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07/08/2011. Interview with the admin of HyperCompound


 BEWARE! HyperCompound has stopped paying! Do not invest!

Hello everyone! Hope the weekend’s went well for you so far and you’re making the most of your free time, if you have any that is. Sunday’s as usual sees bit of a slowdown on the news front but that’s just as well today because I have something else you might be interested in. One of the more original new HYI programs to open up in recent weeks has been one called HyperCompound and today I have an interview with the program’s admin. His name is Gary and he’s been running HyperCompound since last June, slowly but surely making a name for himself in the industry.

Before we hear from him I’ll just say that HyperCompound have one of the most cleverly thought out investment plans around at the moment. On one hand it penalizes you for leaving early but then rewards you generously for staying loyal. A simplified description of the terms would be to say they offer 1.5%-3% + bonus interest for 100 business days, and your principal back on expiry, but in reality there’s much more to the program than just that. Gary does some explaining below but for a more detailed examination I suggest you refer back to my original review of HyperCompound first published here.

1. Hi Gary, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO and give us a little background information on yourself and your experience in managing other peoples money.

Hello, my name is Gary Tucker. I am the CEO and a founder of HyperCompound Inc. I am 36 years old, my experience in capital management and in investment business in general is almost 11 years and I am truly enjoying what I am doing, every day.

2. Can you share some facts about the HyperCompound business with us? How long have you been in operation? Are you the sole employee or do you have an assistant or a partner?

HyperCompound Inc. is successfully operating in high yield investments market since 2006. For this time being we managed to gain vast experience handling clients’ funds and earned an impeccable reputation among all other alternative investment market participants. There are currently 20 people working in our team. We are specializing in identification and timely amplification of various investment opportunities, thus the name of our company.

3. Assuming someone is coming into the online investments industry for the first time, can you talk us through a step-by-step guide in how to become a member of HyperCompound and what happens afterwards?

To start participating in our investment program and enjoy the benefits of it, one needs to create the account on our website (, then make a deposit using one of the payment processing options that we accept and then withdraw profits daily, or at any convenient for the user time. User’s account interface provides information on the history of all transactions and shows current “Invested” and “Withdraw” balances. For more in-depth information about our program and on how it works in general, we have created “Frequently Asked Questions” section, which can be found here: . This section also includes useful information for those new to online investing.

4. What are you offering investor in terms of plans and profits? What is the minimum and maximum amounts you can invest?

HyperCompound is an ideal investment platform which satisfies any demanding investor. We are offering profitable investment opportunities – time deposits and call deposits which were proven to be convenient and reliable financial instruments to amplify earnings on investments.

There are 10 investment levels, participation in which simply depends on the deposit amount. Each of the levels offers from 1.5%, up to 3% in daily earnings and such earnings are credited to user’s “Withdraw” account balance. Note that user’s investment level will change automatically when the “Invested” account balance reaches the level’s next nearest minimum amount. Once the investment level is changed (upgraded), user will begin acquiring higher than earlier earnings from that point on.

Increasing the investment level can done via two ways – either by adding extra deposits, or by setting the compounding rate to higher than zero value. If no compounding rate is set on the account, users may as well use their “Withdraw” balance to make additional deposits (manual compounding).

Profits are credited every business day at 19:00 GMT to the account’s “Withdraw” balance and such profits can be requested for withdrawal at any anytime by the user.

The deposit term for new clients is 100 business days and during this time user’s deposit is referred to as “time deposit”. If users are wishing to withdraw their deposits prior to the term expiration, there will be termination fee applied for such action. The termination fee is progressively lower relative to the original investment time.

Deposits of those users who kept their investments beyond the 100 business days term, are automatically converted to “call deposits” by the system and after this conversion such deposits can be requested for withdrawal at any time without any contract termination fees.

Another built in feature of our program offered to all of our clients is what we call “daily investment bonus”. This bonus is possible due to the nature of the company investments strategy and in essence, this process is similar to the automatic compounding, but it is done from our end. Daily investment bonus of 0.01% is credited to user accounts every business day even if the compounding rate is set to zero by the user. Such bonus however, will stop being credited after the first 100 business days (1% in total hyper-compounded credits).

For full description of our investment offers and to see convenient graphical representation of earning crediting functions we recommend visiting our website at the following link:

5. What have been the most popular options with investors so far? Would you say it’s slightly overcomplicated compared to other programs and may well leave smaller investors a little confused?

We feel strongly that the design of our program, with its unique and extensive compounding functions, is the perfect fit specifically for those users who are not able to commit larger investments immediately, in one lump sum. The advanced compounding with reliable program like HyperCompound, is the key for producing highest returns in shortest periods of time.

