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17/08/2019. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi guys, and welcome to the weekend issue of the MNO blog – your one stop shop for all the latest information and updates on the hottest investment programs the HYIP industry has to offer. It looks like the waiting time for something truly exciting that will shake the industry up and bring it back to the good old days is almost over, as a brand-new program called GovBid mentioned briefly in the previous blog post has been finally launched and announced on the MNO monitor. Frankly speaking, I was hoping to introduce it on my blog by last night, but as the admin had to be absolutely sure everything was working fine he needed some extra time to finish the final testing stages. Looks like now everything works well and I managed to successfully purchase the contracts I’ll be talking about in today’s news along with the latest from other long-term paying programs you can find on the MNO monitorYesss and Hooplex. I hope that GovBid will join the list of excellent investment opportunities you can only find on MNO and I’m pretty sure everyone will be about around it, as it’s truly something unique that doesn’t come our way too often.

As the HYIP industry is most certainly about to recover over the next few weeks it’s extremely important for smart investors to stay informed on the latest trends and the hottest programs of the new season. For that reason you should do yourself a favour by following MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter where all the major announcements are posted first. That way you can add yourself to the list of followers to be the first to spot possibly the next big thing coming your way. You may also join over 3,000 people who already subscribed to receive regular updates from the MNO blog by submitting and confirming your email address on this page so to receive all the full blog articles within 24 hours of publishing. You would be insane not to follow MNO in the new season, as things will only get hotter as summer cools down and is being replaced by autumn with lots of serious investors and professional HYIP admins returning from vacation. Stay tuned to MNO and be part of the process!


If we think about the standard of preparation and high levels of originality involved in making a program unique then GovBid ticks all the boxes. It’s possibly (actually almost certainly) the most unique program of the year I’ve seen so far. The admin started the GovBid advertising campaign with MNO fully aware of the fact that he doesn’t need to spend much, as due to its originality many other promoters will probably soon add it for free anyway, and there’s good reason for that. GovBid is certainly a program with a vision of future greatness firmly in mind totally prepared to gradually become the next industry leader. I sincerely hope the admin has all the tools at his disposal to achieve this and take the industry out of the doldrums and back to its former glories. So what is so unique and interesting about GovBid you might ask?

If you want to look at investment plans which of course is the primary reason any of you are looking for info on GovBid, this is where the program is at its most unorthodox. In fact they’re not even presented as plans at all in the traditional sense, rather they say it’s a series on bids to purchase contracts. These contracts as they are called are in turn extremely fluid and in a near constant state of change, though there’s probably nearly always something to suit each and every budget.

These contracts that you bid on as such are basically a series of limited in time offers. It’s difficult to give an absolute description of them today because this will change. At the time of writing GovBid have 22 available plans/contracts. These are divided into four different categories, called Homeland, Public, Security, and Industrial. The minimum cost of joining can fluctuate so don’t take this information as a literal statement of fact, but the GovBid admin has given some basic guidelines. For example, plans within the Homeland category can be expected to have minimum investments of from $1 up to $100, however at the time of writing the cheapest bid is $5. Likewise with the Public group of plans which carry various minimum entry point levels. The GovBid admin says that opening bids on this group of contracts can start at $100, though currently the most affordable offer starts at $170. Other plans in this group might start from a low point of $5,000, my point is that it won’t necessarily be that exact number at all times. The most expensive plans fall under the Security and Industrial umbrellas with minimum bids aiming for $5,000 to $10,000, and $10,000 plus respectively.

