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09/06/2016. MacauCau Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! MacauCau has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone, and welcome again to MNO for the most important news stories from the best money making opportunities on the internet. I have a couple of updates to get through today, nothing exactly earth shattering if I’m honest, but one thing I am genuinely excited about is to finally review MacauCau, a brand new program you might remember I introduced here recently in my last post. Despite being a purely online venture MacauCau is still a long way away from being like the regular HYIPs generally found on most monitors, my own included, so it’s taken me a while to get familiar with how everything works, gain some practical hands-on experience in using it, not to mention making some money from it by the way, and trying to get everything down in my notes in order to do a more detailed review for readers. It was quite a rewarding experience I must say, and well worth the effort. Despite being on vacation here in Italy still (I’m in Bologna before getting the train to Florence next week) this was a very intriguing website for me to investigate.

One of the many things the Chinese territory of Macau is famous for is its gambling industry, surpassing even that of Las Vegas I believe. This probably explains the name because it’s how MacauCau choose to market themselves – not as any sort of investment scheme but as a game. You may win a few, you may lose a few, there are no guarantees, but if things go well then it’s organized to give you a better than average chance, certainly better than some of the disastrous programs to plague the HYIP industry in recent weeks. If it lives up to its full potential then who knows? MacauCau could force some new directions and fresh ideas which would be most welcome in the industry, now more than ever. So let’s see what it’s all about and whether you think you would like to have MacauCau as part of your own portfolios or not.
So, the million dollar question is where do I even begin to try and explain what MacauCau is all about? I suppose in conventional terms the word most HYIP players would use to refer to the program would be a “doubler”, in other words you receive 100% profit or twice the amount you spend, how ever much that happens to be. So there isn’t any real “investment plans” in the traditional sense, it’s simply a matter of you deciding how much you can afford and then waiting your turn to get double that amount back in return. OK, so that’s a pretty broad and simplified overview, it’s also the best possible starting point before I explain the finer details of exactly how MacauCau operate so keep this at the back of your mind as we continue.

The basic premise of MacauCau then is this – you buy a series of virtual “tickets”. You then earn a fixed amount of interest on these tickets, which essentially sees your own money returned to you in instalments. Once you have reached the break-even point, i.e. the money you spent has been returned to you via the interest payments, your ticket has now expired and has to be re-sold for the same price you paid for it. So when the ticket is sold, it’s you who receives the re-sale value and not the MacauCau admin. That means that from a return of 200%, 100% is your own money returned by MacauCau and the other 100% is the profit paid by the next member who is buying your old tickets. Again that’s a simplified version, but in a nutshell it’s more or less what happens. A detailed guide to the whole process of buying and selling can be found on the MacauCau website’s rules page, so remember to refer back to that if and when you need to.

As long as you understand the basic concept behind MacauCau then I don’t think the finer points should confuse you all that much. The so-called tickets you are buying come in four categories, which in turn are all divided into units called “coupons”. Coupons are in turn priced at $25 each, which is the minimum amount you will be required to spend in order to join MacauCau. The full tickets themselves are grouped as Koi, priced at $25 each (and containing one coupon), Toad for $50 each (two coupons), Elephant for $75 (three coupons) and Dragon which cost $100 each (and contain four coupons).

You can buy these tickets in any possible combination you wish, so long as they are at a minimum value of at least $25. However you will receive double the amount you actually pay for. So for example if you pay for $100 worth of coupons (that could be four Kois for example, or one Dragon, or whatever you prefer) you will receive $200 worth. This is the amount MacauCau now start paying you interest on. The rate is 5% per calendar day.

This next bit might seem confusing so bear with me. The minimum withdrawal from MacauCau is $25. Since everyone receives the same rate of interest, therefore everyone must also receive the same percentage profit. However it’s the bigger spending players that will accumulate bigger fiscal payments and therefore be able to double their money a lot faster and complete the cycle in a shorter space of time. For example, if you have $500 in coupons then 5% of that is $25, allowing you to make the minimum withdrawal every day. If on the other hand you are earning 5% on $50 worth of coupons then you’re going to wait a good deal longer.

What about the buying and selling process itself then? Well, theoretically this is supposed to be entirely between new and old members. In the initial stages of course there was no members at all, old or new, so anyone joining the program for the first time had to buy their coupons/tickets from MacauCau support and staff. By now the first of those members will be seeing their tickets coming to maturity and the time for them to be sold on. Obviously for every buyer their has to be a seller, just as for every seller likewise there has to be a buyer. So it’s not really a straight forward automatic process. If you are looking to join MacauCau for the first time then you will of course need to register an account there. This is really very easy and not that much different from regular HYIPs, so nothing complicated involved there. Once you are registered you are now in the queue for available tickets. You will then be informed via e-mail when tickets become available for purchase. The same thing applies to the sellers. If you have mature tickets to sell you must also wait for a prospective buyer to register his interest in MacauCau. Once that happens you too are informed via e-mail and may proceed to dispose of your now expired tickets. Of course if you wish to play again then simply get back in the game by purchasing new tickets for yourself. Account holders in MacauCau should look for the relevant “buy ticket” and “sell ticket” tabs on the left hand side of their members area to carry out what ever trade they are looking for.

