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Hello all, I do hope you’re having a nice and relaxing weekend, but thank you and as always thanks a lot for taking some time to read the MNO blog articles and keeping yourself updated on the current state of events in the HYIP industry and the latest news from the best and brightest representatives run by the most experienced admins. If you follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter or Facebook you should know that unlike most other monitors in the HYIP industry I have a somewhat more selective approach to what I’m covering on my blog and due to the high listing prices the programs you hear about here are of the rarer and more higher quality variety, with some true uniqueness and some of them featuring exclusively here.

You may have heard about some of the already popular blog articles on HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets on MNO. You can read the first five of these on this page to see what I mean and if you’re a newbie you might be shocked and caught off guard by many of the revelations no others will share with you, just because they don’t want you to know the sometimes unpleasant truth about an industry where it’s more convenient for them to refer others to some sort of business they want you to feel safe with. We all know though that a false sense of security might help you part company with your money as by investing more than you can afford to lose is a sure way to fast bankruptcy in the HYIP industry. On the contrary, if you’re smart with your money and follow clever investment strategies and consistently diversify between the best examples you can find on MNO you may well join the winner’s league. Knowledge is power, so keep reading more about things you need to know in order to learn the insider rules on which the HYIP industry is based and the secrets of which many admins might want you to not be stay unaware of.

Have you ever thought that the HYIP industry might be an odd place where it seems almost impossible to encounter any Asian, Slavic, African, etc. names just because it’s all about using generic names like John Lewis and Peter Jones (I’m being ironic here, as those are actually the names of big department chain stores in the UK)?

The Alexa traffic analysis though contradicts that view and shows that HYIPs are quite popular around the world, except sometimes the popularity seems to move around a bit. A few years back I know the USA was the biggest single market out there for example, various reasons we don’t need to repeat now this changed, but later the main market shifted to Asia, Russia, Africa, and so forth, so why is this almost racial supremacism and total disregard of real admin names reflecting on the audience they try to reach and appeal to?

I believe it might all even go back to a certain outdated view of capitalism as an entire concept of success as personified by white Europeans dressed up in suits and ties while diligently drumming on their desktop, having some imaginary blonde long-legged secretary bringing “the man” tea and coffee, smiling politely and answering his mail while doing his job so effortlessly at the same time that the satisfactory smile seems to never leave his face. All comes easy to that white guy and, well let’s be honest, the whole identity is entirely invented anyway, right?

Perhaps the whole concept of success as a whole paternalist culture formed in let’s say former colonial countries where by default the locals can only be poor and cannot have any success, at least to such an extent as to inspire others to invest in their ventures. Only the white male colonialist is strong enough to exploit their labour, take their jobs and turn it into something big, as locals can only be cheats and fraudsters. However, a white male by definition is seen by locals as semi-god and a sight to behold on a deeply subconscious level.

We all know that there are hardly any HYIP admins that just run one program in their lifetimes. After all, it all comes with experience and some talented and ambitious admins will rather take lessons from their inevitable first failures to slowly perfect and hone their skills and eventually deliver something truly unique and big. So, they have to use different aliases for different programs, and in 99% of the cases, as I said already why above, they will use the white English names when the white English people are not participating.

That however looks absolutely and shockingly ridiculous if bearing such a name that their sites cannot even cope with simple grammar mistakes which not even a third-grade pupil would make in their texts. Thus showing their total incompetence and lack of knowledge – a thing that might be forgiven by a non English speaking Asian or African writer, but why the pretence when it will hardly entice any serious investors with larger wallets to untie them and deposit really big money in a program which certainly craves such deposits – after all, the profit for the HYIP admin itself is the and motivating factor that is the essential goal and a measure of success.

Even the misspelled names themselves such as Jonh, Devid, Cloe, Margery (can go on and on as I’ve encountered so many of them over my 13+ years experience), might be OK if their English grammar is decent enough in the first place, but here again we see that according to these people’s perceptions a person with Nigerian or Indian name cannot be trusted by definition.