As for the term length, again this is also a very unique concept with very little in common with the regular HYIP industry. Not everyone needs to wait the same amount of time to get paid. The bidding process for each individual contract remains open until a fixed expiry date. That expiry date is listed under each contract with a countdown timer running down the days and hours until payments are returned to investors. Basically you can jump in anytime before the timer reaches zero. After that you just wait out the remaining time until your contract expires and you can get paid. Just remember that contracts are coming and going in GovBid all the time so you may not necessarily find the same offer tomorrow that you liked the look of today but hesitated. You see, there’s also something in GovBid referred to as the “Corporate Bid”. What does that mean? Well in a nutshell each contract is not some sort of bottomless money pit like in most HYIPs. In the case of GovBid they all basically act as a finite account and only require a limited amount of money, invested collectively pooled from all investors big and small. So for example a smaller lower paying plan might only require a total pool of $1,000 or $2,000 invested between all members before they are closed to new members. Existing members will be paid what they are owed, the contracts are still valid, but if the fund is full then no further new members will be allowed to join. Other contracts may have upper limits of several hundred thousand dollars, but they might also require bigger investment minimums. As I said, you’d really have to check your GovBid account area on a day-to-day basis to see what’s going on and how the offers are evolving.

At the moment plans depending on what categories they fall into and how long is left to run on the expiry dates could pay anything from 7% to 50%, but you are going to have to check your GovBid members area for confirmation of that because depending on when you read this that could all change.

If you see something you like there by the way I’ll just give a quick word on the investment process with GovBid. At the moment you can only join using BitCoin but I’m expecting that to change before too long. The fact that you may only use BitCoin but the plans are described using dollars probably has something to do with the fluctuating value of opening bids given the ever changing exchange rates. You will also need to fund your wallet in the program first, than re-direct your funds into the various plans of your choice (you may join more than one at a time, but can only join any one individual plan once).

As for the withdrawal process it should be fully automated, so once you make a request you will see a countdown timer similar to the one across every available contract telling you the exact time you can expect to be paid to your registered BTC wallet. I haven’t tried this feature myself, but by the time the full review of GovBid is going to be published on MNO in the coming business week I will certainly know more about the whole process.

If you like the originality of investment plans you will be also pleased to hear that the admin of GovBid didn’t cut any corners on online security for his project. The site is SSL-secured by Comodo throughout and the hosting server is by BlockDoS who provide them with a multi-layer unmetered DDoS shield intendeded to mitigate all sorts of attacks that might occur. The domain name is registered until 2026 which shows the long-term intentions of the admin. There are lots of ways to contact customer service with multi-lingual support provided on Telegram and channels on the most popular social platforms, like Telegram, Facebook and Twitter have all been launched now as well. The most important thing about the GovBid website though is the abundance of information which will be needed by some newbies to understand the whole concept behind the site that has been clearly designed with an eye on attracting larger investors looking for a solid investment opportunity. For instance, there was a long personal message from the admin on the GovBid website with a two year detailed RoadMap outlining the longer term vision for the program in the foreseeable future – something that other HYIPs simply ignore. Finally, there are some vital pieces of information you can read just before the full review of GovBid is published on MNO. Please check all four updates from GovBid below which might help you decide what person we might be dealing with and what we should expect from his leadership skills and the assistance of his entire team tirelessly working to bring this wonderful project online for your assessment:

When it comes to GovBid contracts bidding there are countless options to build up an efficient portfolio for every user. As each key metric of a contract may differ, it provides an inexhaustible engine of variations, that is ready to deploy a government tendering business potential with an infusion of your capital.
To make a quick reminder on how G.B.P.’s contract (lot) is structured, you can always click at the “Take a tour” button at your account’s “Available Contracts” section. For now, let us explore a few simple yet effective tactics, which could suit your needs as a novice venture capitalist.
A. Rapid Build Up (0.1-0.5% D.R.F. (Daily Revenue Forecast)
If you only joined the platform recently, the very first priority might be to have a reasonably quick revenue generated on your initial balance.
We might suggest you focus at the I. Homeland, contract’s type, as this one will always have a smaller entrance bid without a cost to its M.D.F (potential profitability), as well as the timer of the lot will rarely exceed a couple of days, thus you could always get your bid sold with a predictable margin.
B. Profitable Sunrise (0.5-1% D.R.F.)
As you gain some extra budget, you might consider the second contract’s type named II. Public. Typically such lots may have slightly higher entrance bid, however, the M.D.F. is much more substantial rather than at the previous model. The timer usually stays within a range of a single-digit week including its weekends.
To continue having a short term profit, you might keep some portion of your portfolio using A. set of tactics.
C. Extensive Lookout (1-1.7% D.R.F.)
With more digital funds available you can expect even higher returns. Since M.D.F. at the III. Security contract type should be even bigger, it goes with the cost of its timing and the size of the minimum bid to apply. This set may have a breakeven in a month or even longer, but sometimes you can catch some extremely profitable lots.
Not everyone will be able to join such an opportunity, thus unlike other contracts, Security’s Corporate Bid (maximum capital infusion pool) is might larger, thus making the listing itself pretty much constant before the timer’s end.
D. Deep Dive. (Up to 1.9% D.R.F.)
The sizable bank requires something truly effective. If you came or become ready for a long-term game at G.B.P., the IV. Industrial contract’s set may stay the ultimate solution to have the maximum M.D.F. per $. If timing nor the size of the entrance bid is not a concern, focus all the power on those lots and deploy your capital with the maximum of its potential.
There are a few important things to note:
– The contract’s expiration timer will continuously define its key metrics, resulting in a decreased M.D.F. if your bid hasn’t been placed within the first hours of the lot’s timer.
– “Corporate Bid” metric shows a piece of information, which essentially displays the maximum volume of the capital infusion required. Once this amount is achieved, it may lead to a contract’s delisting process, yet it will remain visible for its active bidders.
– If a particular contract is not yet acquired, its M.D.F. metric displays the total possible return value based on the contract’s timer at any given moment.
We hope now you have even more clarity on how the G.B.P.’s lot system works. It might be a good time to refill your balance to catch that very best set of contracts and make yourself confident with the investment essentials set. We always look for fresh and lucrative opportunities. Be patient and always be ready for the right opportunity!

