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Hello everyone! It’s the first day of September now and hopefully that means the HYIP industry will be in better shape anytime soon. It’s possible that the newly added and brand-new program called GlobalCryptox which came to MNO for listing on Sunday might be one of the pioneers of any upcoming industry revival we should expect over the coming weeks. As summer turns to autumn people will start to return to the HYIP industry, always on the lookout for promising new projects. And I’m pretty sure that MNO will be able to provide them for you with some high quality choices.

You see, after more than thirteen years online I’ve come to realise the only way to ensure the most high-budget programs run by talented admins and avoid the deliberate fast scams at the same time. It’s a win-win combination for anyone – I do not waste my time on promotion of countless garbage programs other monitors seem to be inundated with and concentrate all my efforts on fewer but clearly higher quality leaders of the HYIP industry. Anyway, it’s exactly why MNO has become so famous in the HYIP world and that is why I plan to continue my endeavours in the same direction.

There are reasons to be excited for the new HYIP season, guys. You might remember that back in 2017, exactly the following year after the last BTC halving event, the industry exploded with various great projects and large investors returning to capitalize on the ever growing interest in BTC fuelled by its rapid price increase. The same might just happen in 2021 as this year has seen another BTC halving event resulting in the price of cryptocurrencies generally having increased already. That is quite possibly only the beginning for the upward trend in both cryptocurrencies and the HYIP industry as a result of that. So MNO will certainly be dedicating more time and effort in properly analysing the current trends and see the ways the HYIP industry is going being almost as volatile as the cryptocurrency market itself. Meanwhile, I have a new question on the MNO TalkBack today about the importance of having a cryptocurrency wallet in the current climate where the whole HYIP industry is largely dependent and intertwined with the BTC-powered field. So please take some time and participate in the poll, guys.

As the industry is almost certainly on the way to new heights now after a largely uneventful summer it’s very important that you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter to be the first to know about the emergence of any potential industry leaders and latest status changes for the already listed programs on the MNO monitor. You may also subscribe to the MNO newsfeed to get regular blog articles in their entirety sent to your email address you may submit and confirm on this page. And of course, I’m always here to answer any questions coming from my readers or assist my downline in any issues they might encounter when dealing with the listed programs. You may send me your questions, suggestions and advertising requests directly at, using this online contact form or chatting with me live on Telegram @mnoblog for a speedier response. I will be more than happy to hear from you and any feedback on my work will be highly appreciated as well.

And now without further ado let’s get back to the latest news from the industry’s biggest and most talked about programs – Winza and QubitTech, plus something new from the recently reviewed VevoLedger. But first let me give you a brief introduction of a brand-new entry on the MNO Standard ListGlobalCryptox.


GlobalCryptox might not be for everyone looking for a fast profit in HYIPs as the only investment plan available there is 3% weekly for 90 weeks which is a bit short of two full years with the possibility to earn 270% ROI and break even on week 34, or about eight months into the term. It’s quite obvious no one would rush to join GlobalCryptox as the minimum to invest is pretty high – $100 – and the program works with BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum and many other popular cryptocurrencies. However, I don’t believe overnight success was the main objective for the creation of GlobalCryptox. Everyone that can visit the website will see it’s quite unique with actual trading cryptocurrencies at its core rather than the investment plan itself. For instance, if you wish to trade 1 BTC with 150x leverage you will only need to have 0.01 BTC to start with. So, if you’re into cryptocurrency trading activities you should definitely check the Trade tab in your account, otherwise to make a deposit go to the Finance section.

