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20/07/2017. MerchantInvest Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! MerchantInvest has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! It’s the start of a brand new business week on MNO and the main focus of the first update is going to be MerchantInvest, a brand new addition to the MNO monitor‘s Premium List added just a couple of days after launching. Judging by the initial feedback I’ve been getting on the program MerchantInvest may grow into a popular pick with investors looking for longer term HYIPs. It is after all very much a “back to basics” style program with the core concept stripped back and kept as easy to understand and user friendly as possible. Stark contrast then from many of the more unnecessarily complicated programs seen in recent weeks that seemed to try as hard to confuse investors than actually pay them sometimes! Anyway, I also have all the main news events of the day to catch up on for you as usual, so keep reading to find out more in the news section. But first let’s see what MerchantInvest are all about and if you think they might make a suitable addition to your portfolios.
So let’s take a look at the numbers. First of all you will need a minimum of $10 in order to join MerchantInvest. There’s really only one plan after that, paying all members big and small the same interest rates per calendar day. Officially there’s an upper limit of $100,000 on deposits with the program, so as far as most people’s budgets are concerned that means you can spend pretty much what you like. Just make sure it’s something you can afford to live without! The rate is a basic 3% per day, and MerchantInvest will continue this for a term lasting 60 calendar days. By the term’s completion then that should add up to 180% in total. With MerchantInvest counting your principal as part of those payments, that means you get your own money back first followed by 80% net profit.

To look at this in more practical monetary terms then, let’s say you were to invest $100 with MerchantInvest. The admin would pay you back at a rate of $3 per day. This allows you to reach the break-even point, i.e. earn back an amount equivalent to your investment therefore making it impossible to lose any of your own money, after 34 payments, or just barely short of five weeks. From that point on it’s all pure profit and passive income, allowing you to finish the term with $180 back on your $100 investment, which is $80 net profit. 80% might seem like a lot at first, i.e. a difficult target for MerchantInvest to reach and then maintain, but given the long term nature of the program in HYIP terms an experienced admin should be able to manage this long enough for at least a good number of you to see a profit. Is that what we are dealing with here? Well, that’s the gamble you take when you play the HYIP industry!

If that plan appeals to you then the next thing you’ll want to know is what your payment options are. Choices, should you decide to join MerchantInvest are pretty much what’s to be expected by current industry standards, certainly no worse than most average online HYIPs and enough to give satisfactory options to most regular players. You can choose between PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you like the more conventional style payment handlers, or BitCoin if you want to deal directly using a digital e-currency. I suppose most investors will have an account in at least one if not all of those processors these days so I doubt we’ll see any more names added to the list. One thing that will probably prove popular with MerchantInvest members is that payouts are made instantly. Strictly speaking however this isn’t actually guaranteed, or even mentioned for that matter. The payout schedule says that you are to allow anything up to 24 hours for your transaction to be fully processed, though I myself have so far received everything I’m owed in under a minute. So best to expect the full waiting time and take anything else as a bonus. Before moving on then there’s just one more quick point I need to make about the investment plans. MerchantInvest have a 1% withdrawal fee which is passed on to members when you are getting paid. So that’s one cent from every dollar, or one dollar from every hundred the program is going to withhold. Please keep this in mind and be sure to factor it into any calculations you are making about your final expected earnings from your investment.

On the subject of the more technical, design, and security aspects of the program then, the script that MerchantInvest is running off is completely custom made and specially developed from scratch to meet the program’s requirements. I can see that it’s extremely uncomplicated and easy-to-use, and if it’s not your first HYIP you won’t have any issues browsing your account area. To try and appeal to a wider audience MerchantInvest is also bilingual. Apart from the default English version you can also view the website in Russian. For an extra layer of protection the MerchantInvest website includes SSL encryption by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Hosting is on a dedicated server provided by OVH, and their protection from DDoS and other malicious attacks is provided by CloudFlare. The MerchantInvest domain name just in case anyone is interested is registered for ten years in advance. Not that I’m suggesting the program will be with us that long, but still, it always shows a professional attitude from the admin, a willingness to take care of the basics today before they become problems tomorrow.