Alright, let us speak kings, shall we? If you have already spent a few hours exploring the website perhaps at the same time struggling to understand the wordiness of the text (for that we ask forgiveness and may even have the audacity to request the assistance of yours) you might feel somehow confident yet just a little confused. However, if this very article is still a subject of your vigilant supervision, we might still have a chance to prove to you our noble intentions. Don’t worry, the boring part is over. Thank you for the time spent once again, and we will continue to grind it from here…
We have provided you with a detailed F.A.Q. page, yet if you already know all the basics, there always will be a set of “questions el picante” answering which should only be the honor of all of the founders. However, when an online money-making opportunity is present, for some reasons all the key inquires strangely stay ignored.
We all know that everything can be faked out, especially when it comes to the global web itself. What’s real and where is no fundament of words? Too good to be the truth or simply almost the truth?
There will be no limit to such talk. As we have analyzed this market, I think we know what you are concerned the most, so let’s crack it…
Q1. Is it legal for me to use and eventually get benefit from G.B.P.?
Let’s put it that way… you can clearly see that some phrases on this website were set to be not exactly how you talk with your friends. Same as you may expect reading facebook’s terms and conditions. Do you really have to be that precise or wordy? No. But do you want to take a “never get ill” pill? It is better to be prepared, including the legal aspect whereas we know you should talk less and always stay a pessimist. So yes, it is perfectly legal for you to use this platform. Just do not say or promise anything which is not listed or hasn’t been plainly proposed on the website.
Q2. If the business is real, then why is it so hard to grasp?
Because some things are indeed complex yet quite fascinating to work with. In time we will provide you with much more clarity on many different aspects of the contract tendering business, yet it all requires a good time of preparation. Take it as a promise.
Q3. How do you prove that your operation is not a Madoff’s kind?
Same as Google will prove that this company is not evil. By doing exactly the opposite. As with almost every wizard of the wall street, Madoff’s flair was a power of persuasion. When you have such a skill, you may work on nothing but the vocabulary, hence when it is the time to prove your act, there is nothing to show. Unfortunately, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box, thus the only thing I can persuade is my dog using a little cheat treat. Instead, we decided to share only facts and to provide transparency once we have a solid ground. Uncut comprehension of the multinational tender business will not come in a day. It took 30 years of my life just to get things squared and it was only a glimpse of the whole picture, but you may trust my word and experience or wait till we share more details on the matter in a way it is digestible.
Q4. What is the point here for you?
Every single person in the team has ample to live a good life. Sure enough, if we continue to perform at the peak of our potential. First and foremost we do find a life’s joy making such a product, money may find us in the process, an this is a second object present for our souls at this endeavor.
Q5. I’ve seen some people busted for promoting their links, is it dangerous to recruit people at such types of platforms?
It is true that there are some loud cases of a particular set of video bloggers ending up with legal problems after a successful marathon under a certain name I’m sure you’re all familiar with. Well, there are always two sides to the same story. If you bring your friends and colleagues, yet one way or another cover-up facts of what type of responsibility lays on you and your referrals, as a result, you will end up in trouble. How to be a good leader? Just be an honest one. If risks are present – inform your affiliates about them with no sugarcoating. Make sure that each person within your team has a cold-headed mindset regarding an opportunity you want to invite him or her into. Yes, probably you will not get a commission reward right away, but listen, do you really need a drug addict chilling at your house? Work with the ones who can make up their minds, and be an exemplar yourself.
Q6. How do you pay an affiliate program’s rewards?
Only when revenue is present, an affiliate commission can be deployed, thus M.D.F. will always display a slightly lower value than it is present for the GovBid. When it comes to the deposit-based affiliate opportunities we have in place for all the active promoters, it goes to our own expense, making the choice Representative a selective process.
Q7. How many infinities do you want to stay online?
Nothing or nobody is immortal, and it also applies to anything we do or work at. You should always seek the clear motivation behind each product or opportunity, or even better – a motive that drives its founder or the team. Answering this question – as long as it takes, we are here to work with you. When you start something new, nothing is predictable, yet only the experience will promise to make our flight safer. We have it in stock and it’s been great so far. Doing business and risking together is not fun, yet drinking a margarita on the private jet with the core partners of yours – that job pays off.
Q8. Any promises, guarantees or assurances?
No promises. No guarantees. No Assurances of any kind. Period.
Q9. If everything is so harsh, what am I doing here?
You are here to earn a living. We are here to do exactly the same. How long can you run depends only if you can pass us the bottle of water, and if our crew will tie the running shoe properly.
Q10. May I see your face Richard or anybody from the team?
I will present myself and the core team soon enough, but for now – business beckons.
Q11. What should I be aware of, if I consider joining G.B.P.?
As soon as you get all the technical aspects figured out, you always should stay cognizant of the future you want to live at.
I hope that would be enough for today. Keep in touch with my verse. Don’t forget to check the “Vital Pieces, Part 1”!
Always yours, Richard Osborn.

