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11/01/2013. Daily News from the Industry


Hi everyone! Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend again, which if today was anything to go by may well be a slow couple of days for news stories. There’s just four updates today for instance, two of which are positive and two a bit less so. But I also have some interesting information from the most recent MNO opinion polls and readers surveys taken on the MNO TalkBack page which I hope you’ll enjoy reading about. That, plus some new questions were also posted, so I do hope you’ll just take a minute to vote anonymously there. So let’s begin!


SafeguardWallet is doing fine and slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular short term programs online. Despite the slow payouts and long processing time of up to 24 hours after the withdrawal request, the program remains attractive to investors willing to take a chance on earning 18% interest for the 8 calendar day term with 44% total net profit by the end. Being online for less than a week the first investors might see their profits by the end of today and the admin already ensured SafeguardWallet will see further growth by introducing SolidTrustPay a couple of days ago and EgoPay from today joining LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Just remember that high risk always accompanies such programs and SafeguardWallet is no exception, so only invest what you can afford to lose – the golden rule for any successful online investor. In order to add EgoPay to your account just sign in and click the Edit Account tab and enter your new payment processor information in the EgoPay field. The latest update from SafeguardWallet (reviewed here) is below:

EgoPay added to SafeguardWallet
SafeguardWallet Members,
We have added EgoPay as another processor to SafeguardWallet. This brings the total to four accepted processors. Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, and now EgoPay. Please login to your members area to use EgoPay.
Thank you from the Safeguard Administration Team


Some of you might have noticed that BensonUnion was offline for several hours yesterday. Fortunately, it was not caused by a DDoS attack due to website being protected by strong servers from BlockDos, but rather a software optimization they needed to cope with the ever growing membership and increasing traffic from all over the globe. It’s no wonder that BensonUnion remains one of the undoubted leaders among long term programs offering 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days with the principal returned on expiry. Since BensonUnion (first reviewed here) has been online for a year at several hundred members should be in profit and receiving their original investments back. With high expectations shown by some experienced players when BensonUnion opened last January I can say the program outperformed them all. Instant payouts continue to SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PexPay, PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve, and Bitcoin. Seeing that BensonUnion was the most profitable program of the year 2012 for at least 10% of my readers, I’m considering to interview the admin Ragnar once again soon (you can read the first interview with him here). Please let me know what you think of that via my ShoutBox and if you agree then shout something! Here’s the latest newsletter on the downtime:

BensonUnion is back online!
Dear investors! First of all we would like to apologize that BensonUnion website was offline almost whole day. We had small technical issue with software caused by overloading of the server, almost 100% of data is already recovered and we will restore some records within next 24 hours. BensonUnion is becoming more and more popular week by week so the traffic volume grows extremely fast and our software needed some optimization upgrades to be able to serve so many thousands of accounts. Anyway it didn’t affect on investors’ earnings and payouts. All daily profit transactions for January 10 have been credited to investors’ accounts and next profit is coming in just a few hours. Withdrawals are processed instantly as always. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you see something incomplete in your account, we will take care of everyone’s comfort.


Regular readers will know that I warned many times against joining the now infamous 135% after 10 days plan offered by ProsperaNova over the holidays. The plan was simply not viable everybody (including the admin himself) should have recognized this. Still, a few investors always want to risk their money and predictably lost it. After the time came to pay on expiry the admin of ProsperaNova simply went deaf and dumb and stopped replying to emails of desperate members who were wondering why they didn’t get paid. The answer is simple – the admin never intended paying you in the first place, it was his intention to steal from you. And still many investors chose to ignore my warnings! Why? Is it simply greed or don’t they read my blog on everything happening in the industry? Anyway, one way or another I hope they learn their lesson and pay more attention at these warnings. Oddly, I must admit the admin ofProsperaNova still pays interest on the original 2% for 365 days plan as if nothing happened, but surely it won’t last much longer as smart investors won’t put a penny in there now seeing the Problem status on MNO and some other quality monitors also not tolerating this behavior. Please spread the word on investment forums that ProsperaNova is paying selectively and put an end to this scam! Those who are still getting paid I would suggest to stop reinvesting and withdraw everything from your account as often as you can because it definitely can’t last much longer!


The possible collapse of NewGNi became clear even to those who stayed on Jurgen’s side and trusted that he could do the impossible – bring the program back to Paying status by paying all the pending withdrawals and issuing the long-overdue newsletter outlining the reasons for the problem. It looks like all the waiting was in vain though as Jurgen is in no rush to issue any newsletter and no one has heard from him since then. Please note that I don’t have any information on why the withdrawals are delayed and any information I have I put on MNO blog and ShoutBox almost immediately. I just think the silence can’t be justified, especially at this crucial moment when some members still have hopes that Jurgen won’t betray their trust. This hope, while slim, fades with every passing hour. And investors can’t be blamed for a lack of patience as it’s the admin’s responsibility to provide updates. Taking days to posting a few words on Facebook cannot be tolerated and I think members deserve a better explanation about what’s going on. Having said that and being the exclusive monitoring site forNewGNi, I would suggest Jurgen to take immediate action and post an update while it’s not too late. Meanwhile, I have moved NewGNi to Problem status on MNO last night and would advise not to invest there anymore, at least until the situation is stable. Remember that if I have any additional info over the weekend I will post it on MNO asap. And if notNewGNi will be moved to Scam by Monday. Will there be a miracle? It depends on Jurgen now.


