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25/08/2021. Bitcoin as The New Gold Standard and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check on MNO, even despite a pretty uneventful summer in the HYIP industry and a lack of choice for good quality investment programs. That’s due to some well-established seasonal patterns when investment activity traditionally drops to a minimums during this time of year, but also so many HYIP admins being on a well-deserved (or totally undeserved!) vacation. However, there might be more to that than it seems. The HYIP world might also be totally overshadowed now by cryptocurrencies and their ever ongoing upward spiral which can rival gold now (more on that later in today’s post), but there’s still some chance we will see bigger activities in autumn months.

And the first sign of that will be the return of a legendary admin many of my readers have already taken advantage of by participating in his programs earlier this year. He has informed me that he’s planning to launch his new project within the next few weeks. So, it’s important to stay updated and be the first to know about that new promising program which will appear on the MNO Premium List soon. For that to happen simply remember to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter, or simply click here and add your email address where regular blog posts will be sent in their entirety. For any questions and suggestions on how to improve my work you may email me directly at, submit your query via this contact form, or simply chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always pleased to hear from you, guys, and am ready to help by sharing my knowledge as I’m going to do right now, in the new MNO blog article you can read below.

First though, as my blog has always been a personal thing to me and much more than a money-making machine, unlike so many other monitors who have only dollar signs in sight when they post anything. That’s why I have started recently the highly acclaimed series of articles called HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets where I expose all the lesser known practices and tactics used by the admins of various ponzi-games in order to get to their goal – earn as much money as possible from investors with the minimum of effort required to do so. And while the arsenal of such mind-bending tricks constantly expands there are still some basic things that everyone serious enough to start making money from HYIPs should know and be aware of. After all, no one wants to be a sucker whose money will be used to fill up an admin’s pocket and pay for his vacation on some remote Caribbean island. So, if you wish to maximize your chances of winning in HYIPs rather than losing money to some greedy admins please take some time and look over more than a dozen articles from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series posted on this page and bookmark it to check for more at a later date, as there will certainly be a lot more added soon.

I hope you’ve been doing well, by the way, even if you took a break from HYIPs, like many of us. I must say I have really been enjoying the summer here in London. With more time on my hands now and lots of things to do time passes quickly and I’m sometimes almost forgot about my precious hobby – MNO blog. However, don’t you worry – I’m not going to be unoccupied for much longer. There’s a time coming when eventually we will see new heights in the HYIP industry with more new ambitious admins appearing with original concepts and innovative investment offers and the new generation of investors spoiled by choice will fill in the new niches. It’s always been this way and it’s only a matter of time when we will see new changes come and take place of the old patterns – trust me, as I know the things very well.

I’m first and foremost much grateful my fate to help me achieve the grandiose things that I’ve done – change my life and the life of others for the better by providing truthful information on things I have the right to educate others about. And indeed, with over fourteen years of valuable experience in the HYIP industry I have deserved that right more than anyone else out there. People have come and gone but MNO has remained strong for well over a decade. Sorry to disappoint my enemies, but I’m not going anywhere and intend to stay and see the industry returning back to normal sooner or later.

Having said all that, let’s get to the main subject of today which will be an article entitled “BitCoin as The New Gold Standard” where I want to look at how, like it or not, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more of a mainstream financial phenomena and something that will not be going away in the foreseeable future. I want to draw some comparisons with the past history of money and see if people’s already existing use of BitCoin as a savings and investment tool will eventually become even more commonplace.

Here’s a simple question for you – are you interested in money? Of course you are, we all are, but have you ever really thought about the history of money and how it came into place? Why are people so eager to put in hours of back breaking physical labor in exchange for a few slips of colored printed paper? What makes one of these slips so many times more valuable than the next one just because of the country it was printed in? And more towards the point of today’s article, where does BitCoin and its acceptance into the mainstream economy fit into all of this?

