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Beware! CryptoCapital has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all looking forward to the new business week as much as I am. I was kept busy for the last few days with a couple of interesting news stories from some of the programs I cover, but mostly with a brand new addition to the MNO monitor called CryptoCapital, analysing the most important points for the review I want to start today’s update with. CryptoCapital is another of mostly what I would call a perpetual or open-ended program. In other words once you join and make a deposit there is no fixed term. CryptoCapital will continue to pay you for how ever long the program manages to survive. Now whether that’s going to be a day, a week, a month, or a year I really can’t say. But all in all it looks a highly professional set-up. Very slick and well set up, but better than just that. I think it’s also been better planned, better organized, and better executed than the average online HYIP. The admin has more or less even gone out of his way to make a public statement of intention as such, by pre-paying for advertising on MNO for three months in advance. I can’t promise investors what his results will be but I can definitely say his intentions are perfectly splendid.

The main point here is that once you are in then that’s it, you stay in and you keep getting paid until such a time as you decide you want to leave. The only stipulation is that you must keep an active deposit for at least 24 hours, which will of course mean 24 payments, but after that the rest is up to you depending on your own personal strategy. Otherwise the program provides a high degree of flexibility which I know a lot of investors are craving these days. Anyway, let’s see what CryptoCapital is all about and whether you like it enough to join or not.
Putting it into the most basic terms, as outlined above the plan has no expiry date and pays investors an hourly interest rate. The exact figure you eventually come away with will depend on the length of time you choose to stay a member, in other words the longer you stay the more payments you can collect. CryptoCapital work exclusively with cryptocurrencies so there’s no “dollar deposits” as such. The minimum requirement for joining with BitCoin is 0.0005 which at the time of writing is about $19, but be sure to double check that again as no doubt that will change when a lot of you actually get around to investing. The exact figure varies for the different currencies accepted by the program anyway and for all deposits regardless of size CryptoCapital are offering an hourly interest payment of 0.15% (which is the equivalent of 3.6% in daily terms).

In that instance it makes CryptoCapital one of the few programs to treat all investors equally, both big and small with everyone having the same expectations about their final percentage earnings. So let’s look at a theoretical example of how that might play out in monetary terms. If you were to have for example a $100 deposit you would earn $0.15 every hour, or $3.60 every full day. However when it comes time to release your principal you should only expect to get $95 back from the full hundred because CryptoCapital charge a 5% processing fee for doing so. With this in mind while still profitable it makes a lot more sense to leave your principal in place a bit longer and continue earning. This fee only applies to your final principal return and does not affect your interest payments.

After that it’s a simple matter of you deciding on what the best investment strategy is for you personally and making the appropriate calculations. To expand on that a bit further, 0.15% per hour gives 3.6% interest per day, 34 hours by the time you can release your principal without losing any money in fees and keep the profit you’ve earned, 25.2% interest per week, and would allow you to double your money in around four weeks or so. Personally speaking as a professional monitor I’m committed to CryptoCapital for how ever long the admin can keep it in business. That may or may not be the best course of action for you, but it’s one that I’m happy enough with. The individual investor will have to decide on the best strategy for them, be that a fixed point in the calendar, reaching a certain financial goal, or just reviewing CryptoCapital‘s ongoing performance on a day-by-day basis and assessing it as they go. Just keep one more important point in mind – the examples I’ve given above of potential time scales are purely theoretical. The thing is that with CryptoCapital they don’t just convert your cryptocurrency coin payments into USD and back again like most programs do, so that means the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and exchange rates can affect this dramatically. It’s entirely possible you could double your money a lot faster, though equally the gamble you take is that it could also take a lot longer.

In many ways the main strength of such perpetual style payments can conversely also be their main weakness. I mean, if something is going to pay you every hour of every day unconditionally then why would anyone ever want to leave, but the fact is that at some point HYIP investors will eventually decide to go and in that case  the worry is what happens if they all do it at the same time. Well, rhetorical question, I think you all know the answer there already. Still, there’s no denying that programs built along a similar business model to CryptoCapital have had some absolutely exceptional runs in the past, going back several years in my memory anyway. Will this be one of them? There’s no reason why on paper it can’t succeed, but since the HYIP industry doesn’t exist on paper it’s probably best to avoid predictions, take it one day at a time, and be sensible.

If you decide to join then the next thing you need to be aware of is what payment methods are available to you. As you can probably tell from the name of the program cryptocurrencies do feature very prominently on CryptoCapital with your options made up of BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, DogeCoin, Dash, Tether, Ripple, ZCash, Tron, and Stellar. Something that most investors will like is that all withdrawals up to $100 are processed instantly. Requests higher than $100 for your own security require manual approval though should still be paid by the admin within a 24 hour maximum. I’ve tested both and have always been satisfied with the results so far.