In this article, our team will display a potential roadmap, at which our primary product development path will be structured. Please note, that any of the following pre-assigned phases described in this document is a subject of change and may be revised or updated under the organization’s management decision.
A proximate forecast of implementing these solutions properly should stay within an achievable 24 months period, however, it will not include a debugging process nor the unexpected list of agendas that have not been embedded into the roadmap’s timing estimate.
G.B.P. marketing & the product side can be subdivided into 7 key categories. Today we will cover each grouping’s upcoming upgrades list and provide you with some insights on them. Quite a few of the following updates have already either an initial development status or at the final production stage.
If you will see an L.F.T. mark, it stands for “Looking for a Talent” and may display a possibility to apply for a particular development program as the platform’s user to take an active part in developing our instrument.
Without further ado, let’s get started with technicals:
A. Profile & Security (Estimated timing – 4-5 months)
A1 – 2FAU Integration (0% Completion) – Either E-Mail or Phone number authentication will be implemented.
A2 – Telegram PIN confirmation (70% Completion)
This feature will allow our users to make even safer withdrawals by receiving a PIN code directly at your Telegram (using platform’s bot)
A3 – Session IP Sensitivity (74% Completion)
Your access may be strictly limited to the location you are at, or perhaps only to a single dedicated IP address.
A4 – Profile Backup (10% Completion)
This upgrade will help you to perform an emergency profile backup, so you will be able to log in your account even if you no longer have your access data.
A5 – Dedicated Server Mirroring (20% Completion)
If you will not be able to access your “Secure Area” via the official website, you may still direct all the bids using a second, separately operated and database synchronized G.B.P. server clone. (this feature is not a regular domain mirror function which is already set by default in addition to the Dedicated Server powered by BlockDos, using the highest custom configuration to prevent any DDOS attacks)
B. Contracts & Bidding (Estimated timing – 3 months)
At this point it is possible only to perform a single entrance bid to deploy your digital funds into the contract, however after some necessary live testing is done and the whole system is complete, you will be able to perform various bids at any given contract after its acquisition.
B1 – Filtration & Contract Grid Systems (30% Completion)
As soon as your account will have too many contracts, it will be a handy feature to stack & properly group them spring by different criteria or groups to properly form your venture portfolio and provide you with an extensive statistic data. extensive statistic data.
B2 – Android application (bids only) (0% Completion, L.F.T.)
PlayMarket is the only ecosystem that is tolerable to gambling and bidding games, thus it may become a green light for a convenient G.B.P. Application.
B3 – Chrome Bid’s Extension Notifications (0% Completion. L.F.T.)
To make sure you’ll have all the available opportunities ready to place your bids at, right when they appear in our database.
C. Upgrades & Packages (Estimated timing – 2 months)
C1 – GB Packages (95% Completion)
A system which requires a strong focus of all the technical and analytical team is ready to deploy, although our Technical Department has been assigned with a mission to collect more information and client’s statistics before the launch.
C2 – Paid only features (10% Completion)
A certain unique functionality, such as an extension of your downline referral tree, maybe only available as an in-app purchase. To create an effective list of sub-products, our Marketing Department should perform a list of voting pools among all the members of the community.
D. Affiliate Program Features (Estimated timing – 6-10 months)
D1 – Advanced Referral Tree Statistics for Representatives (35% Completion)
A detailed toolset aimed at better team management and overall affiliate structure dynamic monitoring. Only the best marketers are welcome to join the development process as advisors.
D2 – Team Editor (40% Completion)
Direct & Team Messages, Group Branding, and User’s Statuses are coming very soon.
D3 – Branding Materials, Invitations & Offers (15% Completion)
To create a better recruiting experience by making a set of useful marketing tools (Email offer, personal landing page, interactive banners, offline promotion packages and else).
D4 – Leaderboard (75% Completion)
Decisive board of Representatives & Country Counsels displayed all together to complete for a monthly Automatic Reward Pool (A.R. Pool.)
D5 – Charity Bank (0% Completion. L.F.T.)
We want to put a strong focus at creating a decentralized system of tokens, which may become a strong utility at creating a transparent Charity Crowdfunding Platform within the community of active bidders. At this point it mainly requires to create a team of public activists who can become the official branch of representatives of a given charity program or a country, thus making such a feature only the question of time.
E. Localization & Media Content (Estimated timing – 5-6 months)
E1 – Hindi, Spanish, French (15% Completion. L.F.T.)
E2 – Italian, Russian, German (0% Completion. L.F.T.)
E3 – Polish, Portuguese, Japanese (0% Completion. L.F.T.)
E4 – Other languages (Marketing research is needed)
F. Information & Support (Estimated timing – 2-3 months)
F1 – Extended F.A.Q. Knowledge Book (20% Completion. L.F.T.)
More questions will rise over time. More answers will be shared and explained for you to perform an effortless self-troubleshooting.
F2 – Call back service (10% Completion. L.F.T.)
Our community management team is currently building up a foundation for a designated professional Call Service Department to deploy a particular group of assistants under the direct management of a proposed Counselor thus making this feature a paid or an achievement-based product available to only a certain group of users within the community.
F3 – User’s Feedback Pool System (35% Completion)
Designed for those, who will appreciate our results with a proper review visible for all the guests of the website with no moderation policy.
F4 – Public Transactions & Operations
Transparency at its best, easy to read and compare with everything happening within the platform, including management’s quarterly bonuses and coffee expenses.
G. Community Management (Estimated timing – 6-8 months)
G1 – GB Careers (Client Assistant Role) (55% Completion)
An account-based staff management panel aimed to provide all community staff with quick and scheduled salary & operation bonuses.
G2 – Counselor Voting system (5% Completion)
To allow G.B.P. users to choose and set ones they like the most. Such a tool will become a genuine filter to all and every leader, yet if duty is fulfilled the list of top performers will have their public support.
As it was mentioned earlier, with such a list of features, you might expect us to continuously work on the platform within the 24 months at the very least. As your feedback will predominantly define the order of upgrades and in some cases even to create a completely new schedule, we may ask for your detailed feedback on the go.
The more people will know about our services, the higher the expectation you might place on our technical team & the community management.
We believe that with constant assistance provided from our clients and back, as well as with a strong focus of your direct involvement into the process, we are on the verge of creating an instrument, extremely profitable for both parties yet honest, fair and indomitable.
Best Wishes from Rakesh Sharma, Head of G.B.P.’s Technical Department.

