuss important news of our platform with the leaders.
We remind you that users who have reached the 3rd and higher rank can take part in the leadership meetings. A link to connect to the online meeting will be sent to each user via email.
If you have not reached the 3rd rank, but want to take part in the online meeting, you need to fulfill the conditions for reaching the 3rd rank by September 4th.
Leadership meeting in English – 15:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Russian – 16:00 (UTC) / 19:00 (Moscow time)
Follow our news!

Until the end of our promo – 2 days!
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
Just a few days left before the end of our promo, timed to the big QubitTech conference in Dubai in early October.
At the moment, the promo conditions have been fulfilled by many of our partners, to whom we express our sincere gratitude for their participation. However, you still have a chance!
You can also win a trip to Dubai by taking part in the “My story with QubitTech” competition. More about this –
Already this Saturday, at the webinar of Greg Limon, our CEO, we will name the winners of the competition and provide the details about our event in Dubai.
As a reminder, according to the promo terms until September 5:
1) For one partner (without air ticket compensation), it is necessary to attract new users who activate licenses for at least 15,000 USDT in the first line.
2) For one partner (partial flight ticket compensation), it is necessary to attract new users who activate licenses for at least 30,000 USDT in the first line.
3) For the partner and his guest (partial compensation of air tickets), it is necessary to attract new users who activate licenses for at least 60,000 USDT on the first line.
So, there are only 2 days left!
It’s time to make the final leap and go to Dubai with us. It’s up to you!

Contest Lucky Robot – Easy Way to Win iPhone 11 Pro
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to announce the start of “Lucky Robot” contest. From today on, we accept your success stories of using our trading robots to help grow your capital.
1st place – iPhone 11 PRO, 2nd place – $ 300, 3rd place – $ 200
You need to share the posts on any social media networks with positive results received by QubitTech robots:
– take a photo and (or) video with results of the robot’s trading on your exchange account;
– write a short story about how QbuitTech robots work;
– add hashtags to your posts: #QubitTech, #QubitTechRobot, #QubitTechLuckyRobot.
There is no limit to the number of posts posted on social media, but each post must be unique.
As soon as you post a message on the social network, you will need to send a link to the publication in the technical support chat on the platform’s website (window in the lower right corner of the screen).
CEO Greg Limon will pick a few lucky ones on November 5, 2020, using the random number method.
Follow our news!

Results of the contest “My Story with QubitTech
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
A draw of prizes took place today, in which Greg Limon randomly determined the winners of the “My story with QubitTech” contest.
The video of the draw is available here –
So here’s a list of the lucky ones:
Free trip to Dubai –
1st Place ($500) –
2nd place ($300) –
3rd place ($200) –
In the near future, you will receive letters explaining how you can get prizes.
We congratulate the winners!
Follow our news!

Results of the important webinar of CEO QubitTech
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
An important webinar by our CEO Greg Limon took place on Saturday.
We will briefly summarize it for all our users:
– In a week we received registration in the UK and Wales, expanded our team with new master distributors, introduced our CTO, held offline events in Bangkok and Irkutsk. In addition, we opened our first office in Mexico.
– The total number of our offices around the world is already 17.
– We have announced the creation of a QubitTech mobile application.
– We have completed a promo timed to coincide with the official opening of QubitTech, which will be held in Dubai. And also completed the contest “My story with QubitTech“. Congratulations to the winners!
– We have announced the dates on which our event will take place in Dubai. From 1 to 4 October (The Meydan Hotel). Participants who have fulfilled the terms of the promo will already receive instructions by email.
– The total number of QubitTech leaders who reached rank 3 in 3 months is already 93.
– In 2 weeks we have already held 16 webinars in 8 languages. And this is just the beginning!
If you want to view the full version of the webinar –

Professor Graham Leach – Senior Innovation Advisor at QubitTech
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to introduce you a new member of our team – Professor Graham Leach. He will take on the position of Senior Innovation Advisor.
Professor Graham Leach has held numerous senior-level positions in both industry and academia. Proficient at leading projects and teams, he is an expert at designing and deploying strategies intended to create or expand opportunities.
Graham’s research interest is the commercialization of Innovation, particularly in the Blockchain space. He has been tracking the progress of Quantum Computing since the 1990’s.
We are confident that the addition of Professor Leach to our team will significantly improve our capabilities in the development of quantum technologies and help expand the map of our products.
Follow our news!


Unfortunately I have to finish for today with the sad news of the closure of Winza. Well, basically it’s a scam when the admin just stops paying and doesn’t even bother to tell anyone what happened or provide any excuses of what might have went wrong with his program. For people who joined Winza under MNO in its first days on the MNO monitor it was definitely possible to make up to 50% on their investment, so we cannot view the program as a failure. However, taking into consideration its unique concept of allegedly making profits as an online casino with five games people could play and share it with their members the final result of less than six months online cannot be defined as a total victory either. Obviously, this business model was nothing than smoke and mirrors to disguise the same ponzi-style game that all Winza members have been playing all this time without realizing it. At least Winza has managed to last longer than others and it was even possible to earn and play games without any active participation just by utilizing the free money one could collect on an hourly basis. As the admin remains silent and withdrawals have been delayed for over 48 hours now I assume that the program is gone for good. Please take note of that and do not attempt to invest in Winza if you were about to. You’ve been warned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: VevoLedger.
From MNO Standard list: QubitTech, GlobalCryptox (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: RoboticsOnline, CryptoNode.

That’s about all I have to report today, guys. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if so why not join about 3,000 other readers and subscribe to the MNO Newsfeed to get regular articles sent directly to your email address you may submit here? It would be even better if you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter as these are the social network channels where all the latest updates on new additions to the MNO monitor, program status changes and recent news from the HYIP industry get published first. I will back soon with all the latest news from the biggest investment programs and perhaps more new additions coming your way, so don’t miss anything important on MNO during this new HYIP season that has already been launched. And of course, if you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests I will be pleased to hear from you and discuss it in person on Telegram @mnoblog. Alternatively, you may write to me directly at or contact me using this online form. And if you haven’t voted in the latest TalkBack poll asking on whether you have BTC and other cryptocurrency wallets you may do so here as I will most probably count and analyze the results in the next blog post. Meanwhile, thanks for reading and stay with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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