Smaller investors should be aware that CryptoCapital do have a minimum withdrawal policy, but it shouldn’t be much of an issue as it’s quite small. Different limits apply to the cryptocurrencies so check the CryptoCapital FAQ section for which ever one you are using. For example a minimum of 0.0001 BTC needs to be on your balance before you can withdraw there, and as of the time of writing that happens to be just short of $4 it’s unlikely that very many people there will be earning enough to make an actual withdrawal every hour even though the interest is still being credited to their accounts.

As you prepare to make your first active deposit in CryptoCapital, by clicking the “Make an Investment” button on top of the page. I know I generally use BitCoin to describe these things, but if this is not your first choice of payment method then look for the “Switch Dashboards” button on the right hand side of the page. Just click on the one you prefer and the correct page to make your deposit will follow as the page refreshes. On signing in though you will be asked what type of dashboard you would like to land in, so if you maintain deposits in different cryptocurrencies that then can be easily changed from inside your account area by clicking in the desired currency icon.

When you are eventually looking to leave CryptoCapital then if you’re satisfied with what you’ve taken from the program and want to get your principal back you just need to look for the “Investment Summary” in your account. Under this field click the “Manage Your Investments” button and you will be redirected to the “My Investments” section where you will be able to see all your active deposits you have made in a particular currency. Once the 24-hour lock-in period has expired the “Cancel Deposit” button becomes active on that page and you can use it anytime after that when you’re ready. One thing to keep in mind when you do request your principal back by the way that it won’t get paid to you directly. It simply gets released into your CryptoCapital account from where you can make the actual final withdrawal. When doing so you enter the final amount you wish to remove, then click the “Confirm & Withdraw” button to make it final. The reason you might not wish to make a complete withdrawal of your account balance is because CryptoCapital allow new investments to be made from here too, as well as fresh funds from an outside cryptocurrency account.

I’ll just remind you that, especially if you are leaving early, that you take into consideration the 5% withdrawal fee applied on any principal withdrawal which I already mentioned above. Also note that partial principal withdrawals are allowed in the program, so when you hit the profit zone you don’t really have to make a clean break of it and go completely. As long as you’re happy enough to have gotten your initial expenses back you can continue to hold what ever amount of your choosing with CryptoCapital and keep drawing a passive risk free income from them.

Looking at the design and security aspects of the website CryptoCapital is running off the ever popular GoldCoders script and is under license. Even experienced investors may not recognise this at first however as the CryptoCapital admin (or maybe his programmer) have had it modified to suit the program’s own unique needs and requirements. One area where it differs somewhat from the usual GoldCoders powered programs is in the initial logging in process to access your account. On signing in you will land on a page with eleven possible dashboards, one for each currency used by CryptoCapital. Just click on the one you want to access first, remembering that if you have funds there via other currencies it’s easy enough to cycle through the other dashboards if/when you need to from inside your account area.

For a hosting provider the admin has CryptoCapital on a dedicated server with the support and protection from malicious attacks by DDoSGuard. And for an added layer of protection the CryptoCapital website comes with an SSL certificate by Sectigo for improved security on financial transactions and generally safer browsing. Further transparency can be found with a “Live Payouts” page that has been included where you can track all the latest withdrawals to members.

Incidentally, other than the investment plans CryptoCapital have other ways you can earn money from the program. A number of HYIPs have over the years introduced what we call Bounty schemes, where regular rank and file members are encouraged to get involved with the promotion of the program. After all, the majority of monitors are never make any real effort at actual support of the HYIPs they cover beyond confirming personal payouts on discussion platforms, and even that’s intended more for self promotion. Better then to get real investors who hold a genuine stake in the success of CryptoCapital, and reward them instead. You need no further motivation than knowing more success for CryptoCapital means more success for you, but an extra couple of bucks for your effort is certainly the cherry on top of the cake. There’s all sorts of activities you can get involved with and only take up a minimum of your free time. For the more artistically minded you can make YouTube videos, but you can also keep it more simple according to your own abilities and resources. The only prerequisite is that you be an CryptoCapital account holder, after that you can get involved on various social media networks, Google Ads, HYIP forum campaigns, and so on. To keep things transparent there’s even a spreadsheet where you can view all the submissions and the result, i.e. whether the post in question matched the requirements CryptoCapital demand before payment is made. To participate you are also going to need a LiteCoin wallet, as currently that’s the only currency the CryptoCapital admin is using to pay contributors to the scheme.