My name is Richard and I’m not that “good guy” that could play a nice start an intro. I’ve done some questionable things in my life. Something I would rather forget when at the same time there are wonderful stories in my book indeed that I would love to share with my kids, although I was not fortunate to be gifted with such…
It’s been a while since we started the development of our very first IT product as an online platform, which goal is to put a new proper beginning for the word “revenue” and how it can be made with a help of the global web.
I hope you can forgive my elegiac style of writing. This article is here to establish a path through which I will continue to deliver the corporate message, as well as will keep sharing a story of my own with the public. It may not sound politically correct nor equal for all sides, at the same time it shall remain as the key focus to make sure that transparency of our product will be above all norms.
But enough circling around. Let us talk about an online investment market and its inherent problems.
Our world may seem to many as not the most welcoming place, especially when it comes to financial inequality and various cyberpunk blockchain puppet masters. Yes, I am aware of that last wound. Millions of people got dead shot with a multibillion thunderstorm of “laser-focused”, highly efficient and technologically advanced rain of scams, some of which I might add had tremendous marketing support and clearly were operated by professionals. However, countless lives have experienced this “revolution” and boy I’ve seen some strange masters but that was barbarous. No chance to recover, no option to think twice, a knife bleeding edge cut made globally, and no one talks about it… Online Scams.
I’ve followed some amusing métiers and had enough luck to even build up a hand full of successful endeavors. But speaking of the online world of “getting rich quick” vending machines. As some, opportunities looked more of a gamble, where rules were clearly set to mainly benefit the house, other particular examples were crafted to look even better than the original truth. Various interpretations of “high-frequency trading”, “buy a token – get a profitable bots”, sports betting, fake cryptocurrencies, real cryptocurrencies, and the King of the Dark Kingdom above all – asset exchangers. That last part just pissing me off. Charles and Bernie combined together are just a bunch of tools playing with their ego. I’m talking about 10+ Billion dollars worth of… Hacks. Well, I hope you are not that gullible to eat such a treat.
Yet blockchain potential is immense. I had to spend enough time to analyze this modern wave of online gambling in disguise myself using nothing but hands of own mistakes… Everything you adore, each project, teller and his creation, all have a single thing alike…They craft amazing tools from the ground up and perfect the vocal promises, performing wonders of marketing and salesmanship…yet only to enrich the maker. They have absolutely no respect for the audience which trusts they have had.
99.999% of all token offerings (ICOs) you should rightfully consider as an outclass example of a true evil, where even a tiny glimpse of choice is absent but the level of packaging had already been raised up so high, even scammers might thought it was at some point the very truth. (Thank you SEC for doing a great job at catching them, slowly but surely.)
Do not get me wrong, I respect everything which a decentralized trustless system might bring to this world, and actually, there are some amazing opportunities present when it comes to blockchain. However, the card of “this is my market and I know it” should not become a reason to steal people’s money under the cloak of their financial adolescence.
I gotta hand it to you all – only to survive such a deft massacre is an honorable outcome. As you understand it by now – I feel that ones with a sword have used it too many times, thus it might be a good one to give those yonks a lesson. So, let me be specific and place a quick keynote and quote the online revenue market’s problems as I see it…
I. – Doing the impossible.
Forget about anything “fixed” in this industry. Guaranteed profit is not possible. It is a blunt lie to offer any “stable ratio” and we offer our users no such thing. Even gigantic hedge funds nor any of the investment firms (if legit) will offer you a “% business days during…” or “daily profit…” At G.B.P. you only find flexibility and tools given to your own hands. Work with contracts and build up an investment portfolio accepting close to none or higher risks.
II. – Playing the soul card.
When all the facts are missing, the puppet master will use the kindness of your soul to play with. Be careful when an opportunity you have been presented with, has anything to do with “cash gifting” or bombard with “social, community, kindness” keywords, belittling the complexity of the business they do, with a hideous “you do not have to know this…” message. Our goal is to stay transparent with our users and always share a concrete foundation of facts and logic behind, even if it is not user-friendly or may seem complex.
III. – Doing an entertainment rather than a business.
