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22/09/2014. EastOil Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! EastOil has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well after the weekend. Slightly later than anticipated, I put off looking at EastOil, the main topic of today’s update until today because well, to be honest there wasn’t a great deal to talk about yesterday. Not in terms of newsworthy stories anyway I mean, so I thought it might be better to swap things around a bit and do it today instead.

Anyway, I remember reading something a couple of years back that stuck in my mind. It was the American oil/industrialist billionaire J.P Getty who once said “get up early, work hard, find oil”. It’s since been a matter of debate whether he meant that as a humorous “secret to my success” style quote, or a deadly serious direct instruction to his employees, but never mind, it was just something that came back to me when I was looking over the most recent new program to join the MNO Premium List. The first thing I thought about when I opening the website was that it does have a certain nostalgia/retro style throwback to the HYIP industry as it was a couple of years ago. That’s by no means a bad thing of course, and I’m sure a lot of readers might even like that about EastOil, given that it’s somewhat against the current trend in the industry. EastOil is more of a long term program that’s launching at exactly the right time – Sept/Oct being traditionally a fruitful for such programs along with January – and might just bring in a lot of experienced players who recognize the patterns at work here. But that much is up to you guys to decide – it’s your money and your shout what to do with it after all – so I’ll just run through the main features and you can decide whether to take it, leave it, or wait for another day to think about whether EastOil is what you want in your portfolios or not.

As usual I’m going to start things off today with the investment plans, and EastOil have two categories. There’s three plans that make regular interest payments on a daily basis, and three more profitable options that only make one single payment on expiry but require a much higher risk on your part to avail of the offer. The daily paying options are collectively known as The Brent Oil Plan, and the on-expiry ones are referred to as The WTI Plan. When it comes to the actual practicalities however, there’s really only one option that will be taken seriously by the overwhelming majority of investors, as to be honest it’s the only one that’s affordable.

EastOil require a $25 minimum to join, and anything up to a maximum of $2,000 will get you into EastOil‘s first daily paying plan. The term runs for 70 calendar days and members will receive a daily interest payment of 3.2%, seven days per week. This adds up to 224% in interest payments, at which point EastOil make a separate return of your principal. So that’s a return of 324% in total – 100% of your own money plus 224% in net profit.

To put that in more practical monetary terms then, let’s say you join EastOil with a $100 deposit. Over the course of the following 70 days they will pay you back at a rate of $3.20 per day. You will earn back an amount equivalent to your initial deposit (that is, you break even and can’t possibly lose any of your own money from this point on) after 32 days which is less than half way through the term. By its completion EastOil will have paid you back $224 in total, and then add your own initial hundred to that as well.

For the more ambitious investors looking to go past $2,000, EastOil have higher rates of interest, but the plan itself continues more or less unchanged with daily interest payments and your principal handed back on expiry. So for a deposit ranging from $2,001 up to $5,000 the rate goes to 3.4% per calendar day, allowing members to break even after 30 days into the 70 calendar day term, and complete it with 238% in total profits on top of their original investment getting returned.

And lastly for the really big spenders EastOil are offering their top daily interest rate of 3.8% per day for 70 calendar days on deposits ranging from $5,001 to a $50,000. Should everything go according to plan that would result in members reaching the break even point after 27 days, completing the term with net profits of 266%, in addition to their principals being returned on expiry.

Moving on to the second section then, The WTI Plan, which I think is going to be for not much more than informational purposes for most readers. Don’t get me wrong here, I do want to be positive and indeed as a program I quite like EastOil, it’s just that I can see very little that would coax me as an investor to even consider anything other than the first, Brent Oil Plan described above. The reason for this is that The WTI Plan only makes one single payment on expiry, however the term is simply too long to wait for the majority of HYIP investors. Not just to wait for a payment, but also to have your principal tied up when you could possibly be earning faster profits elsewhere. That’s just a personal take on it of course, but from experience (I do know my readers, after all!) I know a lot of you will share this view.

