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Hello everyone! It’s the last day of July today and that means that in just a few weeks time we should see some sort of revival in the HYIP industry which has been mainly in semi-hibernation mode recently due to both well-explained seasonal patterns and a general shift in priorities from the admins and investors alike. The hope is still there though as I got an email from one well-known admin who ran a hugely successful program on MNO a couple of months back and where all of my readers profited from. He assured me he would be launching a new project quite soon and that MNO will again prominently feature in the new program. So make sure not to miss any important announcements about it by following MNO on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook where you will be the first to know about the upcoming launch.

For those of you who like my articles and would prefer to read them straight from your email address you might as well click here to subscribe to the regular newsletter which is currently handled by follow.it service. It’s very easy to unsubscribe if you change your mind later, so don’t hesitate to join thousands of other subscribers if you wish to receive some quality information on the subject of HYIPs which nowadays sadly no one bothers to do any longer. And of course, I will be pleased to stay connected to my readers and admins alike, so if you wish you may chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog, or email me at abramsonp@gmail.com or by submitting this online form. Don’t be a stranger as your opinions and views always matter to me and my blog which by the way has been celebrating fourteen years online this month.

Obviously, having obtained so much experience as a prominent blogger and successful promoter I couldn’t help but ask myself about the validity of the claims set by HYIP admins in order to attract larger investments from members. And to my surprise it was clear that the topic that would cover the admin’s psyche was totally unknown to the majority of investors. This in turn might have caused them huge losses in the long run, even if they by chance were lucky enough to earn limited profits at first. And that is how the desire to educate MNO readers was born from and this in turn led to the creation of the critically acclaimed series of articles called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets. If you’re not aware of the previous articles from the series I would strongly suggest you read them all here. That might well help you save some money and become more aware of various tricks and lies that have been fed to you over your time in the industry.

In today’s article I will be discussing a subject I have already touched a few years ago on the MNO Info Page (click here to read it). However, I would like to include the article on the same thing in the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series and once again point out that without some decent language skills, or at least a good spellchecker people won’t be enticed into investing in a website, even if it looks the best in the industry. Or at least not with both eyes open anyway. So, let’s have a closer look at it.

One of the most regular features we see on HYIP related websites, and has been going back for some time now, is the ubiquitous “UK business incorporation” certificate. It creates the impression of a legit business operating out of a stable transparent western democracy though with some degree of legal protection against fraud for the investors. That of course couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone can register a company in the UK for a very cheap price, few questions asked, no background checks, and certainly no investigation. In fact I even did it myself once just as an experiment to see how the process works. In my own case I did give a genuine name and postal address because I wanted to receive the incorporation documents sent to my old apartment at the time (nothing to hide, I wasn’t doing anything illegal, just registering MNO as “an advertising company” which I believe it is) but I could have told them anything I liked. I could have put my name and address down as Donald Trump, c/o The White House, no one was ever going to even look at it if I did.

My point here is that you can be sitting on top of a mountain in the remotest most far flung corner of the globe, exploring the Antarctic, or even sitting on The International Space Station come to think of it, and still register a company in the UK, perfectly legally. The point of the exercise for HYIP admins is the creation of an illusion, namely that of appearing to be a licenced and regulated financial company in a country where the rule of law still holds a certain international reputation. You could say the same thing about let’s say Ireland or Finland or Luxembourg or Austria, but the reality is that in those countries you are going to have to answer a lot more questions to get your alleged “company” any kind of legal status.

So you pretend to be British because it’s the easiest thing to do. What happens next then when you create the appearance of being a UK company with an office in London (usually London anyway) but your command of the English language is so bad? Of course it’s an easy thing to notice if the investor happens to be a native English speaker himself or at least a fluent European with a strong command of the language, but at this point the HYIP market has shifted away from the US and is dominated by east and south east Asian countries like China, India, and Indonesia. It’s a bit easier to convince more people there that you come from a country they don’t. I mean from my own experience I can speak a little bit of French and a little bit of German, not fluently, just enough to get me around when I visit those countries but I know there’s absolutely no way on Earth I could ever convince those people that I’m anything other than a tourist. But maybe if I tried speaking French in China I might. And that’s where the UK incorporation certificate comes into play, it being the “lingua franca” especially among the online and HYIP communities.

It’s just that when you look into it in more detail the lies being peddled to investors become more and more blatant, sometimes bordering on hilarious were it not for the fact that real people who can’t afford it are being scammed. For example, I know well enough that HYIP admins won’t use their real names, so they just make something up. Not that it’s important or anything, but they always seem to be white-bread anglisised names pulled from the internet and either spelt wrong or taken from a list of railway stations. I remember one program with three different admins who spoke English with different degrees of fluency. How do I know? They all worked under the same name but they all spelled it differently every time they wrote an e-mail or a newsletter! One guy even called himself “Brett Sincliar” which ironically was the most honest thing he ever said.

