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Beware! FelminaAlliance has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend whatever you were up to and are looking forward to starting all over again, as I’m sure there will be a lot more new opportunities coming up before the week is out. I have to say I’ve really enjoyed my first visit to Munich, my first experience with their famous Oktoberfest, and look forward to another trip there someday. Anyway, getting straight back to business for the new working week the before I get to the news there’s been a long term HYI program added to my monitoring page called FelminaAlliance that I want to look at in a bit more detail for you this evening. Having launched originally back in July it may not seem exactly new at first but it’s quite a low ROI program and it looks like FelminaAlliance spent the late summer and early autumn fine tuning their craft and are in prime position to really establish themselves as serious long term market force over the remaining months of the year and into 2012.

FelminaAlliance have three investment plans open for members and the first thing that struck me about them was how they combine two essential elements for the long term success of any online investment program – profitability for the investor and sustainability for the admin. Make the plans attractive to join but don’t bankrupt yourself in doing so, quite simple really when you come to think of it. All very well and good in theory of course but putting it into practice is a whole other unpredictable business, but at least we can see that the FelminaAlliance administration team have gotten off to a good start and have given themselves a firm foothold in the industry.

On second thoughts it might be more accurate to say that FelminaAlliance has just one investment plan because the term is the very same and the only thing that differentiates them is that higher interest rates will apply to bigger deposits. To join Plan One for example you will need a minimum deposit of $20. It runs for 180 business days (36 weeks, or approximately 8 and a half months months). By joining under this option you can earn a basic return of 1% interest per day, Monday to Friday. Upon expiry of the term you can then get your principal returned.

So in the case of someone making a $100 deposit that would result in them earning $1 per day from Monday to Friday, and payments that eventually accumulate to a total of $180. This is then considered pure profit after FelminaAlliance return your initial hundred. That’s not a bad return at all and while not quite as aggressive as the shorter term HYIPs around at the moment it’s probably more realistic and there should always be room for some diversity in your portfolio.

The second plan works more or less the same, except of course the obvious difference that FelminaAlliance will require you to deposit a minimum of $1000 before you can join. The term is still 180 business days with daily interest payments being made from Monday to Friday, but if you can afford the minimum then you should expect a rate of 1.25% per business day. That will allow you to reach the “break even” point (ie the point where you have earned an amount equal to your deposit and therefore cannot possibly lose money) after 80 business days. That’s relatively fast when you consider the full length of the term, and is in fact less than half way into it. Payments will eventually add up to an impressive 225% at which time FelminaAlliance should return your principal.

The third and final option is something a bit less affordable for most investors but having said that it’s a plan that will still find a few takers I’m sure as FelminaAlliance becomes more and more recognized after doing a lot of the hard work in establishing their reputation already this last two months. It will cost a minimum of $5,000 to join and has no stated maximum. For a term of 180 business days you can collect a daily interest payment of 1.6% from Monday to Friday. That sees you break even after 63 days which is of course the most important point in any program you join, and finish up with payments totaling 288% which can then be considered profit after FelminaAlliance return your initial deposit.

If you see something you like in there then good for you, but there is one other important aspect to these plans that I would urge you to consider very very carefully before joining – FelminaAlliance do not accommodate an early withdrawals from the program. The term is 180 business days and that too is the lock-in period, so make sure that your not spending money that could cause you problems if you need it back in case of emergency. Other than that the only two payment options open to you are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney, which I guess could be better but at the same time what you can expect from HYIPs like this one. For bigger investors joining with $1,000 or more FelminaAlliance offer a bank wire option, though again it’s worth noting that if you take them up on this the minimum withdrawal is going to be $500 plus fees. The minimum withdrawal for the regular payment processors is only $0.30. Payments are made manually and the admin asks that you allow up to 24 hours for everything to be completed. There is also a series of different profit compounding options that you may or may not wish to consider. While never a fan of the practice myself you may opt for a full or partial amount, setting your own rate and your own term.