I’ll give you the numbers anyway because like I said, EastOil still has a good daily plan. You can join for again the same minimum of $25, but this time anything up to $1,000 sees the admin offering a single payment of 550% after a term of 55 calendar days. OK, I know it looks more profitable than the daily payments option and ultimately you are offered more money in a shorter space of time, but experienced investors will know to ask themselves if this is a promise that can realistically be delivered on before joining. And then if you believe it can, then it’s going to take you almost two months of waiting to see if you were right. The one thing I strongly dislike about this plan above all else however is that its mere presence makes the likelihood of second, third, or more cycles less and less feasible in the superior daily payments plan.

Likewise the remaining two options are even more difficult to recommend. These include an offer of 650% on amounts from $1,001 to $2,000, and 800% on expiry from amounts between $2,001 and EastOil‘s maximum investment limit which is capped at $50,000.

If you find something in there you like then the next item up for discussion is what are your payment options. EastOil currently uses PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin to handle all deposits and withdrawals. Payouts to members are made manually by the admin and need to be requested from inside your private EastOil members account area. Once done you are asked to allow anything up to 12 hours for the transaction to be completed. If you’re a fan of compounding by the way then it’s allowed here too. An extra feature in the members area here that I did like was the inclusion of a list of online e-currency exchange providers. None of them are directly connected with EastOil of course and are independently managed, but it was a useful page to add in and having used a couple of them myself over the years I can say that there are some very reliable service providers in there.

On the more technical, design, and security side of the program, EastOil is running of a script under license from GoldCoders which I guess a lot of you will recognize straight away even if it has been slightly modified for this program. One difference you’ll notice for example is that upon signing up you will not be allowed your own username. This will be assigned to you by the script and is just a series of numbers (which I assume follow some kind of sequence). This part of the form is already done for you by default – don’t try to change it as you will not be allowed – but you can still choose your own password as normal. EastOil is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DDoSGuard, and for an added layer of personal safety for investors has an extended SSL certificate from Comodo.

If you have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues to discuss then the best way to get in contact is to fill in your details on the online contact form and submit it via the support page. Otherwise you can just e-mail the admin directly at the listed address. You might notice a “Live Chat” feature there as well, but at the time of writing all I can tell you to do with this is ignore it as it doesn’t do anything. Maybe it will be activated later, I really don’t know, but not right now. EastOil have a UK postal address where they claim to be a registered company but I would suggest ignoring this as mostly these are no more than virtual serviced offices. To accompany this though there is also a phone number, so if you believe someone will answer then try that as well. I can also see that EastOil have a regional representhative program in place as well where you can find some other investors in your local area acting as support operators. There’s not many of them there just yet, but remember the program is still brand new. The same applies to the various social media projects where EastOil have profiles. Their Twitter account seems to have been suspended for some reason but you’ll still see them on Facebook. Not much info there at the moment but that didn’t stop a couple of low grade monitors embarrassing themselves with spam begging for money off the admin. Sometimes I actually think it’s kinda funny but I’m still glad I’m not the one who has to deal with it.

Apart from that all I can say is that EastOil is quite a “big” website in the sense that there’s an extensive amount of reading, texts, FAQs, and so on, so it looks like a fair bit of work was done on it. I’d be a bit more dismissive of their alleged business activities of course – allegedly an oil company – because there’s no evidence to support it and even if it were true it doesn’t guarantee you a cent anyway. Best to treat EastOil as you find it, like an online HYIP, and behave accordingly. That means knowing your limits and staying well under them. Spend what you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you’re joining EastOil at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



For today’s news issue I should probably start with the introduction of a new program on MNO Premium listing called AriaInvestments, or simply Arriels as it’s known for short. The program is now in its second week online meaning that not even one full investment cycle has been completed yet. The investment plans structure does look quite unique to me and I have never seen this concept before. There’s a simultaneous increase in the daily interest rate alongside a decrease in the investment term. So for a $10 minimum deposit accepted via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, BitCoin, and Payeer you are earn 6% per day for a duration of 20 calendar days, resulting in 20% net profit. But if you spend at least $1,000 you receive 7% for 19 calendar days, or 33% net profit. A $2,500 minimum will give you an opportunity to earn 8% for 18 calendar days (44% net profit). Other plans with much more prohibitive minimum investment requirements include 9% for 17 calendar days (53% profit), 10% for 16 calendar days (60% profit), and 11% for 17 calendar days (65% profit).

