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15/05/2011. MNOFridays (14th issue) and Daily News from the Industry


Hi guys! I was recently asked on my ShoutBox when the next issue of MNOFridays was going to be published. Well, I didn’t realize such a long time passed since the last time I made an entry in that part of my website. So today after a long break I finally decided – why not? It’s high time I posted another small article that will show you the ins and outs of the industry which for some newbies can appear a closely guarded secret. Experienced players might learn something new as well.

The topic of today’s discussion will be HYIP monitors. So let’s first give the definition to that term. HYIP monitor is a specially designed website that usually runs on a script indicating an up to date status of an investment program (typically “paying”, “waiting”, or “not paying”) in exchange for a fee paid by the investment program’s owner.

As far as I know there are over 500 monitoring sites online and sometimes poor programs have more monitors than members, lol. Frankly speaking, most monitors are just rubbish because they care about nothing more than filling their own pockets while providing absolutely nothing of any value to their readers. Sometimes trusting such monitors can be dangerous for the investors because (as countless examples will prove) even popular monitors are sometimes too lazy, too slow, or just too incompetent to give an accurate status on the programs they monitor. So their intended function which visitors are hoping to use them for is not fulfilled properly and they become misleading. A recent shocking experience with a popular short term program showed that it took some monitors 48 and more hours in order to move it from Paying to Problem status. In fact five days after this particular program scammed, one “leading” monitor still insists on listing them as a perfectly paying website! It makes little difference if this is deliberate or accidental, because the end result is the same – investors who trust those monitors and use them as an exclusive source of info are getting robbed.

But then another question arises. Why are monitors so slow when it comes to moving programs to Problem status? There could be several different reasons for that. I will mention just a few obvious ones:
1) Laziness. When a monitor simply can’t be bothered to update his site’s stats on a daily basis simply shows disrespect and contempt for investors. It’s only a matter of time before this attitude leads to a decline in ratings;
2) A deliberate attempt to mislead the investors. This might be disguised as laziness, but in fact the admin is just hoping to make as much money from referrals even if it means selective payouts to them only and regular investors losing money;
3) Bribery. A monitor displays paying status for a program after the HYIP admin pays him to do so for days if not weeks – the admin keeps his logo pretending to be a Paying program and get profits from unsuspecting investors;
4) And the most shocking scenario – sometimes the admins of monitoring sites run their own HYIPs (or their buddies are running them) and of course they will make sure to keep them on Paying status for as long as possible providing the investors with deliberately false information.

There could be many different reasons for why monitors are not as fast as MNO and not reacting to members’ complaints like they are supposed to do and instead display the program on Paying status while clearly knowing that it’s not the case. Believe me, I can tell you that 90% of monitoris are working this way and meaning that they are in collaboration with HYIP admins and not for but against investors.

But wait! There is more to it than that. Some monitor admins are as crooked as many HYIP admins. I was really shocked when one of reader recently sent me an email exchange with one well known monitor where he said that he would not move a particular scam program to Problem status until the member gave him access to his LibertyReserve account. Surely he can’t be serious! That reader was no fool and refused (it’s actually the same thing as giving your wallet to a total stranger on the street in hope that he will not steal anything) otherwise his money could be stolen. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but later when you’ve forgotten about the whole thing and might have quite a bit of money stashed away there. I wonder how many LR accounts that admin already emptied pretending to be your friend and ready to help but actually doing nothing but collaborating with HYIP admins instead!

Please note that in order to prove that you were not paid from a program you simply have to give access to your account in the program (which I usually ask for in order to verify the complaint is genuine and not merely the member’s misunderstanding the terms and conditions) and surely it would be stupid to give anybody access to your money. Believe me some people trust me and they invite me to check their LR accounts. I always refuse of course as I’m not a crook and I prefer to run a legitimate business instead of stealing the money like some HYIP admins. So in no way should you provide access to your e-currency accounts to anybody or give passwords to them! Please do not make this mistake that might cost you dearly!