Weekly withdrawals must be requested manually and are promised to be processed within an 8 hour maximum. I cannot really verify the timeframe as of yet but by the time the full review of GlobalCryptox is going to be published I will surely know whether it lives to its promise. Remember that by simply signing up to GlobalCryptox you will automatically get $25 on your balance which is not withdrawable amount and will be added to your deposit to earn you extra money. Plus, there is a 2% deposit bonus if you invest via BTC funds and one more $25 bonus if you follow GlobalCryptox on the major social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

Obviously, to make such a complicated setup fully presentable and functioning the site is running off a custom-made script and has an attractive design throughout. The GlobalCryptox website is hosted on CloudFlare servers which also provides them with an SSL-certificate to further secure transactions. It’s interesting that GlobalCryptox is incorporated in Estonia – a country which is famous for its friendly stance to cryptocurrency start-ups – and is also listed on different cryptocurrency-related websites like CoinMarketCap. Although it seems like GlobalCryptox is pretty much a project still in the making it differs from its rival HYIPs tremendously by actually offering trading for a fee and thus being able to back up those tiny by HYIP industry standards profits relatively secure and for a very long time. We will see of course how the program will develop on MNO, but for now do check it out and wait for the more detailed review of GlobalCryptox I plan to publish on my blog in the next few days.


VevoLedger is a relatively new program that was added to Premium listing on MNO last week and was already reviewed here. The first investors are still not in profit, but there is a good chance the program will succeed in the long term if the admin keeps doing such a great job and improves his investment platform which is run off a totally custom-made script. Withdrawals from VevoLedger are done within 24 hours and have to be requested from your account to be paid to the same e-currency you have joined with – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, or Ethereum. The minimum investment is $25 where you can start with 1.5% for 15 business days plan paying your initial investment back at the end of the term and thus leaving you with 18% net profit. All the other plans offered by VevoLedger are much more expensive to join and range from $400 to $700. However if you can manage to spare such amounts of money your choice will be much wider, because the other plans by VevoLedger include 2% for 25 business days, 2.5% for 35 business days, 3% for 45 business days, 4% for 55 business days (all with the principal return on expiry), 7% for 20 business days (with the principal included) and 130% once-off payment after a 15 calendar days term. I do believe that many investors will be quite hesitant to invest such large amounts in a still unproven program while the first most affordable plan might not be so attractive due to its relatively low return and waiting time of three full weeks before you see any profits, however if the admin intends to work hard we may expect good results from VevoLedger. Everything will be clear in just a couple of weeks time when hopefully the first investors reach the break-even point and start earning profits. I will keep watching the latest developments from VevoLedger closely on the MNO blog, so keep checking from time to time if you want to see the program’s progress.

Among the latest news posted on a dedicated page on the VevoLedger website recently there were articles on the rewarding nature of digital currencies and trading in an always volatile market. Well, if that’s what VevoLedger is actually doing (and not only playing a ponzi-game with investors’ funds) then I think it might be beneficial for both current and potential investors alike to read both articles reposted for your convenience below:

The rewarding nature of digital currencies
Though cryptocurrencies have been around for only a short while, they have already expanded into a wide, convoluted world that can be difficult to understand for a layman. Bitcoin is among the most popular of the currencies which have been floating online.
A platform like VevoLedger has made it pretty easier for people to invest in popular currencies like Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency fervor is more subdued than previous years now. It is a volatile market. However, if you invest responsibly, you would get huge rewards.
You can do the investment calculation to assess what will they become over time. With as less a deposit amount as $700, returns of 7% could be expected. Therefore, Cryptocurrencies, if dealt wisely, could give a huge share of returns.
Bitcoin is counted as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. It is due to its relative stability, simplicity, and acceptance. Plus, it could be used for making easy payments, like that of buying a coffee! Hereby, all you need to understand is the rewarding nature of cryptocurrencies and invest wisely.