Apart from the very well thought out plans something else that would indicate some very serious intensions from the admin is the design and security. The security of FelminaAlliance is simply superb – it’s hosted on a dedicated server with BlockDos protection which is widely considered to be the best in the industry, the site is SSL-secured and is running of a custom made script which personally I like a lot. If you have any further questions for the admin then you can mail him directly at the address provided on the website. For a more personal experience they offer telephone support 12 hours per day, or if you prefer there’s an online Live Chat feature if that’s what you prefer. FelminaAlliance also use the more common online ticket submission for as well if you don’t manage to get through via the other methods.

Texts appear generally original though are also extremely vague and non-committal about any kind of long term business plan or vision to maintain the program, but working solely off the premise that this is an online HYIP FelminaAlliance can still run on their own steam for a long time to come. Something I did like in there however was a short kind of “beginners guide” for newbies where the admin explains how to open payment processor accounts, how to fund them, and then how to invest and withdraw with them. Might not sound like much to you but it’s a nice touch a big deal for anyone who’s never done it before. But I still don’t suggest looking at this like anything other than an online HYIP as there are still pitfalls and no real guarantees, despite the promising signals and successful precedents. So as always keep your spending to an affordable level, in this case take the lengthy lock-in period into account as well, and try to diversify your portfolio.


Let’s start the news updates for today with HyperCompound. The admin of the program (he was first interviewed on MNO here) reported the creation of a mirror site located on the same domain name but with .net extension for better protection from possible interruptions of the main .com site. Well, it’s always good when the admin takes security issues seriously and do everything possible to secure the website and guarantee 100% uptime. HyperCompound has been running for almost three months now paying instantly on a complicated plan 1.5%-3% + bonus interest for 100 business days and principal returned on expiry. Please note that HyperCompound has everything in place to encourage investors to stay with the program including the rising daily bonus interest and reducing the daily fee for premature principal withdraw. This smart system was thoroughly described in the detailed review of HyperCompound that you’re welcome to read here. And here is the latest update that can be read on their website:
In our continuous effort to increase the program stability, we have established a secondary mirror: While our main site utilizes DDoS protection from DDosWiz, our secondary mirror uses GoldPoll DDoS protection to ensure uninterrupted operation. This mirror is also SSL secured for your protection.

At over 15 months online now, the always excellent ReProFinance is the oldest and longest running investment program on the MNO monitoring list (read the original review here). Since first being reviewed here the program underwent some drastic changes and overhauled itself completely to stay competitive. Their plans for example now include 1.6%-2.3% for 90 business days, 1.8%-2.5% for 180 business days, and your principal back at the end. Not content with that however the admin of ReProFinance (interviewed here) has now introduced a “bond system” that’s quite unique and unlike anything else in the program at the moment. It’s basically you buying bonds from ReProFinance and receiving 1% interest per calendar day for them for a term of your choosing. Once you feel you have earned enough then you can re-sell the bonds back to ReProFinance, and cash in your earnings. Below is the explanation of the new system as given by the admin:
New season with the new Bonds
ReProFinance company announces its own emission of bonds with 1% daily yield.
The main difference between investment funds and the bonds of ReProFinance is that investors can exchange their bonds into money anytime, and receive principal investment plus dividends at the rate of 1% per calendar day including Saturdays and Sundays upon redemption. It will turn your investment business into a highly liquid and profitable one as you have an opportunity to take your money back without any fixed term of investment.
The bonds can be purchased in the members area of investor. You will receive a PDF version of the bond containing an unique code. The bonds of ReProFinance can be redeemed anytime, otherwise you may exchange them, put up to auction, sell or use them to pay for something. The minimum amount for bond purchase is $1. Investing in bonds you can choose optimal investment period starting from 24h.
 Currently ReProFinance company actively issues the bonds however the total block of bonds is limited. More information on bonds is available here.