And finally, one more program that was moved to Problem status on MNO tonight is Mox. The program stayed online for over five weeks but wasn’t a good result for a program that survived through Christmas holidays and managed to complete two investment cycles. But Mox has stopped paying today and was moved to Problem status due to unexplained payment delays. The admin actually tried to say something but that couldn’t persuade me as he talked about some kind of script issues that prevented him from processing payouts. Well, he could always start processing them manually like most other admins, but he’d rather waste his time trying to fool me with nonsensical excuses. Mox is still accepting deposits, but the payouts have already stopped, so beware and do not invest there! You’ve been warned!


And finally to wrap things up for this business week I want to look at the results of the latest MNO readers survey. As many of you, the ones who voted anyway, will be aware I’ve been running a series of opinion polls on the MNO TalkBack page over the last number of weeks. There’s always two questions posed simultaneously, with one relating directly to the HYIP industry for information purposes, and a second more personal one posted just for fun. There’s been a few surprises in a couple of the polls though this latest one might just be slightly more predictable. So the first question asked was:
What was the single most profitable program of the last calendar year for you?

I realize that’s a very broad question, and the possibilities for different answers are only limited by the size of the HYIP industry itself, but I had to choose some criteria for narrowing down the options. Initially I thought to only include HYIPs that had been online for the full calendar year, ie at least 365 days or more as of January 1st. I expanded this at the last minute when I noticed that one very important program of 2012 just barely missed out on the deadline by a couple of days, opening in January of last year but still being very much alive and flourishing today.

So the “winner” if that’s a fair word to describe it, was ProfitableSunrise, scooping a hugely impressive 36% of the votes. In fact it’s more than just simple profitability with this one, because the ProfitableSunrise admin Roman has proven to be enormously popular on a personal level with investors as well. He seems to be well liked and (by admittedly very dubious standards!) reasonably trusted as much as online HYIP admins can be and was interviewed on MNO here. ProfitableSunrise offers 1.6%-2% for 180 business days and 2.7% for 240 business days, both with your principal back on expiry. It was first reviewed on MNO here.

An early leader in the poll but ultimately finishing second was NewGNi. That this was going to be one of the runaway success stories of 2012 was never in doubt, given the admin Jurgen’s involvement in the original version of the program that ran a couple of years back. This had been (if anyone doesn’t remember) the biggest program online of 2009, making NewGNi almost a recognizable brand name by itself before Jurgen took it on again in Autumn 2011, and opening it to the public in December of that year. They received a very respectable 27% of the votes, making them the most profitable outing for over a quarter of MNO readers last year. Unfortunately NewGNi is now the only one of the options listed in the poll to find itself on Problem Status in my Monitor, however that’s not really relevant to the poll itself so I’ll comment on that another time.

With 10% of the vote comes BensonUnion, a program with an admin who’s proven his ability to evolve and adapt continuously over the last 12 months as the circumstances around him change, and thus keeping his program fresh and vital at all times. His name is Ragnar and he was interviewed on MNO here. BensonUnion offers members 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days with principal back on expiry, and was first reviewed on MNO here.

Following that in a distant third place is FelminaAlliance with 3% of the vote. They were first reviewed on MNO here, and offer investors plans of 0.8%-1.4% for 90 business days and 1%-1.6% for 180 business days, with principal back on expiry. Their absolute enthusiasm for taking days off to celebrate the most frivolous holidays (just recently celebrating the same one twice in one week!) has no doubt helped them to regulate cash flow and helped keep the program strong for so long, though it may also have hindered its profitability in the experiences of the members.

Propping up the list with a surprising 2% of the vote comes EurexTrade, which I thought might have done better considering their the longest running HYIP on my monitor. The program was first reviewed here, and I guess what’s really helped them to get this far is the fact that payments to members aren’t fixed to any one rate. EurexTrade offer variable returns on every business day (up to 2.9%), with principal return on request. That means if business is particularly good for a sustained period the admin might pay a little extra, though with no obligation to do so. If things are slow then he can reign in the spending and cut the payouts to a more manageable level, therefore protecting the long term interests of the program and its members. He was interviewed on MNO here.