Just to take a brief step back in history for a moment, I’m sure many of you who have an interest in such things will be familiar with the concept of the Gold Standard system of monetary value and exchange which was ultimately abandoned by the USA in 1971. Given that the US was the world’s largest economy by some distance this more or less put an end to it internationally as well. Post World War Two of course the mainland USA was largely untouched by the utter devastation leveled on the landscape and infrastructures of all the other major industrial nations. That, plus despite the tragic military cost the US was spared the civilian loss of life (i.e. a trained and educated workforce) that was also decimated in much of Europe. So in the post war years of 1946 to 1971, pretty much everything was reliant on the US dollar.

The idea behind the so-called Gold Standard then was that every dollar in circulation was backed by an amount of gold, equal in monetary value, which was held in reserve by the US government. In theory that meant that if a foreign government was in possession of US currency (say through trade deals for example), they could return it to the US, sell it back to them in other words, in exchange for the same value in gold bullion. That also led to fixed currency exchange rates, currencies being pegged to certain values, etc, etc. And since gold is a finite resource, this couldn’t really last indefinitely. This in turn gave us today’s fiat currencies where fixed exchange rates have been dropped in favor of the financial markets determining the value of one nation’s money against the other, and the seemingly ubiquitous acceptance of the US dollar as a means of international trade (think of oil prices for example) relying more or less solely on people’s trust in their federal reserve.

OK, I will admit all that was a very over simplified description and that I’m leaving a lot out, I only wanted to lend a very brief introduction to how it is we find ourselves where we are. Occasionally you will still see central banks and mints issue gold and silver coins, quite often as commemorative event but still perfectly legal tender (in the UK the Queen’s jubilee comes to mind for example). The market price of their metal content far exceeds their monetary value however, so were you to obtain a gold dollar you could either bring it to your local supermarket for a dollar’s worth of pasta or bring it to a gold dealer for $500 in paper money. In other words, it won’t really work as a day-to-day currency.

Where then you might ask does BitCoin come into all of this? When you actually sit down and think about it, especially in comparison to gold bullion, I don’t think there’s ever been a time in modern history where an asset that stores its value has been so easy to buy, sell, store, move or transfer ownership of, more or less instantly anywhere on the planet. Then take into consideration the added advantage of being strictly limited in supply and operating entirely away from the control of a small cabal of rich bankers and other vested interests. Indeed even JP Morgan, one of the biggest banks in history went from a point blank refusal to even acknowledge that BitCoin has any value whatsoever to now saying it could go to $146,000 per coin. Quite a monumental backpedaling turnaround I think you’ll agree!

To paraphrase the old saying then, “all that glitters isn’t gold, maybe it’s BitCoin”. Certainly it’s fast starting to become more valuable, that’s for sure, and when the people who really pull the strings behind governments and economies such as the aforementioned JP Morgan among others start to weigh in you know it’s only a matter of time before a cryptocurrency of some description (be it BitCoin or otherwise) becomes a de facto mainstream tool for savings, investments, and spending. Perhaps not in the physical sense where you hand cash to a retail seller, but maybe something that supports and protects your money in the same way that a state held reserve of gold bullion once did. Those who properly understand Bitcoin can immediately see its clear and significant advantages over gold.

You see, the advantage that the big bankers have over the little guy in this case is that they can see the bigger picture where regular folks don’t even know where to look. Would you be surprised to hear that in the final months of last year some $3 billion dollars was put into BitCoin globally while $7 billion dollars was cashed out of gold? Or that the Japanese government now officially recognizes eleven independent companies as registered cryptocurrency exchange operators? Moves have long been afoot in several of the world’s biggest economies for their central banks to issue a state sanctioned cryptocurrency, such as the UK but most notably China. A growing number of investors now view the digital currency both as a barrier against inflation and as an alternative to the declining value of the dollar, the world’s reserve currency. Likewise many more see it as a challenge to the value and practicality of gold. It’s the younger generation who will ultimately take over the world as sure as the march of time itself who value digital assets over arcane metals with little practical use in daily life.