If you still have any remaining questions about the program that you think I might have missed here or any account issues you need to have dealt with then the MerchantInvest support network has a couple of options for you. Always start with the website’s FAQ of course, and as I pointed out already you can view the MerchantInvest website in Russian if that makes it easier for anyone to understand. If that doesn’t explain what you need to know then MerchantInvest have Live Chat support. Try and find an operator there first, remembering it’s not open 24 hours. The main point of contact with them if you don’t manage to deal with things using this service is the traditional online support form where you just fill in your details and submit via the contacts page. You may also write to the admin directly at the listed e-mail address. Fans of social media networks will be able to connect with MerchantInvest using Facebook. Lastly then there’s the one option I be most likely to dismiss which is MerchantInvest‘s postal address. From experience I know that addresses linked to online HYIPs are generally just virtual serviced offices and not where you will find anyone connected to the program were you to visit.

Supposedly MerchantInvest are somehow involved in “cryptocurrencies” (doing what exactly with them isn’t really explained) plus various other activities such as short term loans, etc. Believing this or not is up to you, but like most things you find on the net, were it to be true it still doesn’t guarantee either your profit or even the safety of your deposit. So whereas MerchantInvest might be more attractive than a lot of the other programs it’s competing against for your money, (again a matter of opinion) it’s still an online HYIP. Experienced readers all know this is a gamble by now and so how to behave responsibly if you like your chances of winning – set yourself a sensible spending limit you can easily afford to lose, and if you do join MerchantInvest then do try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’ve already given some though to the question, that is whether you think MerchantInvest is worth taking a chance on or not, then I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following opinion poll. As always, remember it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, and literally just takes a second to vote. The result is really more of an ongoing thing while the program runs, however it can be interesting in the coming weeks and months to show what people really think of the program, whether their gut instincts were right or not, and what people want to see in a HYIP before they want to join. So, the question is:

Will you make an active deposit in MerchantInvest?

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I’ll start with the first update from the admin of the above reviewed MerchantInvest, just to stay on topic. After the first week online the program seems to be doing quite well and the admin issued the first newsletter earlier today. The main highlights of it include a representative program where members can earn more by referring others, the correct way of entering the AdvCash wallet to receive uninterrupted instant payouts from the program, and the appeal of using Google Authenticator for tighter security in your account with MerchantInvest. More details are below:

New week
Dear partners and friends!
New week is here!
We are working on representative program where you can earn more from your referrals. You can start building your downline now and earn money now and more in near future.
Do you like insurance for investment projects and waiting with deposit? Then we have good news for you! On fairmonitor you can find our 500 USD insurance. We want increase this amount every 1-2 weeks and open insurance on few other sites.
Now I can see 3 pending withdrawals. Yes just 3, but in all cases is problem with wrong wallet account ID – check please your wallets in system. 90% problems is with advcash – advcash = your E-MAIL in advcash. This problem is just about 5-10 accounts daily, but check your account please, you can save my time and your withdrawal will be instant.
Do you know that in our system you can use Google authenticator for your better security? Yes, this great free mobile app for Android and iOS working well with our system.
Nice week for you and your family!


StrangeEvent was added to the Basic List on MNO 23 days ago, but only today has the admin decided it was the right time to upgrade to Standard and have a full review posted on the MNO blog later this week. Overall, StrangeEvent has been running for over two months now, so you cannot really say it’s that new. Apparently the admin prefers his program to develop and grow gradually as he adds different features, payment processors, and even investment plans during their first weeks online. Now StrangeEvent accepts five payment processors, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash, so I wouldn’t expect the list to grow anymore. We cannot say the same about the investment plans, as originally StrangeEvent started with four of them that paid 1.4% for 15 days, 1.8% for 30 days, 2.2% for 60 days, 2.6% for 90 days while returning the initial investment on expiry and deposit minimums from $10 to $7,500 depending on the plan. The newest addition to the investment plans is probably the one most investors will be interested in, as it already includes the initial investment factored into the daily payouts and promises to pay 4.7% daily for 30 calendar days thus making it possible to get 41% net profit by expiry. The minimum to invest here is $20 and the maximum limited at $400. Fans of instant withdrawals will be pleased to learn that StrangeEvent pays instantly and has done so since the start.

