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Hello all, and welcome once again to the MNO blog for the latest news from the hottest and most talked about HYIPs run by professional admins for the largest audience of smart investors. For thirteen and a half years MNO has dealt with the all the trials and tribulations of the HYIP industry and its best representatives. Despite not being in its best shape lately the road to riches with MNO still goes on and unlike my rivals I’m not going anywhere. On the contrary, I have lots of plans for the future of MNO to make it even more user-friendly and investor-oriented. With that in mind, the listing prices on my monitor as well as advertising banners have increased from today so for more details on that prices please visit the advertising page here.

In a nutshell though the idea behind the latest listing price increase was to introduce a small non-refundable charge to all programs which they will have to pay before getting added to the MNO monitor without affecting their limited budget much at the same time ensuring it’s not going to be an immediate scam. We had a couple of cases of such disgraceful behavior among the Basic programs lately, so a token charge of $30 with the increased all-time reinvested deposit bonus of $300 should do the trick. Also, the price of the Standard listing will get to $990 ($400 deposit + $590 monitoring fee) while the Premium List ($500 deposit + $1,000 monitoring fee) will reflect the price tag worthy of elite programs run by utmost professionals who know how to do business properly and take full advantage of the advertising services provided by MNO.

The higher listing prices are intended to attract talented and experienced admins with bigger advertising budgets which I’m pretty sure we will hear more of in the upcoming spring season. So, if you wish to participate in the most promising programs of the year then follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter for the most timely announcements on the latest additions to the MNO monitor and important status changes. Also, I would encourage you to subscribe to the blog feed for articles to be regularly delivered to your email address which you may submit here. And of course, my referrals in any program can always vouch that I do the utmost possible to help them out if they have any issues with MNO monitored programs or require assistance with HYIP admins I’m in constant contact with. By the way, it’s indeed very easy to stay in touch with me! For that simply email me directly at, submit your query via this contact form or just chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. In any case, I do appreciate your comments and questions, so don’t be shy to connect!

So, let’s see what’s in today’s news.


As QubitTech has been growing at a tremendous rate and has now successfully surpassed the nine month online mark, there are some clear indications that the administration is trying to further encourage larger investors and limit room for manoeuvre for smaller ones. So, clearly the idea to increase withdrawal times to 96 hours, diversify withdrawal fees and increase the minimums from $10 to a whopping $50 does come to serve the above-mentioned purpose. From my original review of QubitTech posted here you might remember that the main investment plan requires an investor to buy a so-called Digital License from a $100 minimum via BitCoin or Ethereum. You then are promised a variable daily return up to 2% until you reach a 250% total ROI upon which your investment expires. As the average monthly return from QubitTech rarely exceeds 25% you should expect to finish your investment cycle not earlier than ten months since the date of your deposit and not to break-even until around four months into the cycle. Now, back then the withdrawal fee was a flat 2.5% on every request and the withdrawal time was 72 hours with a minimum of $10 needed on your balance when submitting a request. Starting today though you can see that the minimum to withdraw has been increased to a whopping $50 which will make it a longer wait for smaller investors before being able to withdraw profits. At the same time, the withdrawal fee is now to be determined by the investor personally with 2.5% fees applied if you wish to be paid within 96 hours, 3.5% for withdrawals to be processed within 72 hours and the fastest payments in a 48 hour maximum time frame will require a 4.5% fee.

With all these important changes it’s quite clear that QubitTech is now catering mostly to investors with thicker wallets or those who can supplement their income by joining the affiliate program and helping the program grow further in exchange for extra rewards. Whether it’s a good or a bad sign for the program’s sustainability and longevity is hard to say but time will tell where it will all eventually go and how it may sway investors. But it’s surely a sign of confidence that many investors will stick with QubitTech despite restrictive measures and longer withdrawal times. After all, QubitTech has always been about extensive growth, and all the appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the stability of the company in the long term.

