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Hello everyone! There isn’t a great deal of actual news to report today as regards the online HYIP industry, but honestly I just wanted to post anyway for personal reasons. The thing is, and I guess a lot of you guys won’t be aware of this, but as of today MNO has been officially online for 14 years.

I don’t really know where to start on this, the HYIP industry has changed so much in these last few years, it’s almost unrecognisable since those days. But here we are! So maybe for this particular post we can look back at what happened over the times in the industry and reflect on the good times and the bad? At the very base of the HYIP industry is one common factor. Essentially just like gambling the reason the industry exists in the first place is for players to make money. And at the end of the day that will include some of you, and not include others.

And in the most basic and simple terms what I’ve tried to do is help people be on the winning side of this group. At the core I was always a regular HYIP investor, pretty much the same as any other player, just trying to make some money on the side the same as everyone else. For me I was watching other monitors and blogs, naively think or trusting that they would somehow represent my interests or even defend me against scams. Just like most investors, I depended on monitors for good information. If a program was good or bad, paying or not paying, a monitor seemed like a good place to start for information about that you would think, right?

Well, how wrong could you be! For me it just struck me that it seemed a rather bizarre idea that I would spend money depending quite literally on someone else’s honesty or integrity. I don’t mean to discredit any particular monitor here, there are plenty of fine upstanding service providers out there, but unfortunately they can be awfully hard to find sometimes. And some can be very easily bribed, which I know for a fact because I’ve been offered big payments to keep silent about scams more than once over the years.

I’ve always said no to such offers by the way, various reasons but the main reason readers can trust me is simply that I have no particular need of the money. All the time crooked admins have sent me e-mails and social media messages saying they would give me four figure payments, i.e. $1,000+ just to encourage subscribers to join what I already knew was a blatant scam or to give positive reviews when I knew it wasn’t deserved. I mean it might have been an easy couple of bucks, but in the longer term at what price? As a blogger it’s been far more rewarding to have the same readers stay with me for ten or more years because they know they will always get the truth rather than some nonsense.

And to me, personally anyway, that’s what I want to give to readers of MNO. Before I sit down to write any article over the last 14 years the first and only thing that comes into my mind before the first word is “what would I want to read, what information do I need?”. You know, it isn’t actually that difficult to come up with the basic essentials in this case, which is why I always found it so utterly mystifying why so many other monitors and HYIP related blogs were so openly corrupt. In a nutshell that’s why I started MNO, because I just asked myself isn’t it a bit silly that I depend on paid monitors to cover my investments when in fact I can just do it myself for free and a minimal effort. By that time I’d already been in the HYIP industry as a regular investor for a number of years anyway, so I felt as if I knew what I was talking about and was confident enough that I could get my views across reasonably well.

And thus on July 1st 2007 MoneyNewsOnline was born! A free of charge information service which HYIP investors can use as they please, safe in the knowledge that no matter what program is listed I have no personal gain here. 14 years later and to this day while I have made a lot of money from the HYIP industry I never once made a profit from telling lies about it to the readers of the MNO blog. The information here is free of charge, take it or leave it, you can do whatever you wish with it, either join me in earning free money online or else carry on with the nonsense you get from other sites. That’s why MNO is still online after 14 years and other HYIP blog/monitors have vanished.

Having said that, I hope you understand the importance of following MNO to identify possible new leaders of the HYIP industry or simply dependable programs run by hard-working admins ambitious enough to build something truly beautiful and aiming not just to earn money for themselves, but deliver good results for their investors in the long term as well. That’s exactly what I’ve been preaching on MNO for all these years and exactly the type of admin I want to deal with on a consistent basis. That is the reason why I keep listing prices high which helps weed out potential fast scams and not very serious admins looking to run away with the first couple of hundred dollars in their pockets. Not at all – we need something really great and capable of doing things right. And so, if you agree with my credo I have been developing for years I would be pleased if you subscribe to the MNO blog newsletter by submitting your email address here or follow me on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook where all the important announcements from my monitor are posted first.

Moreover, if you sign up on the MNO ShoutBox you’ll be able to share your opinion on the listed programs and perhaps find yourself some other friends you might make while playing promising investment projects. You can certainly depend on me for any advice you might need. I’m always there for you, my loyal readers, and can be easily reached by three main channels – email at abramsonp@gmail.com, online support form, or on Telegram @mnoblog if you wish to chat live. Whatever way of communication you choose make sure that I aim at telling you the truth and not lies like so many others do in the HYIP industry.

By the way, for the sake of revealing some ugly truths and the nasty tricks some admins like to play I’ve recently started a series of blog articles entitled HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets. You can find all the published articles here and I promise to add more interesting information during the summer which as you might be aware is usually a slow enough season in the HYIP industry. When the autumn comes though the situation might change and we might see more promising programs on the Premium List on the MNO monitor as well. At the time of writing this it’s empty, but you might as well check out the lower listed programs there to see whether you find something for your liking.

And of course, please stay active on the MNO TalkBack page where the regular polls are being conducted on a regular basis. Now, for instance, I have a question which might determine the future course for the development of MNO. As many people have been switching to cryptocurrencies over the last few years I was wondering whether my readers prefer to see weekly updates from the vast world of crypto. Of course, you shouldn’t worry too much, as my main angle will still be writing on the HYIP world which I’m mostly familiar with. However, it might be worthy to get posts on cryptocurrencies from time to time, judging just on how intertwined they’ve become with the HYIP industry over the last few years.

When looking back on what have been achieved and what have been experienced by me personally over the last fourteen years (it’s been actually over fifteen years as I started blogging on a free platform first testing the waters, as they say), I’m very proud to see what MNO has evolved into. I’m eternally grateful to many people that I have found along the way while doing my job by helping investors make money and the good admins to find the right audience. I do detest fast scammers but I do admire the more gifted admins, like I’m sure many of you all do. So if you share my values and like my articles I believe I’ll be delivering you all the latest news from the HYIP industry and its brightest representatives for many more years to come.

As always thanks a lot for all your support over these years and I wouldn’t be able to do what has been achieved without every single one of you. My readers are the most important thing that any blog has, MNO or otherwise, and I hope to stay with you for many more years to come sharing my experience for your benefit. I’ll talk to you again next week when I’ll post another article to be missed. Have a great weekend ahead and thanks a lot for reading this celebratory article! See you next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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