The proof of this can be seen quite plainly in the numbers – the value of gold assets held in private (i.e. non government) hands globally is now a mere 20% of that of BitCoin alone, even less when we take the more minor digital currencies into account, and is ever declining. The elephant in the room however is this – BitCoin’s notorious price volatility must be brought under control before mounting a sustained challenge to gold that can be taken seriously by the mainstream. This whole speculation mania that could drive Bitcoin to between $50,000 and $100,000 has its uses for certain groups, but such levels would be unsustainable unless we see long term price stability. Nevertheless, growing interest in Bitcoin and economic conditions suggest higher long-term prices for digital currency. Considering how big the historical financial investment into gold always was, to see it pushed out by an ‘alternative’ currency implies a big a upside for BitCoin in the future. If one was to view money as the product of our latest technology then BitCoin is the next natural and logical step.

Is BitCoin really going to be “the new gold standard” then? Well, not officially but in many ways it already is for a lot of private citizens around the globe. People in the US or Europe holding bank accounts in Dollars and Euros may not see the writing on the wall just yet, but I’m pretty sure any tech savvy working person trying to hold down an honest job and make ends meet in let’s say Venezuela may have realised this a long time ago. It’s quite clear therefore which way the wind is blowing so to speak, and no matter how many Wall Street economists try to tell you how much they don’t like it remember it’s only because they haven’t figured out how to totally scam you out of it yet. I must say it’s enormously satisfying to see the small guy score such a victory for a change!



It’s time now to reveal the results of the regular weekly poll on the MNO TalkBack page as well as give you one more thing to reflect upon and vote for.

If you’re new to MNO you should know that I take my readers’ opinion on various matters quite seriously as it helps to establish the latest trends in the HYIP industry and see what people really think when it comes to important financial matters. That’s why I highly appreciate the time and effort you give to answer the latest question I posted on the MNO TalkBack page.

The question was directly derived from the previous blog article called “Saying Goodbye To Cash Money” which you can find here. If you remember, in it I have discussed the implications of the gradual process for the absolute replacement of cash with its digital analogues, be they card payments, cryptocurrencies, or anything else. The whole process seems to be unstoppable now and the arrival and growing spread of digital cryptocurrencies across the globe has only further accelerated it. So, after this article I was wondering just how many readers of my blog (just like me) rarely see and hold cash money in their hands anymore. And I was not mistaken in my educated guess with 75% of readers who participated in the poll answering “I hardly ever use cash when paying for anything”. The rest 25% voted as “I use cash and digital payments in equal measure” while no one took the option “I use cash only, with occasional digital payments”. And I remind you that the exact question the TalkBack poll asked was “What is the percentage of cash versus digital transactions for you personally?

Now, getting along with the custom established earlier this year I would like to offer readers a new question directly connected to the subject of today’s article (which I hope you enjoyed, though your comments are welcome either way!). Of course when I ask about BitCoin becoming the new “Gold Standard” in this particular poll I’m just asking how you see it on a personal level. I don’t expect to see this with any kind of official government sanction anytime soon, the point of my question is do you yourself view it as a sort of barrier or protection network that allows you to shelter your money against inflation, record low interest rates on savings, losing money on service charges to banks, and so on while at the same time maybe helping you to grow the value of the money you do have saved.

So, the MNO TalkBack question will be as follows:

Do you believe BitCoin has become a personal Gold Standard for you yet?

Please choose from one of the following three options, just select the one that comes closes to matching your own personal thoughts on the subject:

– Yes, it is already a gold standard
– Not yet, bit it will be very soon
– No, it will never become such

Please take a look at the MNO TalkBack page and cast your vote here, so we can draw the results next week and see what you think about the whole thing. The poll is totally anonymous and untraceable and was designed by my programmer to prevent multiple voting, so we will be able to analyze the final results at their most accurate. Thanks in advance for your participation in this poll, guys!


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That’s all for today, guys. Enjoy the rest of your summer and MNO will be back with new programs and more interesting articles worthy of your attention in September. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the autumn season will be a much more fruitful time for the industry as a whole and each and every of my readers. Thanks for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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