For example, among the latest news posted on QubitTech‘s news page over the last few days was the opening of five extra offices across the world and in such different locations, as Trinidad and Tobago, Belarus, South Africa, Russia, and even Nigeria. The latter was recently chosen to host another charity event where 1% of QubitTech‘s profit is now being redirected. Meanwhile, the highly anticipated BaseCamp which started in the Dominican Republic will continue for another few days and has been the subject of some articles in influential online media resources as well. And finally, the results of the latest weekly leadership meeting in Zoom usually held on Fridays have been published with all the important updates discussed above. You can read all about it below:

5 new QubitTech offices around the world
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are glad to share with you great news – the first office has opened in Trinidad and Tobago and the second one in Nigeria. Also, the first one is Vitebsk, Belarus. Besides, there was the opening of offices in the Russian cities: Moscow and Chelyabinsk.
It is the second office in Nigeria, while the first one Trinidad and Tobago.
Meanwhile, recently there was the official opening of the office in South Africa.
We wish our African and leaders from Eastern Europe all the best in promoting the QubitTech products in their regions.
More than 50 offices are operating all over the world where local leaders promote QubitTech in their regions.
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Charity event in Nigeria
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We’re pleased to present you with the results of another charity event held by our Nigerian leaders as part of the QubitTech Charity Program.
Hope Empire International which is a non-profit organization collaborated with QubitTech and visited the Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp in Benin, Nigeria.
Over 2 million people become a refugee and have had long-lasting impacts on the families, which resulted in poverty, various health challenges, insecurity, destruction of lives, and infrastructure. We reached out to vulnerable children, widows, and women in need of humanitarian interventions and provided them with the essential goods.
We remind you that all our charitable activities take place within the QubitTech Charity Program – Currently, the charitable budget is formed by regular contributions of 2% of any daily income of the platform, 1% of any daily rewards and user bonuses, and private donations.
We’re open to cooperation and look forward to suggestions and ideas from various charitable foundations and organizations and from QubitTech users who have reached rank 5 and above. You can send an offer through the feedback form on the QubitTech charity program’s official page or write to Telegram –
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Leading Media about BaseCamp
Dear users of QubitTech platform,
We are happy to tell you that the main media platforms have published articles about QubitTech Basecamp.
Yahoo Finance is the largest business and financial news site in the world, with unrivalled access to data, insights, and content. It has almost 4 Bln of total visits.
MarketWatch is a popular website that provides financial information, business news, analysis, and stock market data.
Yahoo Finance –
MarketWatch –—the-personal-growth-driver-for-company-partners-2021-02-25
BaseCamp is a new training format from QubitTech. You will improve your sales skills, increase your personal growth and get rid of your fears in 10 days.
In such a way, we possess ourselves in the world market and point out that this market is important for us.
We will keep informing you about the popularity of QubitTech among the top news platforms.
Best regards, QubitTech team

Start of BaseCamp in the Dominican Republic
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We’re pleased to announce the start of the fifth BaseCamp, which will take place in the Dominican Republic until March 6, 2021.
More than 400 leaders worldwide, including Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, attended the event. They will have 10 days of work on their own skills, personal growth, and amazing fun and teamwork. All this under the guidance of Andreas Tissen – the guru of the entire BaseCamp direction.
BaseCamp participants will be told about building a successful business, the secrets of modern promotion and much more.
We remind you that BaseCamp is a new training format. Until February 2021, 4 events have already taken place – in Turkey (Belek and Antalya), Mexico and Tanzania. The next BaseCamps in 2021 will take place in Thailand, China, Malaysia and Europe.
You can find photos and videos from the event on our social networks.
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Results of the leadership meeting at zoom
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
Today there were regular leadership meetings at zoom on Fridays. We’re pleased to present their summary.
So, all the leaders first of all noted the start of BaseCamp in the Dominican Republic. The event will run until March 6, 2021.
Another important event is the platform’s expansion around the world. The first QubitTech offices were opened in South Africa, Belarus and Trinidad and Tobago, two more offices were opened in Eastern Europe and Nigeria.
The platform will soon be moving to the new main domain. More on this –
Three directions for the development of QubitLife have been identified:
– educational direction;
– venture direction;
– the direction of tokenization.
Besides, we remind you that the Network Travel service continues to sell tickets for amazing trips to Colombia and Morocco (ticket purchase is available in your account). More on this –
A dress code for the Big QubitTech Forum was also announced at the leader zoom.
We’re also pleased to announce that the withdrawal rules have been updated, which is associated with a significant increase in the community platform and a high network load and increased commissions. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50. Up to 96 hours – 2.5%, for 72 hours – 3.5%, up to 48 hours – 4.5%.
Besides, our site is now available in Serbian –
The leaders at the leadership zoom also noted the work of several international teams in Asia.
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The most recently covered on MNO program bearing the most unusual name GiantSquid (reviewed here) has been doing fine so far. After the official launch happened two weeks ago things have been running smoothly and members are enjoying the whole process from funding accounts with Tether USDT currency and fishing for squids at designated times to selling their squids to other members three days later for a 18% net profit. Of course, the best strategy of “squidding” would be partial reinvestments (I myself am doing that) and selling only unwanted squids, so you could make the most of your participation in GiantSquid which is certainly only getting started its online journey.

