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Hello all! It’s the start of a new business week in the HYIP industry and that means MNO is here to provide you with all the latest information on the hottest investment opportunities listed on my monitor.

The MNO blog has been posting for nearly fourteen years now, so I should know a thing or two on the basic laws which apply to the HYIP industry and I do enjoy sharing my experience with the readers who can benefit from shared knowledge in the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series. I know that many of my readers are fans of this series and I do intend to continue publishing them from time to time, so in order not to miss anything please click here and enter your email address to subscribe to get regular MNO blog posts delivered directly to your confirmed mailbox. Don’t worry, I will never spam you and there is an easy one-click unsubscription link attached to every email should you wish to stop receiving these emails at any time.

In all honesty though, the best way to stay updated on the very latest announcements on MNO is to follow me on Telegram, Facebook or Twitter. So please do yourself a favor and become one of my followers. Especially it’s important to do now that I’ve gotten a pre-paid Premium Listing with a three-month banner spot purchase that was ordered by one of the most experienced admins in the HYIP industry whose new program is going to be launched within the next few days. You surely wouldn’t want to miss that, would you?

Anyway, MNO is always here at your service and should you have any questions, suggestions or advertising requests you may submit them without hesitation by one of the channels of communication – either email me directly at, contact me using this online form or simply chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. Note that MNO is not here to entertain fast scammers who want to take advantage of thousands of my readers, as the high listing prices are in place to accommodate only experienced and well-intentioned admins and reflect the prestige my monitor occupies in the HYIP industry, thanks to the levels of trust and confidence I have earned over the years of hard work for the benefit of the smart HYIP community. I do try my best to educate readers and today’s new poll on the MNO TalkBack page will be asking you just that. Keep reading for more on that later, but for now let me start with the current leader of the HYIP industry – a well-known program called QubitLife, formerly known as QubitTech.


QubitLife keeps paying well at the moment, but the fact that the program is now opening for sales of QDT tokens to the general public makes me feel very cautious about any further recommendations to invest there. Of course, the main investment plan called Education License still credits accounts with a variable daily return of up to 2% (until the 250% ROI reached) and withdrawals are still being processed to members’ BTC and ETH accounts within 48 to 96 hours subject to a 2.5% to 4.5% blockchain fee, but it all points to QubitLife perhaps being on its last legs. It surely will last for some more time, but I do not expect any new investors getting into the program at the time of writing to reach the profit zone.

Like any other similar ponzi-game QubitLife has gotten to the point when new investors will simply be too late to join an otherwise perfectly paying program, with results for nearly a year and which my readers once called the best performer of 2020. And the clearest indication of an impending scam is the release of the branded own tokens to the general public – a trick that many HYIPs used in the past during the last stages of their lifecycle. Of course, in the case of QubitLife the situation can be different, but in my memory there has been no other program that has managed to pull that trick and come out stronger and unscathed at the end. Every time such a token sale is announced there was a very huge red flag on the horizon, so I would strongly advise lots of caution if you wish to take any new investment plan with QubitLife now. In any case the only investment plan you should take to have a slim chance to be in profit is the main investment plan that was described in the original review of the program posted here.

Anyway, among the latest news we see posted on the QubitLife website over the last week the most highly anticipated and talked about one was the release of QDT tokens for public sale as the private one was allegedly happening two weeks ago. Also, in the news: the first leadership conference in Iraq and the first conference in India have been held, opening of the first office in Chile and a third one in Mexico, results of the webinar dedicated to the upcoming Boom Sales online course and last Friday’s weekly leadership meeting. Please read more on all of that below:

QubitLife Leadership Conference in Iraq
Dear users of the QubitTech platform.
We are glad to tell you that QubitLife successfully held the conference for local users and platform affiliates in Iraq, the city of Erbil. It is the capital and most populated city in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
250 guests listened to speeches by local leaders about QubitLife and also asked many questions. It is an important step in promoting the platform in the region.
We are happy for the local leaders and wish them to popularize QubitLife across the continent.
What is more, QubitLife recently opened one more office in Malaysia and going to hold another BaseCamp in Thailand.
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First QubitLife office in Chile and another in Mexico
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We are happy to announce that the first office has opened in Chile, Santiago and the third one in Mexico, Bella Vista.
Santiago, also known as Santiago de Chile, is the capital and largest city of Chile as well as one of the largest cities in the Americas. While Bella Vista is a town and one of the 122 Municipalities of Chiapas, in southern Mexico.
Both events brought together many guests as well as local leaders. This is another important step for our platform to capture the Latin American market.
We congratulate our leaders on the success in promoting QubitLife products and services.
The office address: Zaragoza 8-A, Bellavista Jalisco, Mexico.
Besides, we have offices in Cancun and Guadalajara.
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BOOM Sales: Results of the webinar
Dear users of the QubitLife platform!
Today Anatoly Bokarev’s webinar dedicated to the course “BOOM sales”, which starts on March 22, was held. Tickets can be bought now –
Anatoly told the details about what is unique about the “BOOM sales” course, about its program and many other details.
In addition, Anatoly announced a 10% increase in the cost of the course 48 hours after the webinar. Hurry up to buy tickets before prices go up.
A pleasant surprise at the end of the webinar – everyone who buys 2 tickets for the “BOOM sales” course within these 48 hours will receive another ticket for free. When buying 4 tickets – 2 as a gift.
We remind you that when partners sell an online course, a direct bonus is included in accordance with the user’s status on the QubitLife platform. The bonus in ranks is also taken into account.
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Leadership meetings in ZOOM
Dear users of the QubitTech platform,
We invite you to participate in the next QubitTech leadership meeting in ZOOM, that will take place this Friday (March 19). It is obligatory to participate as there will be lots of interesting discussions there.
Leaders from rank 3 can attend closed leadership meetings in English and Russian. In leadership meetings in Spanish and Thai languages – leaders from rank 2.
You will get the invitation link on your email.
Leadership meeting in Thai language – 13:00 UTC / 20:00 (BKK)
Leadership meeting in English language – 14:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Spanish language – 16:00 (UTC)
Leadership meeting in Russian language – 18:00 (MSK)
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First QubitLife Conference in India
Dear users of the QubitLife platform.
We are glad to tell you that QubitLife successfully held the conference for local users and platform affiliates in India, Goa. It is a state on the southwestern coast of India and one of the most visited places in the country.
Dozens of guests listened to speeches by local leaders about QubitLife and also asked many questions. It is an important step in promoting the platform in the region.
We are happy for the local leaders and wish them to popularize QubitLife across the continent.
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Results of the leadership meeting in ZOOM
Dear users of the QubitLife platform,
We’re pleased to share with you a summary of the results of this Friday’s leadership meeting in ZOOM.
First of all, the composition and structure of the Leadership Council were presented. And also its benefits for leaders. In particular, the general bonus for members of the leadership council is 2% per month of the platform’s net profit.
A new service for leaders (Dashboard QubitLife) was also presented. It will show the leaders’ online results in sales of various products and services of the ecosystem.
Besides, the reorganization of the UltraPromotion department was presented. As well as updating and starting a new period of the Top-30 rating.
Also, a binary performance indicator has been announced. This update will be released next Monday.
At the leadership meeting in ZOOM, QubitLife leaders’ activities around the world were also discussed: the opening of offices in Chile and Mexico, the first conferences in India and Iraq.
Also presented:
– start of CRM development for leaders;
– rebranding of QubitLife and allocation of 2,000 USDT in this program for promotional materials;
– future online courses from the leaders of QubitLife Vladislav Steshenko and Denis Tishchenko;
– opening of registration for the future BaseCamp in Thailand;
– past charity events in different countries.
Besides, details were provided about MagicLotto – the first startup proposed under venture platform. As well as details about the full-fledged Qchain blockchain platform.
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QDT tokens import available
Dear QubitLife users.
We’re glad to announce that the function of importing QDT tokens to the QCHAIN platform is already available for QubitLife users who bought tokens in a Private Sale on March 8th.
What do you need to import QDT tokens?
5 easy steps:
1) Register an account on the QCHAIN (
2) Confirm your QCHAIN account via mail;
3) log in to your account on the QCHAIN platform and go to the “Import tokens” section;
4) Enter Email and secret code:
– your registration Email on QubitLife
– the secret code displayed on QDT page (
5) Click the “Import” button
After successfully importing the tokens, and in order to use the QDT tokens, you need to go through KYC.
For QDT Private Sale participants, tokens are defrosted at 2% per week of the total imported amount of tokens purchased on March 8th.
Besides, any QubitLife user can participate in the QDT Public Sale and buy even more tokens.
You can learn about the details of the QDT Public Sale from the official QCHAIN news channel on Telegram –
Stay connected, and don’t miss the opportunity to buy tokens before others!
Best regards, QubitLife Team


The final item up for discussion today is the result of the most recent MNO TalkBack opinion poll. I’ll also be replacing it with another new question but more about that in a moment. So, as anyone with even a passing interest in the HYIP industry over the last ten months can plainly see that the news is usually dominated by QubitLife. I thought it was called QubitTech you might ask yourself? Well, yes, it was, until recently being rebranded as QubitLife. That’s really all that’s changed in the program though. I mean there have of course been a lot of other developments but essentially at its core the investment plan made available through QubitLife is the same now as it was last June when the program first launched as QubitTech.