So, having said all that, we can conclude that every admin uses fake names in order to run programs – as it’s a ponzi game by definition so fair enough, it’s only understandable to want to protect your identity, and even the best programs run by latecomers are destined to lose ultimately, cost users money when stupid to use real names online. However, perhaps this paternalist and almost supremacist culture which is both sexist and racist at its core (after all, why is it that it’s always non Caucasian men with non-English names, and 99% of the time never women come to think of it, who can be smart and capable of running something superior by default) should be overcome if we want to move further with better HYIP practices and larger transparency and increased trust between the admins and their audiences and potential investors. Anonymity is necessary for HYIP admins but using fake English names with poor grammar skills is just plain ridiculous and a recipe for disaster. I mean if you’re going to invent a name and readers are almost all Chinese and Indian, why not invent a Chinese or Indian name and at least relate to them instead of a made up English one? Some food for thought, don’t you think?

If you like these articles from the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series please enter your email address on this page and subscribe to the regular updates coming from the MNO blog. I intend to share my rich experience I’ve obtained for having a thriving business venture for over thirteen years now and I won’t be shy to share it with any of you. If you have any questions or suggestions please submit them here, email me at or simply chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. Any suggestions for future subjects in the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series will be warmly appreciated as well, so tell me what you want to read, know, or even gossip about about in the next instalments.

Now to the news from the HYIP industry.



As you might know, over the last few days a big event has been going on in the Dominican Republic where all the invited leaders of QubitTech were allowed to take part and share their experiences in recruiting new members to the platform, while also discuss new directions for the company’s future developments and new exciting investment offers. Many things have changed since QubitTech was first listed on MNO almost nine months ago, however it’s still been paying to its investors who should have more than doubled their initial investment by now. QubitTech (reviewed here) originally had only one investment plan called Digital License which by now remains its most popular option with $100 BTC or ETH worth investment minimum and up to 2% variable daily return until the ultimate target of 250% reached. As the average monthly return from QubitTech has been hovering around the 25% mark it might take ten and more months to end the investment cycle.

Of course, those of you who jumped on the bandwagon when QubitTech was first online should consider themselves lucky enough to be raking in the profits by now, however for those still thinking of whether it’s worth investing now might have had second thoughts. And there are some perfectly good reasons doing so. First of all, every HYIP reaches a certain saturation point when the newly incoming deposits from investors no longer cover the expenses the company has to suffer to pay the existing ones and because of that the erosion might slowly get to the foundation of even biggest and strongest HYIPs which QubitTech has essentially become already by now. Second, the most recent decisions taken by the administration indicate that they try now very hard to appeal to larger investors by artificially increasing the minimum withdrawal limits from $10 to $50 while also diversifying fees from 2.5% to up to 4.5% which will determine the withdrawal timeframe which can be as long as 96 hours now. All of that can lead investors to the wrong way of thinking and may badly affect the QubitTech‘s inflow in the long term. I might be mistaken in that assumption, of course, but something tells me that the investors that would join the program at this moment will highly unlikely to reach the profitability zone on their deposits.

In any case, let’s stay positive regarding the QubitTech‘s future which is supposed to happen on the new domain as of next week, and check out the latest news posted earlier this week. This includes the latest Friday leadership meeting in Zoom with the results already posted, and the so-called Venture Co-investment Program which is going to be launched on Big Forum to be held in Dominican Republic starting tomorrow and where the QubitTech CEO Greg Limon will be speaking tomorrow (tickets are still available if anyone interested). Let’s wait for that speech and hope that it will bring some further excitement for everyone who is involved in the investment and promotion of QubitTech which still remains one of the biggest programs in the HYIP industry as of the moment. Here is all the latest news:

BaseCamp Results in Real-time
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We’re glad to present you our new service, which will allow you to monitor online the results of the teams that take part in BaseCamp in the Dominican Republic –
The service offers both the aggregate results of all competing teams and the results of each member of an individual team. Also you can see the average result per team.
Please note that the service is located on our new domain Qubit.Life, to which the platform will move to the Big QubitTech Forum. More on this –
We wish all BaseCamp participants the best results!
Follow our news.