At first glance the design looks good, with an unusual story of match fixing in the lower leagues and gambling with advance knowledge of the results. Unlikely that something so blatantly illegal would be so proudly advertised like that, but at least its different. The site is available in several different languages, has a promotional video explaining its income streams and video testimonials, and feature a UK-based certificate of incorporation. StrangeEvent does look a familiar feeling when you are signed in to your account, as it’s running off a licensed H-Script with few modifications. DDoS protection is provided by DDoS Guard that keeps StrangeEvent on a dedicated server, while SSL from Comodo features Green Bar Extended Validation. I believe that is all the initial information I can tell you about StrangeEvent with a more detailed discussion of its main features and investment plans coming on Friday. Stay tuned for that!


The sixth language that the Elizion website is now translated into is French. As the admin said in an update on the matter, he hopes this will open new horizons for the program that has been paying on its 3.3% for 60 days plan for four and a half months already. Now in its third investment cycle it’s no wonder that Elizion has reached the #1 position on the MNO Premium List and is still holding it despite stiff competition from NordeBank (reviewed here). As Elizion is running mostly off a Telegram-based bot you may deposit and withdraw by activating the Elizion bot there. Investments are accepted from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Ethereum, and AdvCash and you may choose between two options – either receive automatic payments directly to the same e-currency you joined with, or receive instant withdrawals on request if you enable them, allowing you to make a reinvestment from your balance at any time you wish. By the way, until the end of tomorrow GMT Elizion (reviewed here) offers a 5% deposit bonus on all new investments. Whether it’s just an appreciation of members’ support, like the admin stated in one of the recent updates or a warning sign that should alert investors remains to be seen. If you are confident that it’s the former, then more info is below:

Dear partners, we are do not standing on one place. Day by day we embody our plans into reality. From today we give an opportunity to get acquainted with the Elizion’s investment platform, using the French language localization.
French is an official language in 29 countries. We become closer and more clear for people from around the world.
Enjoy your life with Elizion!

The company Elizion is grateful for the confidence shown by all partners. Wanting to provide more favorable conditions for cooperation and to promote our platform, we decided to please you a pleasant opportunity.
On all investments made with 20.03.2017 (3:00 GMT) until the last minute 21.03.2017 (before 23:59 GMT time) will be automatically credited with a bonus 5% of the total investment. Get more by investing your money profitably.
Elizion – investment platform ?1


Despite 50EX being quite a new program on MNO (review coming on Wednesday), it appears to have attracted quite a lot of attention from my readers over its first days listed on Sticky/Premium status on my site. Obviously, the originality of the program where you may invest in blocks of $50 in the 8% for 20 days paying plan and get paid automatically to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or BitCoin accounts is quite obvious to everyone dealing with HYIPs on a regular basis. And people do like original programs with more interesting features and running off custom made scripts. With 50EX the most interesting feature is definitely the Telegram account where you can earn bonus points to exchange to cash balance and instantly withdraw. By the way, by allowing 50EX to contact you via Telegram you will also get the latest updates from the program, but will still be able to handle everything from inside your regular account area on the 50EX website. Among the latest updates include links posted to their official Telegram chats in five different languages, as the main site is available in six and also offers Ukrainian. You can read more on this in the update below:

50EX Chat
Official Russian Telegram-chat: (
Official English Telegram-chat: (
Official German Telegram-chat: (
Official Vietnamese Telegram-chat: (
Official Polish Telegram-chat: (


TradeexPro has been experiencing a severe DDoS attack lately. It seems not many competitors like having such an established performer and would like to try everything to bring it down. Fortunately the admin is very proactive in developing counter-measures to prevent such attacks in the future and thus together with CloudFlare introduced a new feature to stop this from happening again. Here’s what the admin had to say:

DDOS-attack successfully stopped
Dear users
Today our project is under the DDOS attack which bypasses the mechanisms of Cloudflare.
We provide an increased level of verification and this completely stopped DDOS.
Now Tradeex is working successfully.
UPDATE FROM March, 19.
Speed of office & website improved.
Join us!