Only accepting new deposits (squid purchases) via USDT currency which is a stablecoin linked to Ethereum (read more on that here) the admin of GiantSquid made it possible to profit without the usual cryptocurrency market fluctuations which may reach 20%-25% in a single day. That’s why you can be sure that all your profits will be tied to the USD exchange value and not the cryptocurrency, which might sound like a huge advantage in an extremely volatile market. Please note that if you have any further enquiries regarding the whole investment process which might still seem confusing please do not hesitate to contact the Live Chat support as listed in the latest newsletter posted on GiantSquid‘s official Telegram channel and also outlining the first successes achieved since the official launch:

Hello, GiantSquid !
GiantSquid opened on February 15th, is currently in operation with great success and kept on rolling with the interest and participation of many users.
Accordingly, there are many inquiries and response requests from users from various countries.
To solve these problems, we opened a Telegram chat room to respond to inquiries and share information.
We would like to help many people through this chat room, such as inquiries and service-related supplements.
Chat/DM @Go_giantsquids
We ask for your interest. Thank you


From my amended review posted here you might remember that GlobalCryptox has recently changed its investment plans to make them more attractive for a certain category of HYIP investor looking for faster returns on their contributions. The new offers promise 3% for 40 days, 4% for 30 days, or 5% for 24 days depending on your principal which can start from as low as $50 (or just $25 if you take advantage of their $25 welcome signup bonus). GlobalCryptox accepts many popular cryptocurrency options, such as BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, Tether, BitcoinCash, Monero, Dash, and Tron, and you may use your USD for instant exchanges to Tron within the account to make a withdrawal request that is then processed within 8 hours. However, with the highly volatile cryptocurrency market many investors would reasonably question whether the 20% net profit offered by GlobalCryptox for every investor is enough to justify the usual risks associated with investing in HYIPs, especially considering you may easily get the same 20% return in one day when you trade cryptocurrencies smartly by yourself. So, I guess to address these exact concerns the admin of GlobalCryptox has recently enabled investing via PerfectMoney as recently announced on the program’s official Telegram channel. As per my understanding, PerfectMoney is currently not available for withdrawals, so you will need to still convert your available balance to Tron in order to request a payment, but this option is going to be enabled shortly, of which I will definitely notify you on the MNO blog. Here is the short announcement on that:

We have enabled Perfect Money deposits in GlobalCryptox now users can trade and invest using perfect money USD”.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: QubitTech, GlobalCryptox, GiantSquid.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: BookInvest, ForexRevenue (the first instant payment received).

Thank you to all of my readers who stay loyal to MNO and kindly support by joining programs under my affiliate links. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to run my blog without you. So in a way to show my gratitude I do post occasional articles on the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets which is highly acclaimed by my readers and can be found here. That series of articles will give you some very useful research tools you may take advantage of when critically assessing your chances to profit from any particular HYIP. The next from the series of articles will be posted on the MNO blog in a few days time, later this week, so stay tuned and don’t miss it, guys! And of course, I will keep you updated on the latest news from the MNO monitored programs and let you know of any promising newcomers to my listing. Thanks again for reading and hope to see you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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