This next part is very important, so please pay close attention and take it seriously. Do NOT open an account with MacauCau unless you are 100% serious about participating. The reason is that after you are offered the opportunity to purchase tickets you are given 24 hours to act. If you fail to do so, well, you’re just wasting everyone else’s time and holding up the queue of genuine investors who are waiting to trade. In this event your account will be blocked and you won’t be allowed to play unless you go back and start all over again. The same rule applies to sellers. Once a buyer has been located for your expired tickets you too will be informed by e-mail and be given 24 hours to react. Failure to do so means you are now the one wasting the buyer’s time and face having your account blocked as well, so again, committed players only please! If you are not prepared to be an active participant than all you are doing is getting in people’s way and it will cost you. Please keep in mind that it could, in theory at least, take MacauCau up to 72 hours to find you a buyer for your tickets. All that means is you need to check your e-mails once every 24 hours which isn’t going to inconvenience anyone, but do be prepared to act as soon as a buyer is lined up. New members are put in a queue so it’s only a matter of time before someone wants to buy what you need to sell.

And keeping in line with their attempts to keep out the time wasters, MacauCau have implemented a refundable account activation charge. You can open an account in the program if you wish, but in order to actually do anything with it (i.e. be allowed to trade) you need to pay a $5 fee. This can be done either by e-mail, or interestingly via your mobile/cell phone if you prefer. Don’t worry though, the $5 is immediately added to your balance and can be withdrawn again once you have reached the $25 minimum limit. That means you will have to be an active player to get your five bucks back, otherwise that’s the price you pay for being a time waster!

On a side note there’s also an interesting second opportunity for active members to make a little extra cash. It’s entirely random by the way, and no guarantee you will ever see a penny from it, but it’s a fun bonus feature nevertheless. What happens is that once every 24 hours you need to click on the tab in your MacauCau members area labeled as “presents”. Five box symbols will appear across the top of the page. Pick just one box and click on it to see if it contains a cash prize. Personally I haven’t had any luck with this myself yet, but you can see a list of winners and what their prizes were. On average they seem to float between $5 and $7, though on rare occasions they may be as high as $25. That’s if you win anything at all of course, which like I said may or may not ever happen.

If there’s one area with room from improvement in MacauCau then it’s the choice of payment processors. Although both are enormously popular and perfectly acceptable in their own right, MacauCau would need to do better than just the two partners they currently work with. These are PerfectMoney and BitCoin. The thing is in this case, it’s probably going to be a lot easier for this particular admin to add some verifiable payment processors (STP, Payza, Neteller, etc) than say the admins of more traditional style HYIPs. The reason for this of course is simple – MacauCau doesn’t make any dishonest claims about being some kind of investment company, not trading in ForEx, and they’re not trading in stacks and bonds. MacauCau are exactly what they tell you they are, a game, and as long as that’s all they are offering you then fine, the verifiable processors are a lot more open to offering their services. Hopefully the admin is aware of this and will do something to try and get them on board. This will in the longer term interests of the program serve them well in expanding and attracting bigger spending players. Anyway, payment requests are to be handled manually by the MacauCau admin and will need to be requested from inside your members account area. Once done you should then allow a further 24 hours for all transactions to be completed.

Probably the easier part of this review is to explain some of the more technical aspects of the MacauCau website, such as their security, script, and so forth. To start with it’s hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by CloudFlare. A lot of you might be familiar with that name as they are quite well known and a respected service provider outside the relatively small world of HYIPs, and deal with some fairly high profile internationally famous clients. So in the unlikely event of downtime, it should only be negligible at worst. As for the script, it’s totally unique and custom built from scratch to suit the individual needs of MacauCau. As such it can also be tweaked and adjusted from time to time as the program grows and develops. Don’t be put off by the fact that you won’t have seen the script “in action” before and so not be familiar with it from the first day, as it’s really quite easy to navigate and user friendly which is important for unique products like this. For safer browsing and more secure transactions you will also notice the MacauCau website has an SSL encryption certificate provided by Comodo to give users an extra layer of security.

In addition to all of that, there are some other website features that will hopefully contribute to the growth and expansion of MacauCau. These include an introductory video presentation made available in several different languages. I’ve already added the English version to the MNOVision page, so you can watch it either there or on the MacauCau website if you prefer. And speaking of languages, you will be able to switch between English, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, or Spanish versions of the website depending on which one you are most comfortable with. A highly professional and eye-catching design which looks impressive and original is also not to be understated. In a very competitive market at the best of times and even more so now when the things are so volatile, first impressions are vital. And when a website that’s so much different to what its target audience might be used to comes along then it’s doubly important to get things right from the very beginning to have any chance of becoming competitive, which I believe MacauCau have done very well.

