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16/03/2017. Interview with the Admin of RubiLtd


Beware! RubiLtd has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I’m taking a break from the news today, but don’t worry, that will all be included in the next post on MNO and as always my monitor is where all the most up-to-date information can be found anyway, being updated throughout the day as necessary, and if there’s anything urgent it will be on the MNO ShoutBox. In fact I’ll be introducing two new programs on my blog tomorrow who just joined in time before the listing prices go up. Can’t wait until then? Not to worry, they are already included on my monitor so you can go check them out immediately there right now if you want. They are called MerchantInvest and 50EX, so I’ll be discussing them briefly tomorrow and in a bit more depth after I have time to examine them some time early next week.

So the reason I’m not posting any news is that I have something else for today – an interview with the admin of RubiLtd. That’s the name of an interesting medium to long term HYIP launched a few weeks back and reviewed on the MNO blog here if you would like some further info. It’s an interesting set-up with RubiLtd putting a small amount of their own money aside into a bonus account for active investors to earn a little bit more than the advertised interest rates, so that’s always a nice incentive. The main focus of the program however is the regular investment plans that reward members with higher rates of interest depending on how much they are prepared to spend. For a $10 minimum investment RubiLtd are offering 7.27%-7.73% for 15 days, 4.1%-4.57% for 30 days, 2.52%-2.98% for 60 days, or 2.1%-2.5% for 90 days. Let’s hear what the admin has to say:
1. Hi John, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO. What is your role in the day to day running of RubiLtd? Do you have any other people working on the project?

Hello. My name is John and I am the project manager of RubiLtd project. Our team consists of 12 members. The staff includes programmers, designers and support service operators. I am glad to welcome all readers of the blog, who are already investors of our company and those who will soon join our ranks.

2. What are the investment plans offered by RubiLtd? What is the minimum to invest in them? What has been the preferred plan among the members of the program so far?

We have 12 investment plans that are suitable for each investor and are different in terms of investment time. Everyone can choose the most suitable for him. Minimum is $10 or equivalent in BTC. The most popular are investment plans for 30 and 60 days.

3. What are the payment processors currently accepted by RubiLtd? What were the most popular payment processors among members so far? Do you have any special plans to introduce other payment options in the future?

Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin payment systems are currently available. The most popular are Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Now we are considering the option of adding the Payza payment system.

4. Tell us more about the Rubi Dollars Bonus Account. What is this and how does it work? What do members need to do in order to operate it, and why have you made it available at all?

The Bonus Account is a unique innovation that was specially created and developed to encourage the activity of our investors and referrers. It’s quite simple: if you are an active investor or invite many partners you will receive more bonuses.

Bonus account is a system for getting unlimited extra income at a rate of 1% per day from the account Rubi Dollar. For each of your investments we charge extra certain amount of Rubi Dollars. The formula is simple: for every $10 of your investment (or the equivalent in BTC) or $10 (or the equivalent in BTC) of your partner’s investment we charge 1 Dollar Rubi. For instance: the amount of your investment is $1000, for which you receive 100 Rubi Dollars that will bring you on a permanent basis 100 Rubi Dollar * 1% = $1 per day. Your partners have made a deposit of $1000, for which you receive 100 Rubi Dollar, which will also bring you on a permanent basis 100 Rubi Dollar * 1% = $1 per day.

5. How long does it usually take you to process pending withdrawals? Do you have any schedule and frequency you aim for in making payments on a daily basis?

A request is processed within a few hours but no longer than 24 hours. But in practice it happens within an hour. Verification of requests and payment of funds is carried out 24 hours a day.

6. What script is your program running off? Where did you get it, what influenced your decision in choosing it, and what are its advantages to both you as an admin and the RubiLtd investors?

We used a unique script. The script allows you to customize the site to the desired parameters and gives maximum protection for the user’s data and their financial transactions.

7. What type of security does your site have in place to prevent malicious attacks that can be launched by your competitors at any time?

Unfortunately we do not tell this information to anyone as it may harm our company, but I want to assure that our project uses the most modern means of protection against any threats.

8. What is the best way to contact you personally if a member has any problems that need your attention or simply has any additional question the answer to which can be found on your website?

I am open for dialogue with any investor in our project. You can write to me personally in the “Support 24” section by sending a letter to John Ruby. Also there is an online chat for immediately decision of your questions.

9. Can you share any stats from RubiLtd‘s experience online with us? How many deposits do you have and do they exceed withdrawals on a consistent basis? How was the growth so far and general members’ feedback?

This statistic is available for a wide range of readers and is displayed on the creeping line of the site.

10. Tell us more about the advertising strategy of RubiLtd. Why did it take as long as it did before you came for listing on MNO?

The advertising campaign was developed before the opening of our project, and we are implementing systematic development and attracting of new capital.

11. What plans for the future do you have for RubiLtd? Where do you see your program in a few weeks from now?

Priorities: a new design, simplification of investment plans, Telegram and of course long and successful work. We forecast an increase on influence in Asia and consolidation of our positions in Europe.

12. To finish the interview please tell the HYIP investors still sitting on the fence why they should choose RubiLtd over other programs. Also feel free to comment on the review published on MNO. If there was anything you felt was unfair, mistaken, or in
explain in your own words here.

We are the only company that works honestly with its investors. We do not offer huge percent but we guarantee a stable profit for a long time. Decide for yourself: to lose money in other projects or multiply it in RubiLtd.

Thanks a lot to John for that, I hope you found the interview either interesting or at least in some way useful in deciding whether RubiLtd is a suitable addition to your own portfolios or not. Best of luck to the admin, and best of luck also to all the present and future investors of RubiLtd, I hope it’s a profitable experience for all involved. I’ll leave it there for today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a detailed look at Amazing7, a new program on my monitor that was introduced on my blog yesterday, plus all the most important news stories from the HYIP industry. Stay tuned for that, and see you all soon guys!

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