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09/03/2017. RubiLtd Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! RubiLtd has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Plenty of news to catch up on today as it’s been another bumper 48 hours in the industry, so if you’re following the programs listed on my monitor I hope you can make some time as you have plenty of reading to do here. On a side note however before I get to the main article in today’s update – a closer look at a mid to long term program called RubiLtd – I just want to make a quick point to any admins reading this, or indeed any interested readers. After making this the subject of readers opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page, I was quite surprised to see just how many of you are so strongly in favor of a price increase on the MNO monitor. This isn’t a decision I’ll be taking lightly, hence asking for reader’s thoughts on the matter given that you guys are the ones benefiting from the MNO monitor. But it looks like the general consensus is that prices should go up, and with the last increase way back in 2014 I’m inclined to now agree. I haven’t decided what the final structure will be yet, that will be announced late next week. Meantime if there are any admins who want to list on MNO but are waiting for some reason to do so later, please note that this will be your last opportunity to avail of existing prices as they are about to go up very soon. Anyway, not that that’s out of the way let’s push ahead with RubiLtd and see what you think of them. In fact one program has already taken advantage of this by expediting their listing to join the MNO monitor under the old pricing scheme, so other admins take note and don’t waste too much time.

Just to be very clear about one thing with RubiLtd before we get any further, the program can by no means be considered brand new. In fact it’s been online for around eight weeks by now, which considering it only takes 15 days to profit means it must surely have been a successful venture for at least some of you by now. So, as long as that’s understood let’s see what kind of investment plans RubiLtd has available and whether you think any of them are suitable for you.

You have four plans to choose from in RubiLtd, running for various term lengths and paying you according to how much money you invest. The first of these is called The Test Fifteen Plan, which as the name implies runs for 15 calendar days. It will cost you a minimum of $10 to join, and for anything up to $200 RubiLtd are offering to pay members 7.33% interest per day. Your principal is counted as part of those payments, so should by the end of the term add up to 110% which is your own money back plus 10% net profit.

The second investment option is called The Standard Thirty Plan and is equally affordable with a $10 minimum required to join. The term runs 30 calendar days, during which members are offered a daily interest payment of 4.33%. At first glance it might be tempting to focus on the fact that the interest rate is lower for this plan, however with more individual payments it’s ultimately still a more profitable plan. Your payments add up to 130% of your initial principal which RubiLtd include, so it’s your own money back plus 30% net profit. Maximum spending limit here is capped at $10,000.

Your third option for investing with RubiLtd is The Premium Sixty Plan. It’s still quite affordable to most, though the minimum deposit does go up to $50, and for anything up to a $50,000 limit members can claim a daily interest payment of 3% for 60 calendar days. This in turn adds up to 180% by the time the plan expires, and with RubiLtd including your principal as part of those payments it means your own money back plus 80% net profit.

The last of our four plans and the longest term option available is The VIP Ninety Plan. And with a $5,000 opening minimum required to join, it really is for VIPs. If spending up to the maximum $100,000 then RubiLtd are offering you a daily interest payment of 2.78% for 90 calendar days. By the time you receive the final payment you should hopefully have withdrawn 250% in total earnings, or with RubiLtd counting your principal as part of that a net profit of 150%.

If you’ve decided which of those plans is best suited to your needs then the next thing we need to look at is what your payment options are. For the more conventional style third party payment handlers RubiLtd use PerfectMoney, AdvCash, and Payeer to move money around. If you prefer to deal directly and use your own more modern digital e-currency then members can spend BitCoin instead. Whatever your preference, withdrawals are made manually by the admin and need to be requested from inside your RubiLtd private members account area. You are asked to allow a maximum of 24 hours for all transactions to be completed. Fair enough I suppose, this is pretty much the industry standard, however in my own short experience dealing with RubiLtd I’ve never had to wait anything even close to that.

One rather odd feature about withdrawals that you should pay extra close attention to, by the way, is the schedule. Not only that just one withdrawal is allowed every 24 hours, but also that there must be a further 24 hour gap before the next withdrawal. For example, let’s say I’m owed money by RubiLtd. Fine, I log into my account at 13.00 in the afternoon and withdraw. I get paid as usual as expected, no problem. However now I am not allowed to withdraw again until 13.00 in the afternoon on the following day (24 hours later) at the earliest. But let’s say I’m delayed and can’t log into my account with them until 14.00 in the afternoon. I can still make my regular withdrawal request, except now it’s going to be another full 24 hours, i.e. 14.00 at the very earliest on the next day again, before I can make another withdrawal.