The administration of NeoProgress which is yet to reply to the interview sent to them a couple of weeks ago announced today some changes which might seem important at first glance but on closer inspection appear insignificant. In the newsletter issued by NeoProgress today it was announced first that the plan which is paying 2.2% for 100 business days has been temporarily disabled as they allegedly gained enough money from the investors. Well, I could buy it if I didn’t know the minimum to invest in this plan which is no longer available – $30,000. And in my books nobody in their right mind would not invest such money in an HYIP which NeoProgress obviously is as still paying such high percentage for the remaining three active plans – 1.5% for 30 business days, 1.8% for 60 business days, 2% for 90 business days with principal returned on expiry. In my opinion such brave statements are just a marketing trick to show the financial health of the program which has lasted for over six months already and can be well considered as one of the most popular long-term HYIPs online accepting all the popular payment processors including LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and SolidTrustPay. More information on the remaining investment plans can be read in my detailed review of NeoProgress posted here.
The second part of the update relates to changing the maximum compounding rate. For me it’s also insignificant as I don’t know many investors who ever compound their returns, especially when it comes to olded programs like NeoProgress. Anyway, from my understanding this email was just to show the investors that the program is still alive and kicking which should not go unappreciated, especially considering that NeoProgress is processing payouts instantly. Here is the latest update in full:
Investment plans and compounding rates updated – NeoProgress
We have made changes in our investment plans and compounding rates.
Investment Fund Luxer has been temporarily disabled because we have already gained enough money and investors. Luxer investment plan will be opened in the future, but we can not announce exact date of returning.
We have also change compounding rates for the first 3 investment plans. New compounding rates:
Impulse fund – 10% maximum compounding rate
Progress fund – 40% maximum compounding rate
Pulsar fund – 30% maximum compounding rate
If you set compounding rate before 19.09.2011 – you will have old rates.
* All our active clients on the Luxer plan will continue to receive the previous interest rate on the same terms.
NeoProgress Client Support Department”.

Despite the fact that I’m just about to review AuruMoney on my blog tomorrow the admin sent the first newsletter to investors today after just the first day online. Well, since AuruMoney is an extra short-term program offering multiple plans with principal and profit paid back on expiry and the shortest of them offers 105%-128% after 1 day we can conclude that the first cycle has been completed and the first investors already reaped some profits. In the first newsletter the admin reported about over 500 sign-ups to AuruMoney just during the first day online and mentioned that despite such young age the site managed to get attacked already which caused a short downtime and made the admin upgrade the DDoS-protection. Well, it’s better sooner than later as the level of protection is of utmost importance for such short-term programs as AuruMoney. The upcoming tomorrow’s review on MNO was also announced in the first newsletter posted below:
AuruMoney News
Hello dear investors,
first of all I would like to thank everyone for a massive support during the first day. We had a massive start and I am very pleased with that. More than 500 members in just 1 day online is quite great achievement and I am happy that so many people released how big is our potential. I am sure that with your faith in our project we will have a long, wonderful investment journey with a huge profits.
Unfortunately not all were so positive about AuruMoney and since early morning someone started huge DDos attacks on our website. Despite nothing serious happened, we had to upgrade our dedicated server security to avoid those problems in the future and I hope from now no one will be able to affect our company work.
I am also pleased to announce that tomorrow AuruMoney will be reviewed by the best online investment blog in the industry – I am looking forward for this review and of course I will announce it as soon as it posted. As for now, all payments are processed and I wish you all a great day/night.
Best regards, Jack
AuruMoney Support”.

As you know many programs running successfully for months and then suddenly offering new higher paying plans are usually treated by experienced investors as showing warning signs. But it’s especially suspicious when out of the blue such new high returns coincide with delayed payouts as happened with PermanentProfit which has been moved to Waiting status on MNO today. The thing is that I received a complaint from one of my referrals which I managed to verify successfully and contacted the admin. He didn’t bother to reply but the referral reported that one of the pending payouts was allegedly sent to his PM account but strangely without any payment batch number. Now it looks to me that his account is blocked and I can’t access it anymore. This is the first clear signs of a scam and the beginning of the end for the program after many successful months. Please take note on that and do not invest money there as the program has been moved to Problem status on MNO. Just for your information this is the latest news from PermanentProfit:
Hello. We just launched several new plans because of our successful achievements over the past 8 months.
The new plans will be only valid until the end of this year.
And then we will have more incentive events such as deposit bonus.
We believe that,you will also expect to gain more profit with us in future.
Best Regards, PermanentProfit Inc. Support Team”.