If there’s still something that you’re not entirely certain about, which is entirely understandable given the complexities of MacauCau at first glance, then the main channel of communication is Live Chat. Support operators are almost always there, and while I don’t think it’s 24/7, I’ve also never seen it offline myself and you can use the function to submit an e-mail ticket from your members area. Other points of contact which are not made public but will be shared with members if you ask include Skype and WhatsApp. Fans of social media sites will also be pleased to see they can connect with MacauCau through their profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and YouTube. Speaking of YouTube by the way, that reminds me that MacauCau also have what they call an “ads page”. They aren’t actually advertising anything there except themselves though, so it’s really more of a testimonials page I suppose. Anyway, I mention it because members are encouraged to submit their own self made videos about their experience with MacauCau which they will embed on their website for you (presumably they’d be hoping you do the same for them on YouTube).

Encouraging new members to come into the program is of course vital for its sustainability and that’s why it’s so important for members and admin alike to nurture. Buyers and sellers need each other in equal measure for everyone to make money for as long as possible. You see, despite the pyramid based nature of most regular HYIPs, in the case of MacauCau it’s not all about one single admin determining when he pulls the plug and skips with whatever money he can grab. As long as the number of buyers can match the number of sellers then the cash flow can continue and the program can run for longer and longer.

To finish then I would say that whereas I’m cautiously hopeful that MacauCau offer an alternative to regular HYIPs, maybe even achieve some level of success, break the cycle of fast scams and maybe even set a precedent that pushes the industry in a new direction, it’s still not without some substantial risk. At the end of the day you are still being asked to hand your money over to a total stranger you can never trace again with no guarantee of winning, so in that sense MacauCau does indeed have more in common with online HYIPs than they may wish to acknowledge. So some simple rules of self preservation apply just as much here as anywhere else on the net. As always then set yourself a sensible and responsible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose without doing any damage to your personal circumstances, and easily recoup from your offline salary. And if you do decide to join MacauCau then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. And oh yeah, remember to have fun while you’re doing it too!



Meanwhile, the above reviewed MacauCau is very active in terms of promotion and over the last three days there were a couple of updates issued and new promotional videos also posted on the site. Obviously, with such double-profit games like MacauCau you should make an extra effort to help the growth in membership, so more people are going to buy new tickets every day that would be enough to pay to existing members. Actually, it’s what the HYIP industry is all about, but not many HYIP admins have the honesty to admit it and instead pretend to earn enormous amounts from stocks and ForEx. Anyway, as I already took a closer look at all the features MacauCau offers you in the review, I’ll just tell you that in today’s newsletter the exciting announcement was made of a new stage starting when transactions (buying and selling tickets) are to be carried out between participants without the involvement of admin teams. Of course, they will have their own share of the profits for sure, but the further development of MacauCau will rely mostly on the promotion and support of its members, as it’s in their own interests anyway to make the program last longer to double their money. In another earlier newsletter a couple of days ago the admin made an effort to explain how the program works and about its unique features, some of which inspired by the members own contributions. It should be the very lifeblood of MacauCau, as the future of the program and the ability to earn rests entirely on the members’ involvement. This is one of the most unique features of MacauCau who don’t lie to you about the rules of the game and at the same time allow you to be more in control in shaping the program’s future which will hopefully be long and prosperous. I have contributed to the program’s growth by monitoring it on MNO and explaining how it works, so what about you, guys? Here’s the latest two newsletters in full for you to think about what can be done by you personally for the team’s success:

Dear participants,there are three days behind of our MacauCau system work
Starting any project is an exciting event. In the early days we have received and continue to receive a lot of feedback about our website and it’s operating functions. As well collaborating with the first leaders took place. You shared with us your opinions and it was very very pleasant. We hope that in the future everything will be even better.
Each of you already familarize yourself with your personal cabinet. And yet, we will briefly explain sections your cabinet contains.
We will start from the main menu of the site. It is designed for the participation rules and marketing plan sections, as well as for presentations, important news and events that you should be aware!! Leave the comments and responses how you like our events and it will gives us your feedback. In addition, under “ads” you can express yourself and your team, maybe it will be announcement of the webinar or live video broadcasting. Subject could be “How I develop MacauCau” and everyone who is currently online, can quickly learn about it and visit us. Use this tool now or just watch our participants are up to!
When you open your personal account, in the left menu bar you can buy / sell tickets, to observe every day how your purchased tickets are filling up and getting ready for the sale day. In My Team section you can see how your participants grow their funds, as well your invitees. Also , you will find in this section, advertising materials, beautiful posters, various banners for your websites and blogs.
And the funniest part in the personal cabinet is of course – Gifts. Every second participant has already try their luck and those who were lucky enough you can see them listed as a winners of small, medium and even pleasant large gifts.
All is done for your entertaining surfing on our website as well as additional pleasure to communicate with each other. MacauCau is a game that combines a completely different countries,where thousands of people playing by new, united and interesting rules.
Please note our only official website: MacauCau
In order to avoid fakes, make sure that you are exactly on the specified site.
We are pleased to give you decent service for a really exciting global game MacauCau.”

