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06/06/2016. Royal8 Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Royal8 has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all! It’s been quite a busy few days for me both on and off MNO, with some new programs being added to my monitor and my vacation (and first ever visit) in San Marino. There’s some really tough and arduous cross country hiking if like me you enjoy that sort of activity, and some really breath-taking scenery to reward you when you complete every climb. I think it must be the only place I’ve ever been to where once you climb to the highest peak you can see literally the entire country in all directions, clear back as far as Rimini on the Adriatic Sea in Italy and beyond. It’s both exhausting and rewarding all at the same time, so I’m glad to be back in my apartment tonight and ready to start tonight’s news update.

The first of the new programs I mentioned is of course Royal8 which I already introduced in my last post. So the main point of this evening’s news will be a closer more detailed look at that. However there’s also a really interesting brand new, well, I don’t know if I should really call it a “HYIP” so let’s just say a new website that I want to tell you about as well. Of course, when I say it’s perhaps not a traditional HYIP it still involves you risking your money in return for a profit, but it is organized along some very different lines and I think a lot of regular industry players are really going to like it. Anyway, more on that in the news section. First let’s talk about Royal8, which is very much a traditional HYIP, and see if you think it might be worth having in your portfolios.
What Royal8 are offering investors as far as investment plans are concerned then is two medium term options. The first plan which I suspect will be the more popular of the two offers daily interest payments, while the other makes just one payment on expiry. So starting with the daily plan, Royal8 require a minimum deposit of $10 for you to join. The term is for 20 business days which is four weeks, and during that time Royal8 are offering you a daily payment of 8% interest, Monday to Friday only. By completion of the term that should then add up to 160% in total, and with Royal8 counting your principal as part of the payments that leaves you with your own money back plus 60% net profit on top. The maximum deposit limit is capped at $10,000 for this plan by the way.

To express that in more practical, monetary terms then, let’s say you joined this plan with a $100 investment. What we’d be hoping to see in return for that is Royal8 paying you back at a rate of $8 per day, Monday to Friday, for the following four weeks. With your own initial hundred already being counted as part of those payments you should reach the break-even point, that is to say earn back an amount equivalent to your principal therefore making it impossible for you to lose any money, after 13 business days. After that it’s all profit, hopefully adding up to $160 in total which is your own money back plus $60 from Royal8 as your net profit for joining.

The alternative is a shorter term plan with a) the disadvantage of being less profitable and b) the advantage of getting you to a smaller profit in a faster amount of time. You can still join for a $10 minimum, and the term this time runs for 10 calendar days (and please note that I did say calendar days here as opposed to business days in the first plan). For this Royal8 are offering members one single payment on expiry of 118% on their investment, principal included. In other words this is your own money back plus an extra 18% in net profit. So if let’s say you were to put the same $100 investment in to this plan, what you’d be hoping for is that Royal8 give you back $118 ten days later. Maximum spend remains set at $10,000. As I said it’s a smaller profit but you would hope to get it faster so it just depends what your priorities are. That being said, it’s still in many ways the riskier of the two plans, because if anything goes wrong with Royal8 during the cycle you end up with nothing. At least with the daily payments plan if the program collapses you still get to claw something back from it.

Which ever, if either, of those two plans suits you best the next thing you will need to find out about are what payment options Royal8 have available. For now, and to be blunt I’m not really expecting this to change, the program seems to be following the current trend in the HYIP industry of just sticking to anonymous and unverifiable payment processors. You can invest with Royal8 using either PerfectMoney or Payeer if you prefer the more traditional style payment methods, or BitCoin if a more modern e-currency is your thing. Whatever option you choose however, payout requests from Royal8 are instant so that might at least make up for the lack of choice for some investors. You will need to log in to your private members account area as usual and submit your payment request, though having done so you should expect the money to be in your chosen payment processor account in under a minute.

Moving on now to some of the more technical aspects of the Royal8 website such as their design and security, the program is hosted by Koddos. I don’t know about the rest of you, but several years after this was once one of the more popular service providers in the industry I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a program hosted with them. I’m actually surprised to learn they are still in business, but anyway, all that matters here is that they are keeping Royal8 on a dedicated server with their support and protection from DDoS attacks. The script on the other hand is a lot more recognizable, as I’m sure many of the regular players will see that it’s from GoldCoders. I can only confirm to you that it’s under license, and of course comes with the usual easy to navigate and user friendly interface you would expect from them. For an extra layer of security the Royal8 website has an Extended Validation SSL encryption certificate from Comodo to allow for safer transactions and more secure browsing.