It’s just one of the many quirks that seems to come with the unique and custom made script that RubiLtd is running off. One of the other features that allows you to earn a little extra money from the program is a sort of bonus/incentive scheme. It’s not exactly a massive amount of money or anything, though it’s unique and as something the admin is under no obligation to offer in the first place still makes for a nice extra. It’s called the Rubi Dollars Bonus Account where an amount equivalent to 10% of your principal is placed in a bonus account for you. This earns 1% per day, or an amount equal to about 0.1% of your total principal which you can transfer to the main balance any time and withdraw when you are requesting your usual interest payment. Like I said it’s only a small incentive, but a very unique one which RubiLtd has put its own stamp on.

Aside from the script a few of the other technical details you might like to know about include the fact that the RubiLtd website is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS and other malicious attacks by OVH. For safer browsing and more secure transactions you will see the website carries a superior Green Bar Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo to provide safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions for the admin that you think were not explained here or any account related issues that need to be dealt with then you have a couple of communication channels available. Needless to say the first thing you should be looking at anyway is the FAQ section as that might save everyone a lot of time if your questions is already addressed there. Also it will definitely make things a lot easier for investors to remember that the RubiLtd website is multilingual. Apart from the default English version you can switch to Russian, French, German, and most recently Chinese where the RubiLtd admin says around 20% of the program’s traffic has been coming from in recent times. For direct contact then you can start by checking the built-in Live Chat feature. Once you find an operator there you might be able to get your queries dealt with in real time. Otherwise you can fill in your details on the online customer support form and submit it via the RubiLtd website’s contact page. There’s a postal address in the UK where RubiLtd have a company registration certificate (something anyone can buy) though as always these tend to be hosted workspaces and not where you might find anyone connected with running the program physically located. On the other hand it also comes with a telephone number attached, so give it a call if you think someone might pick up and answer.

Experienced HYIP players will already know this of course, but for any newbies reading this I’ll remind you that just because RubiLtd say they are involved in a particular line of business doesn’t mean you should necessarily believe it. And if it was true, that still wouldn’t mean it has to be profitable all the time. In this case the program claims to be involved in the construction of affordable housing in several markets around the world. As is always the case, there’s nothing you can see that independently confirms any of that of course. My own suggestion is that you remember to treat RubiLtd as you would any other online HYIP, i.e. a form of high risk gambling. So set yourself a sensible and responsible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose if things don’t work out with your investment, and if joining RubiLtd at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you’ve already come to a decision as to whether RubiLtd is going to be a suitable addition to your portfolios or not, or indeed if you’ve already joined and invested, perhaps you won’t mind answering the following opinion poll. As always it will only take a second to reply, is completely anonymous and untraceable, and will hopefully show us what the average investor expects from a program before joining. The question then is:

Will you make an active deposit in RubiLtd?

View Results

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LegendInvestments is a new program from the Premium List on MNO that joined my monitoring just a few hours ago, after being online for about two weeks. Over that time no one has yet reached the break-even point. Patience is a strong requirement with the program, but you will certainly be rewarded for your loyalty when the time comes. You see, with LegendInvestments there is no expiry date on the term so you will keep earning until the program collapses. Your principal is locked in and cannot be withdrawn. The daily interest rates start from 1% and grow gradually in several stages until it reaches a 3% maximum on day 301, staying that way from there onwards. While you might argue that LegendInvestments might not be online that long, you will totally recoup your investment and will be able to enjoy profits after about two and a half months. Another interesting thing about this plan is that you will only have one deposit and will be able to add more funds to it any time you like. This new money will start earning at the same increased daily rate of interest as your existing deposit. I will, of course, explain this in more detail in the upcoming review to be posted on MNO on Monday. However already today I can confirm you will enjoy an automatically added deposit bonus which is randomly allocated and may be as high as 20% extra to your earning balance. The random bonus will be accrued on new deposits made in LegendInvestments from $10 and more via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. A curious withdrawal rule is in place in LegendInvestments to encourage bigger deposits – all withdrawals for those with $3K or bigger investments are processed instantly, while those with less than that have to wait a 48 hour maximum for a manual payment. Other perks for the so-called VIP investors will also be discussed in the upcoming review, but I personally like the separation as the same policy is sometimes used in real banks to deliver a more personalized service to VIP clients. Although LegendInvestments seems to be using a licensed GoldCoders script as its base, it looks to have been highly customized to suit the program’s needs as you can see in your account area. The website itself is quite good too and although there is some loud background music that can distract you, it can easily be muted. There is a Green Bar EV SSL cert from Comodo, the domain is registered for ten (!) years in advance, and the site is hosted on a dedicated server with DDoS protection provided by Global Frag Networks. Everything radiates quality and forward thinking and I believe that overall LegendInvestments has spent a good amount of time and effort developing it into a decent quality finished product. To accommodate the growing Asian HYIP investment community LegendInvestments has also been recently translated into Vietnamese and Chinese, in addition to the default English and a Russian version. I’m sure many other improvements are coming soon as well, judging by the admin’s visibly high ambitions. All the first news and updates released over their first two weeks online are posted below in chronological order for you:

Our renovated website officially launched
Dear visitors of LegendInvestments, we are pleased to introduce to you our newly revamped website, the result of many hours of work and mixture of affection, dedication and attention to detail. This website is one of the Company’s main investment tools. Any investor from anywhere in the world now has the opportunity to invest his/her money lucratively and at the appropriate time receive and withdraw profits from his/her Personal account. Thank you for choosing us and our website. We will take every effort to fulfil our commitment of taking excellent care of you and making your experience on the website the most comfortable and convenient. We will ensure your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

The first 500 investors have already opened a deposit.
Today, we’ve reached the first milestone – 500 active investors have become partners in our updated program. What a great start and great prospects! Benefit from our offer and secure a stable income from your investments.

Facebook Group Launch.
We are glad to inform all our partners that cooperation with Legend Investment has now become even closer and easier for everyone! In our Facebook group you will have a chance to see our news, participate in our contests, share your investment results with other partners and do a great number of other interesting things. You will find the group icon in the header or follow the link:

Website Translation in Vietnamese.
We are glad to inform you that we have ended our website localization in another language! Legend Investment is expanding its boundaries, and very soon we are going to add Japanese, French, Turkish and a number of other language versions.


The admin of BikeForMe today requested an interview with the MNO blog (I’ll be sending him a list later) and also promised the addition of Payza on his website sometime tomorrow. This will be great news for all the fans of that payment processor and would allow the program to expand its appeal to a wider investment audience with its 3% for 50 days plan currently offered for a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, with instant withdrawals (click here to read more in my review of BikeForMe). I sincerely hope that BikeForMe will get ahead of its competition by adding Payza soon, but we cannot really rely on it before it actually happens, so I’ll keep you informed.

Meanwhile, from the latest news posted on the BikeForMe website we can see that a deposit bonus offer was active yesterday (sorry, it’s expired now!) and that in order to maintain faster BitCoin processing the minimum to withdraw via BitCoin has been increased to 0.00125 BTC. That’s about $1.50 at current exchange rates, but the good thing is that withdrawals to more traditional payment systems like PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash will remain at just $0.10. Read more below:

Dear investors!
Due to the high burden on small bitcoin payments, we set a minimum amount for withdrawal bitcoin 0.00125 BTC. Minimum withdrawal in dollars will remain $0.1
Best wishes, BikeForMe team.

Dear investors!
It is the very moment when you can celebrate our first important achievement – we are online exactly 70 days! It means that today deposits of our first investors have ended their activity, which brought them 60% of net income. We sincerely congratulate everyone, who has joined us from our first days and we wish you to achieve the greatest results in future!
Besides, during our activity we have achieved great results: more than 7000 investors from all aver the world cooperate with us, turnover of attracted investments has exceeded 800000$. Our site is already translated into 4 languages and we cooperate with 4 most popular electronic payment systems. However, we are not going to stop, we have a lot of interesting ahead.
It does not matter that such important event has coincided with even more significant date for everyone – international women’s day! We would sincerely like to congratulate our beloved girls on this wonderful spring holiday! We wish you great mood, continuous sense of happiness, be surrounded by care, tenderness and love. Let the sun shine even brighter for you, and let it be really hot from our compliments!
This amazing day cannot be left without surprises. We have prepared interesting offer. In honor of our activity of 70 days and international holiday each new deposit in the amount of 70$ will get a gift, increasing its amount by 8%. This special offer is valid only one day until 24:00 at time. To take part the link:
Best wishes, BikeForMe team.


