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Beware! RoboticsOnline has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! Welcome again to the MNO blog – the only place on the net where not only can you find all the most popular online investment projects. My website has been online for nearly fourteen years now and in just a few weeks time I’ll be celebrating this event with some close friends in a posh London restaurant, lockdown permitting of course. But I do admit such an impressive achievement would never have been possible without my loyal readers who have supported me throughout all the years with their subscriptions to my regular blog updates (click here if you want to join nearly three thousand subscribers) or followed MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter for all the latest news from their favorite programs and thoughtful analysis of all the current trends in the HYIP industry. Nowadays, when the attention seems to have been partially switched to the cryptocurrency market MNO has been posting articles on that subject too (click here to read them), however the most popular series of articles has recently become the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets which smart readers can take advantage of if they want not only to invest randomly anywhere they find online, but rather turn on their intelligence and get into the whole psyche of the HYIP admins themselves. Besides, for more information you are always welcome to contact me via this contact form, directly at abramsonp@gmail.com or chat on Telegram @mnoblog for a speedier response to your query.

Anyway, in today’s article I have decided to take a closer look at a long-term performer from the MNO Standard List – a program called RoboticsOnline. While the program has been paying for well over a year now the legitimate question arises why I am only doing the review now. You see, last year MNO has decided to tweak the listing rules and as a result of RoboticsOnline has been moved from Basic to Standard listing which automatically entitled it to get a detailed review posted on the MNO blog. At the time, however, the admin has not made any adjustments to his website yet and he asked me to wait until some improvements were done. It looks that it took him longer than initially anticipated and the RoboticsOnline website has finally been taken the current shape and form we see now. That means that finally, after nearly a 450 day track record of impeccable payouts and the recent redesign of their website I am able to offer you the full review of RoboticsOnline you can read below.
I’ll start with an overview of the only investment plan on offer by RoboticsOnline. And I must warn you right from the very start that it’s on the very low-ROI side and perhaps won’t appeal to the vast majority of HYIP investors accustomed to a much larger return. So, if you want to join RoboticsOnline first make sure you have at least $50 in your PerfectMoney wallet or the equivalent value cryptocurrency in BitCoin, LiteCoin or Ethereum.

For the funds to become available for investing once logged into your RoboticsOnline account please click the “Deposit” tab and pay the desired amount to either cryptocurrency account numbers you see there or via the PerfectMoney checkout if you wish to invest in USD. In any case, your investment will be converted to USD and will be converted back to the invested currency on every withdrawal request. As I said already, there is a minimum amount of $50 required to make an investment into RoboticsOnline, however you can fund your balance with even a smaller amount and add more at a later point.

After the account funding you should proceed to the “Invest” section in your dashboard and choose just how much you invest from your available balance keeping in mind that the minimum is $50. After it’s done you will begin earning with RoboticsOnline. It’s hard to properly calculate the exact amount you will get at the end of your investment term with the program which amounts to 12 business days (meaning Saturdays and Sundays are excluded). However, the maximum you will get is 0.5% daily and seeing what the last twelve business days brought to RoboticsOnline investors (the stats are posted on the main page) you should bring you up to a 6% maximum, but realistically expect around 4.5% profit at the end of the investment term.

Less than 5% profit over two and a half calendar week term might seem a rather negligible profit to many investors. However, you should keep in mind that by offering extra low returns RoboticsOnline has managed to last for two and a half years already. So, perhaps it’s just the beginning of a longer journey ahead of us, who knows? Besides, you can boost your earnings significantly with RoboticsOnline if you choose to not withdraw profits and principal at the end of each investment cycle, but instead go to “Invest” tab in your account and tick the box saying “Automatic Reinvest”. That way you will save on withdrawal fees and will get up to a 90% reinvestment bonus which will increase along with the completed amount of investment cycles during which you have this option enabled. Note that you may change your mind at any time after that and untick the box, upon which your investment will expire as usual and become available to withdraw at the end of the 12-business day term.

Please note that despite offering such extra low returns RoboticsOnline also utilizes a $10 minimum withdrawal policy, so it’s perhaps more viable to reinvest a few times before requesting your withdrawal, unless of course you want to withdraw the principal as well as profits. And another note to those of you now using cryptocurrencies – the fees paid by RoboticsOnline while sending your withdrawal will be deducted from the main amount which is sent to you, so during times of high traffic for BTC, ETH or LTC it’s perhaps wiser to wait until the situation calms down a bit. On a brighter note, withdrawals from RoboticsOnline are fully automated if you choose the “instant withdrawal” option, otherwise you might wait up to 72 hours until your request is processed manually by the admin. I must say that I’ve done both types of withdrawals many times and they were always paid like clockwork during the stated timeframe. So kudos to the admin’s dedication on that which might just bring in a lot of happy customers in the long term.