Know how investing in digital currencies could be useful with our predictions!
Predictions play a major role in helping with investments and the profits associated with them. There’s a rapid rise and fall in the value of digital currencies. Hence, we need a regular tracker to know the progress every now and then.
We usually consider Bitcoin as the deciding and comparing element. While bitcoin might be the most well-known cryptocurrency, there are hundreds of other tokens competing for user attention. While bitcoin is still the dominant option with regard to market capitalization, altcoins including ether (ETH), XRP, bitcoin cash (BCH), litecoin (LTC) and EOS are among its closest competitors as of January 2020. Further, new initial coin offering (ICOs) are constantly on the close watch, due to the relatively few barriers to entry. The crowded field is good news for investors because the widespread competition keeps prices down. Fortunately for bitcoin, its high visibility gives it an edge over its competitors.
Coti is the new go to for all the investors, owing to its steep growth and demand. We predict that the prices might be on a new high by next week. Coti, popularly called as the currency of Internet, is world’s first DAG based blockchain protocol optimized for use by stable coin issuers.
Our team uses the most accurate AI based trends analyser to identify the real trend based on various strategies. Stay tuned with VevoLedger to get the most accurate and the fairly advantageous investments.


Winza has certainly be the talk of the town this summer, as the program seems to have managed to attract lots of interest both from regular HYIP players, and their gambling counterparts flocking in from the totally different world of online casinos. The main premise of Winza is of course the ability to play real casino games and win (or lose) funds which you can obtain free and on an hourly basis if you use their Free Faucet feature. There are five games to choose from, however the real investment opportunity lies in Winza‘s option to invest your funds and share profits from their online casino on a daily basis. There are two options to invest – Bankroll and Hold both of which give you a reasonable variable daily return and of which you can read more in my detailed review of Winza posted here. The program is definitely worth a closer look, so I do strongly advise you to read the review in case you consider investing via any of the five accepted payment options – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin or DogeCoin. Withdrawals are processed quite fast and there is an internal exchanger where you may switch your balance to be paid to a totally different currency for a nominal fee of 3.5%.

Among the latest news from Winza regularly posted on its own Telegram channel it was highlighted of the importance of turning on 2FA to be able to better protect your funds and sharing of the latest and quite impressive stats on Winza‘s membership:

Turning on the 2FA is optional but also recommended.
Protect your account and keep your personal information safe!
Do not wait any longer, turn it on now in your account settings > (

+3,180,000 games
+12,020 registered users
+1,230 USD faucet claims
Open a free account right away > (


After nearly three months online QubitTech is still doing well and continues to generate headlines across the world with their unorthodox approach to advertising and maintaining interest not only in the HYIP industry itself, but rather at various physical locations putting strong emphasis on team building and crowd pleasing techniques. This innovative approach will probably bring its own rewards if QubitTech is intended to run in the long term, as until now no one has been in profit from the only available plan paying a variable rate up to 2% daily (25% monthly on average) until you reach 250% ROI which might not happen until ten months into your investment term. I must say that QubitTech must work pretty hard in order to attract investors into its relatively expensive investment plan which starts from a $100 minimum and is only available for investing via BTC or ETH funds. These will then be converted into the program’s internal USD funds which will be calculated in BTC or ETH funds at the day on which the transaction is due. Withdrawals are usually very fast (although the stated processing time is 72 hours) and are subject to a 2.5% withdrawal fee. In about a month time the very first investors of QubitTech which was first reviewed here should break-even and start earning profits, so I believe many of you will be eagerly anticipating this newsworthy event. Don’t worry as MNO will be the first to report once it happens!

Meanwhile, over the last few days the administration of QubitTech and their promotional teams across the world have been busy as usual in spreading the word about the program’s investment offers and the benefits of joining their multi-level affiliate advertising campaign. For that purpose the first meeting in the Russian city of Irkutsk was held a couple of days ago, the first Mexican office was open in the city of Cancun, and some new members have been added on the QubitTech team whose introduction was made in one of today’s newsletter. Besides, QubitTech is now registered and incorporated in England and Wales with certificates that can be viewed by the general public (and these are not the first countries where the company has been incorporated so far either). A new SMS notification system is now fully functional for QubitTech members, so optionally you may leave your cell phone details in your user area settings to receive various types of notifications which might be more convenient for larger investors of the program. There is more news to report and all the latest updates and events posted on the QubitTech website over the last few days can be seen below:

The SMS notification system is now available
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
As CEO Greg Limon promised in a public webinar this Monday, we have implemented the SMS notification system to QubitTech platform. Now you can optionally add your phone number to the account, to receive SMS notifications from QubitTech.
To set up an SMS notification system you need to go to profile settings.
Next, you need to enter your phone number in a special field.
Having received a special code as an SMS, insert it to the opened system window.
If you already added a phone number, you will receive SMS notifications about the following actions on the platform:
– deposit/withdrawal notifications;
– bonuses/rewards notifications;
– notifications about rank achievement.
If you have any questions, you can contact QubitTech support team by clicking on the pop-up at the bottom right of the site.
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QubitTech working meeting in Irkutsk
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are glad to invite you to an interesting free event, which will be held by our consulting office in Irkutsk (Russia) on August 30 (12:00 local time).
Topic of the meeting: “Crisis 2020. How to start earning more than $ 5000 per month without knowledge and experience.”
Pre-registration by phone: +7-914-958-44-95
Address: Russia, Irkutsk, St. Chkalova 15 (Courtyard by Marriot Hotel)
The speakers will share with you many secrets of successful work on the Internet.
We will be waiting for you!

QubitTech is registered in England
Dear users of the QubitTech.
We are pleased to announce that QubitTech platform has received registration in England and Wales.
In accordance with this document, we plan to open the first QubitTech office in London in the near future.
Recall that QubitTech was previously registered in Europe, the Virgin Islands and Thailand.
The platform has its own patents, as well as insurance documentation.
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The first results of cooperation in the field of quantum technologies
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to announce that an important stage of our cooperation in the development of quantum technologies with Txxx has been successfully completed.
One of the main directions of this cooperation is the use of quantum technologies in the development of QubitTech automated algorithmic systems, presented, in particular, in the form of trading robots.
We are very grateful for this extended collaboration to the Txxx team members, especially Per Lind and Sxxx.
In the near future, we will present a detailed report on the development of quantum technologies within the framework of this collaboration.
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First QubitTech office in Mexico
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are pleased to inform you that the first QubitTech consulting office has opened in Mexico. The office is located in the city of Cancun, a popular tourist centre of the country.
The event brought together many guests and experts as well as local leaders. This is another important step for our platform to capture the Latin American market.
We congratulate our Mexico Top-leaders on the success in promoting QubitTech services and technologies, as well as opening an office.
A few photos from the opening of the office.
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Extending the QubitTech Team
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We are pleased to welcome two new specialists to our team who have proven themselves excellently in the regional markets.
Iakov Ashurov will become the QubitTech‘s official master distributor in the CIS countries. Iakov is a world-class professional with experience in building an active partner network of $ 58 million, and also has excellent skills and tools for recruiting new partners for any company with a business development model through partner networks.
Geoffrey Nwokolo will become QubitTech‘s Official Master Distributor for West Africa. He is an excellent speaker with numerous awards in Africa. Founder of several regional startups. His career interests lie at the intersection of law, leadership and business. He calls himself a legal-entrepreneur.
In addition, Jorge Sebastião will be the CTO of QubitTech. As a reminder, Jorge is the creator of the A6 security puncture (Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness & Agility.), which is already being used by many successful companies.
At a new stage in the development of the QubitTech platform, we will focus our efforts on ensuring the security of the client base, as well as all technological solutions and developments in the field of quantum technologies. We are confident that with Jorge Sebastião’s expertise in data security, QubitTech will remain a safe haven for the platform users and team.
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At the end of an otherwise interesting start to the new business week I want now to take a look at the results of the most recent opinion poll from the MNO TalkBack page. I have another question in mind very loosely connected to GlobalCryptox as just introduced above. More on that in a moment. Anyway, as it’s been a week since the last poll was added I guess everyone who wanted to vote has had ample time to do so by now, and since I don’t see the results changing dramatically I guess I may as well call time on it today.

