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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog – providing you with unbiased reviews and keeping you informed of the hottest online investment opportunities since 2007. Remember to stay connected with me by email or chat live on Telegram @mnoblog, alternatively submit your query using this online form. And for all of you who want to be among the first to know about the next giants in the HYIP industry you’re strongly encouraged to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. If you like the articles posted on my blog then why not join hundreds of subscribers by clicking here and submitting your email address for regular updates? After all, smart HYIP investors should make even smarter choices in order to emerge as winners in the eternal cat and mouse game between admins and investors.

Educating the average investor and to teach him many of the tricks used by admins to help investors part with their hard earned cash was my main aim when starting a new series of articles named “HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets”. Until today there have been fifteen chapters posted on the MNO blog and for those curious to read them all please click here to see. I do intend to constantly expand these articles as I firmly believe understanding of the HYIP admins’ psyche and behavior is key to becoming a successful investor in the long term. And on the contrary – ignoring these behavioral patterns may result in paying a high price in losses which no normal investor would like to suffer. After all, making profits is the goal for anyone getting involved in the HYIP business which in essence is just a form of gambling. It’s just like winning in a lottery but where your chances are better determined not only by pure luck, but by creating the right strategy and constantly learning from your own experience. This way you will slowly but surely become better in what you do and adopt the information longer term players share with you to your own unique investment journey.

Before getting to the point I would like to note that this summer has been a very strange period in the HYIP industry. Yes, apparently the Covid19 crisis we were all hoping would come to an end this summer is still far from over. In fact, it’s still raging and spreading fast. Some countries with a high percentage of vaccinated people don’t even exclude the chances of yet another lockdown, thanks to the spread of the highly infectious and vaccine resistant delta strain already dominating as the most common variation all over the world. At the same time, the cryptoworld reacts to that news by raising its stakes with Ethereum surpassing the $3K mark again while BTC passes the $45K threshold. Still well below the all-time records we all saw broken earlier this year, but the upward trend surely indicates the potential for further growth.

As for the HYIP industry, it remains sluggish and rather inactive, even by usual slow summer season standards. Even the amount of newly launched programs (judging by some aggregator site stats) are at least twice lower compared to the same period last year. Fingers crossed we all hope things will gradually improve by autumn when we should see yet another leader of the HYIP industry emerging. I know for sure that a couple of good admins well-known for their perfect track records are planning to launch new projects by September, so along with the livelier than ever cryptocurrency market it should breathe new life into an almost dormant HYIP market. All we can do in this situation is be patient and wait for the recovery of the industry which you will recognize with the new programs joining the Premium List on the MNO monitor. So watch this space, guys!

And now back to the main subject of today’s article. Have you ever thought about the direct link between the pending collapse of a program with new lucrative investment plans and time sensitive bonuses some generous admins suddenly try to offer happy and satisfied customers? Well, I can tell you that it’s mostly nonsense and the only thing admins care about is filling their own pockets right before a scam. A hard truth perhaps but one that needs to be told!

Let’s suppose an admin spends lots of time and money in creating and maintaining his HYIP over some time. He obviously sets his own financial goal and already has X amount of money set in his imagination – the amount he gets by robbing his investors when it’s the right time to scam. Alas, in some cases the program just gets stale with time and even despite timely payouts less and less new investors come in willing to spend money. The time comes when an admin sees outgoing funds exceeding the amount of incoming funds on a more or less consistent basis. So he is facing two choices – either close his project and get away with less money than he expected to earn/steal or to keep going to try a bit harder to reach his personal financial goals and hopes he had put into the program. If he takes the second option then he has to somehow revive interest in a now not so fresh product. How to do so? Of course, by offering some investment bonuses and/or new investment plans which might be more lucrative and faster than the original plans.

The main idea behind this thinking is that some level of trust has already been established between him and investors by constant payments. So now it’s time to use and abuse that trust by trying to manipulate members into giving away more money – either from the profits already made with the program by now, or (and preferably so) by injecting new money into a dying HYIP.

To give you an example, at the point of no return the admin decides to offer a new investment plan paying 110% after one day and the offer will be limited to investments of over $1,000 only. If there are enough people to take the offer the admin will simply close up shop on the following day and walk away with thousands of dollars in his infinitely deep pockets. If nobody takes the bait then he could state that the offer was a huge success and now to celebrate the first 60/70/80 days online he will offer an investment bonus of 25% that will be credited only to the first hundred investors and/or will be limited to the next 48 hours. If that trick works then the admin again shuts up shop and goes away with a thick wallet as well. You see my point? Any unexpected generosity and limited in time offers should immediately raise red flags with all experienced investors. That will signify that the program is in some kind of financial trouble and might collapse pretty soon and certainly before anyone taking this kind of offer will be able to benefit from it.

If you are still not convinced and are in two minds about whether you should invest more in such a program with new or modified plans and huge bonuses for larger investors then ask yourself a question – why would a program that has been running so well so far would be changing any rules at this point? After all, why change the rules of the game? Why do you fix something that ain’t broken? The answer is simple – the cashflow is suffering and this solution might be the only way to stay afloat.

However, why would you risk your own money in order to help out an admin who would not stop at anything and scam you at the first opportunity? You don’t owe him anything! Any profits you have earned from his program are your own to keep. There is no such thing as loyalty towards a particular program or admin. And if it still exists it should have been forgotten a long time ago. Such artificial loyalty would eventually harm any future projects that might be run by the same person by giving investors a false sense of security and to the promoters some imaginary guarantees they can give to their downlines to make them believe their funds are safer than in any other program. Such opinions are pretty dangerous and must be avoided not to give an admin a sense of superiority that can make his next project vulnerable and himself an easy target for all sorts of spammers, blackmailers and hit-n-runners.