For me though the real problem begins to become obvious when an admin puts so much more effort into the deception than he puts into the running of the program. When it’s blatantly obvious that you don’t have an office in the financial district of London and you have such a poor command of the language you claim to be a native in, what are you expecting of investors? All it does is make your website look sloppy and lazy, whereas if you didn’t insist on pretending then maybe a lot more investors might be able to overlook the errors and move on.

And then the other issue that arises directly from this is the communication skills of the Live Chat support team. If they pretend to know what you’re talking about but in reality haven’t a clue, you’re just wasting your time and going around in circles. All you get at best is copy/paste answers to every problem, meaning it takes the admin an eternity to really deal with anything if indeed he ever does anyway. All I can say in conclusion is to make sure you stay in the MNO downline, because if you are one of my referrals in any program, no matter how big or small your deposit, you can always be sure I’ll be the one who fights your corner every time. Arguing with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you can be a frustrating and time consuming experience, especially when that person has no particular interest in representing your interests all that much, so as an MNO sponsored member in any program my commitment to my downline is always 100% to solve any problems for you to the best of my abilities. With deliberate scams I can’t always guarantee results, but more often than not I do get through to admins who are trying to do their best, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Having said all that I can conclude that no matter how professional a liar you are the truth may simply become obvious when you open your mouth and make horrible grammar mistakes on your website even a first grader would not do. Sometimes people do appreciate honesty in that case and the blatant lies that may remain unknown to some non-native speakers could potentially turn away investments from savvy and experienced investors knowing that a person who cannot complete a sentence without some misspellings certainly cannot be a successful trader or financial genius. Simple as that! More on the subject of the tricks HYIP admins might do to help you part with your money will be discussed in future articles from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series, so stay tuned for more, guys!



As the HYIP industry has been slower than usual this summer I would like to finish up for today by drawing the results of the poll that ran over the last week and included on the MNO TalkBack page. After that I’ll be posting a new question for you to ponder over.

So, the main subject of the last poll was directly derived from the last article of the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series that was named “What It Takes to Become a Great Admin” and that can be read here. And the poll question I was asking my readers to think about was “What do you think is the most important quality in a professional HYIP admin?”.

Now, we all know how important a good set of personal qualities is when it comes to managing and administrating a decent HYIP on a daily basis. It’s vital for any business really that the admin would have “Ambition to achieve greatness”, “Dedication to investors’ needs”, “Originality to stand out from the crowd” and “Patience for steady development”. However, none of those answers has gained any of MNO readers’ votes simply because there was another answer to that question collecting all 100% of the votes – “All of the above matter equally”. So, the clear winner of this week’s poll on the MNO TalkBack is the combination of the afore-mentioned qualities a good HYIP administrator should definitely have in place in order to succeed in this competitive industry. And the smart HYIP admins should take this opinion and make it their main agenda without which they wouldn’t be able to become the next industry leaders – the only type of program I would welcome on the MNO blog.

Now that we have looked at the results of the previous TalkBack poll perhaps it’s time to offer you another question for the next one. And this will also be connected with the theme of today’s HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets article posted above. This time it’s all about the language skills or the lack thereof, as some admins have no clear knowledge of grammar and syntaxes while proudly claiming to be a UK incorporated company and even having a UK-based address allegedly housing their ponzi game. I have already explained why such mistakes are common when it comes mainly to negligent admins or rather simple newbies who have no idea how to run a HYIP and whose errors might be just enough to cover a fast scam fast and not bring a profit to any investors. After all, if an admin is unprepared and doesn’t even know how to use a spellchecker, let alone use some original texts instead of copy-pasted ones, then what are the odds his program will succeed in the long term? Then we have the matter of investors’ trust that might cut off potential investors with thick wallets and thus deprive an otherwise attractive website of their funds, simply due to the admin’s laziness and inability to act on his own words. After all, making some contradictory statements by claiming to have a multi-national company with dozens of employees across the world who at the same time cannot fix some very clumsy and obvious grammar mistakes across the site is something that would be truly laughable for manynserious investors.

Having said that I would like you to think about how reliable for you personally a website with some inconsistencies in its language and grammar can be. Would you invest less in it (if invest at all) as a direct result of such blatant errors? So the new TalkBack question and the available answers for he next week will be:

Would you trust a program claiming to be UK-based but having English grammar errors on their site?

– Yes, that wouldn’t affect my inclination to invest some amount there
– I’d look first at other more significant factors before making a decision
– No, if an admin can’t check everything properly it might be unsafe to join

I would appreciate you submit you vote on the MNO TalkBack page, so we could see just how much this language conundrum matters to my readers in about a week time when the final results of the poll will be drawn. Voting will only take you a second and it will help determine your attitude towards the subject some admins still don’t pay enough attention to. You are also welcome to discuss the question on the MNO ShoutBox and share your views with me or your fellow investors. Thanks in advance for actively participating in this discussion, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 192 hours:
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From MNO Basic list: LeverageTrades.

That’s about all I have for you on MNO today, guys. Thanks a lot for reading and following MNO and I’m pretty sure we will see some new promising programs coming soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your weekend and talk to you again next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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