TradeexPro was first reviewed on MNO here and includes the latest addition of Microcredit investments which pay once on expiry of 10 to 90 calendar day terms. The original investment plan in TradeexPro pays from 1% to 5% variable interest from Monday to Friday and a fixed rate of 1% on Saturdays and Sundays over the duration of a full calendar year, i.e. 365 days. Withdrawal requests are processed almost instantly, only with a five minute delay, and TradeexPro has been paying without any issues since October 2016. Long may it continue and those who joined the program since it first came to MNO 45 days ago will soon see a profit too.


If you saw the previous design and investment plans of RubiLtd you might not recognize it anymore since the last couple of days. The site has been completely revamped (for the better in my opinion) to now features a less cluttered clearer black-and-white layout with a different set of investment plans than before. Those who invested in RubiLtd according to the old investment terms will be paid as usual until expiry. For new investors the following terms and conditions apply from now on. The shortest investment plan will now pay you 7.33% for 15 calendar days which will give you 110% back by expiry for $10 to $200. The second plan has a longer 30-day duration paying you 4.33% on deposits from $10 to $10,000 for a 30% profit margin by expiry. The third option pays 3% for 60 calendar days with 80% pure profit by expiry on deposits from a $50 minimum, while the latest plan is for richer investors with $5,000 or more for 2.78% for 90 calendar days with a 250% total return by expiry. RubiLtd still works with the same payment processors and will accept deposits via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. As you can see the set of investment plans has been greatly simplified and the investors were left with less but clearer choice on what investment plan suits them best. I have already updated the review of RubiLtd with the new offers (click here to read it), while the admin’s interview where he first mentioned the latest priorities for his program can be found here. Among the next things to be improved in RubiLtd there was a mention of Telegram chat addition and the translation of the website into several different languages. All the latest updates from RubiLtd including the changes you need to be aware of and plans for the future can be found below:

Updated design and marketing
Good afternoon. As announced earlier, the design and plans of our project has changed. Now to work and invest with RubiLtd has become much easier and more profitable. The design is so integrated for each investor, and investment plans were created based secure maximum profits.
ATTENTION. After you update the design every user needs to clear cookies when you log on to the website. This is done very simply: you need to press CTRL+F5 on the main page (if necessary in each section of the site). If you experience any difficulties, please contact technical support.
In the near future, expect the emergence of a Telegram-chat and new languages.
We keep our promises and honest with everyone. For a long time will delight You with its work. Who like our project support comments and likes. Ready to answer your questions and to hear everyone’s opinion.


I don’t know of anyone with an account in NixMoney or using it for investing in HYIPs, but it appears someone does because SoftMining has added it as a fifth payment processor. I’m not sure that it will somehow positively affect the cashflow into the program, but clearly the admin is hoping it will be the case:

NixMoney is available now !!!
Dear Miners
We add new deposit accept way.
That is NixMoney.

Apart from NixMoney, you may join SoftMining using PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash and receive instant withdrawals once you reach the $5 required minimum in your account. It will take you quite a while though, if you invest the $10 minimum, as SoftMining pays 0.95% to 1.25% daily over an unlimited period of time and no principal returned. That’s why even despite SoftMining being on MNO for 75 days now, not a single investor has reached the profit zone yet, but I hope that changes doon. You can read more on SoftMining in the detailed review posted here.


