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17/08/2021. Saying Goodbye to Cash Money and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello again from the MNO blog where information comes first for over fourteen years already. I’m pleased to welcome both regular readers who have all been tremendous support for my work over the years along with the newbies that might only be taking their first steps in the HYIP industry. Mostly for the latter category I intended to write a series of articles entitled HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets which you’re invited to read here. There are already sixteen articles in that section and the list will certainly expand in the next few months as my main aim remains to educate readers and teach them how to make money in online investment platforms. While it’s not an easy thing to do, if you have patience and time to spend on the learning curve, plus not afraid of taking risks in life then the HYIP industry might be exactly what you need to feel the thrill of winning big.

At this particular point however the industry is not in its best shape, as the summer season has always been slow, plus due to the ongoing cryptocurrency craze and the general upward trend in its value things have made things even slower still. Whatever happens next no one can guess, but we all should remain hopeful that the situation improves in the next few weeks and we will see some new promising programs and future leaders of the industry joining the MNO monitor and giving more choice to all smart investors.

Meanwhile, if you want to stay updated on the latest trends in the HYIP industry and become the first to know about the biggest online investment opportunities (think LaserOnline!) then follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook. If you like reading on my blog then why not subscribe for updates to be delivered regularly to your email address you can submit here? After all, you will thank me later for all the advice that has been given to you and your knowledge base will become broader which will help you in dealing with HYIPs on a consistently profitable basis.

I’m always rooting for my readers and am here to help you in any way possible. So if you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests do not hesitate to contact me here, write to me directly at, or just chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. Your feedback is very important for me, as it helps me make MNO better for everyone through constant improvements and adding new features, so if you have any advice don’t forget you can share it on the MNO ShoutBox, as well as share your opinion on the monitored programs with your fellow investors.

As there hasn’t been a great deal to report on from the HYIP industry in recent days, not by itself necessarily a bad thing by the way, I thought I might take advantage of the summer downtime to share some thoughts on the future of cash money and as I personally see it, how its becoming growingly obsolete. I hope you find it interesting but whether you agree or disagree you are most welcome to get in touch to share your own views. Either privately via email or Telegram at the address I just mentioned above, or if you would like a more public statement then feel free to bring it up on the MNO ShoutBox. So let’s get started.

I was asked the question recently by a friend about if I remembered the last time I used cash to make any kind of financial transaction, be it making a purchase in a shop or just to pay for services and utilities. Truth be told, the answer was no, I really don’t recall. The discussion arose because like a lot of places the shops in my local area have been asking customers to please use card and “contactless” payments as much as possible in the 18 months or so since the Covid pandemic forced everyone to change their habits. It’s simply not hygienic for dozens of people to pass around the same banknotes, never knowing who or how many people have been handling your cash before it ends up in your pocket.

In retrospect however I don’t think I myself have used cash for anything in what must be coming on almost three years, with the exception of a couple of vacations outside of Europe. So when eventually asked if I would miss cash if it wasn’t around anymore, I’d have to respond that honestly I don’t think I’d even notice if it was gone. And that’s basically what I would like to discuss with readers in today’s article.

Do you even know how much cash you have in your home at this very moment? I do. None, though I’m not counting a couple of foreign (Euro) banknotes I keep between the pages of my passport just in case I do need to take a trip, and even that’s only if I get stuck needing a “cash only” service like a taxi or a local outdoor market stall. And even in those cases more and more street vendors will have access to a sleek contactless payment terminal. As for coins, they’re just clutter that I use for supermarket trolleys and almost nothing else. In the course of researching this I wanted to see how widespread this opinion is shared among others. Now, I wasn’t surprised to learn that the Covid pandemic has hastened the spread of cashless transactions, but the full extent was truly an eye-opener for me when I learned that in my own locality the use of cash dropped by 35% after the first lockdown last year, and on recovery almost 85% of all transactions are now cashless.

Couple that with some recent news stories about the central banks of some of the world’s biggest economies investigating the possibility of creating government issued digital currencies as a sort of official and ultra-secure alternative to BitCoin and one has to wonder if the days of paper cash are indeed numbered? China is obviously the main player here, but it’s also been discussed at government level in the UK among others. Add to that El Salvador passed a law allowing BitCoin itself as legal tender and how it’s fast becoming a de facto currency in inflation ravaged countries such as Venezuela with the central bank and government all but powerless to do anything about it, cash will have a place for a very long time to come but the future is definitely elsewhere.

OK, it does seem as if the Covid contamination warnings about cash may have been over stated by cautious authorities who were trying to be more safe than sorry, however it did still compound people’s suspicions about “strictly cash only” businesses. You know, drug dealers, prostitutes, and tax evaders, what else do you have to hide if you don’t leave a transparent paper trail, right? And given the ease and ubiquity of mobile payments, why wander around in the dead of night stepping over pools of beer (or worse!) to seek out filthy ATM machines and their grubby paper money when everything you need is already right there on your phone?