If you have any further need to get in contact with the admin of CryptoCapital or any questions or account related issues that need to be dealt with, then there are a couple of ways you can go about it. However as the FAQ section covers most of what you need to know you should definitely start with that. If that doesn’t work then next up is the Live Chat option which you can use to find an operator by clicking the widget on the bottom right hand corner of any page on the CryptoCapital website. Otherwise you can either fill in the customer support form on the website’s support page and submit it online, or else just write to the admin directly at the e-mail address listed alongside the form. Fans of social media will be able to connect with CryptoCapital on Facebook and Twitter, plus there’s a telephone number to go with the program’s UK certificate of incorporation. Further company announcements and news issues can be viewed through the official CryptoCapital Telegram group. You can leave more public feedback on the TrustPilot website.

If anyone is interested in the alleged business activities backing up the payments to investors, it’s claimed that CryptoCapital is a self described “cryptocurrency trading company”, however there’s very little practical information to back this up that you could research and investigate for yourself. And of course, even if it were true that still doesn’t mean it always has to be necessarily profitable all the time. Therefore you shouldn’t really treat CryptoCapital any differently from other programs around at the moment. So just make yourself aware of the possible dangers, and spend accordingly. Don’t disappoint yourself with unrealistic expectations, set yourself a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you do decide to join CryptoCapital then try and keep them as a smaller part of a diverse and balanced portfolio.

Before I finish with the review of CryptoCapital and move on to today’s news updates I would like to ask if anyone reading this has their own opinions on the program? Good, bad, or indifferent, I hope you won’t mind sharing them with your fellow readers. It takes literally a second to vote, is totally anonymous, and will make for more interesting reading once we are looking back at the program at the end rather than looking forward at the start. In other words how many people would make a good and bad judgement call looking at the program today. Please answer the following question:

Will you make an active deposit in CryptoCapital?

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Staying with the above reviewed CryptoCapital I’m pleased to note that starting from today the first ever Bounty week has started. The main aim of the Bounty program is to reward the members with small cash incentives in exchange for their promotional efforts which they can fulfil in various social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc. The applicants prepared to make some efforts will need to register on the CryptoCapital official Telegram channel and submit proof of their activities in accordance to the rules specified on the Bounty page of the website:

#1 WEEK(29/03/2021 – 05/04/2021)
Payments will be sent on a daily basis
If you have any questions, please contact:
You have to be registered at CryptoCapital!
Multiple accounts registration is not allowed – a single account per person.

Speaking of CryptoCapital‘s official Telegram channel, every investor of the program is strongly encouraged to join and follow it closely, as it’s where all the latest news and updates are going to be posted on a regular basis. You won’t want to miss anything important if you’re a member, will you? Here is the first Telegram message posted after the official launch earlier today, just for your information:

Take your cryptocurrency investing to the next level!
CryptoCapital provides clients from all over the globe with the ability to invest through the variety of cryptocurrencies
CryptoCapital enables investing in multiple cryptocurrency trading markets globally; helping more and more people experience financial well-being. CryptoCapital contributes to a more equitable and resilient world today and for the generations to come.
For more information, visit the website CryptoCapital


I must say I do admire the endless efforts of the QubitLife administration which seems to be trying to sell everything to their members. I mean when a regular HYIP might just as easily collapse under the piling debts to current investors QubitLife has chosen quite an unorthodox path to help unlock people’s wallets. They simply launch a bunch of new products, of course virtual and of questionable value, but those hyped to be sold at the highest price to the biggest amount of interested parties. That goes on top of the already multi-tier affiliate marketing and high level of orientation for the larger investors with more disposable income to play around with.

To give you an example of that, recently it was decided it was a good idea to increase the minimum allowed to be requested from the available balance in your QubitLife account from $10 to $50 – possibly the highest in the entire HYIP industry. If you consider that the minimum investment which is the price of one Education License is still priced at $100, then with the less than 1% daily on average it might take a small investor full two months to simply scrape to the minimum. If you read my original review of QubitLife posted over nine months ago, you might remember that originally there was only one investment plan available with the 250% total ROI target and variable daily returns (up to 2% maximum) credited to members’ accounts. While then known as QubitTech, they accepted only BTC and ETH funds subsequently converting them to the internal USDT currency and then back to the cryptocurrency of your choice on every withdrawal request that was subject to manual approval and a 2.5% compulsory fee and a 72 hour processing time. More recently this withdrawal fee has been increased to 4.5% and the withdrawal times can now reach 96 hours. Under other circumstances and for the majority of other HYIPs that could be taken as a red flag by their investors, but the general rules of the industry seem to only partially apply to QubitLife which has broken into a totally different league now and is growing at a tremendous rate following the recent rebranding and the launch of various different products aimed at further branching out policies aimed at further extending its already exploding fanbase.

