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Hello all! I hope you’re doing well this summer as my own adopted home country has recently been hit by an enormous heatwave. I’m pretty sure it’s a direct result of global warming since it seems to get more and more intense every summer. Whatever causes it is a different question entirely though. However the end result is always the same – unless you’re in an air-conditioned room it’s simply impossible to do any simple tasks, like writing good quality articles for MNO in my own case for example. As today I’m finally getting some relief from the heat I’m able to publish another article from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series along with the results of the latest poll featured on the MNO TalkBack page. I would like to thank all my readers for their patience and I will try to post more frequently going forward!

I must add that I have a fantastic time in London this summer overall and with the long awaited re-opening of every theatre, cinema and art exhibition my days have been busier than ever before. Partially I should thank the usual silence in the HYIP industry this summer, but I’m not holding my breath that it’s going to last for long. As autumn creeps up on us we will definitely see more promising newcomers joining the MNO monitor in order to impress my always selective readers, so make sure you bookmark my site in your browser. Alternatively, please follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook, where all the important announcements are to be released first. If you enjoy reading my articles the best way not to miss anything important would be to subscribe for them to be regularly delivered to your confirmed address. In order to join the many hundreds of subscribers MNO boasts and start reading the voice of reason appealing to your common sense instead of greed please submit and confirm your email address here.

Why you would like to stay updated with MNO if you’re into HYIPs newly arrived readers might ask? Well, for starters, unlike other monitors MNO is here to assist investors, to tell you the sometimes inconvenient truth others might prefer to bury six feet under. Others try to capitalize on their fame and milk their referrals for the last penny while over 14 years online MNO has always stood for honesty and integrity and I’m not going to sacrifice these values down the line. So don’t expect me to change my course as I’m always here on the side of the average investor and will continue to reveal some lesser known facts to a wider audience which will eventually benefit the entire HYIP industry in the long run. Therefore, if you have any suggestions on what topics you want to hear about as a part of the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series please do not hesitate to submit them by this form, directly emailing me at abramsonp@gmail.com or chatting with me on Telegram @mnoblog.

As the HYIP industry is at the lowest point I’ve seen over the last decade we see very few programs worthy of our attention, but be sure that once some talented admins come back from their summer vacation we will have plenty of important items to discuss and review on the MNO blog. Just a matter of time really! Meanwhile, in today’s article I would like to discuss the profitability of becoming a HYIP admin versus just an investor.

Have you ever asked yourself whether you could make a good HYIP admin and try to bring good fortune not only to yourself but to your investors as well or rather become a fast scammer and run a program just for the sake of a few hundred dollars stolen from newbies that you can get away with? How much time, money and effort does it take to become a great admin and whether you need to acquire any sort of experience in order not to fail and deliver spectacular results for your investors?

First off, let’s establish one thing. No one can just become wealthy and famous just in a few days time. You can of course bet on winning a lottery ticket or get an unexpected inheritance from a long forgotten millionaire uncle, but let’s be honest it mostly only happens in movies. In order to achieve spectacular results in whatever you do it requires you to put in hard labour and earn rich experience to become an expert in your field. I must say when I first started looking at HYIPs fifteen years ago while blogging first on a free platform before officially launching MNO back in 2007 I had a few bumps in the road and I did make mistakes. Lots of mistakes! And I failed sometimes to get things right, something that happened many times! However, I was determined to achieve success in what I have been doing and I was ambitious enough to keep on going where my competitors always gave up half-way. Just how many times I saw a promising new blogger working his way slowly up the ranks, and then just give up and quit one fine day while all he needed to do was to persevere for a while longer.

The main problem was that the job looked easy from the outside so they simply wanted quick results and were completely unprepared to work hard for their goals to become reality. That admin hasn’t realized his potential and gave up too easily, he lacked determination. I on the other hand did have lots of ambition and patience. In fact, MNO as a business only took off when the once famous GoldNuggetInvest admin picked my blog as the sole advertiser and news coverage service for his venture. That alone propelled MNO to new heights as GoldNuggetInvest turned into one of the biggest programs in the industry’s history. And once I tasted the first flavor of success nothing was going to stop me from continuing to do what I did. I have patiently carved a profitable niche for MNO, and eventually become a reason for both envy and a source of inspiration for copycat websites. As Oscar Wilde once said though, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”, so I didn’t mind.

Such websites didn’t stand the test of time though. They might have done well for awhile but all eventually have gone for good. Whether their owners achieved their financial goals or switched to different niches do something else I cannot say. What I know for sure is that I have a lot of passion to do what I do best – promoting the best investment programs in the HYIP industry. And I’m patient enough to wait for as long as it requires before the HYIP market gets back to normal and the industry rebounds to former glories. That happened many times in the past and I have a degree of certainty in believing it will happen again at some point. And once it does happen I will be here well-prepared to bring you all the biggest and brightest programs from the HYIP industry – once a glorious place to earn whilst now in a temporary decline with many admins changing lanes. The reverse of fortunes will undoubtedly come to the industry at some point (I have no doubt about it), but when exactly it’s going to happen is a matter me and no one else can predict.