There was some good news today for any investors thinking about investing in FreedomFxStrategy (reviewed here) but were put off by them only taking two payment processors – LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. All that’s just changed and you can now join FreedomFxStrategy via AlertPay as well. Plans make instant payouts and offer 1.3%-2.3% returns for the duration of 150 business days. Note that like with other payment processors the minimum to invest in FreedomFxStrategy is $25 which is kinda higher than average in the HYIP industry. But anyway, if you only use AlertPay for investments as I know many of you do you might have a closer look at FreedomFxStrategy. The admin of the program Miguel issued an update regarding this today:
Hello friends, we like to announce we added Alertpay as payment option. You now can make deposits and withdraws from Alertpay instantly.
Check our news section regularly and be informed about our changes, addons, the news and promotions.
We hope back asap with more exclusive benefits for you.
Thanks. Miguel. FreedomFxStrategy.

I must tell you that I was quite shocked yesterday to learn (thanks to my readers) that one of the programs listed on MNO monitoring Divatri which was first reviewed here was actually registered in Canada as Divatri Services by a certain Ali under the number 2267489153 (click here). To tell you the truth I was aware before posting the review on MNO that the program was allegedly based in Canada but didn’t think it was worth talking about as I remembered how easy the whole registration process in the UK was and totally anonymous. I just guessed that in Canada it would have been similar. Oh, my gosh, was I ever mistaken – as probably that was not in case when even his address was displayed here as: xxxxxxxx. Well, I’m not sure if that’s a real address or just a virtual one for mail forwarding, but one thing is for sure. I do not tolerate people like that man Ali and had some personal issues with him in the past when as the admin of OscarFunds exposed himself as a total racist and anti-semite and had some issues with me living in Israel. Well, not only did he not like me but also made some shameful comments about Filipinos, Indians, Christians, and I guess a few more. While staying in Munich over the last few days I also went to visit the former concentration camp at Dachau just north of the city. I realized once more how ideologies that people like Ali preach can be damaging and the tragedy that it leads to. So let me be very clear about my stand on this: I have zero tolerance for racism and fascism in any form. People who express such vitriolic hatred towards other human beings for any reason, be it class, color, creed, orientation, gender, nationality, etc should be challenged and exposed at every opportunity. There must be NO platform given to those who wish to spread these views.

Under the circumstances I find it totally inappropriate to monitor this program on MNO and have to delist it with no refund issued. I must say that I warned the admin Ali not to come to me for monitoring anymore as I can’t stomach his fascist views personally but obviously he thinks he’s smarter than everybody else and probably couldn’t resist trying his luck with me one more time. Well, his attempt was exposed and judging by this website we can only conclude that Divatri Services is a real Canadian based company registered under the name of Ali. This fact is undeniable and cannot be disputed as Ali/Charles admitted this fact on the site of Divatri himself and the fact that’s it’s displayed on a government website only proves the point. Please note that my decision drop the program from MNO is based purely on a zero tolerance policy against sectarian and far-right bigots like Ali, though I had nothing personal against his program which I considered to be really good and promising of which I already reported in my review. Unfortunately I can only assess HYIPs based on the website as I see it and do not always know the track record of the admin, which in the case of Ali is actually quite poor anyway. His previous “enterprises” included OscarFunds and Corraliva which the authorities would do well to look into assuming any of the information given to them during the registration process was genuine. I really thought that Divatri had a good chance to become one of the major players in the HYIP world but now that I know who the admin is I don’t think so anymore. Well, the hardest thing here will be to admit my own mistakes and I admit that my judgment about Divatri was totally wrong, however as I said I could only assess the website and was unaware of the admin’s real identity. I’m really sorry for those who joined the program and hope it doesn’t work out too badly for you. I do not know for how long the program will continue paying but since the admin was dimwitted enough to expose himself yet again I don’t think there will be many takers anymore.

