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Hello everybody! Welcome to the MNO blog’s daily news issue covering all the major events in the HYIP industry for the last 36 hours. The reason I’m posting earlier than usual today is necessity to warn readers of possible problems with StarDubai, and to tell you investments there are not recommended at the moment. Also there’s some important updates from OneStability regarding the addition of a new perpetual-style plan and from Payza where you can now not only buy but also sell BitCoin. However I think it might be best to start with the introduction of a newly added program to the MNO Premium List called AdamantCapital.


AdamantCapital is not exactly a brand new program as it has been paying for about eight weeks now, just new to the MNO monitor. Investment plans seem to be very sustainable in the long term and in joining the Premium List on MNO the admin is certainly trying to get more exposure for his program. You can invest in daily payment plans which pay you a fixed daily interest rate depending on the size of your investment. No principals are returned on expiry as this is included in your payments. Rates start from 4.67% to 5.33% daily which gives an overall total profit from 40% to 60% over a period of 30 calendar days. Although withdrawals are not explicitly stated as instant (the FAQ calls for a 48 hour maximum wait) I can see countless payment proofs on forums claiming they are, but I can only confirm that myself when I get my own first payment. Investments in AdamantCapital start from a minimum of $10 and up via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin. BitCoin deposits are accepted without conversion into USD. The admin is apparently from a Russian speaking country as the AdamantCapital website is available in both Russian and English, though with Russian being notably stronger and the script being used also popular among Russian speaking admins. That’s the licensed version of H-Script. The AdammantCapital website is properly SSL-secured by Comodo and is hosted on a dedicated server with Platinum DDoS protection and support by a company called DDoSDefend. I can’t say I’ve heard much about them but looking back at the program’s nearly eight week record online I can see there was almost no downtime reported so far, and hope that will continue in the future as well. As for the background story, AdamantCapital is involved in real state which they state as “the safest and stable focus area of investing”. Well, maybe for the admin running the program would be the safest way to multiply his capital, but investors should be aware of the possible risks connected HYIPs which AdamantCapital definitely is. and only invest what they can afford to lose. If you wish to find out more about the program and its investment plans please tune in to MNO this Wednesday for a more detailed review.


Seventeen days online (and listed on MNO from day one) and just days to go before the first investors are in profit from the program’s 5% for 30 days and 4.2% for 45 days plans, the admin of OneStability decided to issue the very first newsletter where he also announced the addition of a new plan. This will appeal to those who prefer to be more flexible in their investments and not tied down to fixed terms. At the same time this new plan, called the Retail Plan, will offers 2.2% per day for an unlimited period of time, but with optional principal return after 7 calendar days. The minimum to invest is a hefty $50, more than the existing two plans which start at $5 and $25. Please read the full review of OneStability for more info on that here. As with other investment plans, deposits are taken via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin accounts (with direct bank wires also accepted if you contact the admin for details). For more details please read the newsletter from OneStability below which also contains some information about a newly launched referral contest that will run for the next week or so with some amazing prizes for the first three winners. Watch out for the interview with the admin of OneStability on the MNO blog sometime next week, but for now the program is perhaps something that might of interest for those looking originality. OneStability has even its own song now which is definitely a first for me. The link to that is also posted in the newsletter below:

OneStability ‘s Official Update #1
Hello everybody,
We hope you’re doing well, and in good health. Today, the team of OneStability is quite excited to release its first update, after our official website launch. Many events took place since we opened our business doors worldwide, we received new potential clients, our mainstream and reserve funds increasing gradually, our project getting featured on many advertising portals, etc.; however with this newsletter we’d like to update you on two specific topics: addition of a new plan in our investment portfolio and upcoming affiliate contest.
As you know, OneStability has been officially working for more than two weeks now, and since our website came online we’ve been receiving numerous requests from our new clients regarding serving them with something, that provides them with the total control over their initial investments with us. Firstly we placed this request in our later-to-do tasks, however recently when we interacted more with our clients, we found that there is a drastic demand in this aspect. Hence we had to move it from our later-to-do list, and work on it now. OneStability ‘s management started working on it, considered every aspect closely, and finally came up with a solution to meet with our clients demand. Our solution is named as: “Retail Investment Plan”; this investment option serves exactly what our clients demand – it gives them the total control over their initial investments, without affecting our stability.
By investing in “Retail Investment Plan“, an investor is eligible to earn a daily return of 2.2% on their investments with us for the time period they want. It means, if you invest $1000 in this investment plan, you’ll be receiving $22 daily for the time period you decide to keep the initial investment with OneStability . Once the initial investment is withdrawn, the investment plan expires and daily accruals stop. The minimum investment amount required to benefit from “Retail Investment Plan” is $50 and the maximum can exceed up to $70,000. Like our other two investment plans, we do not offer compounding in this one too. Investors should note that initial investment withdrawal is activated after 7 days have passed, from the date of making an investment.
Now for the second and final update of this newsletter, we’d like to inform everyone about our upcoming affiliate contest. From the starting of coming week, OneStability ‘s management will be launching an affiliate contest that will run for full 7 days(i.e. from 27-10-2014 till 03-11-2014). There will be 3 final winners, who’ll get rewarded according to the criteria defined below:
First Place Holder – The reward amount is $120 and to obtain this you’ll need to get 20 or more affiliates with active investment(s) of no less than $50.
Second Place Holder – The reward amount is $75 and to obtain this you’ll need to get 15 or more affiliates with active investment(s) of no less than $25.
Third Place Holder – The reward amount is $50, and to obtain this you’ll need to get 10 or more affiliates with active investment(s) of no less than $15.
Once the contest is over and winners are announced, the reward amount will be sent to the clients OneStability ‘s account, from where the funds can either be withdrawn or used for making an investment with us to gain more. To add One Stability’s personal touch in this affiliate contest, we’ve decided that whoever takes first place will get his/her name featured underwater in The Caribbean Sea, by a professional diver. Isn’t it amazing?! We’d also like to inform you about the release of our official music track. Yes, you read it correctly! OneStability has got its own unique musical track done by a professional singer. To listen and get in the mood, you can locate it above the news section on our homepage and can download it from https://onestability.com/os.mp3
So that’s all we had for now. Soon we’ll be issuing updates with our further developments. Stay with the best – stay with OneStability !
Sincerely, OneStability Team


You may remember from my review of GHash (click here to read) that the program offered instant withdrawals to those who made deposits via BitCoin to its 1.3% to 1.7% for 70 calendar days plan with the principal returned on expiry or optionally earlier after a 12 day lock-in period. However that never actually materialized and the admin had to process all the withdrawals manually so far and despite only a few active investors (GHash opted for a soft launch and started with being listed on MNO only) the admin failed to pay within the promised 24 hour timeframe which forced me more than once to move GHash to Problem status on the MNO monitor. Now the admin is finally ready to fix the issue and make the withdrawals be processed instantly as he promised. For that reason the GHash website had to be taken down, but the admin promises that the instant withdrawal issue would be totally resolved once the site is back online. I’ll be able to confirm if that happens or not on the MNO blog later. Here’s the latest short news from GHash:

GHash – Scheduled downtime
Our website will be offline fore few hours, 3 maximum. We are upgrading our services and after that instant payments will be working again and problem with deposits fixed.
Best Regards


Although Payza seems to have lost the major influence it once held over the HYIP world a couple of years ago when it was widely accepted by every serious program under the trademark AlertPay, nowadays it’s struggling to regain even a minor share of the market. In fact at the moment only one Premium listed program on MNO – LaxoTrade – is using it. However, with the recent almost instant payment button approval announced in the previous Payza blog update and the constantly added new features for the benefit of both HYIP investors and admins I believe it’s only a matter of time until Payza again becomes a major player. Of course with the current rise of crypto-currencies led by BitCoin and hailed as the future for the HYIP industry it would have been very hard for Payza to compete if not for one fact. Recently it was announced that you can not only withdraw money from your Payza account to BitCoin, you can now fund your Payza account with BitCoin as well. Provided Payza is friendly to US customers (unlike PerfectMoney and EgoPay in that regard) and allows direct bank funding and bank and credit card withdrawals from your Payza account, such news can only add to the perception of Payza as the new big thing in the payment processor world. If you’re interested to try out a free account with Payza and fund it with BitCoin you can follow the instructions on how to so in the latest entry on Payza‘s official blog which I’m posting below for your information:

Bitcoin Deposits Now Available from Payza
Payza took another step towards full integration of the virtual currency Bitcoin on its platform today by announcing a new Bitcoin Deposit feature. The new feature gives our members another instant deposit method, as soon as you confirm your deposit the funds will be available immediately. On top of that, there are no added fees for selling your Bitcoin, your bitcoins will be automatically exchanged to USD at a competitive exchange rate that is updated in real-time.
This new feature is one of the easiest ways to sell your bitcoins. Here’s how the new deposit method works.
Inside your account click on the Add Funds tabs and then select Bitcoin:
imply go to the Add Funds screen and select “Bitcoin” to set up a deposit
Enter the amount of bitcoins you would like to deposit, note the current exchange rate will be displayed for you:
Enter the Bitcoin amount you wish to deposit
Confirm the details and send the Bitcoin to Payza. Once you have entered your Transaction PIN and confirmed the transaction details you will be presented with a one-time use Bitcoin Address and QR code.
Use this address to send your Bitcoin to Payza, but do not send multiple deposits to this address, you will need to create a new transaction and receive a new Bitcoin Address to make another deposit in the future. If the Bitcoin are not transferred within 60 minutes after your transaction is created, the deposit will be canceled by Payza.
Using the Bitcoin Deposit feature to add funds to your account is quick and easy. It’s a great, hassle-free way to sell your Bitcoin when the time is right, or to use your Bitcoin to make a purchase from any of the more than 100,000 merchants that sell with Payza.


Unfortunately but inevitably this morning StarDubai was the subject for complaint by several investors. This comes in the wake of technical issues with their script that in turn caused many members to panic and try to leave the program at the first available opportunity triggering its collapse. And since the program used to pay instantly on all withdrawals the admin probably realized very quickly that it wasn’t going to be possible to continue and decided to close up shop by disabling any further withdrawals without explaining why to investors. That leaves me with no other option and I have to tell you that MNO is the first monitor to move StarDubai to Problem Status and warn readers to avoid any further dealings. Of course I did try to contact the admin and ask him to explain what was going on, but as expected he prefers not to answer. Even if there was a genuine issue with the script (which we will never know) such programs with instant payouts and allowing principal withdrawal at anytime are always fragile. They cannot last long if panic starts and it was no surprise for me that the admin decided to cut his losses when disabling withdrawals but not deposits. Maybe under different circumstances the program might have lasted for much longer than the 12 days it managed, but even during that time it was enough for some investors to profit as the flexibility of withdrawals under the promised 4% to 5.5% daily could have been profitable. However many people trusted StarDubai a bit too much and fell into the trap. Such things could happen to any perfectly paying program at any time, it’s just that perpetual programs with instant withdrawals are especially vulnerable to panic. I’m sure that the admin had better intentions than the way things worked out, and hopefully any future projects will have better luck. Please note that StarDubai is gone for sure and no further investments are advised as you won’t be paid. Sorry for those who lost money there, and congratulations if you managed to profit. That’s just how the industry works, and like anything else there nothing will last forever. As for StarDubai, once upon a time a very promising program, now it’s time to move on.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium listAssuredAssets, EastOilCryptoFarmVeltaFinancialGrandAgroFinance, OneStability, Linberger, VaioCapital, GHash.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: OgdenOrganization, ArbitrageTop, MarkApter, The BornClub (the first payments received).

In light of the collapse of StarDubai and the program’s subsequent removal from Paying Status on my monitor, it’s now impossible to accept any further votes for it in the currently running poll on the MNO TalkBack page where you can vote for your favorite program from my Top Five. The four remaining choices – RemiTrade (reviewed here), AssuredAssets (reviewed here), LaxoTrade (reviewed here), and EastOil (reviewed here) – will be joined by another promising program, VeltaFinancial (reviewed here), which replaces StarDubai. Please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page for your favorite program as the results will be drawn in a couple of days. So far, EastOil is in the lead, but that can change with your votes, so get active and contribute by voting.

Meanwhile another newcomer AdamantCapital is going to be reviewed in more detail on Wednesday along with the daily news from the HYIP industry. As for tomorrow I’ll be flying back to London so won’t have much time to update my blog properly, but I will have the interview with the admin of EastOil. Thanks for reading MNO and see you all tomorrow!

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