Flashiness, tricks, fireworks. Ice cream shops and thousands of freaky clowns screaming “hey hey hey…” on video streaming services. Those folks have no respect for their audience, so they can easily play a victim card at the end and walk away. You should become immune to such a vanity fair and make sure to look at the math in the first place. I also agree, that businesses have quite a few similar factors with financial pyramid schemes. When clients are done joining and no-one buys the product – any business is done. Thus any firm whose goal is to sell something should perform a good level of advertising, however, the balance is here to stay. If only ads have been acquired, but no education factor is present – someone has a motivation to distract you from the operation itself, as there might be none.
IV. – Accepting no risks and delegating responsibilities.
It is obvious, that when such a significant reward is somewhere present, there always will be an equal risk behind the bush. With so many factors involved, it is not just impossible to guarantee profits of any kind, but truth be told, it is vapid to even talk on any form of assurance these days. So let’s make it clear, shall we? What guarantees do you have with us? There are none. It is not a bank or a financial institution, none of your digital assets are insured and when it comes to such a beast as the cryptocurrency, mark my words – I will never provide a single claim when such a maze is present. So please, make up your mind, gather what you have and start bidding those contracts or walk away…
Countless hours were spent to polish not only the financial aspect of our platform, yet what you can see now is not exactly a “ready to buy” package. To be honest, it is far from being perfect, and at G.B.P. we might stumble across with a few bugs in addition to the possible complexity as it may seem.
We will skip all the business talk in this article, although you may explore everything related to the organization’s operations by simply surfing this website. Research our web at and be a judge. Tell us what you think. As each new member, or perhaps a guest, may reasonably say – “If this offer looks so good from afar, it might be far from good”. Although there is only a single thing we can reply to this claim – “No matter how you look at it, yes – it is quite risky, no revenue or potential return is guaranteed, besides, you may lose your funds anytime with no explanation or further research!”
Wait, what is going on? Well, I promised you some transparency, even if it will hit us back. Yet I think that it is the only way to filter highly addicted ones and put all fools aside from our product so we can embrace, shake off and fight the fearful odds together! For those who will engage in the opportunity, our products have all chances to become an ultimate money-making toolset, or even to bring you financial independence for the rest of your life.
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The ones with a strong heart will deserve their liberty! This is how our ancestors did it, this is how we do it. And it has been a hell of a journey so far…
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You might know that Hooplex is possibly the only investment platform in the HYIP industry at the moment that holds regular offline conferences in different corners of the world with an aim to attract new customers by such unconventional selling methods. Having been paying for over six months now the Hooplex name has become a well-established brand in itself already, but the constant growth required to sustain payouts to massively growing membership demands that more and more people to join the platform famous for its unique features. If you haven’t read the comprehensive review of Hooplex posted on the MNO blog earlier this year (click here to read) I will try to explain a few things in a nutshell. By joining Hooplex you literally convert your funds into the internal currency called Lexera which you then sell back to the program on every withdrawal request for a small fee. This is sent to your e-currency account within a 72 hour maximum (usually it’s much faster than that). Most recently though Hooplex made some important changes to its script by allowing members invest directly via BTC and ETH without converting funds in and out Lexera which might be a strong selling point for many investors still sitting on the fence. If you still prefer dealing with Lexera funds you will be able to join for at $50 minimum via PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, DogeCoin, Dash, Zcash, Tether, Tron, Ripple, BlackCoin or Waves. You then choose what plan you want to join, from 0.7% for 30 days, 0.8% for 60 days, 0.9% for 90 days, 1% for 120 days, 1.05% for 150 days, or 1.1% for 180 days, all with principal back. After paying for nearly 200 days now you can clearly see that all the initial investors could easily have doubled their money or more with the program, but for those still unfamiliar with the main Hooplex features and looking to meet your fellow investors and promotional teams in the real world there were opportunities to do so. One of the last investor conferences which was held in the Indonesian city of Jogjakarta a few days ago was covered in the latest news photo report with some pictures posted on the Hooplex website and a written report of the event which I’m re-posting for you below below:

Hello, friends! Our community wants to thank everyone who came to our event that took place on August 14 at Ayola Tasneem Hotel in Jogjakarta.
Our speaker, Mr SUDARYONO, shared the features of LEXERA technology and the opportunities offered by the Hooplex community. He focused on the main principles of the technology, conducted training on the platform and demonstrated examples of successful deposits, as well as answered all questions of the participants.
We are waiting for you at our next meetings! Hooplex Community is a new world of possibilities for you and your family! We will help you to reach a new financial level!


Well, if you think that paying for over six month for a HYIP is a great achievement, then think again, as Yesss has defied all expectations by claiming a run of 1,400 days in a row. How ever impressive it sounds though and how the admin likes bragging about this aspect of Yesss in the latest newsletter, one should remember that for most of the stated period of activity the program was actually a “sleeper”. If you’re unfamiliar with the term then I should explain that some HYIPs deliberately try to stay under the radar with no online advertising and hiring almost no monitors for significant periods of time, also deliberately featuring unattractive investment offers and very basic designs not capable of reaching serious investors. Then at some point the admin decides it’s time to get serious, he basically relaunches the same site and tweak the investment plans while also making site a bit more shall we say eye candy than the former ugly duckling. At the same time, the old/new site has a perfect track record of payouts that date back to 2015 while in fact only a handful of investors got paid any returns since at the time the site was unknown to a wider audience. The same thing happened to Yesss when it was first listed on MNO about eleven weeks ago accepting investments starting from $50 via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Dash and BitcoinCash. The investment offers from Yesss tend to be a bit misleading as explained in the detailed review of the program you can find here. Basically, only two investment offers will pay you on every business day with the principal returned on expiry – 0.8% for 555 business days and 1% for 120 business days. The remaining offers will only pay you the principal together with profit on expiry and will only accumulate returns during the investment term which you cannot withdraw. Of course, there is a possibility you will be paid on those plans as well, but the risk is much higher so be aware of that and proceed with caution if picking one of them – 289%-302% after 17 business days, 280%-777% after 20 business days, 150%-360% after 30 business days, 400%-1111% after 40 business days, 240%-1777% after 60 business days, 297.5%-3777% after 85 business days, 360%-7777% after 120 business days. As I haven’t heard any complaints from my readers about not getting paid from these options assuming anyone has actually joined one that is (withdrawals should be paid within a 48 to 72 hour maximum of the request being made) I assume that Yesss has been paying fine for now, so the admin does have his reasons to celebrate the success of his platform allegedly running for 1,400 days already, as stated in the following newsletter:

Dear Friends! Happy to inform you that today is already 1400 days online of our investment platform YESSS!
We are happy that you choose us through all this time and would be pleased to further promote your financial freedom!
Say Yes to your financial freedom!
YESSS team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: HooplexYesss.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for reading and I hope you found the information here useful to help you make the best investment decisions. Please have a look at the new program GovBid and see if you like it, as it’s going to be reviewed first thing next week. Of course, I will also cover all the news and updates from the hottest investment opportunities in the HYIP industry and will also draw the results of the current TalkBack poll you may still vote in here. If you have any questions regarding the monitored programs or would like to list your project on the MNO monitor don’t hesitate to contact me directly at, submit your query via this contact form or just chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog – I always strive to react fast and your messages will be answered in due course. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and talk to you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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