And it has nothing to do with the quality of the program which is exceptionally good but rather with its infamous admin Ali who was also connected with the recent scam by Lea Gao (Flaxtalk, Flaxpay etc) that raked in thousands of dollars pretending to run a real business which was not true of course and which I tried to warn everybody about a year ago. At least the smarter ones listened. Well, now they all paid a high price by trusting this scammer “Lea Gao” and similarly they will pay an even higher price again if trusting that “Ali the Fascist”. It’s really unfortunate that it comes to this but delisting the program from MNO is the only option I can take in good conscience. I wish all the investors in Divatri a lot of success if they intend to stay with the program and who knows, maybe it will become really profitable for you, but after these revelations I don’t believe it’s gonna happen for you. On the other hand all other monitors that complained and whined to me regarding me having Divatri in my Exclusive list can go ahead and solicit money from Ali for their services now. I’m sure he will need some support now that these facts became known but one thing is for sure – he is not getting support from me. Attitudes like his and the tolerance of them by others is why millions of people died. But I’m sure that many other monitors will be glad now to take Divatri on and monitor it for the money they are going to get. Sorry, guys, but this is how the things work on MNO and this is what is going to happen with any program this “Ali” guy is going to run in the future provided I have all the evidence that he’s behind it. And by the way, the reason I won’t be refunding him a cent of what he spent on monitoring fees is that I’m hoping it teaches him not to come near me for monitoring again when launching his next scam.

Just to finally put an end to this unfortunate business once and for all there was an update sent by Ali just earlier with the rather bizarre claim about a “misunderstanding”. See for yourself:
Relationship with Money-News-Online
Please do note that there’s a miss understanding between us and Money-News-Online, our official monitoring provider. We are working with it to solve this as soon as possible. It appears that some people labeled us as a previous owner who scammed.

So once again let me be perfectly clear about this – there is NO misunderstanding. I understand perfectly well who Ali is and I understand that he is a particularly dislikable individual who has expressed Nazi sympathies and racist opinions. I also understand that I have made it very clear to him that I want no part in the promotion of his programs. He considers most of you as “Untermensch” or not fit to be considered as human beings but of course is still only too happy to take your money. Oh, the irony! Anyway, the “some people” Ali refers to who have labeled him a scammer are no less than the Canadian government who quite clearly and publicly acknowledge one Ali – the same one that stole thousands in OscarFunds and Corraliva – to be the person now responsible for Divatri. You may see the links by clicking here and here. Please note that the first link only takes you to the site search. You will have to type in “Divatri” yourselves to see the results.

The programs that paid me for the last 24 hours include:
RichesBank, OnlineInvestmentBank, TrustIncome, BaseBucks, BrantonsGroup, HitNRunMasters, FreedomFxStrategy, HyperCompound, PowerfulStrategy, FIPO, RegularBee, SafeDepositary, ReProFinance, UnitrustDirect, MirexGroup, NeoProgress, After60Days, PokerProfits, SportEarn, WinnerEarn, StableProfit, LargeProfit, ViscoCorp, BruyetteInvestment, TopsFund, PaidJack, FelminaAlliance, BetForInvest, AuruMoney (the first payments received) and BetMoney (the first payment received).

The newest program on my list tonight is called BetMoney. It was launched only today and the admin already managed to process the first referral commissions, so the program is on Paying status with MNO already. BetMoney accepts LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney starting from $10 and processes payouts manually once every 24 hours with a countdown clock displayed on the website. As many other current short term programs BetMoney offers several investment plans which all pay on expiry – 105%-128% after 1 day, 122%-280% after 4 days, 148%-700% after 8 days, 204%-1260% after 16 days, 317%-2953% after 31 days, 11252% after 60 days. The site runs off a licensed GoldCoders script, is SSL-secured and is hosted on a dedicated server from already well known already provider AntiDdos which as you may guess provides the site with necessary protection from possible attacks. More on BetMoney will be in the upcoming review on MNO, so stay tuned for that!

That’s all I have to report for today and I hope you found it comprehensive and worthy of your time. If you like my blog don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more of the latest news from the HYIP industry and the review of a new short-term program AuruMoney. See you tomorrow!

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