It was that very rebranding that was the subject of the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page. The reasons behind it were explained by the QubitLife admin team, but I was more curious about how it was really perceived by MNO readers. Would you necessarily take the admin at his word on such matters, automatically assume there is always some deception involved, or perhaps simply not care in the slightest what they call themselves as long as they keep paying? Because basically that’s all that really happened anyway, QubitLife can call themselves what ever they like as far as I’m concerned since I’m only interested in hearing that the members continue earning what is owed to them. It does seem however that a lot of readers remain sceptical, which to be honest isn’t entirely a bad thing either. The exact question asked of readers was this: Why do you think QubitTech rebranded to QubitLife?

Of all the votes cast, only a 20% minority of you were prepared to go with the official line as explained by the QubitLife admin team and gave their answer as “The official reason given: due to the expansion of the ecosystem”. The remaining voters were split equally. Their actual replies differed but they were still in agreement that they weren’t buying the official announcement put out to QubitLife members no matter what. So that leaves 40% of you thinking the program’s rebranding is “Because their old domain was suspended for illegal activity” and the remaining 40% saying “Because of securities fraud warnings the old name got in some countries”.

When it comes to anything in the online HYIP industry it never hurts to take everything you see with a pinch of salt, after all when these things go down they tend to go down quickly. But as I said the only thing that’s important here is that QubitLife make every effort to pay existing investors and continue to expand its global membership base. As long as that’s taken care of then anything else is just semantics and background noise.

And so to the next question I want to put to readers on the MNO TalkBack page. Over the last while I’ve been publishing a series of articles on the MNO blog titled  “HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets“. I must confess I only came up with the idea after the pandemic shifted people’s priorities and there wasn’t much else to report on from the HYIP industry, but I’m glad that I did because it’s proven to be enormously popular judging by the feedback I’ve been sent by readers. There’s no personal gain in any of this for myself you understand, I just thought that with a little extra free time on my hands like so many people these days I could make better use of it by sharing some of the random experiences and “odds & ends” so to speak that I’ve picked up along the way since I started in the HYIP industry as a monitor about 13 years ago and as an investor probably 15 years.

You can’t help but notice certain patterns and traits that repeat themselves if you happen to stay in the industry this long. The thing is that a lot of people don’t and never notice such things because they simply don’t immerse themselves in this line of business in the same way a professional investor/monitor would. So for me I think it’s helpful to share and discuss personal observations and experiences with other like minded readers with the ultimate goal that we all understand how to “work the system” as it were to each other’s mutual advantage and help each other walk away with improved earnings from our investments. You can see the collected artices to date on this page here. My exact question to readers for the new MNO TalkBack opinion poll then is this:

What is your opinion of the HYIP Admins’ Dirty Secrets series of articles?

The possible answers you can choose from can be selected from the following, just pick the one that comes closest to matching your own thoughts:

– Well written and help me understand the industry better
– Informative but I already know most of these things
– No personal use to me as I’m always cautious when investing

As always thanks in advance to everyone who participates. All answers remain 100% anonymous and untraceable, though you are of course more than welcome to discuss the topic on the MNO ShoutBox with your fellow readers if you wish. The poll will stay open for around another week or so, but definitely long enough for everyone who wants to vote to have ample opportunity to do so. To take part you can find the voting buttons on the MNO TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: QubitLife, GlobalCryptox.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: UnlimitedMoney.

That’s about all the news I have to report for today, guys. As expected, GiantSquid didn’t last that long and the payments never resumed (even though I did receive one withdrawal already after the program stopped paying), but I do hope that whoever did invest there got at least their money back, as it was possible to withdraw profits for quite a few weeks by selling squids. In all honesty though you couldn’t have thought of a worse possible explained program than GiantSquid was, but I am hopeful that the next program on MNO will make more sense overall and will result in more profits for investors. And in the next blog post you might well see such a program announced, so keep reading MNO and talk to you again in a few days. MNO – For Money Lovers!

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