A few days ago the admin of SunCoinz also announced a slight increase in withdrawal minimums to BitCoin. As while investing in SunCoinz your BitCoin deposits are converted into USD the new withdrawal request limit is now set at $0.50, so remember that from now on you won’t be able to request a payment via BitCoin if it’s lower than that. Anyone who joined SunCoinz using PerfectMoney or Payeer will avoid this limitation and will still be able to be paid instantly on any amount from the plans – 0.6%-0.8% for 30 days (principal back), 2.4%-3% for 50 days, or 1% daily forever. For more information on SunCoinz you can always refer to the review posted here and below you will find the original update on the increased BitCoin withdrawal limit:

Dear Investors
Due to the exchange rate of BTC is too high, to avoid 0.0001 payment request (which will be 0.0000 after miner fee)
We decided to increase the minimum Withdraw amount into $0.5
So that no one will get 0.0000 in their payment.


A photo report from their conference in Osaka was posted on the RichmondBerks website today. They also promised that another conference (this time in Nigeria) will be held in a few days time with more information to come tomorrow. RichmondBerks is perhaps the only investment program that regularly holds such conferences where regular members and promoters are invited and educated on its lucrative investment plan and various promotional bonuses awarded to the best affiliate leaders. From my review of RichmondBerks posted here you may know of the program’s unique features which, among others, includes their own mobile app. For those unfamiliar with the program I’ll just remind you can join RichmondBerks with a $10 minimum and withdraw your daily interest of 1.5% on business days and 0.7% on weekends over an unlimited term (an option to withdraw your principal for a 50% fee is also provided) and get paid instantly to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash accounts. Another news report posted below includes a discount in the RichmondBerks store – another unique feature unseen before in any other HYIP – where you can enjoy a generous 30% discount to celebrate International Women’s Day. See more below:

Conference in Osaka – Report
The Osaka Conference, which was held on March 8, was also successful, as conference in Tokyo. The Richmond Berks company thanks all participants. The season of conferences is just beginning.
We present you a full photo report:
If you are having problems receiving prizes, please write about it in the comments.
March 11 will be held a new conference with the Nigeria! Tomorrow you will learn the details of the time and place in our blog

Happy Women’s Day! Get a 30% discount at the store!
RichmondBerks Company congratulates all women with the 8th of March! And we have prepared a gift for you. For all goods in the store a 30% discount is declared. Take this opportunity to get even more profit!! Visit the store right now. Do not miss your chance!


If you were lucky enough to deposit in Razzleton yesterday you might have already been rewarded with an 8% deposit bonus to commemorate International Women’s Day. This was applied to all new deposits made via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Qiwi, NixMoney, and Neteller and increased your balance for any of the investment plans currently offered by Razzleton – 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days (all three daily paying plans return your principal on expiry), 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days. After four months on MNO and an incredibly long lifetime of about fifteen months Razzleton (reviewed here) can be considered as the only old but still reliable investment project in the HYIP industry. It’s well deserved #1 position on the MNO Premium List is certainly something you cannot argue with, and the only possible downside I can think of at the moment is the higher than normal withdrawal minimum of $5 which punishes smaller investors and the long waiting period of 48 hours for a payment. The latest news is posted below for your information, as the bonus offer is not valid any longer:

Pleasant Bonuses for Spring Holiday
It is commonly known that on March 8th our partners from the CIS countries celebrate an International Women’s Day. Razzleton HealthCare Limited sincerely congratulates girls and women on the brightest spring holiday! And, of course, on this day we could not leave you without surprises, so we prepared a special offer for you. Do you want to get an impressive bonus when creating a deposit? We give you this opportunity!
Each deposit created on March 8th from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT will be automatically increased by 8%. This offer is valid for absolutely all our partners and investors. You can make use of our special offer any number of times during the day.
Razzleton – we give a holiday to a woman!