Unfortunately, along with the network fees the RoboticsOnline system will charge you $4 flat fee for every BTC withdrawal and $0.5 for ETH and LTC withdrawals (no fees are charged for PerfectMoney withdrawals). That means that you have to have at least $14 in BitCoin before being able to place a withdrawal request from your account, considering the $10 minimum withdrawal policy overall. That alone makes RoboticsOnline less profitable for those using BitCoin for investing, thus encouraging investors to switch rather to ETH, LTC, or PM, if they want to achieve bigger profits from this already extremely low-ROI investment plan paying less than 0.5% return over the 12-business day term.

Along with the regular returns every member of RoboticsOnline can participate in a weekly lottery where every $25 investment will entitle you to have one lottery ticket allocated every week. So, with the minimum investment of $50 you will be automatically assigned two lottery tickets containing randomly generated numbers (alternatively, you can pick your own numbers as well). As further explained on the website: “All numbers are picked one at a time on each weekday at 6pm, starting on Monday one hour after the tickets are assigned and ending on Sunday 6pm when the super number is picked and the winnings are paid out.” The weekly lottery doesn’t cost you a penny to play with but might well make you a few extra bucks over your investment term with RoboticsOnline. Plus, it’s yet another smart way to keep investors interested and keep them coming back and refer friends.

If we pursue the technical side of things then I should say that the script RoboticsOnline has been running off was recently significantly improved, being an original one made from scratch – always a welcome bonus for every successful program in the industry. The site is properly SSL-secured by Cloudflare on whose server the program is also running off. There is an extensive FAQ and ticketing system available inside the investor’s dashboard, so if you have any further questions you are always welcome to contact the admin from there or just submit a general support enquiry using the form on the “Contact Us” page of the website. If you require any extra information about the company behind RoboticsOnline which allegedly invests in promising ICOs on the cryptomarket you may as well download their online presentation in PDF format, while a few videos from the team members of the program are available for viewing on the “About Us” section. Whatever you read though make sure you fully understand all the risks before investing with RoboticsOnline – a program that has proved itself to be a stable performer and in its second year online already. It might be as well a good addition to your well-diversified portfolio despite its ultra-low returns.

That’s all I wanted to say about the program in this review which I hope gives you have a better idea what RoboticsOnline is all about and makes an investment decision much easier for you. I would like to end this section of today’s blog post with the traditional poll that asks readers whether they have invested, intend to invest or are going to skip this program in favor of others. So I would be grateful if you say what you think below, and if you want to read more on the regular news and updates from the HYIP industry please keep reading for the News section of today’s post.

Will you make an active deposit in RoboticsOnline?

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CryptoCapital (reviewed here) keeps investors happy with timely payouts for nearly eleven weeks now. Having originally started as a program paying 0.1% hourly the admin last week decided to increase the rate of interest to 0.15% hourly. It didn’t affect CryptoCapital‘s overall performance as many of you might be fearing, but rather attracted more investors which can now benefit from 3.6% daily. The main advantage of joining CryptoCapital though is the enormous flexibility offered by the program. Investors are totally in charge of their own finances once the first 24 hours after making the deposit have passed. After that you may withdraw your principal fully or partially (subject to a 5% charge) and thus set your own investment goals, as CryptoCapital doesn’t offer a fixed investment term. Basically, you keep earning 0.15% hourly until you decide you’ve had enough or to leave the program completely. With the added advantage of not converting your cryptocurrency into USD (like many other HYIPs do) you will be getting an hourly interest payment in the currency of your choice from the very start which will help you make bigger profits if you store your hard-earned cash in crypto. Good thing that you have a huge choice of cryptocurrencies to play with, as CryptoCapital will gladly accept BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, DogeCoin, Dash, Tether, Ripple, ZCash, Tron, and Stellar from its members.

Besides, a huge incentive for smaller investors of CryptoCapital would be the fact that all the withdrawal requests below the $100 threshold are usually processed instantly. Otherwise you will have to wait up to 24 hours until your withdrawal is processed manually by the admin. He has stayed quite active on the social media channels supported by CryptoCapital, like Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, and has posted daily updates concerning the latest cryptomarket trends and the advantages of joining his program. Here are just the very latest of them posted over the last few days:

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To wrap things up and finish this first post of the new business week it’s time once more to look at the results of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll which ran for more than two weeks already by now. I’ll have another to question to replace it, but more on that in a moment.