Venture Co-investment Program
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We’re glad to present you a new service – a venture co-investment program, which will be discussed during the Big QubitTech Forum.
The service is already integrated into the core of the platform today. Thanks to it, the automatic distribution of the part bonuses of platform users (excluding charges on digital products) will be made in favour of the budget of the venture co-investment program.
The venture co-investment program budget will be redistributed to promising startups to increase the platform’s capitalisation further. All the startups will pass through a special accelerator, which will also be announced at the Big QubitTech Forum.
The USDT amount of deductions to the venture co-investment program’s budget will depend on the current rank of the user and will apply to all users who have reached rank 1 and above.
The first startups to qualify for the accelerator will be presented at the Big QubitTech Forum in the Dominican Republic.
Thanks to our community for the unique tips that help all of us succeed and achieve our goals.
Stay tuned!

Leadership meetings in ZOOM
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We invite you to participate in the next QubitTech leadership meeting in ZOOM, that will take place this Friday (March 5). It is obligatory to participate as there will be lots of interesting discussions there.
Leaders from rank 3 can attend closed leadership meetings in English and Russian. In leadership meetings in Spanish and Thai languages – leaders from rank 2.
You will get the invitation link on your email.
Leadership meeting in Thai language – 13:00 UTC / 20:00 (BKK)
Leadership meeting in English language – 14:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Spanish language – 16:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Russian language – 18:00 (MSK)
Follow the news!

200 exclusive tickets to the Big QubitTech Forum
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
Due to the wave of requests from you with the desire to get access to the Big QubitTech Forum, Greg Limon decided to provide a small batch of tickets.
The cost of one ticket, which will give the access to the Big QubitTech Forum, is only $ 299 (purchase is possible from your personal account). There are 200 tickets in total. Flight and accommodation are at your expense.
We remind you that the Big QubitTech Forum will be held on March 7, 2021 in the Dominican Republic. The event will bring together the top management of the platform and hundreds of QubitTech leaders from around the world.
See you at the Big QubitTech Forum!

Results of the leadership meeting at ZOOM
Dear users of the QubitTech platform
Yesterday, there was a regular leadership meeting at ZOOM on Fridays. We’re pleased to present their summary.
So, all the leaders first of all noted the end of BaseCamp in the Dominican Republic.
Another important event is the Big Forum that will happen soon was also discussed and the special ticket sale.
Also, we congratulate the owners of the apartments in Turkey who bought them on the private sale of QubitTech.
Besides, we remind you about the venture program.
More on this –
QubitTech offers to buy 50% of a purchased startup in lots for venture platform users (co-investment).
Also, we mentioned the charity events QubitTech held in Nigeria –
Follow our news!

Big QubitTech Forum Starts Tomorrow
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are glad to announce that the Big Forum starts already tomorrow. The registration will open at 8:00 (am.), while the event at 10:00 (am.).
Special attention must be paid to the dress code. Men should be in trousers and shirts. The white color is more preferable to the black one.
In terms of women, one can take dresses or skirts. Also, white is much better than black.
Presentation – click here
See you at the Forum!

Tickets for the online broadcast: Big QubitTech Forum
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
Especially for those who couldn’t go to the Dominican Republic, we offer tickets for the online broadcast of our key event in 2021 – Big QubitTech Forum.
The cost of one ticket is 299 USDT. You can buy a ticket from your personal account on the QubitTech website.
Always in touch, QubitTech Team


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: QubitTech, GiantSquid.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: BookInvest.

That’s about all I have for your this weekend, guys. Please enjoy your free time with your loved ones and thanks a lot for checking out the MNO blog from time to time. I will definitely be back next week with all the latest news from the HYIP industry and the final results of the TalkBack poll you can still vote in on this page. Let’s make a prediction for BTC price for the end of the year and see how confident you’re the price is going to reach $100K in a few months time. Talk to you again next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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