If you have been with WhyNot since the very start and enjoyed instant payments to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash from their 3% to 3.3% daily “forever” plans, you might know that the administration has got a good imagination and implies non-standard marketing for WhyNot‘s promotions. Therefore I was not surprised when last week a competition for the best advice for WhyNot‘s wildest suggestions and ideas was announced. Winners were named a few days ago with up to $350 in cash sent to their WhyNot accounts. As WhyNot recently celebrated half a million USD being invested in the program since its inception two months ago, a new investment plan was presented which is really for those with nerves of steel. According to its terms and conditions, you will need a minimum of $10K to invest for a reduced 1% daily interest rate on your deposit, however this comes with the option to withdraw your initial investment at any time you like without restrictions, something that other investors in WhyNot cannot do. Another item that might interest those of you who follow Telegram is that from now one you will have separate chats for English and Russian speaking members. That was a subject of yet another newsletter from WhyNot (reviewed here) which I’ll re-post below, just under the competition winners (congrats if your name is on that list):

During this week we gave a chance to all our investors to feel themselves like the administrator of the project “WhyNot”! More than 100 letters were examined. Each participant helped us to choose the right direction and the course to be followed!
Thank you for all your e-mails and help!
The administration of “WhyNot” and all the participants congratulate the winners!
1st place (350$) – EvilGranny, 2nd place (200$) – Ouliya, 3rd place (100$) – ZetD, 4-10 places (50$), BLASTERJAXXB, wania1977, dispel, Kinvestor, direktor, Lenin1917, bloodis
Participants who did not get in the top ten winners will receive a consolation prize!
To receive the prize, send an e-mail to marked A2A bonus, indicating your login!
The impossible will be regular – WhyNot!

Division of Chats
Extension of the Telegram chats
We are glad to inform you that there are several Telegram chats! Added separate chats for Russian and English speaking participants!
We will add chats for all language groups of the project participants soon.
Chat (Telegram) is now being used only for competitions and lotteries, new competitions will be added soon! Await for the news! To communicate about project “WhyNot” use:
Chat for Russian participants
Chat for English participants


Although AuctionHouseSorta is going to be reviewed on my blog on Saturday, I can clearly see that some of my readers already bought investment lots which start from a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. Working under the disguise of a real offline auction house, the program has developed quite a unique set of three investment plans that sell you different lots that start earning at the same time and are then replaced by three further offers. If that sounds a bit confusing for you, I will explain it all much better and with practical examples in the upcoming review, but all you need to know about it if you want to join AuctionHouseSorta immediately is that all three plans work within certain borders and promise 4.3%-4.7% for 30-32 days, 3.7%-4.1% for 45-47 days, 3.1%-3.3% for 60-62 days. Your initial deposit is included in the daily earnings so won’t be returned on expiry. Daily withdrawals need to be requested and are usually paid within a few hours. The first newsletter from the admin of AuctionHouseSorta after only nine days online shows a thousand registered users and promises to expand its investment offers in the future. Sounds good to me:

Over 1,000 registered users!
Dear participants of the program! It has been passed just of 9 days, but the number of users already have exceeded a mark in 1,000 people! We are grateful to you for your trust and we express confidence that it only the beginning of our successful joint cooperation.
Nevertheless, only for so short period we have something data to provide to fans of statistics. All to whom our development isn’t indifferent can get acquainted with the main indicators of the program which were reached at the moment. We want to note that these achievements became possible only thanks to your support and a trusted cooperation.
So, for example, only for the 9 days, it has been deposited about 44993$ in the AuctionHouseSorta program. At the same time, our investors already have earned about 10781$. Has been paid of the partner reward 4602$ what testifies to the increasing activity in use of our Partnership programme.
We want to confirm in practice the fact that the AuctionHouseSorta – it is the complete transparency and the highest level of reliability and trust in all aspects of joint interaction with our investors.
AuctionHouseSorta plans to expand in the future its investment offers and in even more degree to improve own services, which we provide to clients.
Yours faithfully, the AuctionHouseSorta team.
The AuctionHouseSorta – a cradle of true values and legacy of the British traditions.