However (and here we’re getting to the interesting point!), you can possibly earn a higher interest rate not by increasing your deposit but by joining a group. You simply allow your investment to be pooled with those of other investors (it’s OK, you don’t have to know them personally) and when this collective pot reaches a certain amount, all the investors who have contributed to it can claim an improved rate. Of course you are free to proceed and make an investment without joining any group, but if you want a better shot at making more money then add your deposit to the MNO group in order for everyone in it to get the best rate. I have chosen a group that aims for a collective $2,500 from all the members joining it. If this can be achieved, then the members who decided to pool their principals in that group would be looking at a reward of 8% per day instead of 6%. The MNO group in AriaInvestments is filling fast and at the time of writing I see $550 from people contributing to the MNO group in hope of an improved rate. If it all sounds a bit confusing for you then don’t worry, everything will be clearly explained in tomorrow’s review. More on that process can be also read in the first weekly newsletter issued by the administration of AriaInvestments last night.

There’s a lot more to AriaInvestments than just that of course, it’s also paying instant profits which are credited to your account in real time by the second. So you can actually see your account growing right before your eyes. That means that by joining the 6% for 20 days plan what you actually see is in your members area is your profit clicking up in front of you like a stopwatch, eventually making 6% in total over any 24 hour period. Interest can then be either withdrawn instantly to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, EgoPay, or BitCoin accounts or re-deposited back into the plan of your choice. That’s about it regarding the investment process in AriaInvestments, and I believe everything is explained on the website itself if you want to read more or in the newsletter as well. As for the site itself, it looks fantastic after being translated into two languages already (Russian and Spanish), although English is clearly not their native language either (despite claims of being a UK incorporated company – something that can be easily done cheaply over the net!). Promises of more languages to come to increase their online presence are also being given in the latest newsletter and I’m sure that will be beneficial for the future development of AriaInvestments which, in my honest opinion, is one of the most interesting new programs so far this autumn. More promotion that should bring AriaInvestments to new heights is also promised, and clearly the admin is not going to cut corners on that by hiring MNO as the biggest monitor capable of really improving the exposure of AriaInvestments to new horizons, especially with the upcoming review tomorrow.

Just a few words on the technical side of things – the program is running off a licensed and nicely modified H-Script to suit the needs of all those unique features, an SSL-certificate and extended validation Green Bar from Comodo is also in place for safer transactions as well as hosting on a dedicated server and DDoS protection from BlackLotus. Everything seems to have been done to ensure the long-lasting success of AriaInvestments and I wish him and all the investors the best of luck with that. The first newsletter in its entirety can be also found below for more info on the program’s recent developments:

We are happy to greet each of our valued users!
I would like to express my immense gratitude to you for making the offer of our company a part of your investment portfolio.
Our website has been translated into the Russian language because we have many Russian-speaking investors and from now on, we are ready to provide support to the Russian-speaking investors in their language any time they need it. The Russian section of the website also facilitates the registration process because our project is becoming more and more popular in the Russian segment of the global investment market.
We already have the SPANISH and GERMAN language ready to do. And Our plans include translating of the website into some more languages.
We are also going to make a presentation of our company in the Russian language. We have already added Russian blogs, monitors, Skype chat and support service, but many more things are still awaiting implementation.
We will also be adding SKYPE GROUPS for every LANGUAGE sector, so people can communicate with each other in their own language.
We truly love to see the interacting in the SKYPE ROOMS… the enthusiasm and motivation is excellent. We are delighted to see that.
Our focus and intention with AriaInvestments, is to PUSH as hard as we can, in Quality Management to assure to LONGEST POSSIBLE duration of our Program – cause we realize that YOUR PROFIT depends on it.
Next week we are starting a global-scale promotional campaign which will boost our company to a new level and make it a unique organization of its kind.
We are doing our best to ensure lucrative revenue to our investors on the continuous basis. That means making improvements and refinements EVERY DAY.
Keeping it in mind, we are working hard to improve the investment products of our company and identify new ways to build more value to the funds which we are receiving from our investors.
Probably, our MOST CRUCIAL focus is our MEMBER SUPPORT. Each and every Support Ticket is handled with SPECIAL care and ATTENTION to assure that we get the highest possible MEMBER SATISFACTION.
» there is a lot of people who still do not realize the huge BENEFIT of Joining one of the GROUPS
Therefore, let me explain:
» when you join a Group… you don’t need to invest that Total Amount
» the whole objective of a Group is that you can invest a small amount, yet can benefit from the TOTAL INVESTMENT of the Group
» example… with only $20 you can join a $1,000 Group, and as soon as the Group if FULL,… you start earning the same as if you invested $1,000 yourself
» and you don’t need to worry about filling up the Group Yourself… cause EVERY MEMBER of ARIAINVESTMENTS, can JOIN any GROUP at any time
Now in Closing – I would like to present few information about AriaInvestments.
» We have more then 3800 users,
» Total amount of deposits is more then $300 000 and its growing every hour.
» Total amount of withdrawals its more then $25 000.
And we want to say THANK YOU.
Because we REALIZE that there is many programs out there.
We REALIZE it is BECAUSE of you that we have those numbers.
And that is why… WE, at ARIAINVESTMENTS will do EVERTHING we can to make sure you have a HAPPY and SATISFYING and…. PROFITABLE EXPERIENCE.
Go Ahead… Join to us TODAY,
Create your group, or Join a Group.
Invite your friends and start earning money.
With Regards, the AriaInvestments Admin
PS: You can COUNT on a NEWS LETTER every SUNDAY !!! That is OUR COMMITMENT to stay in touch, and make sure you have “your finger on the pulse” of our progress. Tell Next Week!!!!


CryptoFarm (reviewed here) is also in its own way a unique program. Uptake has been painfully slow however, and whether that’s a result the program only accepting BitCoin investments, the high cost of joining (the 0.25 Btc minimum is about $100 under current exchange rates) or the relatively low returns of 2%-2.4% for 60 calendar days remains to be seen. If you ask me, I think over the last two months when CryptoFarm was online and accepting new deposits the real value of BitCoin has significantly dropped from about $600 to $400 at the moment which made it impossible to invest in CryptoFarm without losing money, despite them still paying. Really, what is the point of investing for 20% to 44% profit when the value of your BitCoin has decreased by the same amount during this period. So in my honest opinion, it’s not enough to just keep investors updated on the latest news which the admin of CryptoFarm decided to do with a series of weekly newsletters, but to think about possibly changing the investment plans to make them more appealing and worthwhile for HYIP investors which the program is obviously targeting by advertising on MNO. Anyway, it’s the admin’s business and not my place to give advice, but as a HYIP CryptoFarm‘s performance has been flawless so far with all the payouts processed within 24 hours and I can’t actually complain. Hopefully something will change to make CryptoFarm more appealing now that the admin issued the first newsletter re-posted below and promised to update the members more frequently:

CryptoFarm Weekly Update
Good Afternoon,
Here at CryptoFarm, our main priority is operating and optimizing the data centre that provide the profits for our cryptocurrency mining investors. While we have been succeeding at this, despite substantially changes in the Bitcoin network hash rate, we have been falling short on our customer service commitment, and today we are making major improvements in this regard.
To better communicate with our investors, we will begin sending weekly updates on changes and improvements in the CryptoFarm network, as well as any other information that is pertinent to the company. We appreciate your continued support and realize that in order to ensure the greatest level of success for CryptoFarm, we need to provide the best possible customer service.
In addition to our weekly updates, we will also be hiring additional staff to reply to customer service emails. If you have any comment or concern regarding CryptoFarm, please contact us using the contact form on the website.