So, if after all that you still think there’s something I missed in this review about Royal8 you would like to know about, have any further questions for the admin, or have any account related issues you would like to see dealt with then there are a couple of ways you can try and get in touch. The first stop should always be the program’s Live Chat. It’s not a 24 hour service but they are online frequently enough as far as I’ve seen so far, so you might be able to save yourself the trouble of composing any lengthy emails by checking this out first and seeing if one of the operators there can deal with your issue in real time. If not then the next course of action is to write directly to the admin by filling out the online customer support form and submitting it through the Royal8 contacts page. A postal address is included in the UK, though as most of you should I hope know by now this can safely be ignored as merely a registered address and not where you will find anyone connected with running the program physically located. Of more practical use to online investors is probably going to be Facebook where you will find Royal8 keeping a profile. A more recent development still not really off the ground just yet is the program’s regional representatives scheme, where regular members can apply for roles as online support staff in their local areas in exchange for improved referral commission rates. Contact the Royal8 admin if this is something that interests you.

Just on the off chance that anyone is still interested in such things, I’m mostly referring to HYIP industry newbies here of course, the alleged business interests behind Royal8 that we are told support the payments come from them “providing private banking services”. Experienced players will know to skip such things by now, and anyway, there’s an almost complete lack of any follow-up information whatsoever to go with the claim, not that it necessarily has to be profitable all the time anyway even if it was true.

So as I always sign off these reviews and will always continue doing so, let me strongly advise you to treat anything you see in this business as a form of high risk gambling. Don’t have high expectations of getting rich quick, set yourself a responsible and sensible spending limit you can both easily afford to lose and easily re-coup from your offline salary, and if joining Royal8 at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



After about two weeks since investors of CryptoStability saw the logos of Payza and AdvCash appear in their accounts, the administration finally made the welcome announcement that they’ve actually been activated. Along with the three payment processors that were available since the very start of CryptoStability four weeks ago – PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin – eager investors that have been waiting for this event now have their chance. Those who want to join with Payza have the opportunity to do so, as do the smaller numbers with a preference for AdvCash. As with the other payment processors accepted by CryptoStability the minimum to invest in the 3%-5% for 70 business days plan starts at $10 and all withdrawals below $500 should be processed instantly. I can actually confirm myself that Payza withdrawals have been instant for me so far, as quite a few excited referrals of mine already took this opportunity to invest in CryptoStability as soon as they found out about the Payza addition. It confirmed by the admin himself in two separate newsletters within just a couple of hours of each other. Unfortunately there is still no word about when SolidTrustPay is going to be available, as their logo is also displayed at the moment in members’ account area. I believe the admin is still working on it and I will hopefully have an update within the next couple of days. Stay tuned for more info from the so far perfectly paying CryptoStability the full review of which can be found on my blog here. Below are both of today’s newsletters officially announcing the addition of Payza and AdvCash as deposit and withdrawal options:

CryptoStabilityPayza is Now Available!
We would like to announce the acceptance of a new payment method at CryptoStabilityPayza is now officially available! Please feel free to start investing with us if this is your desired payment method. Happy earnings!
Need help? Call us now at +44 20 3287 5567 or email for assistance.
Thank you, CryptoStability Limited

CryptoStability – AdvCash is Now Available!
We would like to announce the acceptance of a new payment method at CryptoStability – AdvCash is now officially available! Please feel free to start investing with us if this is your desired payment method. Happy earnings!
Need help? Call us now at +44 20 3287 5567 or email for assistance.
Thank you, CryptoStability Limited


Earlier today a very interesting program was added to Premium Listing on MNO called MacauCau. This is not a high-yield investment program though, but rather they prefer to call themselves a money game where you can double your money within a specific period of time by buying and selling so-called “tickets”. The nominal value of these tickets are $25 (Koi), $50 (Toad), $75 (Elephant), and $100 (Dragon). Each ticket is then divided into $25 coupons which can be bought and sold between other participants in MacauCau. If that sounds a bit complicated for you, then you should really wait for my detailed review later this week. For now let’s assume you get the main point – all the operations in MacauCau are processed between members and in two payment processors accepted for the moment – PerfectMoney and BitCoin. As MacauCau only launched a few days ago do not be surprised that in the early stages the admin and team will be the only ones selling the first tickets to participants, but it will only continue for the next two days, as explained in the following update posted in the News section of the website:

Dear friends, we want to inform you that the sale of MacauCau tickets will start on June 3.
The first seller will be – MacauCau.
The first sales will last till June 8 inclusive, i.e. there will be only 6 days.
We know that on the first sale of tickets, not everyone will get tickets, as according to the preliminary surveys of leaders, demand for purchasing of tickets considerably exceeds the volume of the first party. But do not worry, after June 8 the tickets will be available from players MacauCau – as, according to the rules, the first sales from the received profit start on June 9.
The sale to the first party will be carried out in turn, according to the time of submission of your application. You can already submit the application NOW.
Attention!! Pressing the button to buy, you confirm that you have available necessary quantity of units of PerfectMoney or Bitcoin and within 24 hours from the moment of communication with the seller you are ready to make the payment.
Attention!! Attention!! At the end of the specified time, it is not necessary to make the transaction, a new sender will be assigned to the recipient, and your account will be blocked.

The last two paragraphs apply to all the participants that are supposed to follow a set of strict rules and, as the process of purchasing coupons is not automated (someone else has to sell you one after all) you have to have PerfectMoney or BitCoin funds to pay for the chosen tickets placed at your disposal by the time the system sends you a confirmation and someone agrees to sell you a $25 coupon which can constitute a whole or partial ticket. Before being able to purchase tickets at all, every member has to activate his account by either email or a mobile phone number by paying a $5 activation fee, and on the purchase of every coupon there is another 1% flat fee applied. Note that the minimum withdrawal is the price of one coupon – $25 – and that the $5 paid for activating your account stays on the balance so you will be able to withdraw it as soon as you reach the $25 minimum balance.

How does the accrual process work you might ask? Well, it’s a pretty complicated process that is better explained in the separate review when have more time to give practical examples. However, the basic principal of the game is this – you buy a ticket which can be priced at $25, $50, $75, or $100. Each ticket is then divided into coupons worth $25 each. So a $25 ticket has one coupon, a $50 ticket has two coupons, and so on. You then earn 5% interest per day on each coupon. The higher the value of the ticket the less time you will need to reach the full value of the coupon and put it back up for sale. For the amount of money you spend, you will actually get double the value of coupons. For example, if you pay for $100 worth of coupons you will actually receive $200 worth. These are then available to sell on to new members when you have earned the face value of the $25 that they were each priced at in the first place.

I know, I know – it sounds very complicated now, but you have Live Chat to help you and the MacauCau website is available in several languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Spanish which you can easily switch to if you get confused. As MacauCau has just started make sure to join early and start promoting to earn more commissions. Remember though that the selling of your ticket/coupon once you reach the required $25 minimum might take up to 72 hours and that during this time the system will find you a buyer who will pay your profits. That is actually the main difference with other HYIPs – the funds are distributed among all the participants and the game can, theoretically, continue for as long as the growth carries on and the demand for tickets continues, hence the necessity to promote to extend its lifetime.

What can actually limit MacauCau‘s growth in my opinion? Firstly there are some extremely complicated rules which are not that well explained in English. In fact the site is much better explained in Russian, so you can probably guess the owner’s background. Second, the limitations of working with only two payment processors in PerfectMoney and BitCoin. Although extremely popular, I believe more payment processors in the future would be welcome. If the program can overcome this then the growth could skyrocket soon, as the website looks professional. It’s been translated into several languages, and promoted via social networking websites already quite actively, despite only been launched a very short time ago. Several things should help too – a beautiful and original design, video presentation in several languages (the English version is already on the MNOVision page), a custom-made script serving the program’s individual needs which can be tweaked accordingly, DDoS-protection by CloudFlare, SSL, a dedicated server, and very importantly friendly Live support which you should use often if you want to fully understand the rules of the MacauCau website. Otherwise, please be patient and wait for the detailed review of the program on the MNO blog later this week.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorp, CryptoStability, Cryptonus.
From MNO Standard list: Royal8.
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat.

That’s all for this Monday, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading, and keep an eye on the MNO monitor too for new additions that might come your way later this week that could be of interest to you. For the next post I’ll be taking a closer look at the somewhat complicated new money game doubler MacauCau. I’m currently still going through all its features one by one and hope to be in a position to offer a more substantial review around mid week. Remember also this week’s opinion poll running on the MNO TalkBack page and cast your vote here. The final results will be drawn by the end of this business week when I feel we might start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as the new HYIP season gets under way with exciting investment opportunities from elite programs – the only type that you can find on MNO! See you later in the week, everyone!

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