Hardly a day goes by without a news update from RichmondBerks. Sometimes it’s just a guide on how to get more from the program and promote it properly. Not in this case though as several updates regarding the newly launched BitCoin program have been published over the last few days. Apparently there was an appetite from investors in RichmondBerks for a separate investment balance available without BitCoin funds being converted to RBD. It was introduced over the weekend by popular demand, so now you can see both balances in your RichmondBerks account – RBD (RichmondBerks Dollars) and BTC. As you might know from my review of RichmondBerks posted here, the daily interest for anyone who joined earlier is fixed at 1.5% per business day and 0.7% over the weekends with no term limits and with the option to withdraw your principal any time for a 50% fee. Daily payments can be withdrawn instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash. “Buy RBD” and “Sell RBD” worked like a charm so far, but now you can also invest via BitCoin and participate in the new BTC program and for those who will have at least 0.1 BTC (approximately $100 at current exchange rates) additional deposit made, the admin of RichmondBerks promises to increase the daily earnings on business days to 1.6%. Besides, there is a promo-code BTC20 available now for all those who wish to participate in the new BitCoin only investment offer, and thus get a whopping 20% deposit bonus to their investment amount. Among other updates from RichmondBerks over the last few days are the weekly digest highlighting the most important events over the last week and another story of success from a Japanese investor who made $40K in two weeks. All the latest updates from RichmondBerks can be found below:

New Bitcoin Program details
Dear Friends!
Today a new Bitcoin program is released! And here is some new information for you.
1. New Bitcoin program allows you to make deposits and withdraw money in Bitcoins without any conversion losses.
2. The interest rate is lifelong and starts from 1,5%. Making any single deposit within Bitcoin program raises the interest rate by 0,1% up to 1,6% in total. Permanently.
3. The minimum deposit amount is 0,1 BTC ($100)
The new program is turned on! You can use it right now!
Try it now!

BTC: Important information
Hello! Since yesterday, our company has introduced a new tariff for investors, where you can buy BTC. And now we would like to announce several important news, as well as answer frequently asked questions.
We increase the daily profit of RBD
Increase the investment and activate the increase in the percentage of daily income to 1.6%. The percentage of profit was raised by the company due to the growth of the capitalization level by 2.6 times, which amounts to $2,600,000,000. Within the next month we will provide a report where you can learn more about the growth of the company.
Change RBD to BTC – Very soon
Soon you will be able to convert your RBD and BTC with minimal losses. This function is already under development and will be introduced within a week. Keep for updates.
Affiliate BTC income
When your partner buy BTC, the affiliate profit will be available for withdrawal only in Bitcoin currency.
RBB products
At the moment, all the promo codes and boosters are working only for the RBD. Soon, new products will appear in the store specifically to increase the profits of BTC.
Bitcoin currency
Soon it will be able to buy RBD not only for USD, but also for BTC currency. This functionality is already under development. Expect more details.
The minimum withdrawal of the BTC currency is 0.0005. You can withdraw the earned funds only to the Bitcoin wallet.
Ask your questions in the comments and soon you will be able to see the section on this rate in the FAQ.
Yours sincerely, RichmondBerks company.

New BTC program drastically beats all the records!
Hello, everyone! As far as you know we launched a new Bitcoin program only two days ago. And this program has produced the effect of exploded bomb among company Clients and real estate community members.
In just 2 days more than 410 000 people took a part in the Program. Despite of the rather high minimum deposit amount. The average deposit value is about 10 times higher than in classical RBD program and that drastically beats all the company records.
At this rate company goes to the further level so many new opportunities will appear quite soon. And you made this happen. You are a part of this success.
Use it for wealth and prosperity!
To the program
Best regards, RichmondBerks company
P.S. By the way, the new Bitcoin Program is more profitable than regular RBD. Besides it’s more convenient for the people, because there are absolutely no conversion losses.
Use this opportunity and 20% promo-code BTC20 to earn more.
Use Promo-Code BTC20