The latest news from QubitLife posted over the last few days includes the following. There is a registration open for the upcoming 7-day marathon on the basics of crypto trading with a price tag of $149 to $199 attached to it. Then there was an announcement of some other company offices opening in a few cities across Russia and Belarus – traditionally a fruitful market for HYIPz like QubitLife. Yet another venture the QubitLife members are advised to participate is a stake in the promising and innovative startup – MagicLotto. And finally, there is a free one month subscription for crypto signals available for the first 100,000 members of QubitLife. More on all of that can be found in the full version of the latest news reposted below:

Registration for the online crypto trading marathon is open
Dear users of the QubitLife platform,
We’re pleased to present you a new online course on our platform – a 7-day marathon on the basics of crypto trading, which will be led by the top leader of QubitLife Denis Tishchenko.
The online marathon starts on April 3. Ticket sales are available today – you can buy one ticket for $ 149. By Monday, its price will rise to $ 199.
The marathon program includes 7 days with master classes and assignments on the basics of trading, types of analysis, training on the Binance crypto exchange, trading using crypto signals and much more.
Upon completion of training in the online marathon, you will be able to:
– make money on Binance on your own;
– trade successfully using crypto signals;
– work in the Binance Futures;
– think like a successful trader.
This online marathon is the author’s project of one of the largest Eastern European leaders, co-founder of the Iron Invest team, founder of Octopus trading Denis Tishchenko.
Tickets for the course are available for purchase in your personal account on QubitLife.
Hurry to buy!

New offices in Eastern Europe
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We are happy to announce that new offices have opened in Russia and Belarus.
The first office has opened in Vladivostok and the second one in Krasnodar.
Vladivostok is the largest city and the administrative centre of Primorsky Krai, Russia.
Regarding Belarus, the office has opened in the city of Vitebsk. It is the capital of the Vitebsk Region and the country’s fourth-largest city.
Events brought together many guests as well as local leaders. This is another important step for our platform to capture the market of Eastern Europe.
Follow us!

Venture Program: First lots are available to buy
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We’re pleased to announce that the QubitLife platform has acquired a stake in the promising and innovative startup – MagicLotto ( We also provide our users with the opportunity to purchase an additional 5% of MagicLotto’s share within the venture program.
The startup was rated as highly promising by the PitchCamp Accelerator team (, our strategic partner.
MagicLotto is the world’s first online lottery game based on the latest generation blockchain technology, providing a system of unlimited scaling.
At the moment, MagicLotto is preparing for a full-fledged launch, and you can now familiarize yourself with its advantages and prospects on the official website of the project –
QubitLife users can buy lots of the MagicLotto already today: 5% of the project’s real share will be implemented within the framework of the venture program on the QubitLife platform.
The cost of 1 lot is equal to 100 USDT, and due to the limited offer of 10,000 lots, from 1 account, you can buy up to 100 lots for no more than 10,000 USDT.
Besides, a Direct Bonus is provided for the purchase of lots and the accrual of USDT in the volume of sales on the first line, which is necessary to increase partners’ rank on the QubitLife platform.
Today, according to PitchCamp experts, MagicLotto has the prospect of capitalization growth up to 200% in the next 12 months and up to 1000% in the next 36 months.
Recall that all startups selected by PitchCamp can make an IPO after 15 stages of project evaluation.
Don’t miss the great opportunity to buy a stake in a real business today.
Respectfully, QubitLife Team

HOT PROMO: Crypto trading signals for free!
We’re glad to announce that each QubitLife user will receive 1 month of free subscription to the service of trading signals for the cryptocurrency market ( with a one-time subscription to Telegram Bot (
For this promotion, the QubitLife platform management has allocated 100,000 unique voucher codes. A monthly subscription to the service costs 29.99 USDT today.
QubitLife users must log in to the platform through our Telegram Bot to receive a free 1-month subscription.
You can get a free subscription to the service only once!
We remind you that QubitLife trading signals included many years of successful experience analyzing market data and real trading experience.
Don’t miss your chance to become a successful trader and follow our news!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CryptoCapital, GlobalCryptox.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: UnlimitedMoney.

Thanks a lot for reading guys. That’s about all I had to report on the MNO blog for today. If you like my articles I would really appreciate you subscribing by entering your email address on this page. This way you will never miss another great investment opportunity coming your way and join thousands of my readers forming an essential part of the smarter MNO community. If you wish to be the first to know about the latest announcements for the brand-new hottest investment programs please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. And if you ever need to stay in touch with me don’t hesitate to write a couple of lines directly at, submit your query via this online form, or simply chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always pleased to hear from you, so do share your thoughts and feelings on the MNO ShoutBox and vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack. I’ll talk to you all in a few days time, guys. Stay safe and protected with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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