MNO is one of the few monitors trying to run its business honestly and those who read my blog for a long time may know that I absolutely do not tolerate selective payouts. If it’s proven that a program doesn’t pay you and there is no viable explanation from the admin received within a reasonable time please be sure that the program will be moved to Problem status on the grounds of selective payouts. I’m very flexible with that and sometimes it might take more time or sometimes less, depending on which program (short-term or long-term) I monitor and what rules are described in its terms and conditions. I can also personally help my referrals in the programs monitored by MNO and contact the admins on their behalf if they need to, and there were cases when such members were paid while others weren’t. Of course I cannot guarantee this but it did happen a few times and many of my referrals already know that it pays to be in MNO’s downline as they can count on my help if problems arise.

Speaking of other not so honest monitors I’m wondering what their real purpose in this industry is. They are useless to investors as they simply mislead them and provide false information causing investors to lose their hard earned money. They are useless to admins as many of them do not deliver many referrals due to artificially inflated ratings and other untrue stats they like to show off and display, so the admins lose their money too on monitoring fees. Please note that I’m not talking about all monitors here as I know some of them really do care about investors and try to do their best to help them if needed, but the vast majority do not care about anything but making money at the expense of others. And usually it’s the investors who will suffer from their incompetency and dishonesty.

So what can we do to solve the issue with dishonest monitors? MNO is currently an established website with thousands of daily visitors and is firmly in the top three most visited monitors. And I’m in the process of making a totally different script that should replace the current one in approximately a month from now. I believe it will be the best script ever and as a caring person I will do my best to change the situation in the industry for the better and at least try to do something to stop my readers from losing money due to dishonest monitoring practices. With this aim in mind I’m going to introduce an Exclusive Listing on MNO after the new script is implemented where HYIP admins who choose this option (for which they will have to drop all other monitors and list their program exclusively on MNO) will get some benefits from me and will be able to save on unnecessary expenses in other crooked monitors. It will be under my total control and if any kind of problem arises it will be moved to Problem status, but before that the admin will be given a fair chance to rectify the situation. I believe this type of listing will be a new step in making the HYIP industry safer and provide HYIP admins with the exclusive and best service online they need to become successful. And you remember that we already saw an example of one of the biggest programs in the past called GNI which was exclusively officially monitored by MNO only (others could do it only for free) due to which it became one of the biggest programs and lasted for over 18 months. I believe that with this new approach we could achieve much better results for both HYIP admins and investors and eliminate those leeches from the dishonest monitoring sites. Stay tuned for more announcements for that during the summer and be ready to be the first to take advantage of this listing on MNO!

And I hope you enjoyed this issue of MNO Fridays which I hope provides you some food for thought. I’ll try not to wait so long before having another issue. To read the previous MNOFriday articles please scroll down to Categories located in the right sidebar of my blog and choose the MNOFridays option to see other discussions from the HYIP industry. Alternatively simply click this link.


I’m very glad to report that now all the members of SquareBoxTrends can log in to their accounts after a long week of access issues due to complications arising from an unsuccessful attempt to switch servers. Finally the site of SquareBoxTrends has been moved to a properly protected server which took the administration a lot of time and effort and even made me become very skeptical about their chances of recovering. SquareBoxTrends is still on Waiting status on MNO but it will be moved back to Paying status as soon as I receive my last withdrawal which I made today to GlobalDigitalPay. And I’m pretty sure it will happen soon provided that the admin is really determined. Meanwhile you can read the full review of the program posted here and here is the latest news posted on the SquareBoxTrends website regarding their successful move to more protected and dedicated server recently:
Now On A Dedicated DDOS
Sorry for the delay in transferring our site over to a dedicated severs, this was out of our hands and down to nameserver problems. As a thank you to all, all last week you have been paid at the full amount for each level. As many of you know if I make a mistake I will hold my hands up, like the username password was to strict for some so I downgraded it a little. I hope you will all enjoy our new faster site, even if it took us longer to get here than it said on the tin.

No doubt that some of you have received more phishing emails pretending to come from the email address of GorgonProjectInvest (reviewed here). And as expected the deadline for the imaginary 50% bonus offer is now extended for another two days so you can send your money to that scammer if you like to give free gifts to strangers, lol. Otherwise, please just ignore these spam emails and remember that you can make deposits to GorgonProjectInvest to any of the investment plans (1.9% for 30 days, 2% for 90 days and 2.2% for 180 days with principal return on expiry) ONLY from within the site itself. The admin Paul (interviewed here) reiterated that once more on his website. Please also note that the email database of GorgonProjectInvest site is safe and if you keep receiving those spamming emails please note that they are coming from another source so it’s very possible that even non-members of GorgonProjectInvest keep getting them as well. Again I’m warning you – please avoid those crazy offers asking for your money directly to some LR and PM accounts as they are always sent by scammers!