Is fifty-two days online a decent achievement for an online HYIP? For a program like Weollee we can certainly answer yes. You see, with Weollee you need only 24 hours to be in profit. How is that possible, you might ask? When checking out the main website of Weollee you click “Mission start” which will re-direct you to the Weollee bot in the Telegram messenger and which will handle your investments with the program from now on. You may invest a $10 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash, and after a 24 hour lock-in period during which you cannot touch your money you will face a choice. Take all your principal and the 1.5% daily profit, or take only a part of it and keep earning with the rest, it’s totally up to you. The enormous level of flexibility you get after just 24 hours of making your deposit with Weollee is stunning and at first glance it seems hard to imagine how the program with such a risky set-up could last for so long. And yet, here we are – Weollee has been online for 52 days now and paying to everyone instantly and with no delays. And it’s been evolving all this time too! A new feature called “Turbo neurons” locks your principal with Weollee for a further 10 days but gets you an increased 2% daily compounded interest rate, compared to the usual 1.5% daily available for everyone else. This novelty has already been a success and many members of Weollee made a profit from it. The administration offered a so-called Turbo 8 bonus which was available for everyone who made a new deposit into Weollee yesterday during a 14-hour window announced in the newsletter. As the bonus has expired now, the main subject of today’s highlight on Weollee is their main achievements. The link to the new section along with the latest stats from Weollee can be found below in the first newsletter. If you wish to find more on Weollee please refer to my review here and the interview with the program’s admin here:

Hello. This is Weollee
Today I would like to share with you our achievements that we did together. And they are awesome!
52 days of successful mission!
10640+ investors all over the world has started their mission!
$3 000 000+ were invested in my neural network!
$377 000+ of money payout!
My neural network becomes more popular and valuable each day! Because I give people financial freedom and stability.
For convenient investment, my creators have developed an instruction. After reading it you can easily invest in a neural network, the simplest, and in literally – the most reliable way, with zero commissions for refill and withdrawal!
Link –

Hello. This Weollee
Turbo 8
In this amazing spring holiday, I congratulate all women with 8th of March
Spring brings renewal, smile, joy and happiness! Let these emotions be complemented with the flowers and financial freedom that Weollee gives you! On this beautiful day, I have prepared an amazing action for everyone – Turbo 8
Terms of promotion: Each mission participant can receive a bonus, for this it is enough to make a new replenishment of the money box with the amount of minimum $10. The bonus for this holiday is 8% for a new addition. After creating the refill, the required condition is to enable the option “Turbo neurons”. Those who does not activate Turbo neurons after replenishment, will not participate in this promotion. Important! The bonus is valid only for new replenishments. For those investors who withdrew the funds and brought back during the validity period of the action to receive the bonus, the action will not function!
Hurry up, time is limited! The action is valid from 8: 00 GMT to 22: 00 GMT
Thanks for Attention

Hello. This is Weollee
Bonuses giveaway is over! Don’t miss a chance to take part in an incredible giveaways. Follow our newsfeed and be the first to know about upcoming giveaways!


There is a new investment offer in TradeexPro to go with the original 1% to 5% varied on business days and 1% daily fixed on weekends for a 365 calendar day term. A detailed review of the program here explains more. The administration has put a lot of time and effort in modifying the website which made it inaccessible for a few nights. Now it looks that it paid off as today finally a new more lucrative offer called “Microcredits” was presented to its general public. To see the offer please sign into your account with TradeexPro, and click the Microcredits tab. Then you will see a sliding scale where by moving the cursor you will see how much you earn over how many days. The investment term of the Microcredits plan ranges from 10 to 90 calendar days and the daily interest is from 1.25% to 3% daily depending on the length of term. The trick is that by depositing in Microcredits you won’t be able to touch either your principal or your interest until expiry when you get paid everything in a lump sum. The minimum to invest in Microcredits is $50 which is higher than the $10 minimum for the main investment plan but still affordable to many. As with the main plan, once your deposit in Microcredits expires you can withdraw instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash, or re-invest some of your profits to get a deposit bonus of 5% to 20% from the amount you put in the new plan. More on Microcredits is in the TradeexPro‘s latest newsletter below. I’m also going to send a list of interview questions to the admin which will hopefully be answered soon:

Microcredits program
On the meeting of managers of TradeexPro investment program in 2017, was taken a decision to hold the event of additional financial market analysis in order to developing an investment strategy in new areas. Financial analysts of TradeexPro team had examined many lines of investment activities and have chosen to provide microcredits for physical and legal persons worldwide.
Microcredit – is a kind of financial activity based on a providing relatively small amounts on credit for ensuring needs of physical and legal persons in a difficult financial situation. In short, microcredit – is a credit for persons, who doesn’t have access to traditional banking, for different reasons, but needs money immediately.
Our experts have created mathematically thought out mechanism of investment interaction with microcredit market, on microcredit base according to TradeexPro investment program. In other words, investor gives a small amount of money for a short period and gets high rate of interest, and borrower receives money immediately under highest percent.
By investing in microcredit area, you’ll get maximum profit in a short time.
Use your money effectively! Invest into new TradeexPro investment program.


