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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog for all the latest events in the greatest programs in the HYIP industry. Despite being Saturday I have quite a lot of updates to tell you about plus the results of the poll on the MNO TalkBack page. We’ll start however with news from programs featured on the MNO monitor like FexFund, AxisCrude, FatFunds, and Coinmee all of which are paying fine so far.


At the time of writing FexFund is by far the most popular program on the MNO monitor and after two weeks online it was possible for many investors to earn from its 109% after 7 days plan, while those who joined the two daily paying plans – 6% for 20 days or 5% for 30 days – are close to the break even point. A couple of days ago the admin of the program George decided to strengthen his program’s position on MNO and upgraded the listing from Standard to Premium, with a Sticky listing added one week. That action alone speaks volumes and by doing this the admin has proved that FexFund has significant financial resources to pay members and a high advertising budget at his disposal. The flawless instantly processed withdrawals so far to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts and reasonably priced investment offers have made it possible to appeal to wider audience and I hope that FexFund is now firmly on its way to securing a leading position in the HYIP world. Anyway, time will tell for sure whether FexFund is going to achieve tremendous success in the HYIP industry. If so then I’m looking forward to witnessing it.

Yesterday the admin issued another newsletter showing the progress made by FexFund so far and pointed out an interesting detail about the BitCoin deposits which, if made into the program’s shortest investment plan, should have made much better profits than if they were just sitting in members BitCoin wallets. With the current volatility in BitCoin it’s always easier to make money when also investing with it in programs like FexFund, as the admin clearly demonstrated in the newsletter re-posted below. You’ll also be able to find the latest stats on investors (apparently the membership has already reached 3,000), waiving some limitations on joining FexFund‘s representative program, special conditions for promoters on the important Asian markets, and the link to the interview posted on one of the investment blogs with George. The newsletter from FexFund (reviewed here) follows in full:

FexFund is starting it’s 3rd week.
Good morning!
It’s Friday! I think we all like this lovely day. I like it even more since we have started FexFund 2 weeks ago. Time flies and we are going into the 3rd week of our investment platform.
So what is going on? A lot is going on! Have you seen the BTC price? It’s crazy, positively crazy! Just think about this smart guy which invested with us on our first days.
Let’s make a quick example:
Investor X made an investment into Starter Package on 28th of April: 0.5 BTC – at this stage 0.5 BTC was worth about 670 USD. Then his package matured on 5th of May with the value of 0.545 BTC – at this stage his 0.545 BTC was worth about 835 USD. So he made about 165 USD in 7 days for doing nothing!
Imagine that some people bought more than one starter packages, one of the investors got 20 of them with the amounts shown in the example. So you can calculate his income on your own.
But FexFund isn’t only about BTC. We also have steady USD payment processors and those are popular as well. Our 3000 active investors appreciate the wide range investment possibilities with us.
I would like to remind you about our Representative Program. We’ve removed the need for deposit as a requirement. So all you need to do is to have 5 active referrals and you can jump into 10% commission from your referrals.
Also if you are promoter from China or Japan (or you know any) please let us know, we have some special arrangements for them.
If you will be interested in knowing a bit more about me and my vision, watch this space:
We made an interview (cool to be famous) which should be published today at some stage.
I hope you all will have a great weekend. Friday is a payday for some of us so don’t forget to secure some investments on FexFund for the weekend.
All the best. George Soleos. CEO of FexFund.


The admin of AxisCrude has revived the tradition of a 5% cashback deposit bonus which his program used to offer everyone during the first ten days online. Unlike then however, it only applies to investments over $100 in either of the two plans – 3% for 50 days or 4% for 45 days – via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. The 5% cashback deposit bonus offer will be limited in time and runs from Monday until the end of the month. So, if you wish to join AxisCrude and get 5% back on your $100+ investment within a few hours then wait until then. By the way, so far all the withdrawals from AxisCrude have been instant, and I believe the first investors will be in profit. I hope that the admin will let investors enjoy their profits and that the new offer will improve cash flow. Meanwhile some pictures and a promotional video from AxisCrude‘s conference were posted online. This was also added to the MNOVision page where you can also find many other presentations from other programs listed on the MNO monitor. The latest newsletter from AxisCrude is below and the original review can be read here:

Hello. Special thanks to all our active investors around the world; once again, we appreciate every one of you sincerely and we promise to keep working and helping you to make profits daily.
As you all know, AxisCrude Investment is the best. We have been offering some of the best plans and bonuses in comparison with other HYIPs online. We have been at the forefront when it comes to delivering instant results and payments. Up till now, no investor has been disappointed due to pending or delayed payments; instead, our investors are always happy because we are always paying too.
Yesterday we had our conference meeting with our team, for some discussion. So we want to show you some photos and videos of our meeting..
Click the links given below:-
Now, to keep this positive trend going, we are at it again. AxisCrude Investment has decided to release another special offer that will give huge profits to many investors; we have decided to give 5% Cash Back again. We gave out this 5% Cash back offer few weeks ago and we have considered it necessary to give it back to you again at this time.
If you make an investment with us, or you top up your active deposit, we will immediately give you back 5% of that amount and the amount will be credited in 0-6 hours.
This 5% Cash back offer will be valid for every deposit of $100 and above. It’s for all those who will deposit $100 or higher, not less. This offer will run from 15th – 31st May, 2017.
If you invest $100, we shall return $5 to you immediately
If you invest $500, we shall return $25 to you immediately
If you invest $1000, we shall return $50 to you immediately
If you invest $10000, we shall return $500 to you immediately
This is it, still hot and new, DON’T MISS IT!
Always remember that AxisCrude Investment is here to stay; we are here to alleviate poverty and help a lot of people secure a profitable future for themselves and children yet unborn. This is our mission and we hope to achieve it with your support and cooperation. Please, continue to spread the good news about AxisCrude Investment, we are the best.
Do not forget to Join our Official Facebook Group and share your payment proofs & thoughts.
Once again, we appreciate every single investor, you are the reason we are still in business.
Team AxisCrude Investment Ltd.
Need Assistance? We’re happy to help:
WhatsApp Support:- +44 744 719 1725
Protect your account: -Always keep your password confidential and never share it with anyone.


I’m proud to see that the MNO review has been featured in the newly added Media section of the FatFunds website as the only review published in the English language. That certainly deserves some praise, as along my review of FatFunds (click here to read it) there were about half a dozen others in Russian. I believe FatFunds is really well liked in the Russian speaking market then, as the website has been bi-lingual for quite some time already. Despite being on MNO for nearly seven weeks now and listed on day one on Premium Status, even the first investors of FatFunds are still short of reaching the profit zone. You see, the site offers only one investment plan paying 2.1% for 100 business days (Monday to Friday) with the payouts processed automatically to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash accounts. And the admin also recently noted that investments via BitCoin are not subject to conversion to USD currency, so you shouldn’t worry abut the volatility of exchange rates between them, as you will be paid to BitCoin in BTC only.

Since the first day online though FatFunds has developed quite gradually and what you see on the website now has much improved since I saw the program for the first time with the admin constantly adding new content on the subject of weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I would hope the admin keeps up the good work and all the investors of FatFunds benefit. Here’s the two latest updates from him:

Press about the FatFunds project
Dear friends!
We present to your attention a selection of reviews and independent reviews of our project. In the reviews you will find a lot of interesting information about our project FatFunds, as well as learn about the intricacies of working with our project. We wish you pleasant reading and viewing!
Money News Online Blog (english version) Review
Thank you very much for your participation and trust!
Take care of yourself and all the best to you!

Bitcoin is Bitcoin!
Dear friends!
We do not convert the Bitcoin deposits into dollars.
Accruals and payments on Bitcoin deposits are committed only in Bitcoin, which will certainly give you even more benefits by working with our project!
Thank you very much for your participation and trust!
Take care of yourself and all the best to you!


I must admit I was expecting to review Coinmee on the MNO blog sometime next week, considering the long waiting period of seven days after which even the withdrawals from the shortest paying plan were originally processed. Just yesterday the admin suddenly reorganized the plans, so I will probably be reviewing it on Monday now. The thing is that the admin of Coinmee confessed to me that my initial introduction of his program posted here made him re-think his strategy and started offering something more lucrative and more inline with the market. With the old plans it would have been impossible for Coinmee to make any significant progress in terms of membership, and possibly it’s for the best that he realized it sooner rather than later and decided to act swiftly. So, what does Coinmee offer to investors now with the change of investment plans announced yesterday? The investment amounts are now given in USD on default, rather than BTC as before. Coinmee still accepts deposits via PerfectMoney and BitCoin only, but the minimum has been reduced significantly from about $20 to a mere $1 which is one of the lowest anywhere in the industry now. Withdrawals are still being processed within a 12 hour maximum, and a withdrawal fee of 0.5% is charged automatically by the script on every withdrawal. The investment plans themselves offer you from 1% to 10% daily credited to your account for the duration of 30 calendar days with the principal returned on expiry as well. And if 10% for 30 days sounds just too good to be true, then you should consider that the minimum to invest there is set at $50K, so I highly doubt it will find any takers. I hope that the admin of Coinmee is ready to work hard to achieve some degree of success which this program might enjoy with time. You can find more details on my blog on Monday, as the program has been moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor following two fast withdrawals I have received earlier today. Meanwhile, you can read the latest update from the admin himself where he explains the changes to the plans and if you happened to join the old plans already you’ll either be refunded or have your principal reinvested for you in the new plan:

Change of Plans for Coinmee
Our investors pleaded and we listened.
Today, we have changed our plans to benefit most of our investors.
Now, you can start profiting on Coinmee with as little as $1 and expect to see your profit at the end of the day credited always to your account balance. Please see the new plans on our homepage –
Also, referral bonus is now a massive 5%, up from the previous 2%. This is a good time to start telling your friends about Coinmee!
If you had already made a deposit to our program, please reply this email with your username and amount invested and we can either refund your e-currency account or invest it back in our system (as a bonus) depending on your choice.
Once again, we apologise for any inconveniences caused and together, we shall succeed!
Best Regards, Coinmee Team.


Another news update from Payza isn’t quite directly related to the HYIP industry as such, but as I know a lot of readers are account holders I’ll include it anyway. You may find it interesting to read if it somehow relates to your own business or line of work. In a nutshell it’s basically advice, a lot of which is really just common sense, on making an efficient and popular online retail business. When it comes to HYIPs though, Payza have in recent times become a lot more demanding in what they expect from the admins if they want to become a verified business account holder with an approved payment button. Currently only two programs on the MNO monitor work with Payza, though it’s no coincidence that they happen to be the top two programs listed there in Biksbit (reviewed here) and BandeiraCorp (reviewed here). The original version if the following update is on the official Payza news blog, and I’m copying it below for your convenience:

5 Ways to “Amazon” your Online Store
Amazon is the world’s largest internet-based retailer. They didn’t get there by sitting on their hands – they’ve been doing many things right from the start. Anyone operating an online store, whether built from scratch or hosted on WordPress, Magento, or anywhere else, can learn a lot (and generate more sales) by following their lead.
Today, Amazon is at the cutting age of e-commerce technology and best practices. As the world’s largest online marketplace, their collection of data is second to none, allowing them unprecedented insights into e-commerce trends and consumer behavior. With this information, Amazon has been able to identify and refine the key design principles that increase conversion and keep consumers coming back.
To “Amazon” your online store, implement these five proven strategies.
Encourage Product Ratings/Reviews
Product ratings and reviews are powerful. Consumer-generated content has a significant impact on purchasing decisions: shoppers are three times more likely to trust customer reviews than the product description provided by the brand or retailer. Find ways to encourage your customers to rate and review your products, such as prompting them via a follow-up email after a purchase or offering some kind of reward scheme. You can provide discounts for regular reviewers or you can just introduce an arbitrary points system – in today’s “gamified” world, many people will collect points just for the sake of collecting points.
Optimize Images
E-commerce optimized images is perhaps the most disproportionately overlooked design principle. Studies have shown that online shoppers rely overwhelmingly on images, particularly those browsing on mobile. Consumers scroll through results pages, often not reading the text at all until they see an image of what they’re trying to find. By providing highly-visible, easy-to-read images that are optimized for small screens, you help your customers find what they’re looking for and keep them from going to another vendor.
Display Costs in Real-Time
Today’s consumer is less forgiving than ever of hidden fees. Unexpected costs are a leading cause of shopping cart abandonment and even without any hidden fees, sticker shock can prevent shoppers from finalizing the sale if they aren’t keeping track while adding items to their cart. To prevent this, display your customer’s subtotal for them as they browse your website and update it in real-time as they shop. Being direct and transparent about the total cost helps your customers keep to their budget and builds consumer trust in your brand.
Offer Free Shipping
Similar to displaying shopping cart sub-totals, offering shipping time estimates while the customers browse can lower your abandonment rate and build consumer confidence – but what is even more powerful for increasing both conversion and sales is to offer free shipping. Setting a minimum order value for free shipping is proven to boost the average order size, as more than half of online shoppers have added more items to their shopping cart simply in order to qualify for free shipping. Knowing that free shipping is on the table will also keep your customers coming back.
Introduce a “Prime” Membership
Amazon Prime’s membership doubled in the past two years, granting subscribers access to exclusive items, free 2-day shipping, and several other features including streaming service Prime Video. Introducing “members only” content can be very effective for turning casual shoppers into loyal, committed customers, which will both increase their purchase frequency as well as generate additional income from the membership fees. Subscription services also convey a sense of trust and reliability to casual shoppers as well, making them want to be part of the group.
The success of Amazon is the envy of any e-commerce operation, but it is by no means a monopoly. Online shoppers around the world are always looking for independent niche vendors where they can find products tailor-made for them and feel like they’re part of an exclusive club. Take advantage of these Amazon-tested-and-proven tactics for making consumers feel comfortable, giving them a frictionless path to purchase, and offering them something more from their shopping experience.
Along with these tips, don’t forget to offer your customers a range of payment options! You’ll want a highly secure payment processor that is easy to integrate onto your website and that supports multiple payment methods, such as credit card, Bitcoin, and e-money transfers.
A Payza account makes it easy to accept online payments and there are lots of added bonuses, like free recurring billing, built-in fraud protection, and no hidden fees. Payza’s Guest Checkout options make it easy for your customers to pay you instantly.