I guess it could be said of a lot of things, “habits”, particularly bad ones, when they become disrupted for whatever reason it doesn’t take is long to wonder why we either ever did it in the first place or why we continued doing it quite as long as we did. Technically speaking paper money just by itself is perfectly worthless, it’s just a slip of colored paper after all, the only value comes from what we are prepared to attach to it and accept in its return. For instance a $100 bill is the very same piece of paper as a $5 bill, yet the loss of one of them is going to cause you so many more problems than the loss of the other. Likewise if you find a suitcase with a million dollars abandoned on the side of a road then you just got rich, if you find someone else’s credit card it’s useless to everyone except the rightful owner. So why carry cash around in public spaces when you almost never really need to? In Sweden where I believe the government are pushing to go completely cashless and digital within the next two to three years (a bit ambitious in my opinion) even most of the homeless population have access to smartphones to accept “Swish” payments, a domestic mobile phone payment system in use in that country.

Cash of course still matters greatly to a lot of people and will continue to do so. Not just in lesser developed nations with more agrarian based economies and less free access to technology, but also in wealthier countries where an older generation just don’t like or understand such radical and sudden change after all these years. Apart from apocalyptic conspiracy theorists however, those with a misplaced sentimental attachment to paper money are a dwindling number and will continue to decline as younger generations come of age behind them. It’s true that there’s a sizable minority in even the most developed economies that might struggle in a 100% cashless society, their numbers are getting smaller by the year. While the use of cash may not require things like let’s say a bank account, a fixed address, social security number, or a smartphone, it’s hard to see how you can function for anything else without those things.

It might be argued that cash can help people with severe debt problems keep more balanced control over their spending, (“cut up your credit cards” being a popular mantra there) but honestly that’s a more deep rooted issue that was never caused by personal choice of currency. In fact digital solutions to manage payments for those needing help with their budget might be a lot more efficient.

Traditional cash has a certain emotional pull but again that also goes back to basic sentimentality, not enough to keep the medium alive. If you have younger family members, a son or daughter, a niece or nephew, then gifting them some cash for a special occasion like a birthday or a successful exam result is so much nicer than a BACS transfer, but even that’s coming to an end as more and more kids see their money as a number on a computer screen. In the UK for instance a big deal was made out of their new issue banknotes, replacing the old portraits dating back decades with some new images. Some people were appreciative that the new £50 sterling note now depicts Alan Turing, the second world war mathematician and an early computer scientist whose decryption of the German “enigma” code system is widely credited with shortening the war by two years and in doing so saved possibly 14 million lives. Much respect to the man, but neither I nor anyone I know in the UK has ever once even seen one of these £50 notes. If I find one I’m not entirely sure what I might do with it, but still, I’d tuck it away in my wallet anyway. Just in case!



Due to the lack of news from the monitored programs I’ll just finish today’s article by analyzing the results of the latest TalkBack poll I offered you to participate in last week. The question was directly related to the last article from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series which you can read New Plans and Bonuses As a Scam Tactic and which was entitled “New Plans and Bonuses As a Scam Tactic”. Whether my readers have the perception of this subject was the idea of the poll that was asking the following – Do you believe that offering bonuses and new investment plans indicates the pending collapse of a program?

I’m pleased to see that all of my readers have been a smart bunch with no votes submitted for the answer “No, I don’t think that’s true, I like to take advantage of bonuses and new plans”. And that is absolutely what I was trying to tell you about in the article. In most cases, it’s dangerous to invest in such plans and every time a program changes its offers might indicate cash flow issues indeed. Ask yourself – if things were doing well why would a normal admin try to change anything? After all, it’s for reason there’s a saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Of course, the resulting scam after the plans change and new offers appear doesn’t necessarily mean that the program is in imminent danger. Some professional admins may actually stay afloat after introducing new offers and stabilize the cash flow in the longer term. However, it requires a set of skills the vast majority of HYIP admins unfortunately lack. So, it’s quite reasonable as well that 50% of the votes went to the answer “Maybe, sometimes it’s only done to overcome temporary cash flow issues”.

Finally, the other 50% were much more categorical in their judgment as they voted “Yes, it’s usually a warning sign as the admin is desperate for new funds”. As you might remember from the article I mentioned above, it’s usually closer to the real state of things may reflect the dire financial circumstances for the program in question. The admin is most likely trying to grab onto the last straw to use the remains of his reputation and try to scam as many people as possible before closing up shop. Sadly, this is the harsh reality of the HYIP world all the smart investors should be aware of in order not to take the bait and fall victim to any pending scams.

Well, I hope that will conclude the results of the previous poll and let’s now get to the new question I’d like to ask you on the MNO TalkBack page which is again directly connected to today’s article. The growing cashless economy has been boosted by the ongoing Covid pandemic and many people stopped using any cash whatsoever. Of course, it applies to the more developed economies only, but the general trend is pretty clear and straightforward. The new question will ask you about your personal experience with cash and digital payments/cards/apps and will relate to your everyday life in whatever country you currently reside.

What is the percentage of cash versus digital transactions for you personally?

– I hardly ever use cash when paying for anything
– I use cash and digital payments in equal measure
– I use cash only, with occasional digital payments

I think the question is clear enough and doesn’t need explaining. The poll will be totally anonymous and untraceable, so I will be grateful if you give a few moments of your time and vote on the MNO TalkBack page here. The final results of the poll will be drawn sometime next week. Thanks in advance for your votes, as all your opinions matter to me!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 192 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: –
From MNO Standard list: RoboticsOnline.
From MNO Basic list: Exstrike (the first payment received).

That’s all I have to report for today, guys. Thanks for reading, have a great week ahead and talk to you soon again on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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