With MacaoLotto being quite a complicated program it might take some time to figure it out even after the detailed review of the program posted here. That’s why I believe it might be a good idea that the admin is launching a contest today where the three best video reviewers of MacaoLotto will be awarded with a cash prize ranging from of $50 to $150. Just a short reminder of what you can expect from MacaoLotto. You purchase an investment ticket with $10 or more via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash (Visa and MasterCard are also accepted, but not recommended). Then every 24 hours you either click on one out of the six available balls yourself (each will get you 0% to 6% profits), or enable the “Autoclicker” feature to do it for you. That lasts for the first 50 calendar days, after which you will get a reduced rate of 0.25% to 1.5% by guessing the right ball over the remaining two calendar year term. Remember that you may reinvest from your available balance as well as asking for a withdrawal that might take a further 24 hours to be processed by the admin manually. Here’s the latest on the launch of the video contest by MacaoLotto today and its terms and conditions:

Best Video Review
Dear investors and players.
We launch the contest “Best Video Review”.
1. Record a video review about our company and upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo.
2. Post a post in any popular social network with your video review.
3. Send the following information to the email
– Email registered in our company.
– Link to the video review.
– A link to the post in the social network.
Video reviews are accepted until 03/19/2017 00:00 GMT + 8.
The winners will be determined on 03/20/2017.
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As I already posted on the MNO blog previously, Palmills seems to have faced every possible problem lately including the Payza account suspension and a clone website using their name to steal from investors. So it was not a huge surprise when the admin of Palmills reported the closure of his program last night, while conveniently forgetting to disable new deposits which certainly qualifies the program as a scam in its own right. No one can complain about the lifetime of Palmills, as there was a tremendous opportunity to earn. It ran for almost four months, making it possible to complete a couple of investment cycles. In the lengthy farewell newsletter explaining the reasons for Palmills‘ collapse the admin didn’t mention issues with his Payza account, however named DDoS attacks they couldn’t cope with and the clone website as the main contributing factors. The admin made a list of people with most profits in the program and even announced winners of the latest promo contest (I wonder if they will get their prizes). In any case, please do not invest in Palmills anymore. We are eagerly anticipating the new program from the same admin which will surely be featured on MNO in due course:

Nothing is Last Forever
We welcome Palmills investors!
Our news is always filled with positive, but not today. First of all, we want to say that we always make every effort to get a quality product that everyone would like to taste. We do our best to satisfy your needs and we never set a goal to deceive you or steal your money. However, today we are forced to admit defeat in the market of trust management. There are several factors immediately became the reason for this, which we could not take into account when developing the concept of investment project, and, honestly, we were not ready to solve such problems.
The main reason is that throughout the entire period of our work, we were repeatedly subjected to powerful DDoS attacks, which required large resources (and, consequently, lots of money) to fend off. Undoubtedly, you could pay attention to the slow operation of the website or problems with access to accounts last week. This was the result of attacks, which cost us very much. Several times our payment accounts were hacked by professional hackers. Despite reliable protection and involvement of experts in network security, hackers could steal dozen tens of thousands dollars. Of course, we did not publicize this problem and covered losses from our own pocket, considering this to be the most reasonable solution. Another reason is unprofessional conduct from our hosting company that suddenly relocated our server without notice to a new location and they broke our database, it’s caused hundreds of our members got missing deposit, new registered member disappeared from our system and many members got double earnings.
The final nail in the coffin was put after launching the clone of our site – We did everything we could to prevent the work of the fake site: we wrote an official complaint to the domain registrar and also tried to contact the hosting service provider – OVH. Our appeal was ignored, no one wanted to take responsibility for the actions of the mossins. As a result, this completely undermined our reputation in the market, and currently, our customer support service is simply overwhelmed with tickets from deceived people who are not even our customers. Nevertheless, it did not become an obstacle for them to write negative reviews on numerous forums, websites, blogs, monitors. Unfortunately, we can not help them, and we suffer as much as they do.
Taking into account the above, we decided to announce the closure of Palmills project. We want to do this honestly and in detail explained the reasons for our decision. Sincerely we hope that you do not hold any evil on us and will take this news as manfully as we are.
Despite the difficulties in the work, many of our clients have excellent earned in Palmills project. Here is just a small list of our active users who still are in great profit:
Top 30 profitable investors:
1. $50.990 username: Wisnieski, 2. $50.682 username: chinahouse88, 3. $50.346 username: StarBTC, 4. $48.120 username: rocketInvest, 5. $46.990 username: AlRahman, 6. $45.110 username: SUNPOWER, 7. $40.211 username: davidy, 8. $37.510 username: yamaguchi, 9. $30.901 username: ElegantFrog, 10. $27.401 username: cengkuksui, 11. $23.001 username: skycapital, 12. $19.490 username: nikolay.a, 13. $13.300 username: Exionnk, 14. $12.751 username: BC-GOD, 15. $10.310 username: marseau93, 16. $8.900 username: BTCWIZARD, 17. $5.700 username: NghiemHungLieu, 18. $3.873 username: mocoin, 19. $3.464 username: honzaing, 20. $3.198 username: szakal, 21. $3.082 username: blackhedron
22. $2965 username: darolion, 23. $2947 username: win4you, 24. $2916 username: abdel17, 25. $2747 username: santosa, 26. $2581 username: bonuspack, 27. $2275 username: kamper83, 28. $2225 username: welcomejp, 29. $2196 username: esperanto, 30. $2143 username: TrinhinhMoi
Once again, we apologize and look forward to your understanding. We do not want to get the status of scammers and we leave the market honestly. If in the future we return to work, we will be glad to see you in our next projects.
Special thanks to everyone including our representatives and sponsors who helped and contributed to making this project so far. Thank you to all of you!
Sincerely yours, the Palmills team.
As we promised earlier, our contest has started and we have the third interim results and the list of winners on March 8, 2017 (4th day). We have decided to announce the winner by today and we will contact you later via email. Them of steel following users of Palmills platform: 1. $20000 username: Ali, 2. $14000 username: nobo911, 3. $10000 username: mencheng, 4. $6500 username: GOLDUX, 5. $5500 username: monce, 6. $5000 username: tanuki5050, 7. $4000 username: Evicka, 8. $3600 username: rutazalage, 9. $3000 username: miyatabit111, 10. $2950 username: Gotz


Another warning against investing in Dowerly now. It’s still paying instantly for the moment but is about to go very soon now I am sure. The admin is already packing his suitcases with the money of every gullible person fooled by special offers that cost them upwards of $1K and more into one of the limited offers – 150%-200% after 5 days, and 300% after 4 days. I myself cannot see that any of my own referrals made this horrible mistake, but anything can happen and that is why I have to re-iterate to stay away from Dowerly at the moment, as its collapse is imminent. It could happen that no one would make any investments in these new plans either, so the program might just survive for some extra time. That is obviously not what the admin is planning at the moment, as he issued just another reminder that it was time to part with your hard-earned cash and sponsor his villa in Barbados:

Dowerly Promotion! Less than 48 hours left!
Now 48 hours have passed since we’ve introduced our new offer, and less than 48 hours left to participate! Our “After” plans are only available until the 10th of March, 23:59 so if you are interested in earning up to 300% hurry up! After this promo offer these plans will no longer be available with Dowerly. This is your last chance to change your lifestyle. Earn as much as 300% with our “After” plans! Do you have any goals? Do you want to achieve them fast? Check out our “After” plans on our website for easier achievement


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: NordeBankTeaHouseOnePunchLtd.
From MNO Premium listRazzletonElizionSportArbitrageWhyNotEdelweiss5,
BandeiraCorp, LensenGroupRichmondBerks, WeolleeDowerly, MacaoLotto, 1Solution, SoftMining, TradeBTCMavisTradeexPro, RubiLtdBikeForMeSunCoinz.
From MNO Standard list: PassiveLoanAuctionHouseSorta.
From MNO Basic list: QuantumForexOptions, StrangeEvent.

That’s all for tonight, guys. I hope it’s been a successful and profitable end tp the business week. The next post will include the latest news from the HYIP industry and a detailed look at AuctionHouseSorta – an original program that I quite enjoy. Please contact me here if you have any questions, follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, or subscribe to the daily newsfeed here. Results of the poll on the MNO TalkBack will also be drawn and replaced with a new question. For all the hottest investment opportunities always check out MNO and choose only the best programs in the HYIP industry for a better chance of profiting!

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