I believe though we have already touched on some other subjects which will be pretty interesting to discuss in one of the future issues of the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series of articles you can read only on the MNO blog. And while the HYIP industry is at one of its lowest point in years now it’s the right time to accumulate valuable knowledge and to learn something that will help you tremendously on the path to riches once things are back to normal. Make sure you bookmark my website and look forward to new promising investment opportunities from top-notch admins in the new HYIP season that will commence soon. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!



Just to finish things up for today I want to look at the results of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll. I’ll also be adding a new question but more on that in a moment. On the more recent one however, let me just put things into context and and background. The best and easiest thing for you to do at this point would really be to refer back to the last article posted on the MNO blog in the HYIP Admin’s Dirty Secrets series, which in case you haven’t already read it can be found here.

The basis of the article and therefore the resultant opinion poll is the sometimes blatant efforts of many HYIP admins to create the impression they are operating a legitimate licensed financial business in the UK. Why the UK? Simply because it’s easier to get genuine registration documents online, cheaply, anonymously and few questions asked but totally legit if anyone is bothered to take a closer look. That plus the fact that newbie HYIP investors will naturally feel more confident about spending money if they think it’s in a stable big western economy instead of let’s say Venezuela or Somalia. They’d be mistaken of course, but that’s just the human nature that HYIP admins are out to exploit.

Trouble is of course that such tricks are more easily said than done, and the admins don’t always think these things through. You see, it’s all well and good if you’re targeting a largely oriental or Latin American audience, but what happens when a genuine native English speaker or at least a fluent one comes across your site? They can spot the discrepancies immediately and know in a heartbeat that the closest you’ve ever come to the UK is watching them in the Olympic games! I have no personal issue with this myself, nor do the majority of experienced HYIP industry players who have come to expect such tactics by now. They don’t really care because they’re not taken in by them, but I wondered how it might color the judgment of investors overall in how seriously they might take some programs who are clearly not making that much of an effort in backing up claims no one ever asks them to make. I mean if you insist on pretending to be based in the UK then fine, but at least get yourself a native speaker to proof read your texts before proceeding.

Anyway, the question I asked readers was as follows: Would you trust a program claiming to be UK-based but having English grammar errors on their site?

Results seem to be fairly even spaced out here, though for the most part readers seem to take a pragmatic approach. Actually for the first time in a while now that I can remember, votes were exactly an equal split between all available options and went as follows:

33.3% of you voted “Yes, that wouldn’t affect my inclination to invest some amount there”, 33.3% of you said “I’d look first at other more significant factors before making a decision”, and the remaining 33.3%, not quite a majority by any stretch but still a very significant number of you said “No, if an admin can’t check everything properly it might be unsafe to join”. So admins do take note if you want to be taken more seriously in the future!

And so back to today’s new poll which will run for around another week or so on the MNO TalkBack page. Staying somewhat on topic, I’d like to link it up with the article just posted above on one of the possible scam tactics sometimes undertaken by certain HYIP admins. It’s a common enough practice among HYIP admins to shall we say “spice things up” a little in their programs. To somehow make them a bit more lucrative to investors than they may have been initially, admins will occasionally create new plans, make adjustments to existing ones, or add incentives/sign-up bonuses, etc. The thing is though, that not all investors will necessarily see any of these things as positive. And indeed from time to time they are entirely justified in their skepticism.

Generally speaking the last people who will ever know for sure what’s really going in in an admin’s mind are his investors. That’s where the gambling part of being a HYIP investor comes into play after all. Sometimes the offer of investment bonuses or new plans can be a smart business decision, being a cost effective way or promoting your program and getting members on board to do the advertising for you. Other times it may be just a short term solution to plug up a temporary cash flow issue when the admin has genuine intentions to keep his program running for as long as possible. Unfortunately at the other end of the scale it may also be that the admin knows his finances are a train wreck and simply wants to plunder as much money as possible in the remaining few days he can keep the program operational.

All three options are a genuine possibility, it’s just not always immediately obvious which one is the case with any given program. Some of the more experienced industry players among you are probably a bit more adept at spotting these things of course, I do know that much, unfortunately the same can’t be said of a lot of your fellow investors. So, my next question for readers in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll is as follows:

Do you believe that offering bonuses and new investment plans indicates the pending collapse of a program?

Please select from one of the following possible answers, and if you don’t see exactly what you would like to say there just pick the one that comes closest to matching how you feel. Remember also that there are no right or wrong answers here, it’s just about seeing readers perception and opinion of these things:

– Yes, it’s usually a warning sign as the admin is desperate for new funds
– Maybe, sometimes it’s only done to overcome temporary cashflow issues
– No, I don’t think that’s true, I like to take advantage of bonuses and new plans

As always let me just say thanks in advance to everyone who participates in the poll, it’s much appreciated and all votes are equally welcome. Remember also that the poll is 100% anonymous, untraceable, and confidential. Though you are most welcome if you wish to discuss it with your fellow readers on the MNO ShoutBox. Voting buttons can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and like I said will remain open for arround another week or so from the time of writing. Long enough to afford everyone who wants to vote to have ample time to do so anyway.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 216 hours:
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From MNO Basic list: LeverageTrades.

That’s about it for today, guys. Thanks for reading and have a successful business week ahead of you. Please come back in a few days time for more useful content only on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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