Review of the company in my blog bring me 40 thousands in 2 months
Greetings. My name is Katsu Takahashi, I’m a blogger. I want to tell you about things which can help to many people. My hobby helped me to make good money. Well, if I could, then what’s stopping you?
I call myself a blogger for some reason, for several years now I’ve been actively using a lot of blogs, both popular and not very much. And during that time I even had time to get their own audience that listens to my opinion. To conduct a blog for me is not only a hobby, but also a job, although it is not possible to make good money on it. However, my blog is my brainchild, and I can not take it lightly. You can ask, where is my activity, but it is directly related to how I was able to earn $ 40,000 with Richmond Berks without investments.
In general, from the world of investment and finance, I’m far enough, so I found this company, not myself. I was advised by my father, he is very fond of this. He said that he already invested, receives income and very much praised RichmondBerks.
Looking at the company’s website, I became interested, but did not invest, at that time I had a bad financial situation. However, I decided to share my impressions of the company with my audience and wrote a detailed review of the company. I talked about all aspects of working with the company, all their chips, bonuses and other nuances. I posted my review on many blogs, because the audience I had was not only on some specific blog, but on many.
After a couple of hours, as I posted my review, people began to address me to the mail and forum, asking questions about the company RichmondBerks. I am always glad to communicate with my audience and I gladly responded to everyone, told about Mobile Share how to make money on it, achievements, how to get them and what they give, to the Store, to the Partnership program. Fortunately, the company itself answered all the questions before me, I just found the information I needed on their website and shared it. Well, having decided to try my luck, I gave everyone my referral link.
For a while I forgot about the company, there were urgent matters, I was very busy for a few days. The flow of letters to me did not stop, I still answered to all. Even made a specific FAQ at the end of his review, so people immediately saw the answers to common questions and I inserted my referral link there. A week later I decided to look at the site, see if anyone from my subscribers has registered. And honestly, I could not expect such a result.
10 thousand dollars and 73 new partners. “Wow!” – I exclaimed, I did not even think that it could be so simple. Over time, I began to receive more and more letters and messages, I posted my review on other blogs, found myself a new audience. My income grew and grew. And for two months I was able to earn more than 40 thousand dollars.
I could not believe it. But the numbers do not lie, and I’m glad that fate gave me a meeting with the company. But you can accomplish the same thing, just use the tools that you already provided by the company. It’s easy!
Good luck and prosperity!

RichmondBerks Weekly Digest
Hello! RichmondBerks presents a brief digest of important events and news of the past week. You can find out about each news by clicking on it.
Monday 13.03
Report on the conference held in Nigeria
Conference in Nigeria – Report
A webinar of the company was conducted. Missed it? Look in the record.
Webinar “How to make money with RichmondBerks LTD anywhere?”
Tuesday 14.03
We have prepared for you a complete instruction on the RBB Store and how to earn RBB.
What is the RichmondBerks store, and how to use it
Wednesday 15.03
The new feature is available in the personal account – Dual Authentication. Learn more about this
Important: Enable 2-step verification
Thursday 16.03
Report of the conference held in Kiev
Report on the conference in Kiev
Friday 17.03
The results of the voting
New bitcoin program: poll results
Saturday 18.03
New story of success of our client
Review of the company in my blog bring me 40 thousands in 2 months
New tariff for Bitcoin is now available
New Bitcoin Program details


Despite my reservations about some features in Amazing7 expressed in my review posted here, the admin found it favorable to send a link to the review to all current and potential investors of his program, so they could check it out themselves. Along with that newsletter, two more were sent later over the weekend in which the admin told us over five thousand members have joined and hundreds of followers of their Facebook page too. For those of you who had no idea what Amazing7 is, the program accepts investments from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, and BitCoin. They have three investment plans – one hourly paying 0.1% for 50 calendar days and two paying 2.6% or 3% depending on the size of your principal for 50 calendar days. Withdrawals can be requested from your account once you reach a $1 minimum balance, and a withdrawal fee of 2.99% is automatically applied by the script. Usually they are paid within a few hours, and the admin is quite responsive to members’ queries over email or Live Chat. As investment offers from Amazing7 are quite reasonable and the principal is already included in the hourly/daily payouts thus offering you 20% to 50% profit by expiry, I hope the program will last long and the first members profit within the next few weeks. I will watch the program’s development on MNO and meanwhile, please read all the latest newsletters from Amazing7 from the last 72 hours:

Read Our Review From (MNO)
Hello, Dear Investors and Partners, We A Happy To Inform You That One Of The Biggest Online Monitoring Forum/Monitor; (MNO), has published our review. Day By Day We Are Growing Our Business Worldwide and We Guarantee You The Long Life Of Amazing7, as it is the only company running around with 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee With World Class Support Staff along With The Live chat staff.
We wish you happy earning ahead.
Review of our program was posted on MNO blog and you can find it here:

As we Are Approaching Towards 5000 Members.
We Are Approaching Towards 5000 Members. So We Decided To Start Our Bonus Offers So That Our Investors And Partners Can Get More And More Benefits and High Bonus Earnings. Get Ready To Ride The Thrill Of Amazing7

Over 5000+ Investors And 1500+ Facebook Followers.
Hello Dear Amazing7 Family, We Are Over 5000+ Investors and Partners in Amazing7 and Over 1500 Facebook Followers. Join Our Facebook Page Now.


Unfortunately I have to finish today’s news by reporting Weollee and Eqniax both scammed within a few hours of each other. Both programs had lots in common. They were even calling themselves “neural networks”, bore weird names, and worked off the same premise that members could withdraw their principals at any time. Weollee stopped paying first before I got an email from the admin of Eqniax telling me that this had hit his program badly with too many people asking for principal withdrawals at the same time that he couldn’t cope with. It’s only natural now that people will speculate if Weollee and Eqniax were run by the same admin. It’s hard to give you a definite answer but it looks as if one was very dependent on the other. Once Weollee collapsed investors might rightfully think Eqniax would be the next to go, and rushed to withdraw their principals. The collapse of one caused massive panic in the other. Not that it matters much now, but I tend to believe the programs had no connection, nor do I believe Eqniax was planned as a fast scam. Weollee that has been quite a good program for my readers, many of whom are well in profit, while the few who joined Eqniax were in a total loss and weren’t able to withdraw anything before the admin disabled instant withdrawals. Fortunately not many readers were affected by that one. Neither Weollee or Eqniax are paying, so please do not invest in either of the programs, guys. Both on Scam status on the MNO monitor and are unlikely to recover!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: NordeBankOnePunchLtd, 50EX.
From MNO Premium listElizion, SportArbitrage, BandeiraCorpRichmondBerksLensenGroupTeaHouseRubiLtd, MacaoLottoTradeBTC, SoftMiningMavisTradeexPro, BikeForMeSunCoinz, MerchantInvestAmazing7LegendInvestments.
From MNO Standard list: AuctionHouseSortaStrangeEvent.
From MNO Basic list: BetCruisez.

That’s it for today, guys. Just to say that PassiveLoan was moved to Waiting status on the MNO monitor earlier following some reports from readers who never received their withdrawals at the usual time. While the FAQ of PassiveLoan has no clear indicator about how long the waiting time is, I find it disturbing that some people are paid, and some are not. There is certainly no queue there either, as PassiveLoan was paying kind of randomly today which might constitute selective payouts and stalling tactics. Anyway, I sincerely hope that it’s not true as the program has been running quite well over the last two months, but in any case by tomorrow it will be quite obvious whether PassiveLoan is going to continue paying or not. For now please be extremely cautious about making new investments there, even if you’re getting paid. By the way, voting on whether we already have the biggest program of 2017 featured on my monitor or not is still open on the MNO TalkBack page and you may see what others think and submit your own opinion here. If you like MNO and would like to receive regular emails with my articles please subscribe to my newsfeed here, or follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter. I’ll be back on Wednesday with a full review of 50EX, so thanks for reading and see you all then!

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