Finally, the latest news for today is about the fast-paced development of Payza which has taken the HYIP industry by storm (again) over the last few weeks. More and more admins are realizing the benefits of accepting them as a payment processor that can be a very nice alternative to SolidTrustPay (not really willing to deal with the vast majority of HYIPs at the moment, as it appears). With its many direct deposit and withdrawal options and approving the biggest programs Payza has come a long way for sure. Another program that has already pre-paid for the Premium listing and one month long banner space on the MNO blog is going to officially launch tomorrow and they will be accepting Payza too. Of course, to be on top of the competition Payza needs to improve and make the whole payment experience much better than it was two years ago and when they were still called AlertPay. With their US-friendly support but happily accepting members globally as well, Payza will surely claw its way back to the top of the HYIP industry which it has been doing for several weeks already now. The latest info on the Checkout improvements was posted on the official blog of Payza a few days ago and can be found below:

Payza’s New Guest Checkout Generates 16% of Sales Volume in First Month
One of Four New Business Tools Aimed at Increasing Merchant Conversions Released by Payza Last Quarter
Payza, a global leader in online payment processing, has introduced several new merchant-oriented features this year, including the popular new guest checkout option, which allows non-members to quickly complete payment on the Payza network.
“We’re focused on improving the Payza checkout experience for buyers to help increase conversion rates for our merchants. Thanks to the versatility of the Payza platform, we’ve been able to quickly add new features when the opportunity arises” said Ali Nizameddine, Executive Vice President of Product and Technology at Payza. “In the first month since implementing guest checkout, over 15% of payments have come from non-members. We want to give our merchant members the greatest opportunity to convert visitors on their site; the guest checkout feature has done exactly that.”
This year, Payza added new features to streamline the checkout experience for customers on a Payza merchant’s website including guest checkout options, In-Page Checkout, mobile display enhancement, and Top Up payments. These features were added in addition to other free business tools such as Recurring Billing for subscription payments, Mass Pay for corporate disbursements, Email Invoices, built-in fraud protection, third party shopping-cart integration, and the Payza Resolution Center.
Payza also recently updated its User Agreement to expand the types of industries that it can support, specifically by adding more high risk and specialized business to their list of regulated industries.
About Payza
Payza is a leading online payments technology platform used by licensed entities around the world. Payza’s highly secure platform provides businesses and consumers with convenient and flexible solutions for sending and receiving payments worldwide. The company offers access to payment services in both traditional and emerging markets, as well as a host of tools and services including: fraud screening, dispute resolution, currency exchange, global payouts and disbursement services. With millions of members, Payza offers its services around the world in 21 currencies, and is proud to provide its merchants around the globe with a complete solution for accepting payments and managing their businesses.
More information is available about Payza on its website,, Facebook, Twitter and the company’s blog.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: RemiTrade2FXLtdAssuredAssetsCryptoArbsPurpleWealthPiNeverEnds, TradingAllianceLimited, LaxoTradeCryptoFarm, EastOil (the first payments received), AriaInvestments (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: SkyRocketInv.
From MNO Basic list: TrustForexTrade, VioletStock, ZeusInvest, OgdenOrganization.

That’s all all for today, guys. Stay tuned for more news from the biggest high-yield investment programs and I’ll be back tomorrow with a full review of the next big thing AriaInvestments. Stay connected with MNO via Facebook and Twitter and check my monitoring page often for the latest info on status changes for the most elite programs online!

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