It’s often been said that the greatest modern day inventors also need to be the greatest salesmen. True of everyone from Thomas Edison to Bill Gates to Steve Jobs. True also of Elon Musk, creator of among other things the Tesla electric car and homage to Nikola Tesla, the Serbian inventor who was by far the superior intellect but unfortunately unable to sell a damn thing. The impressive list of patents and scientific awards left behind after his death was matched only by an equally impressive mountain of unpaid bills, but that’s a whole other story. As for Elon Musk himself, love him or loathe him when he opens his mouth people seem to pay attention and debate whatever it is he has to say. I’m not sure I’d like that level of scrutiny in my own life, but then again I’d say it’s a small price to pay for his billion dollar fortune.

That was the background for the last opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page. Of some albeit unintentional relevance to the HYIP industry, Elon Musk‘s recent “contribution” to the global cryptocurrency debate did not go unnoticed. Just in case anyone is unaware of this, a brief statement on how he believed BitCoin was the long term future of currency, would be making a large personal investment in it and would be accepting BTC as payment for his Tesla electric cars caused a huge surge in value. A short time later this was followed by an even briefer statement that on closer inspection he changed his mind about BTC and was no longer quite so enthusiastic. This was then accompanied by the all too predictable collapse in value where all previous gains were quickly wiped out.

The whole situation took an almost surreal twist sometime after I’d already posted the poll when I became aware, just yesterday in fact, of a news article reporting a move in the government of El Salvador of all places, a country which hasn’t issued its own domestic currency in twenty years, to allow BitCoin as legal tender side by side with the US dollar. It just struck me as bizarre how a nation would take seriously as a currency something which can have 20% knocked off its value overnight based simply on a tweet made by one single individual. I mean they may as well be debating adding the Venezuelan bolivar or the Zimbabwean dollar to their list of acceptable currencies in that case.

Anyway, before I start to drift too far off topic the question posted in the last opinion poll was as follows: Do you think the words of Elon Musk can have a serious impact on cryptocurrencies?

It came as no surprise really that the result was almost universal, either a resounding yes, or at least a yes with some caveats. To be honest it was possibly the only poll I’ve ever run where there was a clear “wrong answer” included, an option which nobody voted for. A resounding 80% of readers took the view, and a somewhat indisputable one in light of the facts, that “Yes, he has proved it already many times before”. The remaining 20% of voters agree he has a lot of influence, just not quite so arbitrary by voting “Sometimes, when it’s backed by other factors”. For the record and just to keep things transparent you did have the option to vote “No, this guy is a joke and can’t be treated seriously”. Nobody agreed with this position and honestly I can’t really see any reason why they might.

So, let’s move on to something different now. The first week in June has now passed us so assuming you live in the northern half of the planet as most of my readers do the summer is well and truly underway. In years gone by that also meant a marked slowdown in the HYIP industry as investors and admins alike undertook other pursuits, usually resulting in reduced activity until as late as September. Will 2021 be any different, given that this last 15 months or so has seen the world turned upside down? The emergence from global lockdown seems fragile at best right now, and no matter how much people want to see it is by no means a certainty. A lot of people are still working from home, if indeed they are lucky enough to still be working at all.

My question therefore for the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll relates to whether this summer will be the same as any other for you in regards to the HYIP industry, or has your position shifted in some way due to the ongoing extreme circumstances. Or to put it more specifically:

How will you participate in the HYIP industry this summer?

Answers can be selected from the following options, just pick the one that comes closest to matching the way you think at the moment:

– I will continue to invest as usual
– I’ll be less active but will still invest
– I’m taking a total break until autumn

As always I just want to say thank you in advance to everyone who takes part, it really is much appreciated if you take a moment of your time to go to the MNO TalkBack page here and cast your vote. I’ll take a closer look at the results and then draw the final results in about another week or two. Thanks again for taking part guys, and remember that votes only take a second and remain anonymous and untraceable at all times.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CryptoCapital.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: LeverageTrades (the first instant payments received).

That’s about all I have to report today, guys. Please enjoy your summer, but don’t forget to check out on MNO from time to time for possible exciting new additions to my monitor and changes on the current status of the already listed programs. I’d also appreciate it if you could take a few seconds to vote in the new MNO TalkBack poll which might help us understand the summer behavioural patterns of my readers. I will talk to you again in a few days time, thanks a lot for your attention and hope to see you soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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