And lastly (I’m sure you’ve noticed the votes above don’t add up to 100% yet, right?), the remaining 22% of readers voted for none of those options, clicking the box marked “something else” instead. I can only speculate what might be included there, though I guess a large section of those voters might not have a great deal of interest in longer term low ROI HYIPs to begin with, and probably made their biggest single profit in one of the many many outstanding short term programs to have come and gone in the last 12 months. And if that’s what you like, then here’s hoping we see plenty more in the coming 12 months again.

The second question asked what you thought of the new Games feature my programmer added to the MNO website for me recently. You can check it out yourselves by simply clicking the tab marked “Games” along the top of the page where you’ll find dozens of different types of video games divided into categories that you can play for fun, or just to distract yourselves for an hour while browsing. I’m pleased to say a lot more people liked it than didn’t like it, so that’s as good a reason as any to keep it. The results were as follows:
21% said they really liked it and would make regular use of it.
23% said they too enjoyed it, but would have less free time to use it as frequently.
14% said they’d only use it occasionally but agreed it improved the appeal of MNO overall and made it more fun.
While the remaining 42% of you expressed no particular interest either way, either good or bad. At the end of the day I guess the most important function of MNO remains a provider of news and information, so I see your point but don’t think it hurts anyone just to have it there anyway.

And so for the newest two polls I’m adding today, there’s two really important issues I would really love to hear everyones opinion on. The first question concerns a major expansion of MNO. The blog and monitor will remain unchanged and continue as they always have done, but what would regular readers think of a private forum? The MNO shoutbox has proven enormously successful since I first added it. There’s been some lively debates there, it’s been a good source of information, and a good communication tool for readers. But I think we all know it has its limitations. I mean there’s only one page viewable at any one time with no individual topics, and there can be a million different conversations going on there at the same time totally unconnected with each other.

So how about a little bit more organization? I did briefly attach a forum to MNO a couple of years back with limited success, though eventually I decided to drop it for various reasons, mostly due to me not being able to commit the required amount of time to managing it properly. It was really more of an experiment, and looking back on it I do believe I learned a couple of lessons that would help me make it better the next time. So what do you think?

This would be a private members only forum, which requires members to be pre-approved by me before they can post, not like the regular forums where anyone can open an account and start spamming. Anyone who registered on my Shoutbox will know exactly what I’m talking about here, as it would be the exact same thing except in a forum format. I’m just eliminating spam by disabling “free memberships” and simply asking anyone who wants to post there to contact me first with a username and password, and allowing me to create the accounts manually. You’d still get your account activated in 24 hours, and the wait is worth it to cut out the spam-bots. And of course anyone using the Shoutbox will be free to continue doing so and to use the same user ID for the forum too.

So the exact question, followed by your options, is:
Would you like to join an MNO members only discussion forum focused on the HYIP industry?
a) Yes, of course, I would participate regularly
b) I don’t really post that much on forums myself but would like to use it sometimes
c) I prefer to stay with the established forums and don’t see myself using this

The second question in today’s MNO survey involves the practice of compounding in online HYIPs. In as few words as possible this basically involves HYIP members deciding not to withdraw a percentage of their earnings (as much as 100% if you wish) and opting to return their own interest payments to the program in the hope of getting an even bigger payout at some point in the future. Now, my own feelings on this are no secret – I’ve always been against it and have always said so when I see a program offering it. I have many different reasons for this and if anyone wants to hear them then please feel free to drop me a mail and ask. But I’m not doing this to hear my own opinion (I already know what that is!) I’m doing it to hear yours.

So the question is:
How do you feel about the use of compounding in online HYIPs?
You may answer as follows:
a) I think it’s a good opportunity to make extra money and usually take it if offered
b) I have no fixed opinion and consider it based on the individual program
c) It’s a bad idea. You can lose everything so better to diversify than compound
d) I never use it because I never quite understood it properly

Thanks in advance for voting. Casting your vote will make your opinion count and you will see some good stats on what is really the general opinion of MNO readers. So go to MNO TalkBack and cast your vote now.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: CashROTOR, ProForexUnion, UsdTrading.
From MNO Premium list: ProfitableSunrise, EurexTrade, FelminaAlliance, SureInv, StallionGold, EpicRoyalFund, DiamondAsset, BensonUnion, 4FXInvestment, TureProfit, Nubcoyu, ZionFinance, Stravia, SafeguardWallet, BankPaying, Xgolding, AlphaCapitalFx, AlevrasInvestments, GISolutions, MGProfit.
From MNO Standard list: BGTGroups.
From MNO Basic list: TrackInvest, ForexMoneyBank, Sun7Life, Fxen, InvestmentCapitalMainaLimited, Finance7, Monearn, TheInvestmentBank, Money&Credit, PremierLeagueProfits (the first payment received).

That’s everything for today, guys. I hope to see you all on MNO on Sunday when I’ll have all the latest news from the HYIP industry. Have a nice weekend and see you again soon!

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