It is 9th of June. Congratulations to all with the first day of ticket sale.
Many of you have already noticed that in MacauCau you can earn incredible amount of money with referral program and from today you should sell your tickets to new participants and get profit, because of this you make an opportunity to much more quantities of new people to join our game and earn too!
We are sure in the coming days all video sites will be full of video report with the referral profit and ticket sale payment proves. Do not keep the joy to yourself only, release it into the world, spread more and more great news about MacauCau in social networks and forums.


If you hoped to find any new information in the latest newsletter from Royal8 then you’re in for a big disappointment. Apart from the investment plans’ description which you can read in much better English in the MNO review posted here (which the admin conveniently forgot to mention in today’s email) there is not much else worth bothering about there. I don’t accept accept the promises as they don’t cost anything, and if the admin of Royal8 wants to prove the not so optimistic people about his program wrong he should first let the very first investors earn. Otherwise, his promises are empty and issuing a newsletter without any news makes no sense at all. At this moment Royal8 are yet to have any achievements worth boasting about, with the first investors yet to profit from either of the two investment plans – paying 8% for 20 business days and 118% after 10 calendar days – via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin. However on the bright side I can confirm that all my withdrawals over the first week of Royal8 being monitored on MNO have been processed instantly so far, and I hope that the admin will live up to his promise and we will see the first investors in profit next week. I’m sure that we will hear from him again once it happens, meanwhile here’s the latest newsletter from Royal8 marking the first week of stable payments of (fingers crossed!) many more to come:

Dear Royal8 Investors
Hello dear.
Royal8 is growing, and payment is instant every day.
Royal8 is stable, and new investment funds every day.
Thank you for all the support and advice, we will improve.
Some people aren’t optimistic about us, but we will prove that we are serious about the project.
Time will prove everything.
Come and join us, we will change you.
We have two investment plan for you
PLAN I – Total return 160%
8% Daily For 20 Business days. only send interest in business days.
Min $10.00 – Max – $10000.00
PLAN II – Total return 118% After 10 Days, You will receive Profit 18% + Your Investment Amount. send interest in calendar days.
Min $10.00 – Max – $10000.00
Join us : Royal8


SolidTrustPay really made me and possibly many others curious when they posted an announcement in regards to another BIG announcement they are going to make tomorrow. What ever it is, apparently it’s been in the pipeline for a long time. I’m not sure about you, guys, but I’m hoping for something truly spectacular. If they can’t share it with us yet but say it’s going to be huge we can only speculate on what it might be. Judge for yourself in the following STP official blog post, and I guess we will discuss it on my blog next time, when it actually happens, as SolidTrustPay is for sure one of my readers’ favorites when it comes to investing in HYIPs (read more on that in this article):

Big Announcement Friday!
It’s an exciting time here at SolidTrustPay and and we have a big announcement we want to share with all of our loyal customers, but not just yet. Keep your eyes peeled to our social media on Friday, June 10th when share something that has been in the works for a long time. So stay tuned!

It’s Almost Time…
One more day until our big announcement!
We couldn’t be more excited about what we have in store and we think you’ll agree with us. We’ll take any excuse we can get to reward our fantastic users and celebrate all the great things about SolidTrust Pay! There’s a big celebration in store, so stay tuned and make sure to check our blog and social media tomorrow for all the details.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFunds, CryptoStabilityBandeiraCorp.
From MNO Standard list: Royal8.
From MNO Basic listLottoSyndicat.

That’s all the news for today, guys. I hope you found something useful or interesting in there. I hope I covered everything in the review of MacauCau and clarified it as much as possible. As it’s very different from what I’m used to dealing with I would appreciate my readers’ input if you think anything is missing or misleading. I’ll leave it at that while I’ll be exploring Bologna and Modena over the weekend and will get back to you on Monday. Or sooner if I have anything important to report. You may now subscribe to the MNO Daily News updates to be delivered to your email address by following this link to a dedicated page which is still in the works by my programmer, but is functioning. Some hot new elite programs might be just around the corner and ready to launch within the next few days, so you won’t want to miss anything in the HYIP industry. Thanks for reading, stay tuned and see you back on the MNO blog soon!

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