However regardless of the exact timing when the HYIP industry is going to see another upward trend I’ll be here with you, as I’m a survivor and have always been. I’m here to stay not because I want to earn anymore, I have no need of that, but because I feel I have an important mission to share with you my enormous experience acquired after years of working in in the industry and meeting all type of personalities some of which would be better forgotten about like a bad dream. And I have an important distinct advantage over my competitors – having earned enough money over years in the HYIP industry I have made some investments which made totally financially independent of the industry and therefore impartial. So I’m not into position as to beg admins for listings (like many other struggling to survive bloggers and monitors now do) but rather be in a position to not collaborate with any admin who I see as unfit of running a program to the best of their abilities. And I will prevail where others fail, as I have a clear vision of what I do and where I’m headed and will not steer away from the course and lose my integrity I have earned from readers and HYIP admins alike over a long period of time!

Having said this, you might ask yourself how all that might apply to a HYIP admin. Simple – the formula for being a successful blogger and talented program’s admin are interconnected. What I have told you about MNO can certainly be applied to a successful HYIP admin. So, the ideal person for running an investment program should be an original, ambitious, dedicated, and patient individual willing to take risks and acquire experience while on the learning curve. In order not to scam fast he should also have some financial reserves to be more independent and not to back off under the first difficulties when it comes from spending his own money in terms of supporting the project in lean times. And of course he should never give up under any circumstances and keep on course to achieve his ambitious goals. Only such people can be termed truly professional admins out to become not only just ordinary scammers no one will remember in a week time but real legends people will be talking about long after their programs end. Wouldn’t that give them a great sense of self achievement if they fall under the category of legendary admin? I firmly believe it will and if you are one of such potentially strong admins you will always be welcome here, on the MNO blog. And my readers will certainly appreciate your hard efforts to bring us something truly spectacular. I am here and will be here to bring you such programs and nourish them always on the MNO blog. Stay tuned for potential leaders and stick to them, guys, not just the average ones! Not only will it give you some financial dividends from following the right path, but you will feel a sense of belonging to something truly great. And being part of greatness is a priceless feeling, trust me on this!

I hope you have enjoyed reading another article from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series. If you do then come back for more content next week! Perhaps you will even see another legendary admin capable of delivering great results. The spot is always open and waiting to be filled with greatness!



Maybe there isn’t much news to post from the actual HYIP industry today but that isn’t to say we don’t have anything to talk about. The opinions of MNO readers always make the headlines so to speak, so today it’s time once again to look at the results of the MNO TalkBack poll. I’ll as usual be replacing that with a new question for you to think about, but more on that in a moment.

So, in the last poll we were discussing one of the more recent big trends in the HYIP industry. Experienced investors will know that from time to time things always tend to shift between programs of certain styles dominating. In other words at some point you might see HYIPs that make a fast high interest payment after a few days be popular, at other times low interest paying programs that might take a few months to put you in profit might be the way things are leaning. I’m not saying one thing necessarily has to be better than the other, it’s just the way the online HYIP industry swings.

One thing that’s never really gone away though or went out of fashion so to speak, has been programs with open ended investment terms that allow investors to stay for as long as the want. Short, medium, long term, be it a day a month or a year, the personal risk is entirely up to you. No one else needs to know about it or what your strategy is, indeed even you are entitled to make it up as you go along and decide from one day to the next what you want to do with your investment. You can use such programs to make a small but fast profit after a couple of days, or you can make a more substantial amount if you’re prepared to play the long game and stay with them for weeks or months.

The most recent example of this was CryptoCapital of course, now sadly gone the way all HYIPs eventually do since their closure but what an outstanding program it was while it was running. Best of the year so far in my opinion, though we’re still only in July so I haven’t given up all hope of another giant coming along in the autumn/winter season. In a nutshell this program ran for several months but allowed you to pull out after just a day if that’s what you really wanted or to remain a member and collect regular lifetime payments if you preferred. Depending on your own personal needs and circumstances it was entirely your own decision.

Such programs have been a consistent feature in the industry going back for some years now, and have never been far from the leader boards when run properly. So, my question to MNO readers in the last opinion poll was attached to this concept and went as follows: Are you inclined to invest more in the programs allowing to withdraw principal at any time?

Well, results were a mixed bag as usual but coming out in front the biggest number of you will always maintain a healthy skepticism of the HYIP industry no matter what and voted by 45% that “No, I think it’s false security and I wouldn’t invest more than I normally do”. A further 33% of readers feel a lot more comfortable around such programs and voted “Yes, I always feel more confident when I’m not tied to a particular term”. The remaining 12% of you took the option of viewing such things on a program-by-program basis and voted “Only under certain circumstances, if a HYIP looks much better than others”.

For the next question to be asked of my readers on the MNO TalkBack page I thought it would be good to link it with today’s article. So, let me ask you the following:

What do you think is the most important quality in a professional HYIP admin?

– Ambition to achieve greatness
– Dedication to investors’ needs
– Originality to stand out from the crowd
– Patience for steady development
– All of the above matter equally

It would be a truly interesting thing discuss what my readers value most when it comes to the best admins and we will see in a couple of weeks time in the results and analyze them. Thank you in advance for your votes on this page and you may also discuss it on the MNO ShoutBox!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 216 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: –
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: LeverageTrades.

That’s about all for today, guys. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer filled with joy and looking forward to seeing things improve in both our personal lives and in the HYIP industry in the near future. If you’re an optimist as I am, then you’re in the right place. Have a relaxing weekend, thanks as always for reading, and talk to you again in a few days time on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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