So, the focus of the question was your overall financial performance in the HYIP industry so far. As it’s now the first day of September and with two thirds of the year already past us it seemed like as good a time as any to reflect on how things have gone so far. It’s not exactly a secret that it hasn’t been exactly what you could call a vintage year for HYIPs, I think we are all mostly in agreement there. But what strikes me a lot more than the deliberate scams is the number of what were otherwise good programs that simply underperformed. There have been plenty of opportunities to make money, I just feel that under different circumstances these could have benefited a lot more people that how things played out in the end.

I’m extremely pleased to see therefore that under some difficult circumstances that MNO readers have by and large come out on top. Remember that I wasn’t asking about actual amounts of money, just a more simple and basic question as to whether or not you made a profit. Whether that profit was $10 or $10,000 is a whole other matter, I just wanted to know if you’ve taken more money out of the HYIP industry that you put into it. So, the exact question was: Have you earned more money from the HYIP industry than you spent in 2020?

A resounding 75% majority of MNO readers voted “Yes, I am in profit”. Congratulations to everyone in that group, it is after all the main reason we play the HYIP industry in the first place. On a personal level though I found it very gratifying, knowing that even when the wider industry has been quite slow in 2020 my readers can confidently expect only the best programs to be included on my monitor. The remaining 25% of voters unfortunately said “No, I have lost money”. Sorry to hear you guys had some bad luck, hopefully you won’t lose hope and will manage to re-coup most of that in the remaining months of the year. I’ve already noticed a turnaround in industry activity and the autumn is only just getting started, so I won’t be surprised to see some better opportunities come your way before long. Just for the record and in the interests of transparency there was a third option you could have voted for. That was “I think I broke even” but it received no votes at all, so that means everyone’s either on one side of the fence or another.

For the next MNO TalkBack poll I want to ask about something you will have noticed about GlobalCryptox, the brand new MNO listed program I just introduced above. It works exclusively with cryptocurrencies, the most popular of which as you know is BitCoin but several others are included also. What you don’t have however, is any of the traditional dollar based third party payment handlers, an area currently more or less owned by just Payeer and PerfectMoney insofar as HYIPs are concerned anyway. It isn’t actually that unusual or even that rare in the industry anymore, in the last couple of years there have been several programs which became successful that only ever worked through one single cryptocurrency, so I don’t see it by any means as something that will hinder the growth and expansion of GlobalCryptox. I’m just curious about how many of you in this day and age when cryptocurrencies are so readily accepted by almost all online HYI programs have gotten on board, and how many of you prefer to stay away from them. I mean when you come to think of it, the very act of buying any cryptocurrency is in itself a form of gambling, given how the exchange rates can and do swing so wildly in any direction literally overnight in many cases. So yes, I can easily understand why some people would indeed see a compelling reason for staying out of the whole cryptocurrency minefield entirely. My question therefore is this:

Do you own a cryptocurrency wallet?

Possible answers can be taken from the following list, just take the option than comes closest to your own situation:

– Yes, but I only use BitCoin currency
– Yes, I have wallets in different currencies
– No, but I intend to open one in the future
– No, I don’t like or don’t trust them

As always thanks a lot in advance to all readers who take the time and effort to participate. Remember that at all times voting remains 100% confidential, anonymous and untraceable. You are also perfectly welcome to discuss the subject and how you voted if you wish on the MNO ShoutBox with your fellow readers. The poll will stay open for at least another week, long enough for anyone who wants to vote to have plenty of time to think about the question and do so, and the voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: VevoLedger.
From MNO Standard list: Winza, QubitTech.
From MNO Basic list: CryptoNode.

That’s about all for today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading and I hope to see you back in a few days when I’ll have had more time to take a more detailed and in-depth look at GlobalCryptox and of course all the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Stay tuned to MNO – For Money Lovers!

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