I want to finish up for the day now with a look at the results of the last opinion poll from the MNO TalkBack page. I’ll also be replacing it with a new question, so keep reading for that. So, I wanted readers thoughts on HYIPs that work exclusively with BitCoin and don’t use the more traditional payment methods such as PerfectMoney, Payza, and the like. Personally I’ve long predicted the future of the HYIP industry lies with BitCoin, though that’s a whole other story. The question I asked related to what you think about the programs which only use BitCoin and nothing else, something that’s gradually developing into a more mainstream trend in the industry. Currently there are three programs on the MNO monitor who are part of this, including BitCTrade (reviewed here), UnityReserve (reviewed here) and AnoAds (reviewed here), all trend-setters in their own way. In the cases of these particular three programs they’ve performed quite well considering the position the industry is in at the moment, and are definitely at least the equal of any program with multiple payment options.

Anyway, the opinion poll asked “Do you invest in BitCoin only programs?” Results were mixed, that much can’t be denied, but I like to think they are leaning slightly towards more positive. An equal split of the vote, 42% each, went to the options “Certainly, they are no worse than others” and “No, I prefer HYIPs with multiple processors”. The remaining 16% of the voters said “Rarely, only if the program is exceptional”. Overall then I can easily understand why people are cautious about this, after all, because they are accustomed to seeing multiple payment methods in the programs they join. Speaking as a monitor though I can see something that a lot of readers may not be aware of, which is that BitCoin alone is now the single biggest method for financial transactions in the HYIP industry and have passed the more conventional service providers out some time back. Like it or not I say we should embrace this new trend and take advantage of it, people should start using BitCoins more often for that because it’s the future of the HYIP industry.

For the next question on the MNO TalkBack page I want to stay on the broader topic of BitCoin. As it’s now the most universally accepted payment option in the HYIP industry (more programs on my monitor now take it than PerfectMoney for instance) I’m just going to assume you all know what it is and how it works. If so then you will also know the extremely volatile nature of its price and the fluctuating exchange rates between BitCoin and the US Dollar. I don’t really know all the reasons that govern this, I just know that it happens, and some observers are even suggesting the price of one BitCoin could climb from its present $1,750 (at the time of writing) to possibly a record high of $3,000 by the end of this year. Remember I’m not the one making this claim, I won’t even pretend to be qualified to do so, but if it turns out to be accurate then a lot of people could get very simply by keeping hold of their BitCoin funds. Alternatively they could lose a good chunk of it just as easily if the price collapses, so it really is just a gamble.

Do you guys have any interest in this? Any thoughts on the subject you wouldn’t mind sharing? The new question that will run on the MNO TalkBack page for about the next week or so is this:
What will happen to the value of BitCoin between now and the end of the year?

– I think it will increase
– It won’t change much
– I think it will decrease

Thanks a lot in advance to everyone who votes, it’s much appreciated and as I said the poll will stay open for around another week or so to give everyone who wants to vote plenty of time to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Biksbit, FexFund.
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpBitCTradeFatFundsAxisCrude, UnityReserveAurumBank, Coinmee (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: AnoAds.
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s about it for tonight, guys. I hope that you’re all having a nice weekend so far and enjoying a well earned rest. As for MNO, it never sleeps and I always keep an eye on what’s going on in the HYIP industry and the hottest programs with the highest advertising budgets are always found here. Follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter not to miss anything important or just subscribe to the MNO Daily News by entering and confirming your email address on this page. I’ll be back on Monday with more news, most likely a new addition to the Standard List, and a detailed look at Coinmee which has been moved to Paying status on the MNO monitor. Thanks for reading and for voting in the new poll on the TalkBack page, and see you all next week! MNO – For Money Lovers!

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