As you might have noticed the admin of EurosFund has just added a new investment plan paying 300%-480% return on expiry of 60 calendar days with the high minimum of $100 to invest and only LibertyReserve accepted. I must say that unlike the previous plan from which I hope many of you already profited (120%-150% after 10 days) and the original plan which was analyzed in my review of EuroFund published here (2.5%-4% for 60 days) the newly added plan doesn’t inspire any trust simply because it’s totally unsustainable. In my opinion, it is highly unlikely that those who invest in this new 60-day plan will be paid. Most probably, as in case with other programs running on the same script and possibly by the same administration, the money taken from such deposits will be used to pay the the 10 day on expiry plans to current investors. This is a very typical trick used by several programs in the past and I can’t see any reason why it can’t work again. And while it would be a good sign for those members in the daily plan indicating their intention to stay online for at least two more months and for them to get good profits from their deposits, those unfortunate ones who do choose the 60 day on expiry plan will most probably not see their money again. So please be smarter and try not to conned by this new plan just announced today by EurosFund:
New 60 Days Plans Launched.
We pay 5%-8% daily for 60 days, total return 300%-480% after 60 days. Available withdraw after 60 days.

It looks like we finally have a solution to the technical issues with the MNO chat. There was a problem that blacklisted some of the members’ IP-addresses from accessing the MNO website in general if they spent too much time on the chat. As you might be aware MNO has quite a sophisticated protection system against DDoS attacks provided by my hosting provider BlockDos and it’s almost impossible to take it down for a long periods of time. However such a heightened security level has it’s drawbacks, and as the chat page itself refreshes so many times every couple of seconds this was perceived as an attack by my provider. That’s why some people found themselves losing access and therefore why I had to disable the chat temporarily in order to provide everybody problem free access to the other sections of MNO. But today BlockDos offered me a solution and will host MNO chat on a different sub-domain which should solve the issue of non-accessibility. So during a test period for the next two days both the Shoutbox which you can find on my blog and which is open for everybody and the MNO Chat Room which is now available on this link will both be both. For the next few days I need to know what the majority of MNO members want so I would like to hear your opinion which I will consider before making a final decision. Therefore I have opened another poll in which I will ask the simple question what you prefer to be kept on MNO site. If you like MNO Shoutbox please vote for the first option. If you agree that MNO Chat is better than the Shoutbox please tick the second box. And finally, the third option is you think that both MNO Shoutbox and MNO Chat should co-exist. If the third option will be preferred there will be some differences between the Shoutbox which will be used for urgent announcements and the Chat which can be used as a regular means of communication between MNO readers and me. The Live Chat sessions with the admins of monitored programs will also be there from time to time. The poll is located just across from the ShoutBox and everyone is invited to participatel. Thanks in advance for voting, guys!

I have been paid today by the following programs listed on MNO:
InstantSuccess, SafeDepositary, EliteAlliance, GulfReserve, MakeDepositToday, OilCash, PrimFix, EarnoSphere, EurosFund, ViscoCorp, ExtraFinances, LucrativaFund, BrilineLimited, Opulentia, WABFunds, GorgonProjectInvest, MajesticFunds and StockBiz (the first instant payments received).

As you might have noticed StockBiz is the newest addition. It’s a brand new short term program paying instantly to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. StockBiz accepts minimum deposits of $10 which you can invest into one of three plans that all pay on expiry – 120% after 5 days, 145% after 10 days and 170% after 15 days. As you see the plans are exactly the same as the longest running and most successful short term program of 2011, ExtraIncome. Perhaps the admin wants to achieve the same success. I don’t know if it’s possible but instant payouts will definitely help them establish a name and I expect it to gain more popularity after the first instant payments on expiry are processed in a few days (the program is still very new and started only yesterday). StockBiz is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and is hosted on the increasingly well known AntiDdos on a dedicated server. I hope that StockBiz will become the next hit among short term programs and I’ll be looking at it a bit more closely on MNO tomorrow. Also tomorrow you will have all the latest news from the most popular programs in HYIP industry, so stay tuned for that, guys, and see you then!

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