Even if our investment scheme may seem confusing at the first glance, we are encouraging everyone to just try making the deposit in any amount, and see for themselves just how easy things will be progressing, see the content of investment reports presented within user account interface and see how seamlessly all account transitions are done by the system. We have no plans choices making pressure, there is just one plan and the rest is all automatic.

6. What payment processors are HyperCompound currently dealing with? What have been the most popular choices so far, both in terms of the number of individual investors and in terms of the amount of money deposited?

We accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and bank wire transfer.

The most popular is Liberty Reserve, our VIP clients choose bank wire.

We also plan to add new payment processors, per requests from our users and their recommendations.

7. Can you give us any other general statistics on the program, for example the number of active members, total deposits, total withdrawals, etc?

I can state that number of program participants is sufficiently high and it is steadily growing daily. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any additional statistical data due privacy breach concerns, per our Terms of Service. I should also mention that, the privacy of every program investors is highly respected from our end and I assure everyone that any individual investment records cannot be made public.

8. What would be the best and most efficient way of contacting you if I have any questions or problems?

The most efficient and secure contact method is our ticket system. Users can also use e-mail or phone support. We are doing our best to minimize waiting time and trying to answer all questions within shortest time frame possible.

9. What have been the most common questions, problems, or other support related issues that you have had to deal with so far? Is there anything you would like to address here so that members can avoid having to contact you?

Most of the support requests we are receiving are from clients who had forgotten to memorize or write down their Pin Code, which is required to make changes in their HyperCompound account. We would like to remind all our new users to make sure they either remember or securely store their Pin Codes.

There are basically no other problems of significance worth mentioning here. I believe that the reason for that is our user friendly script and software supporting all of the accounting and other program features. Our user account interface can be used even by inexperienced investor with ease.

10. Can you tell us in detail about the security of HyperCompound? Who is your hosting provider and how highly do you rate them as a service provider? What script are you running off? Are you using SSL encryption?

We do know that security is one of the most important factors these days. We have our own dedicated server and we also use higher end DDoS protection services offered by the team of DdoSWiz. They have proven to be very reliable, as we already had a chance to see their high service quality “in action”.

We use customized software which was programmed specially for our company. This software is utilizing unique programming codes and it relies heavily on data encryption using state of the art technologies available on the IT market. For user-to-server connections we are also using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption via digital certificate, provided and insured by one of world leaders in the field and officially recognized certification authority – Comodo Group, Inc.

11. What other outside business and investment activities are you involved with? Can we see any independently verifiable proof of these activities?

All of our financial activities are directly tied to ensuring the sustained profitability of our company HyperCompound Inc. We are mostly capitalizing on our involvement in funds raising for newer developments and support of promising existent opportunities, albeit with greater focus on newly emerging businesses. I think that the best proof of our activities are the earning statements of our long term clients.

12. Tell us more about the general advertising and promotional strategies being used by HyperCompound. In a very competitive market what are you doing to bring the program to a wider investment audience?

As society wanted it, we are living in the age of advertisements where consumers are often judging the success of any business by its visibility in the advertisement sector. For this reason and for this matter, we are effectively playing by the rules of the advertisement market and we have developed step-by-step, creative advertisement strategy. Our marketing specialists are constantly analyzing current conditions and at any point, they are ready with the up-to-date estimate of expenditures which would serve our advertising needs the best.

13. Are there any plans to develop HyperCompound further in the near future? Will there be any interesting changes made soon? How are you planning to keep the program competitive with so many other options open to investors?

At this time, we are improving the usability of our website for wider audience, part of it being translation of the content to other languages. We already have recently added Spanish language and there are more languages coming soon. There are also of course other strategies in place (such as adding new payment processor options) to be implemented in the near future, in order to make HyperCompound even more attractive.

Any new strategy and program modification has always been and always will be based on the input from our users. Therefore, we would like to encourage everyone to make their suggestions. We do listen!

14. And finally, is there anything you feel that wasn’t covered in this interview that you think the readers of MNO should be aware of?

I would like to sum up this interview with the open invitation to all of the readers to try us out. It may take some time after the start, but eventually everyone will see that they made the right choice, as we would not let them down!

Thanks a lot to Gary for that and for taking to time to explain the workings of his program. Good luck to him and especially good luck to all the current and potential HyperCompound members. I hope you found some useful information in there that will help you decide one way or another if this is a suitable program for you to sign up for.

That’s about it for today, guys. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and I’ll see you all again on MNO tomorrow with all the main news stories from around the industry. See you all then!

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